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Manan- friendship or more(ch.76 on page no.64)(15-1-2018) (Page 63)

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Hey... Nice story 
Read it in one go... 
It was really superb... 
Waiting for the next part 

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Hey Guysss...

Here i am with another chapter of this story after a lonnnggg time.

Badi mehnat lagi ye chapter likhne me. Pata nahi u guys will like it or not.


Malhotra Mansion-

As the four of them reached the Mansion, it was almost evening.

Manik and Nandini were still not in talking terms.

Nyonika and Soha went to Nyonika's room.

Nyonika- Ye Manik aur Nandini ko kya hogaya achanak se. Dono ek dusre se baat kyu nahi kar rahe hai.

Soha- Aunty jo bhi hua hai acha hi hua na. I mean think this way. Atleast Manik won't be under the magic spell of Nandini. I think Nandini ne hi kuch kia hoga jisse Manik naraaz hogaya hai.

Nyonika- U think so.

Soha- Yes Aunty... And its a perfect opportunity for us .

Nyonika- U are right. Atleast Manik will now get to know the real face of Nandini.

Soha selfthought- And then I will be successful in throwing Nandini out of the house.

Soha smirked and left from Nyonika's room whereas Nyonika went to freshen up n take some rest after their long journey.

Meanwhile in the kitchen-

Nandini after freshening up went to the kitchen to make dinner and Manik followed her.

Manik- Need any help????

Nandini- No Thank you. Mai kar lungi.

Nandini started chopping vegetables.

Manik- R u sure???

Saying this Manik came and stood right behind Nandini resting his chin on Nandini's shoulder.

Nandini- Manik... Please hume kaam karne dijiye.

Manik- Arey... Mai tumhe rok thode hi na raha hoon. Infact i m offering to help u.

Acha btw... Ye angry mode off karo and smile.

Nandini continued chopping the vegetables.

Manik- Oye Hoye... My angry bird. Itna gussa mat karo. Look your face has become red due to anger.

Nandini looked angrily at Manik.

Manik- What??? U dont believe me. Let me show you.

Manik clicked few pics of angry Nandini and showed it to her.

Manik- Khud hi dekhlo how your face has become in anger.

Saying this Manik laughed a little.

Nandini in an irritated tone- Aap kabhi hamari baat nahi maante na. Theek hai. Hum aapse baat hi nahi karenge. Aapko jo karna hai kijiye.

Manik thought for a while.

He smirked and said- Well in that case, let me take anothet pic of u.

Nandini stomped her foot and moved away from Manik and continued her cooking. Manik went away from there as he saw Nyonika coming towards the kitchen.

Manik selfthought- Lagta hai she is super pissed off. Kuch to karna padega. I need to talk to her.

Nandini finished cooking and as she was about to leave the kitchen, Nyonika entered.

Nyonika- Nandini dinner me kuch meetha bhi bana dena. Raj ka mann tha kuch sweet khane ka.

Nandini- Ji Mummyji abhi bana deti hoon.

Nyonika went to the dinner table where every one were already present and occupied her seat.

Nyonika- Manik kya hua hai tujhe??? Aise sad face se kyu baitha hai. Agar koi baat hai to bol Beta. Subah se dekh rahi hu tujhe. Kuch pareshan lag raha hai.

Manik- No Mom. Aisa kuch nahi hai. Mai.. Mai to bas Bua ko miss kar raha tha. Thats it. Nothing more .

Nyonika- Bas itni si baat hai. Ya kuch chupa raha hai tu mujhse.

Manik- Mai kyu kuch chupaunga aapse Mom.

Till then Nandini brought the dinner and served it to everyone.

Nyonika- Ok. Agar tu bolraha hai to maan leti hu.

Manik smiled and nodded in a yes.

Nandini sat opposite to Manik but didn't look at him while having dinner.

Manik's several attempts to make her look at him failed. But how could he accept defeat. After all he was Manik Malhotra.

In this process, he indirectly teased her a lot.

Manik - Mom... Apko nahi lagta ki khaane me mirchi kuch zyada hogayi hai???

Nyonika tasted it and said- Nahi . Mujhe to theek hi lagraha hai.

Manik looked at Nandini n said- Pata nahi mujhe bahut hi teekha lagraha hai.

Nandini looked at Manik who winked at her.

Manik took each morsel of food looking into Nandini's eyes.

After finishing dinner, everyone departed to their respective rooms.

But Nandini instead of going to Manik and her room, went to her old room.

