D3-Dil Dosti Dance (Swasan-Raglak FF) Ch-31 page 17 (Page 6)

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Hey... Awesome update... Loved SwaSan parts...Embarrassed
Waiting for the next update Big smile

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Amazing...ultimate...what an update..cant wait for there fights and romantic moments...plz update soon nxt part...

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nice chapter. loved the swasan part. their fights and teasing is so cute. Smile update it soon.

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Thank you friends for liking this story & commenting...Thank you silent readers also. Plz excuse me for spelling and grammar errors. No proof reading.

Recap : swasan and raglak at picnic spot..


Ch-8 :

Swasan start going towards mini zoo..Sanky was draging Shona with him..after going away from sight of raglak..Shona stops and look at him with cute angry face..Sanky saw her cute expression and adore her cuteness and childishness...Shona found him staring with intense look..she was feeling shy but compose herself..

Shona : (cute angry face) (showers so many questions) hey you..MR.KIDNAPPER...y u agree to go with me ? Y are you dragging me like this ? Y u told me to keep quite ? What's that in your mind ? Do you wanna fight with me again ?

Sanky : (shocked & angry) hey..how dare you call me as Mr Kidnapper..you MISS QUESTION BANK..

Shona : (firmly) you took me without my permission that's y i called you Mr. Kidnapper..(angry) huh..but how can you call me Miss question bank..you...

Sanky : (interrupt) simple bz you showered so many questions on me..even without taking breath..

Shona was about to speak but Sanky stoped and gave answers of her ques..

Sanky : first of all i don't agree willingly to come with you..y should i put my feet on axe..there is a valid reason that y i drag you from there and told you to keep quite..

Shona looks on..Sanky continues..

Sanky : (hesitately) actually..i wanted Lado and lucky to spend some time together alone..bz..

Shona : (interrupt) bz Lado has fallen in love with lucky..right ?

Sanky : (shocked) how do you know ? Does lucky also..

Shona: (interrupt & excitedly) lets sit somewhere..we need to talk about this matter..

Sanky nodes and they start walking..they sat on grass near a tree..the place was lonely & beautiful...

Shona share her thoughts with Sanky..how she has noticed ragini's expression..she also told about lucky's reaction on raglak's first eye-lock,on seeing ragini's dance etc..

Shona : (happy) so i think lucky has also started liking Lado..he..

Sanky : (excitedly interrupt her) Ohh wow...that's great news..in fact awesome..i am so happy...i..

Shona : (interrupt) Ohh hello..MR EXPRESS..cool down..there is a small problem...

Sanky : (confuse) and what's that MISS SPEED BREAKER ??

Shona : seriously..miss speed breaker..??!!!!

Sanky : if i am Mr express than you are speed breaker..(Shona make faces) (then come to the point)

Shona : (sadly) Lucky don't believe in love and relationship...(then she told everything about lucky's mentality with respect to love) So if he is in love with ragini,then also he will never accept this fact..

Sanky : (shock & sad) Ohh shit..i think we hv to plan something...

Shona : to make him accept his love towards ragini...

Sanky : hmm..(look towards Shona) we should be together to unit them...

Shona : (agree) ya..you are right..(extend her hand for handshake) so will you become my partner for that..??

Sanky : (happily do handshake) yup..partners..(soft tone) so i think we should not fight with eo now on..

Shona : (smile) Ya..but only in this matter..

They both look at eo and smiles...Shona's phone start ringing..she excuse herself and went lil far to attend the call..

Sanky watch her talking..shook his head and look towards other side..

Sanky : (murmur) Shona..!!! i don't want our fights to end...i hv loved and enjoyed my each and every fight with you..its very special for me..

Shona who has just come back after completing her call..heard him..she sit besides him..

Shona : (flat tone) i heard it Sanky...

Sanky: (shocked & embarrassed ) wo..actually...i was saying that...

Shona : (interrupt and confessed) me too feel the same...

Sanky look at her surprisingly..She smiled at him and he returned it...they both were very happy with their this new bond...

they stand up and starts walking towards mini zoo...they were walking silently..so to break the silence..

Sanky : (teasingly ) Ohh god..in just two days..you hv given me too many names..MR.OVERSMART..MR KIDNAPPER..MR EXPRESS...i don't know how many more name i am going to hv in near future...

Shona : (angry) Ohh hello..MR.SHORT TERM MEMORY LOSS...if you hv forgotten then let me remind you that you hv also called me by different name..like MISS SHOW OFF..MISS QUESTION BANK..MISS SPEED BREAKER..so no need to do this drama...

Sanky : (unbelievable) not again..i can't belive MISS ANGRY BIRD.. you hv given me new name in just few mins..

Shona: Ohh god and you too gave me new name..

They both look at eo with shock and laugh out loudly..

Sanky : (laugh) Ohh gosh..our naming score is 4 now..

Shona : (laugh) ya..n i wonder how many names we both are going to hv in future due to our fights..

They both hv cute eye-lock and exchange smile..they both were extrimly happy..they reached near zoo..


Meanwhile, after Swasan left..raglak ly down on the carpet..besides eo but with extra distance...there eyes were closed..actually they were pretending to be a sleep but non of them was getting sleep..ragini open her eyes and turned towards lucky and saw his cute sleeping face...

Ragini : (monologue) Ohh god...he is so handsome..i am falling more and more for him after seeing his friendly caring nature, respect towards girls, his bonding with shona...plz god do something..

Ragini : (continue thinking ) Roshni and rahul was right...i hv fallen for the guy..who is flirt...and also don't believe in love...offfo..(make faces)

Ragini : (determined) but as i hv said i will change his pov and make him fall for me..i will try my best to win his heart..

Lucky was not sleeping..but his eyes were still close..he turned another(facing back to ragini) side and open his eyes..he watch towards lake and thinks..

Lucky : (monologue) this is not me...what's happening to me..i am behaving wearied from yesterday...i hv not even flirt with girls properly..i let Shona go alone with Sanky..

Lucky : (monologue continue)lucky beta what's happening to you..(thinks about ragini) is this bz of ragini..?? Y i m feeling different whenever i look or touch her..? Y i like to tease her ? How can i stare he like that..? Hv i started...

Lucky : (shook his head) no ways dude...its nothing like this...its just bz she is sweet & beautiful and danced very well...now change in to your cool dude mode and stop thinking about all this..lucky can never be in love...

Ragini get up and sit there seeing beautiful nature and was lost in her thoughts..lucky turned and look at ragini...he also get up and sit..

Lucky : Lado..(ragini come back to her senses) (shocked listening Lado from lucky) (lucky see her expression and apologize) woh sorry i heard Sanky calling you by this name so...

Ragini : (was very happy) its alright lucky..you can call me Lado just like i call you lucky...(lucky smile and nodes)

Lucky : didn't you want to hv nap ?

Ragini : i don't know but I m not getting sleep now..

Lucky : me too...(he thought about swasan) hey Lado..i wanted to talk with you about swasan...

Ragini : (turn his side excitedly ) ya..i forgot..i also wanna talk about them..that's y i hv asked Sanky to take Shona...

Lucky : that's cool...actually i think Shona has started liking Sanky..(he told about Shona's excitement while she was talking with Sanky)

Ragini : (clap with excitement ) Ohh god... wow..wowww..that's amazing...you know lucky i hv noticed the same thing in Sanky's behaviour...

Lucky : (happy) that's great news..it means both hv feeling for eo...i like Sanky very much..i think he will be perfect partner for my Shona..

Ragini : ya..Shona is so sweet and friendly girl..i like her so much so she will be best for my Sanky.. both of their nature and likings are also same...

Lucky : i think we need not to do anything...their fights will only get them close...

Ragini : ya true..by the end of this reality show i think they both will be deeply and madly in love with eo...

Lucky : (shook his head) i don't understand y people fall in love..? I can't believe this love shove type things...

Ragini : (happily in firm tone) whether you accept or not but you do believe in love lucky...

Lucky : (unbelievable expression) what are you talking ragini..are you crazy...how can you say like that..

Ragini : (smilingly) bz though Shona has not told you that she likes Sanky, you understand her feeling..

Lucky : its just bz i am her best buddy and i know her better than she knows herself..nothing else..

Ragini : (firm tone) one day you will realize that love is the best feeling of the world and the one who get their true love are the luckiest persons..

Lucky : whatever...i don't care..btw it seems you are more interested in love and all...then tell me do you love anyone..?

Ragini blush hard as the question was asked by the person whom she is in love with..ragini compose herself..

Ragini : ya i do believe in love but i m still waiting for the person who is made for me..(look at him) and i think i will get my love soon..

Lucky : (teasingly) ohhoo...i pity on the person who will be with you...you will always be ready with your sward to attack him...poor guy..(stand up and start running)

Ragini : (angry ) you lucky k bachche...(stand up and start chasing him) wait i will show you how jahsi ki rani beat the person who irritate her...

Lucky : (laugh) catch me if you can...

Lucky was running here and there and ragini was chasing him..but she could not catch him...as he was too fast...so she thinks about most common filmy idea...

Ragini : (shout) Ouch..ahhh..(sit down and hold her leg with painful expression) Ohh god...ahhh...mamma...

Lucky : (run towards her with worried expression ) ragini...(sit near her) Ohh god what happened..are you fine..? I am sorry u got hurt bz of me..

Ragini got tears in her eyes and become extremely happy seeing his concern and care..but compose herself...

Ragini : (naughtily) lucky...nothing has happened to me but soon something is going to be happened with you...

Lucky :(confuse) what..? What do you mean..

Before he understand anything or complete his sentence..ragini start hitting him with her both hands..

Lucky : (shock) Ouch...ahhh ragini..

Lucky understand that it was ragini's prank to catch him..ragini was beating him..lucky hold her both hands..then he start tickling her to stop her from beating...they both were laughing..they were very close to eo, ragini lost her balance and fall on top of him...

they both stop laughing and lost in eo' eyes...they hv most intense eye-lock...they both were affected by their close proximity...soon they both come to their senses and see their position..Ragini get up from lucky and sit besides him..she was blushing hard..Lucky also get up & lost in her blushing face.. he was also feeling as if some current has passed through his body...

Ragini : (stammer) v..voo..i..i..am..m sorry...i lost my balance and fall..

Lucky : (smile and interrupt ) its ok ragini...(change topic to remove awkwardness) Vese...after seeing your sweet innocent face...no one on earth can think that..

Ragini : (confuse and curious) what..what..?

Lucky : (go near her ear) (whispering tone) you are...you are (pause)

By now Ragini was breathing heavily bz of his this act..

Lucky : (shouts in her ears) you are a dramaqueen...(start laughing loudly)

Ragini : (come to her sense) what..???!!!

She look at him angrily...lucky stop seeing her angry face...after few seconds..ragini starts laughing..and lucky take sigh and join her in laughing...they both hv lots of fun...they click lots of snaps and selfies...they were enjoying eo's company...


There swasan reached the zoo..Shona excitedly run towards the entrance..Sanky watch her & shook his head and went near ticket counter..Shona was about to enter but a security guard stop her and ask for ticket..she become sad and about to go back..Sanky reached there and give their tickets to security..they both entered in zoo..

Sanky : (laugh) Ohh god..don't you know that we hv to purchase ticket b4 entering zoo..you MISS UTSAHI (enthusiastic)..

Shona : (make faces) i know that..but it didn't come in to my mind due to excitement..don't make fun of me..you MR. KHADUS..

Sanky : now score is 5..

Shona : enough...that's it for today...now today we will not give any new name to eo..

Sanky : ya it will be better..lets go inside..

Shona start running to the cage of animals..as it was a mini zoo there were only small animals like deer..rabbits..monkeys..different birds..etc..Shona was watching them like a small kid...Sanky smile seeing her childishness..

Shona : (teasingly) hey Sanky watch there..she is staring at you..

Sanky : (proudly without seeing where Shona is pointing) ya..may be she could not control herself after seeing handsome dude like me..

he turn and look in the direction where Shona is pointing..it was monkey..Shona stat laughing loudly on him..he felt embarrassed...

Sanky : (angrily) ha ha..so funny..(make faces)

Shona was still laughing seeing his angry face..Sanky see her laughing like that and mesmerized by her..then They go ahead..

Shona : Ohh wow..Sanky see that little rabbit is so cute..i wanna touch it yar..aww..its dam cute..

Sanky : (unknowingly) not more than you..

Shona : (shock) what..??!!!!

Sanky : (come back to his sense & covers ) wo..i mean you are more little than that rabbit..(teasingly) what did you think..ha ?

Shona : (embarrassed) wo..nothing..(angry) you are too much..how can you call me lil than that rabbit..?

Sanky : (same teasing tone) arre..you are running here and there like a small kid..so i m sure you are lil than it..

Shona : (angry) You..you are gone now..

He start running and Shona start chasing him...she caught him..she lost her balance and about to fall..but Sanky turned and hold her from her waist b4 she fall down..Shona close her eyes tightly due to fear..Sanky was staring at her..Shona open her eyes and found herself safe in his arms..she blush a lil..Sanky smile seeing her blushing...they hv cute eye-lock..they compose themselves and Sanky made her stand..

Sanky : are you ok Shona ??

Shona : ya Sanky..i am fine..(whispered) thank you..

Sanky : (shocked) WHAT..?(put his finger in ear as if cleaning his ear) what did you just said..(teasingly) i think i heard something wrong...

Shona : (fake angry face) nothing..go to hell..

She start walking angrily..Sanky smile seeing her cute anger and hold her hand..

Sanky : (smile & in soft tone) you are always welcome Shona..any time (wink at her)

Shona again blush..she nodes and smile..

Then Shona and Sanky takes many snaps and selfies..they do lots of masti..they played some pranks on eo..they both enjoyed alot..

they come out of the zoo and start walking towards raglak...they were laughing and talking...they hv decided to think some ideas to unit raglak tonight by themselves and discuss about it with eo 2moro..and then select and execute the best idea..


Raglak were sitting and talking..lucky's phone rings..he pick up the call..it was from one of his ex-gf..

Lucky : (flirting) Hii..sweety...how are you...i know you hv missed me alot..after our break up i too hv missed you so much darling..

Ragini's blood was boiling after hearing him flirting like that..she was feeling jealous and angry..

Lucky : (still taking on phone) Ohh its bad luck of yours that you loss bf like me and getting married to that idiot..btw i m happy 4 u..all the best for your future life...bubye..

Ragini felt relived after hearing that girl is going to merry someone..she take sigh and smile looking at lucky..but still she was upset..

Lucky end the call and look at ragini who was staring at him with some what of angry face..he thought she may be thinking that he disrespected the girls..

Lucky : hey Lado, y are u staring me like that..? Ohh..is it because of my way of talking with this girl..

Ragini : woh..

Lucky : (dramatically scared) then let me cleare you jahsi ki rani b4 you take out your sward and cut my head..

Ragini : (angry) huh..you Mr. Flirt..i will..

Lucky : (interrupt & in one breath) ragini..i do flirting with the girl who do flirt with me..and i made gf to that girl only who is not serious about relationship..and she was just one of them...i do respect the girls..

Ragini : (smile after listening his thoughts) i know lucky..i got to know about this yesterday only..

Lucky : Ohh thank god..(confuse) but then y were you looking angry when i was talking on phone ??

Ragini : ( embarrassed and stammer) w..woh..(covers) ha..i was not angry..i was just wondering..how many gfs you might hv..i mean the one who don't believe in love..??

Lucky : Ohh..is it so..then let me tell you..its may be (counting in mind) i guess..25 to 30...

Ragini : (open her mouth wide ) 25 to 30...??

Lucky : (smile seeing her expression ) number is less na..i told Shona that..i want to complete at least half century..it should be min 50..what do you think ? (wink at her )

Ragini : (monologue) Ohh god..30 gfs..i am feeling like to kill him here only..i can't believe i hv fallen for a guy who hv been with 30 girls..and want to be with at least 50..Ohh god what will i do now..(make faces) (her thoughts were broken by lucky )

Lucky : (serious tone) ragini, b4 you think anything about me..let me clear one thing that i hv not crossed my limit with any girl..i don't even hv kissed any of them...till now except Shona i hv not shared this thing with anyone..i don't know y i am sharing this with you..may be bz i found a very good friend in u and Sanky..

Ragini was feeling like dancing and jumping but she compose herself..

Ragini : (super duper happy) Thank you lucky for sharing your secret..don't worry i was not thinking anything ill about you..i know you are a very decent guy..

Lucky nodes..both look at eo...and smiles..then look in other direction..

Lucky : (monologue) what is this yar..what was the need to share this thing with her...? Y u concerned with her thinking about you this much..? Ohh god..lucky dude calm down..its nothing like that..she is just your good friend..

Ragini : (monologue) y he share this with me..? I think he too feel something for me..god plz help me to find out about his feelings..i am so happy that he considered me as his very good friend...


Swasan reached at their place..raglak ask Shona about zoo...they talk normally for sometime..

Ragini : hey park closing time is 10:30...its 7 o'clock now..so we still hv 3 hours here..and when would you all want to take dinner ??

Sanky : i think 8:30 will be perfect for dinner...

Swaraglak agrees with him...( guys ragini hv taken their dinner also)

Sanky : Okk so what you wanna do before dinner..?

Swalak : (together ) DANCE FACE OFF..

Shona : actually me and lucky are used to do at least one dance face off everyday...

Lucky : and our today's routine is pending..so y don't we all hv dance face off...

Ragsan : (excitedly) (together) awesome idea..

Ragini : me and Sanky also used to do dance practice together regularly..

Sanky : and today we hv not done it yet..how can our day end without our DANCE..

ALL : SO LET'S HV DANCE FACE OFF...(they all laugh and shouts)

Precap : swaragsanlak dance face off...their megha audition practice...swasan planning for raglak...

The end


Friends...how was the part..?? Did you like it.. ?? Plz do comments...eagerly waiting for your feedback..

I m new here...i just read about pm for updates.. So Buddy me if you want me to send you pm of every update...

Thanks for reading :-)

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Namu...it was outstanding...Wink
Really needed the dance faceoff...
Want to see ragini and swara dance on song cham cham from baaghiWink
But in rain...in ragini in Patiala...LOL
Waiting update soon next...

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Laksh said that he has not kissed anyone to Ragini...LOL How cute Embarrassed
SwaSan are just too cute... Always fighting ...LOL
Waiting for the dance face off..  Big smile

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Gazab...amazing update...cnt wait fr nxt part...jst loved all the parts...

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Thank you for reading this story...special thanks to one who r commenting & encouraging me...plz excuse me for spelling & grammatical errors...no proof reading...

Recap : swasan and raglak moments..


Ch-9 :

Swaragsanlak decided to hv dance face off..

Lucky : ok then 1st i and Sanky will do on HIPHOP...2nd Shona and Lado you both Do on contemprory..

Sanky : perfect dude...we will do on "Karja re ya marja re" from ABCD..

Lucky : awesome song selection..(wink at him) we will hv fun.. (Sanlak exchange hi-fi)

Shona : guys i can't do contemprory in this tight cappery..

Ragini: me too can't do it in this skirt...

Sanky : ok than select your dance style..

Ragini : what about bollywood..

Shona : perfect honey..on "Chitia kalaiya" from ROY...

Swaragini exchange hug...sanlak take their position..Ragini plays the song..

[note : friends i hv tried to write their dancing steps..i know its not at all written well but plz try to imagine..in all songs..I HV WRITTEN DANCE STEPS IN CAPITAL LETTERS below that song lines..] [or else you can skip the song part]

Song : (movie : ABCD)

" Kar ja re ya mar ja re tu... Kar Ja re ya mar Ja re tu... (2)


Kar ja re ya mar ja re tu... Kar ja re ya mar ja re...(2)


Raat tujhe kya yaad rahegi Haath mein tere raakh rahegi Ho aaj savera so jaayega Khwab tera bhi kho jaayega


Saare waade jhoothe Saari kasamein toote Raah alag hai aaj meri Tu roothe toh roothe..


Kar ja re ya mar ja re tu Kar ja re ya mar ja re tu Kar ja re ya mar ja re tu Kar ja re ya mar ja re...


[They both complete the song by looking towards each other with aggressive look..] " then they smile and hug eo...swaragini clapped for them..

Lucky : ( hug Sanky) i enjoyed it alot dude..

Sanky : me too yar...it was damm cool..

Ragini : Ohh god...guys it was so so so amazing...i loved it..

Shona : ya very true..it was mindblowing guys...u rocked it..

Then it was turn of swaragini...girls took their positions..Sanky plays the song..

Song : (movie: Roy)

" Tu leya de mainu golden jhumke Main kanna vich paavan chum chum ke...(3)


Mann jaa ve, mainu shopping karade Mann jaa ve, romantic picture dikha de Requestaan paiyaan ve


Chittiyaan kalaiyaan ve, Oh baby meri chittiyaan kaliyaan ve Chittiyaan kalaiyaan ve, Oh baby meri white kalaiyaan ve (ho) Chittiyaan kalaiyaan ve, Oh baby tere hisse aayiaan be (ok ok) Chittiyaan kalaiyaan ve, Oh baby meri chittiyaan kalaiyaan ve (ho)..


[They complete the song crossing their arms and standing in opposite direction of eo,touching their backs...] " sanlak clapped for them..

Rag : (hug Shona) wowww..Shona.it was great fun..i love dancing with you..

Shona: yup Lado..this is my one of the best dance face off..i loved it..

Sanky : wow..girls you both were just outstanding...it was treat watching you..

Lucky : yup...it was awesome..and also hot performance..(wink at both of them)

Ragini blush on his complement which was notice by swasan..they both smile looking at eo..

Shona : hey guys let's we all dance on "Shandar" song..

Sanlakrag : (shouts) awesome idea...let's do it...

all took their position..ragini plays the song and join them..they all start dancing one by one in their styles..

Song : (movie : Shandar)

" Sar jhuka ke kar salaam hai shaam shaandaar Aasmaan se aa giri hai shaam shaandaar


Chak de andhera Chaand jala de, bulb bana ke.. Fikr na kariyo Karna bhi kya hai, bijli bacha ke..


Sar-e-aam pila khushi ke jaam shaandaar Aasmaan se aa giri yeh shaam shaandaar


Jazbaat ke chillar ko note bana ke Mehandi raat pe khulke luta Chingaariyon ko visphot bana ke Aiyyashi ke tu rocket chhuda


Kaisa darr, tu kar guzar ye kaam shaandaar Aasmaan se aa giri yeh shaam shaandaar Yeh shaam shaandaar Yeh shaam shaandaar"


They all jump and shouts when song completed...swalak & ragsan hug eo..then swaragini & sanlak hug eo..then in excitement swasan & raglak were about to hug eo but stops and shake hand wid eo..

there were few people around them..they also clapped and appreciated their dance..

They all took lots of snaps and selfies..they were enjoying a lot..it was the most memorable day for each of them..


They took their dinner...and packed all their stuff...

Sanky : guys its 8:15 now..what you want to do..?

Ragini : Should we go to home or be here for some more time..as we have still 2 hours..??

Shona : (sadly) i don't want to go to hotel soon...

Lucky : aww.ok my kiddo..let us be here for some more time..(all agrees)

lucky get a call...he was talking on phone while walking here and there...swasanrag can see and hear him..

A group of few guys and girls entered and was passing by lucky.. A girl saw him and come near and start flirting with him...

girl : (flirting) Hello handsome..i m Mahi..

lucky : (as usual flirt back) Hii beautiful..nice name...i m laksh...(wink at her)

swasanrag were watching them..swasan were enjoying the show eating chocolates..while Ragini was burning with jealously..she was giving i-will-kill-you look to both lucky & Mahi..

Mahi : (smiles & come near him) what are you doing alone here..?

lucky : (with a smirk) was waiting for someone to accompany me..

Mahi : (touch lucky face with her finger) i thank you need a beautiful company like me..(hold his hand) So let's go from here "BABY"...

As soon as the baby word come out from her mouth..lucky give her NOW YOU ARE GONE expression..

lucky looked at Shona..ragini though she was angry looked at Sanky...both Shona and Sanky's face were red due to anger...Shona could not control herself.. she went near them...

Shona : (shout in full angry mode) hey you...how dare you call him Baby...you idiot...don't you hv eyes...is he looking like baby...you mad girl...how can you address a smart, handsome, dashing guy like him as Baby...it sounds so irritating and stupid just like you...now go from her before i slap you for calling my lucky as Baby...(shout) get lost...

The girl got scared listening her..and run towards her group...all girls and guys hv watched the whole scene..a stupid guy though see Shona's anger come there and try to act smart in front of her..how an idiots he is..!!!

guy : (flirt with attitude) hey beautiful...so you don't like a girl calling Guy as Baby ha...me too don't like it...its so stupid..our thinking are very similar..m i right baby..??

lucky laugh out loudly...he knew what's going to come next...

Shona : (falt tone) (cross her arms) Ohh..i see..(shout) you are more stupid than that idiot girl...how dare you call me baby...m i looking like kid to you..you nonsense...i can't believe after watching my anger also you come here to flirt with me...n how dare you show me your so called attitude...

guy : (bit tensed) hey you..don't call me stupid..you are...

by that time Shona was going near that guy..now lucky know that he has to come in between or else his RIVOLVER RANI will slap him..and unnecessary scene will be created...so he come in between...

lucky : (interrupt to that guy) hey watch out b4 speaking anything about her..n for ur info..neither me nor she is alone here..so u better get lost from here..(he turned to Shona..)

lucky : lets go Shona...

Shona : wait lucky one min..

she was going to slap that guy lucky hold her..she protested as she was very angry..b4 she went near that guy..lucky forcefully pick her up in bridle style and start going back towards their place..Shona was shouting on that guy from back...that group quickly left from that place...

Meanwhile our ragsan was watching this whole scene with open mouth...they could not believe that each and every word of Shona was ditto ditto as per Sanky's thoughts...Ragini was confirmed now that Shona is the only girl made for her Sanky...

Swalak come back there..lucky put her down..she was still angry..

lucky : (clam her down) Shona..relax...clam down...take a deep breath..they are gone now..

Ragini : (hug her) wowww Shona...i loved it..(teasingly) u are just superb in your REVOLVER RANI mode..

lucky : ya right..both that girl and guy will not dare to flirt with anyone after taking this lesson from you...

raglak exchange hi fi and laugh..Shona also laugh on their words and clam herself down...they look at Sanky who was watching Shona as if she is an aleon..his mouth & eyes were wide open and he was lost somewhere...

lucky : (call him ) hey Sanky..(no response) (loudly) Sanky... (still no response)

lucky : (teasingly) hey dude..are u afraid of seeing Shona..?? then don't worry..she will like this to one who deserve such treatment..so we are safe...(wink at san)

Shona look at him with anger...Sanky was still not responding..he was shocked and lost...swalak become confuse and look at Lado..ragini knew the reason..

Ragini : lucky..Shona..he is in shock..actually not only he i am also surprised...

swalak : (confuse) shocked..?? Surprised..?? but y..?

ragini : Watch this vedio you will understand the reason...

ragini plays the vedio on mobile which she has secretly recorded when Sanky was giving same lecture to a girl who had called his best Frind as "baby"...each and every word were ditto ditto like what Shona has just said...swalak become shocked watching that vedio...

ragini : (break silence) i can't believe that...both of their mentality is same to same..

lucky : (shocked) unbelievable man...Shona, his philosophies are just like you...

Shona was also lost..now she was not responding..she was shocked that Sanky is having same thinking just like her...both swasan were staring with mix emotions like surprised..happy...unbelievable..etc..

raglak look them both staring..they exchange smile..

lucky : (whispering tone) Lado..i think they are...

ragini : made for each other...and right now lost in eo...

lucky : then let us disturb them..

ragini nodes..raglak smile naughtily..lucky went near Shona and ragini went near Sanky...

raglak : (together) (shake them and shout) Shona...!!!! Sanky...!!!!!

swasan : (come to their senses and scared) Aaahhh...!!! what the hell...what are you doing ??

raglak laugh looking them...

Sanky : (angey) what is so funny ? does we look like jokers ?

raglak was still laughing...they were not able to control themselves..

Shona : (angry) does any one has cracked joke here..?? y r u behaving like kids..GROW UP guys.

now raglak stop laughing..sanraglak look at Shona in shock..

Sanky : (teasingly) look who is talking...!!!!

Lado : (join him) the one who is behaving like kid from morning is calling us as kid..!!!!!

Lucky : (join them) Ohh god..i can't believe my kiddo is telling me to grow up..

Shona look at them with cute angry face...sanraglak laugh looking at her...then after sometime she also join them...

lucky : (teasingly) Shona, Sanky i must tell you guys that your liking & thinking are same to same..

ragini : (join him) ya true..u both are having all things common..just like made for eo..

swasan feel embarrassed by their teasing..They hv small awkward eye-lock...they compose themselves..

Shona : so what...there are many peoples whose mentality are similar...what's the big deal..

Sanky : ya true..and u both no need to create mountain out of small stone..

swasan were pretending as if they are not affected by this fact..whereas raglak thinks to end this topic...

They all sit and play some games like dumb sharaz..antakshari etc..and enjoying a lot...

At last Sanky went near ragini and placed his head on her shoulder..ragini caresses his hair..swalak smile seeing ragsan...

Sanky : (tired & with closed eyes) Lado..i am so tried..now its time to leave but b4 that i need to get charged by your voice..

ragini : but Sanky..how can i sing here...its...

Shona : (interrupt excitedly ) Ohh ya..Lado..you told that you are interested in music..plz sing one song for us...plzzz plz..(make cute childish face) (ragini smile seeing her)

lucky : (unknowingly) ya Lado plz sing for me..(rag look at him with surprise)(come back to his sense) i mean for us..plzzz

Ragini nodes..Sanky get up from her shoulder...Ragini start singing in her beautiful voice..

" O.. Yahin doobe din mere Yahin hote hain savere Yahin marna aur jeena Yahin Mandir aur Madeena... x2 Teri galiyan... galliyan teri, galliyan.. Mujhko bhaavein galiyan, teri galliyan Teri galiyan...galiyaan teri, galliyan.. Yuhin tadpavein, galliyan teri, Galliyan...


Tu meri neendo me sota hai Tu mere ashqo mein rota hai Sargoshi si hai khayalon mein Tu na ho, phir bhi tu hota hai


Hai sila.. tu mere dard ka Mere dil ki duaayein hain.. Teri galiyan... galliyan teri, galliyan.. Mujhko bhaavein galiyan, teri galiyan Teri galiyan...galiyaan teri, galliyan.. Yuhin tadpaavein, galliyan teri, galliyan.."

[Swasan and raglak were lost in eo's eyes..they all were having impact of the song..only ragini was aware about her love..swasan were confused about their feeling while lucky was not at all ready to accept what he has just felt]

they all come back to their senses when security guard come and ask them to leave as its 10 o'clock, time for closing the park...

Shona : Lado..u r blessed with beautiful voice...i hv become fan of your signing...i just love you so much dear

swaragini hug eo...Ragini was lil upset bz lucky didn't say anything abt her song..They carry their stuff and come out in parking area...

lucky : (hug Sanky) hey Sanky..lado..thank u so much for this picnic...i hv enjoyed it a lot...

Sanky : arre..we r best friends now..

ragini : so no need to say thank lucky..

Shona : (hug rag) me too enjoyed it very much (look at Sanky) its one of the very special and memorable picnic of my life ..

raglaksan : (together) Meri bhi (mine also)...

they reached near car and put all the stuff..Sanky hv come on his bike..

Lucky : Ohh wow...Sanky awesome bike...i loved it..

Sanky : thanks dude...i love bike riding so much...

Lucky : cool..even Shona loves to hv long rides on bike..you know she always forced me to take her for long bike ride...

ragini look at lucky,he was gesturing something through his eyes..she understand his signal for sending swasan on long drive..

Rag : that's cool..Shona you go with Sanky on bike and (to Sanky) you take her for long ride..its 10:15 now..you drop her at hotel by 12...i & lucky will reach there by car..we will c u at parking lot of hotel..

Lucky : ya that's a great idea...lets go Lado..bubye..Shona & Sanky..

before Shona and Sanky could protest or say anything..lucky took driving and ragini took passenger seat and left from there leaving swasan shocked and angry...

Precap : swasan raglak romantic movements on their way back to hotel...swaragini & sanlak conversation..megha audition practice...

the end


sorry friends for same Precap...actually due to Songs this part become longer one..i am sooo sorry if you find this part boring...i hv concentrated on four of their bonding with eo...in next part you will find some romantic movements of swasan and raglak...

eagerly waiting for your valuable feedback...

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