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Manan- friendship or more(ch.75 on page no.63)(26-8-2017) (Page 9)

A12609z Goldie

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Posted: 14 May 2016 at 8:13pm | IP Logged

plzz add some Attraction between them plz some accidentall closeness plzz ..,make storyline little fasterr..
Desperatellyy waiting for New parts for Manan scenes plzz add moree

plzz read our comments
n complete our Requests plzz Dear plzz
add some track in which unhe chance mille to spend more tym wid each other...add some attraction between them plzzz..
Add more Manan

Sarahpeyton Senior Member

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Posted: 15 May 2016 at 7:24pm | IP Logged

Nandini went to Shanti's room to get her.

Nandini knocked the door.

Shanti opened it with sleepy eyes.

Shanti- Nandini tum. Itni raat ko.

Nandini- Buaji ap chaliye mere sath.

Shanti- Par kaha.

Nandini- terrace pe.

Shanti- Terrace pe... Par kyu...

Nandini- Chaliye toh sahi.

Saying this Nandini took Shanti to the terrace despite protests from Shanti.

As soon as they reached the terrace , Shanti looked around to find just darkness.

Shanti- Nandini tum bataogi bhi yaha kyu layi ho mujhe. Aur yaha itna andhera kyu hai.

As soon as clock struck 12, the lights came back and Manik came in front of Shanti and both Nandini and Manik said in unison-


Hearing this Shanti was shocked at first but then smiled seeing Manik and Nandini's happy faces.

Shanti- Ye sab ...

Manik- Bua this was the surprise I was talking about.

Shanti- Magar Manik Beta yeh sab karne ki kya zarurat thi.

Manik-Zarurat kaise nai thi... Of course zarurat thi. Apka birthday hai aaj itna to banta hi hai. Hai na Nandini...

Nandini - Hmm... Haan Buaji. 

Manik looked at Nandini but Nandini lowered her head as soon as their eyes met.

Shanti- Acha to ye baat hai. Ye tum dono ki mili bhagat hai. Manik to hai hi aisa.But Nandini tum bhi iske sath milgayi.

Manik- Bua waise aapne bataya nahi apko decoration kaisa laga.

Shanti looked around and saw all the balloons, candles and cake.

Shanti- Bahut acha hai ye bachcho. 

Shanti kissed Nandini's forehead and said- Thank you Nandini beta. 

Manik- How mean Bua. Mujhe to bhul hi Gaye ho aap. 
He said this making a pout.

Shanti- Nautanki ... Aaja tu bhi.

Manik came to Shanti and Shanti kissed him on his forehead.

Shanti- Ab khush...

Manik nodded and said- Bahut.

Manik- Acha baatein bahut hogayi. Let's cut the cake first.

Shanti cut the cake while Manik and Nandini sang the birthday song.

Shanti took a piece of cake and fed it to Manik and then Nandini.

Shanti noticed that Nandini was very silent .

Shanti- Kya hua Nandini . Tum theek to ho na.

Nandini- Haan Buaji main theek hu. Mujhe kya hoga.

Shanti- Itni chup chap kyu khade ho. Yaha aao.

Nandini smiled weakly and came and stood beside Shanti.

Shanti- Manik.

Manik- Haa Bua.

Manik avoided eye contact with Nandini.

Shanti- Thank you Beta. Tumne itna socha mere baare me. Mai to khud hi bhool gayi thi ke aaj mera birthday hai.

Manik rolled his eyes and said- Bua aap bhi na. Isme thanks ki kya baat hai.

Shanti felt blessed that Manik and Nandini had planned so much for her.

She didn't have children but Manik and Nandini were filling that space in her life.

Shanti had tears in her eyes.

Manik noticed this and he came forward and wiped her tears.

Shanti smiled seeing Manik's concern.

To lighten the atmosphere, Manik said- Bua now that it's your birthday, ek photo to banti hai.

And he took out his camera.

Shanti- Manik nai... Is sab ki kya zarurat hai.

Manik- Just one photo Bua .

Shanti- Nandini beta tu bhi aaja.

Shanti held Nandinis hand and made her stand beside her.

Shanti - Manik Dekh kya raha hai. Jaldi lena.

Manik- OK.

Nandini was hesitant at first and was moving away from Shanti but Shanti held her hand and asked her to stop.

Manik- Bua ready...

Bua- Haan..

Manik clicked some more pictures of Shanti and Nandini and solo pictures of Nandini on Bua's insistence.

Nandini said no at first but had to give in to Bua's demands as it was Bua's birthday.

After the photo session, Manik forcefully made Shanti eat the food as she had skipped dinner.

Shanti was cribbing like a kid while eating .
But Manik didn't stop till Shanti's stomach was full.

Nandini laughed heartily seeing Bua's condition.

Manik looked at Nandini while she was laughing.

He had a content smile on his face seeing Shanti and Nandini . They both were happy. 

Manik thought to himself- I will make sure that this smile on your faces will never fade away. I will do anything to keep this smile intact.

The three of them celebrated for sometime and went to sleep.

Done with another update. 

I know that this chapter was not up to the mark but please bear with it.

I don't know if you guys will like this update or not.

Feel free to give your suggestions and feedback.

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charanyaaj IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 May 2016 at 8:08pm | IP Logged
Nice update
A12609z Goldie

Joined: 11 October 2015
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Posted: 15 May 2016 at 8:32pm | IP Logged
Nyc chap...
Plzzz add some attraction between Manan for each other..

Creat some situation in which unhe alone together tym spend karne kaa chance millee

plzz dono k frnsip jaldi jaldi strong karooo n slowllyy pyar karwaa dooo plzzz

plzz plzz make the story little FASTERrr
plzzz...add more n more Manan..

Update Next Part ASAP

eagerllyy waitingg..

promot story in diff. pages
A12609z Goldie

Joined: 11 October 2015
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Posted: 15 May 2016 at 8:34pm | IP Logged
Nyc chap...
Plzzz ADD SOME ATTRACTION BETWEEN MANAN between Manan for each other..FOCUS ON Manan more
make Manan relation faster

Creat some situation in which unhe alone together tym spend karne kaa chance millee

plzz dono k Frnsip jaldi jaldi strong karooo n slowllyy pyar karwaa dooo plzzz

plzz plzz make the story little FASTERrr
plzzz...add more n more Manan..

Update Next Part ASAP

eagerllyy waitingg..

promot story in diff. pages

payal94 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 May 2016 at 12:07am | IP Logged
Nice update
reet0143 Senior Member

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Posted: 16 May 2016 at 12:47am | IP Logged
amazing story and chapter...
i think manik will bring nandu out of her shell

loved their bond with shanti...

want to see some manan moments...

unke beech ka bond thoda strong hona chahiye,,,,,,,,

i know as the story will proceed the things will be better...

waiting for next update

loved it

Sarahpeyton Senior Member

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Posted: 18 May 2016 at 6:06am | IP Logged

Nandini got up the next morning and performed Puja like always and went to kitchen.

She prepared the breakfast and went out to wake up Bua.

When she was going to Bua's room she collided with Manik who was also going to Bua's room.

Manik- Oops I am sorry I didn't see you coming.

Nandini- It's OK. Maine bhi apko aate nahi Dekha tha. Aap itni subah uthgaye.

Manik- Kyu. Mai subah subah nai uth sakta kya.

Nandini- Nai aisi baat nahi hai. Mai to bas...

Manik- Acha theek hai. Waise to mai Bua ke paas jaa raha tha but ab tum milgayi ho to aao mere sath.

Nandini- But kahan.

Manik- Tum Chalo toh mere sath.

Saying this he held her hand and took her to the kitchen.

Nandini- Aap hame yahan kyu laye ho. Kuch chahiye to bata dijiye hum bana denge.

Manik- Shhh... Mujhe Mom ke liye breakfast banana hai apne haathon se.

Nandini- Par humne Mummyji ke liye already breakfast bana diya hai.

Manik- Shhh... Just tell me where the ingredients are.

Nandini- But apko kya banana hai Mummyji ke liye.

Manik- Mom ke favorite Aloo ke Parathe.

Nandini- OK. 

Manik took out his phone to search the recipe for Aloo ke Parathe.

Nandini- Aap internet pe kyu dhundh rahe hi. Hum bata denge apko.

Manik- OK great idea. To first step kya hai.

Nandini- Pehle Aloo boil kar lijiye.

Then she started giving him directions.

Manik did as directed by Nandini.

Manik- Lo stuffing to hogayi. Now what.

Nandini- Wheat flour lijiye.

Manik- Ab wo kaha hai.

Nandini- Waha upar cupboard me hai.

Manik reached for it and pulled it. The lid opened due to the sudden pull and the whole flour fell on Manik.

Nandini started to laugh heartily seeing Manik's state.

Nandini- Ha ha ha . ... Manik aap toh bilkul safed bhoot lag rahe ho. Ha ha ha...

Manik smiled seeing Nandini laugh heartily.

He felt that she was opening up little by little.

Manik- OK OK hasna band karo warna.

Nandini- Warna kya... Ha ha ha...

She was laughing non stop.

Manik(showing fake anger)-Nandini stop laughing or else you have to bear the consequences .

Nandini- what consequences. Dekho apne aap ko. Ha ha ha...

Manik took some flour in his hand and threw it on Nandini.

Nandini stopped laughing immediately.

Nandini- ye kya kiya apne Manik.

Manik- Ab haso.

Nandini took some flour and threw it on Manik.

They started to throw flour on each other.

( Manik didn't touch Nandini just threw flour on her)

The kitchen was a complete mess.

Till then Shanti had woken up and came to kitchen.

She saw the condition of the kitchen.

Shanti- Hey bhagwaan kya haal bana rakha hai kitchen ka.

Manik and Nandini immediately stopped hearing Shanti.

Shanti- Manik Nandini kya kar rahe ho tum log.

Manik- Bua thank God aap aagaye. Mai to yaha Mom ke liye Parathe banane aaya tha. Mujhe laga Nandini ko aata hoga ye dish. But Bua isey to kuch bhi nahi aata. Dekho na. Kya haal bana diya kitchen ka mujhe sikhate sikhate. Issey Acha to ye hota ki nai apki hi help me leta.

He conveniently put the entire blame on Nandini.

Nandini - Kyaaa... Yeh sab meri galti hai?

Manik- Haan aur nahi to kiski. Meri?

Nandini- Aur nahi to kya. Mai to theek se sikha rahi thi.

Manik- Huhhh... Tum sikha rahi thi. 
Yaa aata uda rahi thi. Ruko mai dikhata hu aata kaise bhigate hai.

Nandini- Haan dikhao. Mai bhi dekhu kitna ache se karte ho.

Manik- Haan dekho . Mai darta hu kya.

Saying this he intentionally put jug full of water in the flour bowl and started to knead it. The wet flour stuck to his hands.

Shanti slapped her forehead seeing this.

Nandini again started to laugh.

Manik made a pout and looked sheepishly at Shanti for help.

Shanti also started to laugh as long with Nandini.

Manik- Bua aap bhi. This is not fair.

Shanti stopped laughing and said- Tum dono jao Jake change karlo. Mai ye sab saaf karlungi.

Nandini went away laughing.

As soon as she left ,

Manik- Bua mai bas 2 Min me aaya. Then I will finish this cooking business.

Shanti- OK jao. Jaldi aana.

Manik went to his room to change his clothes.

Done with another chapter.

Hope you guys like it.

Give your comments.

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