Though it was all part of their plan, but Manik didn't like this but he kept quiet as Soha would get suspicious if he objected.

That was the last thing he wanted.

After tossing in the bed for half n hour Manik took his mobile and dialled Nandini's number.

Nandini- Hello...

Manik- Hey.


Manik- Nandini... Don't hang up. Ek baar meri baat sunlo. Fir tum jaisa bologi waisa hi hoga.


Manik- Listen Nandini... I know for a fact that you dont want me to go ahead with the idea of teaching Soha a lesson. But trust me. There is no other way we can do this.

Nandini- But Manik...

Manik- Nandiniii... If u have any other plan, tell me. We dont have any other option. Think about it.

Nandini thought for a while n said- Do u think it will work???

Manik- Ofcourse it will work Nandini. Just do as we decided.

Nandini- What if something goes wrong???

Manik- Dont worry Nandini. Kuch galat nahi hoga.

Nandini- But Manik... I m scared.

Manik- Do u trust me???

Nandini- Yes i do trust you.

Manik smiled and asked- How much do u trust me???

Nandini- Huh???

Manik- Bolo na Nandini...

Nandini- Don't u know it?

Manik- Aise nahi yaar. Tell me. I want to hear it from your mouth.


Manik- Ur silence doesn't answer anything. I want to hear it .

Nandini in a whisper- I trust u more than myself.

Manik ran his hand in his hair while lying down on the bed with a slight smile playing on his face

Manik- So tell me... R u still mad at me?

Nandini - Yes.

Manik sat up straight with a shocked expression- Whatt ??? But why???

Nandini- Because u troubled me a lot today. And on top of that u were having fun troubling me. Aap bahut bure ho...

Manik smirked hearing Nandini's
innocent complaints to him and again lied down on the bed.

Manik- So u mean to say that i am not a nice person. Is that what u mean to say???

Nandini- No. Humne aisa kab kaha???

Manik- Acha... Then tell me what do u think of me???


Manik- I m waiting...

Nandini- So u want me to shower false praises on u???

Manik- Ohhh... Trying to act smart and all with me... huh!!!

Nandini- Not trying... I am already smart.

Manik- Right... But seriously Nandini... Tell me. What do you think about me???? I want to know your honest opinion about me and what you feel for me..


Nandini didn't knew what to say. Though she had a clear picture about what she felt for Manik but she didn't know how to put those feelings in words.

Manik- Comeon Nandini... Don't be silent yaar. Atleast not today. Your silence is killing me.

Nandini- Kya bolu mai Manik...

Manik- Jo bhi tumhare dil me hai sab boldo. Aaj chup mat raho. Ek toh this distance is testing my patience and then your silence is more torture.

Nandini- You are my life, everything.
I feel so lucky to have you in my life.
I love how gentle you are with me.
I really appreciate the fact that you listen to me and let me vent out.

Whatever you are doing in this Soha's matter, I noticed that you did (this) for me. Thank you for being so thoughtful. I really appreciate it. You're very sweet with me and I love it.

I feel like I can accomplish so much more in my life because I have you as a safety net.

I always feel supported by you and it means so much to me.

I've never felt more safe and comfortable around any other person. I love being in your presence and i love it when u hug me.

In darkness your cuddles feel like a little touch of heaven, warm, together, cozy. Your arms wrapped right around me bring a peace I've never known before, a calming of the storms in my heart. I think it's you that gives me hope for the future. Your cuddles are the only medicine I need, they are the light in the darkness, a lone star in an otherwise empty sky.

Your cuddles are the only antidote I have to this world. I want u wrap me in your arms and never let go, keep me safe and warm. In return I'll never let go of you, love you, defend you, keep you safe. If in all this cold universe there is only you I can truly love, it is enough. You are the spark to my flame, the one who keeps me burning.

Manik was flattered with Nandini's words of praise for him.

Manik- I am flattered...

Nandini smiled and said- Aap ne khud ki tareef to karwali. Ab ???

Manik- So u want me to say about my feelings for u.
Well... Uske liye to i am always ready.


Done with another update.

Hope you guys like it.

Ignore the typos if any.

P.S: How many of u want this phone conversation to take a different turn. I mean hot , romantic, naughty and more..

Raise your hands...


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I want it toDay Dreaming... I raise my handWink
The update was very nice... 
Loved this manik a lot... The dinner scene was lovely... 
This angry nandini was cute to watch.. 
I really think soha should be taught along with nyonika also... 
Plzz update the next part soon... 
Waiting for it.. 

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Wat an amazing update... loved it.. so cute. Conversation can take that turn I don't mind thoughCool

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Me let the conversation take a romantic hot turn... 
Lovely chapter
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Hi Guysss...

Presenting another chapter of this story.


Manik- So u want me to say about my feelings for u.
Well... Uske liye to i am always ready.

When i first met you i  honestly didn't know that u were gonna be this important to me.
The first time I met you it wasn't love at first sight. My love for you formed gradually, your personality, your voice, your hair, your smile, your anger, the way you looked at me, your cute pouts gradually I realised that it was you... My heart gave me a signal that it was you . You are the one I was looking for. At that point I realised that I can't even imagine my life without you.

Nandini listened to everything Manik confessed and said- Manik... Ek baat puche aapse???

Manik- I know ke tum kya puchna chahti ho? Yahi na ki when was the moment I realised my love for you.

Nandini- Haan. But aapko kaise pata chala ke hum kya puchna chahte the???

Manik- It's easy Love. I can understand your every single breath. In short I can read ur mind and heart. That's how well I know you.

Nandini blushed hearing this.

Manik- Mujhe ye bhi pata hai ki u are blushing right now.

Nandini smiled n said- Manikkk...

Manik- Haan bolo na.

Nandini- Aap Kuch bolrahe the...

Manik- Yeah. U remember the time when we took shelter in a hut in the forest when u were kidnapped by some goons. That was the moment I started to feel something for you. But I buried those feelings as I didn't want to loose my best friend.

Nandini- Chahe Kuch bhi hojaye. I won't loose Ur best friend. Never ever. That's a promise.

Manik-Hmm... So my dear best friend. Ab tumhara question n answer round khatm hogaya hai to let's come back to the present. Why are we talking about the past???

Nandini-So what do you want to talk about the present?

Manik- Well. You see wifey. I don't believe in talking. I believe in action. U know what I mean???

Nandini- No. I don't know what you are talking about.

Manik- Ohhh... Acting Innocent n all huh!!!

Nandini- I m not acting Innocent. Mai Actually me Innocent hoon.

Manik- Haan Haan Mujhe pata hai. Achi tarah se pata hai. I have experienced Ur innocence last night. Yaad aaya kuch.

Nandinis cheeks turned to the deepest red on hearing Manik's words.

Manik in a teasing mode- Kya hua ab chup kyu hogayi??? Agar Yaad nahi aaraha hai to mai yaad dila deta hoon.

Nandini- Manik... Kyu sata rahe ho aap Hume. U are very bad.

Manik smirked and said- No. But on a serious note Nandini.

I'm having a really hard time... Can't stop thinking about that last night.

You know what I've been thinking about doing to you?"

I want to feel your hands on me.

I really need you now.

I've been thinking about last night all day. Can't wait to do that again."

"You looked beautiful this morning. Can't get you out of my head.""Can't wait to see you later today! Counting the minutes."

Nandini was blushing hard.

Manik- What are you wearing right now???

Nandini- Manik... I think u should sleep. Its too late now.

Manik- Comeon yaar Nandini. I have just started to get my sanity back. Please talk to me Or do you want me to come over there to see you myself. Do u???

Nandini- Nooo... Dont come here. Someone might see you.

Manik- So tell me. What are you wearing right now???


Manik- Ufff yaar Nandini... Kitna sharmati ho tum. Batao na yaar. I want to know.

Nandini- Manik... I...

Manik understood Nandinis shyness.

Manik- Acha ok fine. Atleast send me a pic of u. And i dont want to hear a no. I want to see you now.
Please Nandini...

Nandini- Ok.

Nandini adjusted her hair and checked herself in the mirror before click her selfie and sent it to Manik.

Manik saw Nandini's pic and smirked.

Manik- So my beautiful wife is wearing a cute nightie.

You are looking gorgeous.

Waise Nandini. Don't get me wrong. I mean I love Ur dressing sense. But I think you should get out of your traditional attire and wear something western... U know what I mean. Something sleeveless or backless. Aise kuch.

Nandini- But Manik ... I m not comfortable in them. Sab ke saamne kaise pehen sakte hai hum Waise waale dresses.

Manik- Acha sabke saamne nahi to mere saamne to pehen sakti ho na. After all I am Ur lawfully wedded husband. Mujhse Kaisi Sharm. Btw u have a very sexy body with the right curves at right places.

Nandini- Manikkk... Stop it na. Aap kyu tang kar rahe ho Hume?

Manik- Oye hoye... My cute wifey. Look at ur cheeks once. U are giving Competition to tomatoes.

Nandini covered her face with one hand while holding the mobile in another hand.

Nandini- Ab bas. Hum phone rakhte hai. Aap sojaiye. Hume bhi neend aarahi hai.

Manik- Acha.. Hold on... hold on...
Sorry. But phone mat rakhna. I want to talk to you.

There was silence for a minute.

Manik rubbed the back of his neck with one hand while a smile played on his lips.

Whereas Nandini pursed her lips waiting for Manik to say something.

Manik- Nandini... Are you there???

Nandini- Hmm...

Manik- Chup kyu ho??? Kya soch rahi ho???

Nandini- Kuch nahi.

Manik in a low whisper- Jhoot. I can hear you breathing rapid gasps as you feel the pressure building.
Hearing ur breath is driving me crazy.

U know what you are doing to me???

Nandiniii... U are sooo sooo beautiful. This makes me want you so bad.

I'm really looking forward to seeing you tonight. I think we should have some fun ; )

Nandini chup kyu ho??? Say something. I want to know what you are feeling right now.

Nandini- Whenever I see you, I have this warm feeling in my heart.

You make me feel weak in the knees when I touch you.

You kiss me so well, it's driving me crazy that I can't do it right now.

And about last night...

On a scale of 1 to 10, last night was 20 and I am missing you like crazy.

Manik- Not bad huh Nandini. You were hiding ur feelings from me. But u finally told me everything. Now I don't care about what people think. I want to see you right now. Let's have some real fun Baby.

Nandini- So are you planning on spending all night talking or do you have more exciting plans???

Manik- Coming right away Wifey. At your service in 5 min.

With this both of them hung up the call.

Manik quickly put on his shirt and texted Nandini- Be prepared to have the best night of your life.

Nandini texted back-  Waiting desperately...

Both of them smiled .

Nandini quickly tied her hair with a ribbon.
(Just like HAHK Madhuri in pehla pehla pyar hai song).

She brushed her teeth and checked herself once again in the mirror.

The very moment she heard a faint knock on the door.

Nandini immediately turned to the door and kept her hand on her heart. She was breathing fast.
Nandini took baby steps to the door and with shaky hands opened the knob of the door before taking few short breaths to control her heartbeat.

There stood Manik with a smile.

All of Nandini's courage flew out of the window on seeing Manik's smirk.

Talking on the phone was a different ball game altogether, but face to face was a different thing.

Though it was not the first time for Nandini but she was still a shy girl. She could imagine all the possible things Manik could do to her . As she herself tried to act bold and all and Manik would not spare a chance to tease her.

As Nandini was lost in her thoughts, she didn't even realise that Manik had already come in and closed the door behind and bolted it.

Manik brought her out of her thoughts by clicking his fingers near her eyes.

Nandini came out of her thoughts and said- Manik aap sach me aagaye. Mujhe Laga ki aap Mazak kar rahe ho. Agar Kisi ne aapko dekh liya hota toh???

Saying this Nandini turned back to go but Manik held her hand and pulled her towards him.

Nandini's back collided with Manik's chest.

Manik- Suno ye bahanebaazi nahi chalne wali Tumhari. So better not try it.

Nandini breathing heavily- But Manik...

Manik- There's no room for ifs n buts. This room is reserved just for you and me and saari night besharmi ki height. What say???

Nandini looked into Manik's eyes but didn't say anything.

Manik- I know thoda filmy line thi but never mind. What's important is I hope you understood what I am trying to say.

Nandini nodded and as Manik's grip on her loosened, she moved away from Manik.

Manik- Comeon Nandini... Stop playing with me. Just come here.

Nandini- Not so easily Manik. Catch me if you can.

Nandini started running here and there whereas Manik chased her.

While chasing Manik got an evil idea.

He stopped and said- Acha Nandini. Agar maine Tumhe catch karliya toh what will I get as a reward??? I mean tumhe chase karne ka koi to reward hona chahiye na.

Nandini without a slightest hint of what Manik could ask for a reward said- Jo aap kaho.

Manik- Ok then. If I manage to catch you in 45 seconds, then u have to get rid of this garment what u are wearing right in front of me. Agreed???

Nandini- Agreed.

Manik- Hmm... Itna confidence... I m impressed.

Nandini- But before you start chasing me, close Ur eyes.

Manik- Close my eyes... Why???

Nandini- Coz u have to tie this blindfold on your eyes.

Manik- Smart huh??? Ok fair enough. