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Thank you for reading this story..Plz excuse me for spelling and grammar errors. No proof reading.

Recap : Sanskar and ragini intro

#Ch-3 :


After having breakfast swalak left for dance class..they reach rehearsal hall..all greet them..they both are like life of their dance class..there are few new entire also..who don't know about them..swalak was doing dance practice along with other students..their sir come and stop them..

Sir : hello students..wait for sometime..today i am going to teach you Salsa dance..so chose your partners..after 1/2 an hour we will start..

All gets happy and started chosing their partners..one new guy come near Shona and ask her with atitude..

Chirag : hey beautiful..i m Chirag..i want to give you a chance to become my partner...(wink at her) don't worry i am the best dancer i will teach you..

Lucky and all other old students who watch and heard him start laughing loudly at him..as they very well know what was going to come now..

Shona : (with attitude) Ohh really..(dramatically) omg..how lucky i am that i got a chance to dance with u...and moreover u will teach me.. (starch last line)

All laugh seeing her drama..Chirag become happy..but then he become confuse after seeing everyone laughing..Shona look at lucky who understand her singnal stand up and play Salsa music...

Lucky come forward and take Shona's hand..they both start dancing perfectly..they do some awesome lifts..their footwork..their expression..their confidence...their moves were mindblowing...

After seeing their dance everyone start clapping for them..Chirag was watching both of them with open mouth..

Shona : So still you wanna become my partner..(serious tone) 1st thing don't you dare to show me or any other girl your attitude...you can hv ask the same thing with proper manner...2nd thing i don't like to dance with any guy other then lucky..so don't ask me again..

Lucky : still you wanna teach dance that to Shona ha..(raise his brow ) are..where is your so called attitude dude..?(serious tone) next time if you will talk like this to any girl, i will not spare you..(Put his hand on Chirag shoulder) don't you dare to talk with my Shona like this..do you get it ?

Chirag : (stammer) wo..wo..i..i mean..ha i was just jocking..(escape from there) excuse me..i need to attend one call..
They all laugh and start their dance practice again..



@ Orphanage:

Ap receive call from Jay and give him permission and time for visiting..she come out and inform kids and workers about guest visit..they all become happy.

Ap : Lado..plz do some necessary arrangements in the garden area..

Ragini : ji ma..(leave and do some normal arrangements)

After that all kids gathered there and were waiting for Sanky and his friends to come..

Roshni: ragini, its been 2 days, we have not seen your dance...

Anuj : (interrupts) and as we all are here so you hv to perform for us..

Ragini : but guests are going to come in sometime..i will show you after they leave..ok ?

Rahul : no way..y should we wast our time by sitting idealy..whereas we hv much better option to watch you performing..what's say kids ? (All agree wid him)

Ragini : but bhai..

Ap : (interrupt) ragini i also want to see your dance..do it for us na..

Ragini : (smile) Okk ma..as u all wish..

She stands up and start song on her phone..sanky and his friends reach there at the time ragini was about to start dancing..and seeing that they stand there without anyone's notice..

Song : (movie : wack up sids )

"Orey manva tu to bavra hai Tu hi jaane tu kya sochta hai Tu hi jaane tu kya sochta hai bavre Kyun dikhaye sapne tu sote jaagte Jo barse sapne boond boond Nainon ko moond moond...(2) Kaise main chaloon, dekh na sakoon..Anjaane raastein (chorous) Gunjasa hai koi iktara iktara, gunjasa hai koi iktara...(2) Dheeme bole koi iktara iktara, dheeme bole koi iktara..."

[ for above line : She start dancing in classical style..she dose some beautiful Hand postures along with foot works ]

" Sun rahi hoon sudh budh khoke koi main kahani Poori kahani hai kya kise hai pata Main to kisiki hoke yeh bhi na jaani Ruth hai ye do pal ki ya rehgi sada (kise hai pata... kise hai pata) Jo barse sapne boond boond Nainon ko moond moond...(2) Jo barse sapne boond boond Nainon ko moond moond Kaise main chaloon, dekh na sakoon Anjaane raastein Gunjasa hai koi iktara iktara, gunjasa hai koi iktara...(2) Dheeme bole koi iktara iktara, Gunjasa hai koi iktara iktara, gunjasa hai koi iktara.."

[ for above lines : she starts doing contemporary style..she done it so grace fully with turns and straching her arms and legs..she complete song with beautiful pause ]

Then she look at all..but non of them were reacting..as all were awstruck by her performance.

Then suddenly they all come back to the senses from the sound of clapping...they see in that direction...yup its Sanky...he start moving towards them still capping with wide smile on his face..he come there and do handshake with her..

Sanky : Ohh god..wowww..amazing you are awesome dancer.(he shower lots ok questions) what's your name ? Are you professionally trained dancer ? from where you hv learn this dance ? How many dance styles do you know..? Are going to pursue dance has your career ?

Then he see her face..she was bit uncomfortable and looking at him with shock expression..then he see in other direction..all were watching him with same expression as he was continuously speaking and asking questions..

Sanky : (embarrass by their staring ) who..i am sorry...actually..

Jay : (interrupt him) actually we hv called before some time..i am Jay..i hv talked with Mrs. Annpurna matur..we are here to meet you people..

Ap : Ohh ohhk..you are welcome..nice to meet you all..

Sahil : woh..(he come near sanky ) actually my friend is awesome dancer..he love dancing so much..so whenever he see some beautiful performance like this he become bit excited..so..

Ap : Ohh wow..you are dancer..lovely..its ok beta..no problem..(answer his questions) she is Ragini my daughter..she has taken training in classical and contemprory dance..(sad tone) we all want her to pursue her career in this filed but she is not ready..

Sanky nodes..Jay and Sahil start spending time with kids and people..sanky was bit shock to know that ragini don't want to become dancer in spite of being sach an amazing dancer..he thinks and went to talk with her..

Sanky : Hello ragini, i am sanskar. Can i sit here ?

Ragini : (bit uncomfortable) ya sure..

Sanky : (serious tone) Ragini you know what..one of my classmate was very good dancer, we all were liking his dance so much. But one day he met with an accident. In that accident he lost his both the legs..after knowing that he did try to do suicide bz dance was everything for him...(pause and look at her)

Ragini : ( sympathy & curiosity ) Ohh god..!! How he would be able to live after that ? What does he do now as he can't dance now..?

Sanskar : (smile proudly) who said he can not dance now..!!?

Ragini : (confuse) you said he lost his legs then how..

Sanky : ya..he lost his legs..but not his dreams and confidence..you know what as we all say some people are born to be this and that..in that way he was born to become the dancer..so after that tregidy, he don't do any sacrifice with his dreams..he can dance..

Ragini : (listing carefully) (still confuse) but..how...

Sanky cuts her words in middle and show her his friends vedios in which he was dancing on his hands and wheelchair..after watching them ragini got tears in her eyes..

Sanky : u know y i am telling this to you..

Ragini looks on..

Sanky : bz i truly believe that you are also born to be a dancer..your each and every moves were showing your perfection..ragini everyone are not blessed with this type of talents..if god hv blessed you with this then you should respect it..i can see the best dancer in you..just think about it once..

Sanky left from there and join his friends..ragini was thinking and..she was seriously touched by his words..she thought how Ap, her friends,her dance class teacher hv always advice her to become dancer. How they hv appreciated and encouraged her. Then she make a determined face and went near all..

Ragini : Ma, i want to tell you all something..(determined face) i hv decided that i will become dancer. I will fulfill your all's wish. Infect now onwards its my dream. I will work hard for it. (look at sanky with smile) after all some people are born dancers..and i want to become one of them..

After hearing this all become very happy..Ap,rahul and Roshni were on cloud 9..all lift ragini up in the air..sanky and his friends smile seeing all of their bonding..Sanky feel happy as ragini hv taken his advice seriously..Ap who hv listen sanky and ragini's convo come near sanky..

Ap : (teary eye) i don't hv enough words to thanks you..(fold her hands) you hv done a big favour for us. U made ragini realise about her talents and give new hope for her future. Thank you so much beta..god bless you..

Sanky : (touch her hands) are..no no anty..i hv not done any thing..she is very good dancer..

They watch ragini smiling with her friends. Ap leaves from there. Ragini come near sanky..

Ragini : Sanskar..thank you so much for making me understand..i am glad to meet you..you show me the best way to my bright future..

Sanky : I hv done nothing..(extent his hand ) will you become my friend ?

Ragini: (smile) ya sure..(handshake with him) friends..

Sanky : so now on call me sanky..(wink at her)

They both smile..they exchange numbers..sanky and his friend left from there..all were very happy..

Time passes..

sanky and ragini become very good friends..they start doing dance practice together..sanky help her with other dance forms..

Rahul and Roshni tease ragini with sanky's name..there Sanky told sujata about ragini..sujata also tease him with ragini as she was the first girl whom sanky has made his best friend..(i am not straching that part ) ragini and sanky's answer on their teasing..

Ragini : sanky is very nice person. He always made me smile..he helps me whenever i am in need..i like to spend time with him but i don't love him..n i don't think he is the one who is made for me..i am still waiting for my price charming..(blush)

Sanky : no mom..its not like that..i like to spend time with ragini..i feel comfortable with her..she is so innocent..she is my best friend..but i don't love her..she is not my dream girl..i am eagerly waiting for my dream girl to come in my life..(smile)


After somedays, @ 8:30 Pm,

Swalak is having dinner at shona's home with theire parents and talking about remdom things...lucky's mobile rigs..his friend's call..

Lucky : Hello, what's up dude...

after attending call his expression changed and he immediately run to the leaving room...Shona and other three also run behind him with worried face..

Shomi : what are you doing lucky ? What happened..?

Lucky switch on the tv..Shona was about to ask him but he place his finger on her lips and told her to watch tv..all start watching what's happening...

" India's best dance reality show "zara nach k dikha" is coming soon...audition are starting from next week...so girls and guys who wants to achive India's best dancer title..stay tune...the audition place and time details are on our website...so hurry up..live your dreams.."

After watching this swalak were shock surprise..happy beyond the worlds..they were silent..somi..shekhar and dp congratulate them but no response. They both were looking each other with smile on their faces..they got right platform to achive their goals...their dreams will no more be dreams only but going to become true soon...both get wet eyes..due to happiness..

They start shouting...hug each other tightly..tears of happiness was still in their eyes..they start dancing..

Lucky : Shona..Shona...Shona..our dreams are going to be true soon...

Shona : ha lucky..we will become the best dancer of India..

Swalak : voho...thank you so much god for this opportunity..we are going to rocked the show...

Shomi..shekhar..dp were very happy to see both of them. They have seen how their children have worked hard for their passion..swalak hug them and take blessing from them...all were very happy...

#Precap : Swasanraglak @ audition centre...swasanraglak first meeting at audition center...swalakrag fun..

The end


From next part onwards whole story will be of swasanraglak bonding only..i will not give imp to any other cherecters..only swasan raglak love story and swalak,swaragini,ragsan & sanlak friendship scenes will be there..

thanks for reading...waiting for your valuable feedback..

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Originally posted by LoveSriNal

hey namu.. its me jwala.. glad to see your ff here.. dear you are new here and and somany didn't see your ff.. but this forum had many swasan fans and raglak fans.. I'm sure you will get more responses.. be happy dear.. your ff is awesome

Hii Jwala dear...how r u..?? u know what after reading your comment..i m feeling like i hv met my friend after so long... Smile

u hv always encouraged me whenever i was in need with respect to my ff...nd here also u r doing the same... Tongue

Thank you so much dear...lots of love to u...tc... Embarrassed

Edited by Namu0203 - 27 April 2016 at 7:17am

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Originally posted by -Claptrap-

Your concept is awesome dear... And the way you should the bonding between people is so real...
Keep updating ... Don't stop writing please..Embarrassed

Thank you so much dear for liking & supporting this story.. Smile

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Originally posted by ananyasbs12

Don't worry yr...u have an a awesome concept ...likes and comments would find there way ...and u will get a lot likesTongue

Thank you so much dear for liking & supporting this story.. Smile

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Posted: 27 April 2016 at 8:19am | IP Logged
Awesome update...Eagerly waiting for SwaSan RagLak love story...Big smile Do continue.. Embarrassed

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hi your story is great. and nice chapter. love the friendship between them. waiting for swasan's first meeting. Embarrassed

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Wow...great meeting of ragsan...waiting for all to meet in the audition... Waiting lovely ff

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Thank you friends for liking this story & commenting...Thank you silent readers also. Plz excuse me for spelling and grammar errors. No proof reading.

Recap : Ragsan friendship and swalak come to know about show

#Chapter-4 :


Just like swalak sanky also watch the same advertisement of Dance reality Show..(guys i am not repeating it here)...sujata congratulate sanky for getting sach wonderful opportunity...

Sanky was at cloud 9..he was smiling widely along with teary eyes..he remember the time he has spent after dance..his dreams...now he know that he will defiantly going to achive his goal soon..he hug his mom and start dancing happily...

Sujata : Sanskar..beta..i am very happy for you..god bless u my son..god will surly give reward of your hardwork..(kiss his forehead)

Sanky : (excited) thank you so much mom...your support is my strength..(determined face) now i will take part in this show and will defiantly make my place in the list of Best dancers..

At that time his father come who heard the last sentence..become angry on him..

Ram : (shout) Sanskar..you are not going to take part in any such kind of competition..

Sanky : (pleading) but dad..dance is my passion..i am living because of my this dream to become dancer..plz don't do this to me dad.. :-(

Sujata : suniye ji..he is working very hard to achive his dreams..now while he has got perfect opportunity, plz don't snatch it from him..

Ram : (angry) what about your mba degree..you are in last sem..i will not allow you to destroy your future after your so called dance..you will get nothing from your dance..

Sanky : (bit louder) bas dad..i respect you a lot..i love you alot..but that doesn't mean you will insult my dreams,my passion..(confident) and now its final that i will take part in this show and prove myself to you and to the world..n ha i can manage both..i will get my mba degree also..

Ram : (angry) ok do whatever you want to do..but today onward i am not going to talk with you..you are nothing for me..

He left from there angrily..Sanky has tears in his eye.. :'( sujata assure him that everything will be fine..they compose themselves..she give blessing to him..

Sanky : mom..i am going to meet ragini..she will also become happy after hearing this news..bye..i will come back soon..

Sujata : (agree) ok beta..drive slowly..take care..bye

Sanky left for orphanage..he meet ragini and told everything about the dance competition..all were very happy after hearing that news..all congratulate ragini and sanky both..

Ap : wow..that's awesome now my Lado will make all of us proud by taking part in the show..

Ragini also become happy as now she will fulfil not only her but also her orphanage family's dream..

Ragsan smile and hug eo tightly..then after sometime sanky left for his home..


At night, Swara, Sanky, rags and lucky in their respective rooms,

all were thinking about the dance reality show..about their dreams..they were very happy..they were waiting for tomorrow which will change their life..soon they doze off..

then screen split in 4 part showing them sleeping with bright smile on their faces..


Next day, Swalak and ragsan get complete details about the show from website and send their application forms. They all got reply and also time and place for their audition..The audition place is in Mumbai..(i am not writing this application part in detail bz its not needed)

They get engaged in dance rehearsal for their audition round performance.

Before 2days of audition, Swalak took blessing from their parents and left for Mumbai..Sapnoki nagari Mumbai will defiantly help to fulfil their dreams..


Mumbai,Audition center :

There were thousands of people who come to take part in the dance reality show..Swalak reach the centre..they take a good look of surrounding and come near the entrance..they stop at entrance and look straight with confidence..

Shona : so watch out "zara nach k dikha"...

Lucky : here come the Shona and lucky...

Shona : to rock the stage and...

Lucky : to steal the hearts of everyone...

Shona : with our dance performances..

They both look at eo and smile broadly, hold eo's hand, shout loudly with excitement and run inside the audition center.. ( they are not over confident but they have work hard for this and confident about their dance)

Sanky went to pick up ragini...soon both ragsan reach the audition center...they see many peoples there..sanky seems to be very confident and excited..whereas ragini seems to be lil nervous but still excited..Sanky know that rag is lil scared..he hold her hand..

Ragini : finally the day hv come...

Sanky : we will prove ourselves...and achive our dreams..

Ragini : yup..i m very excited but bit nervous also..what will happen next !! (bit her nails)

Sanky : (assure her )we all trust you ragini..you hv to trust yourself..just give your best and i know you will get what you want..

They both share hug and went inside..all the contestants were sitting and standing in the hall...they all have been given a number...they were suppose to go inside room next to audition stage in batch vise ( for example- 1 to 30, then 31 to 60...)and then in audition room according to their number..our leads no were : Shona - 438, Sanky - 452,Lucky- 476 & Lado-484. So swasan were in one batch and raglak were in another batch...


Swasanraglak were waiting for their turn in hall along with other participants...as theire no were in 400 they need to wait long..they were watching audition in big screen tv placed in the hall...

Swalak were sitting together and were watching their dance vedios which they have recorded in mobile..then lucky went to attend the call and Shona starts talking with other participants due to her talkative nature..

Meanwhile ragini was sitting alone listening her song in headphones near stairs bz sanky went outside in the ground to help one of his friend to improve his dance who was also going to take part in show..sanky was not going letting her alone but she only forced him to go and told him not to worry about her...A guy come there and start flirting with her..lucky was there..he can heard them but can't see them..

Guy : Hey..pretty girl...sitting alone...it seems you are in need of my help..should i help you with your dance ? (wink at her)

Ragini : (firmly) No thanks..mind your own business..don't try to act smart..(stand up and try to go from there)

Guy: arre arre...(still flirting) where are you going dear...you don't need my help ha..that's good..but i need your help plz do a favor for me...

Ragini was very angry but she didn't want to create any seen there..so she decide to move from there. Meanwhile lucky who heard them come front side to see what happen..he saw ragini was moving to get out from there and the guy was trying to hold ragini from back as it was not crowded area..he immediately run in their direction...

that guy hold raginis hand and lean to go near her..ragini turn..lucky reach..but b4 that guy go near her, he gets tight slaps on both of his checks...ragini slap on his left check and lucky on right at the same time...

the guy was :O shocked he hold his both checks with his hand and ran from there..lucky and ragini also get shocked...they both look at each other for sometime with surprised expression and then brust out laughing...remembering the slap scene... :-D :-D

ragini look at lucky and feel some strange sensation which she has never felt b4...lucky also mesmerized seeing her but he don't know his feeling..they both have strong eye-lock...which was broken by Shona..(kabab me haddi)..who come there to find lucky..(she notice both lucky and ragini's expression b4 breaking their eye-lock..)

Shona : hey lucky..dude what are you doing here..? (smile at ragini) Hii i am swara...he is laksh..

Ragini : (smile) i m...

Lucky : (interrupt) Jahnsi ki rani...

Shona&Lado (together) : what...??!!! :O

Lucky : ya she is jahsi ki rani...(then he told the whole incidence to Shona..) (to ragini) from your answer i found that you are brave but i didn't expect that you will slap him..it was dam good..

Ragini was staring him with shy smile on her face while lucky was talking which was again noticed by our Shona the Jasoos.. ;-) ragini for the first time feel comfortable with strangers..

Shona : (dramaticly) Ohh gosh...i missed that scene...wowww..a guy getting slaps on his both checks from two people at the same time...what a seen it must be yar..!!! B-) ;-) ( trio laugh) (to ragini) btw what's your name dear..? Would you like to become our friend ?

Ragini : Hii...i am ragini...ya sure..friends..nice to meet you..(swaragini hug eo) O:-)

Swara : so now you can call me Shona and (point to lucky) him lucky..we are going to hv lots of fun..we will...

Lucky: (cut her) ya ya sure..(shocked expression) Ohh gosh..now what will happen when both RIVOLVER RANI & JAHSI KI RANI will be together...(dramatically sacred ) plz god save all of us..

Ragini : (confuse) RIVOLVER RANI..??

Lucky : (pointing at Shona) she has broken bones of many guys...till now i hv seen this braveness in Shona only...but now i can say that (point to Shona) my Gundi..find another Gundi..(point to ragini)

Ragini : :O (shock) what..??? Gundi..??

Shona : you lucky k bache i m going to kill you today..you wait and watch..(pinch lucky on his arm)

Lucky : awwchch Shona leave me..(to ragini) see this is y i call her Gundi..

Ragini laugh looking both of them but after few min become lil confuse seeing their bonding...she compose herself..

Ragini : ha ha ha..you both are so sweet..Shona i am happy to meet u..(to lucky) thanks laksh for helping me..(blush lil bit)

Shona : (again hug her) me too ragini..

Lucky: woho...your welcome but i don't think that you were in need of my help jahsi ki rani... (wink at her and left to attend call)

Ragini blush lil more when he wink at her and call her jahsi ki rani...ya she understand that it was first site love..she smile seeing him talking on phone..

there was two more people who got to know about her feeling from her blushing smile looking towards lucky..yup they were non other than Shona and Sanky...

Ya..Sanky come there while lucky was explaining the whole seen to Shona..he was about to go near them but he see some spark in ragini's eyes seeing at lucky..so he decide to stand there and listen them...

sanky see shona's drama..he smile unknowingly seeing her.. Shona was facing her back to sanky..so sanky can't see shona's face but he can see lucky and ragini..he also heard what lucky told about Shona..

he notice ragini's feeling for lucky..he also wonder seeing ragini comfortably talking with strangers..& accepting their friendship in 1st meeting only..

Both sanky and ragini were happy with ragini's feeling for lucky but confuse regarding swalak relation..there swara was also happy..she has seen something strange in lucky's eye at the time of raglak's eye-lock..she thought ragini is the girl who is made for her lucky..n our cool dude lucky hv felt something seeing ragini but he is unknown about his own feelings..

Precap : swaragini bonding..Swasan meeting...sanlak meeting...Swasan performances...

The end


Thank you for reading...& Plz plz plz friends give your valuable feedback... Embarrassed Embarrassed

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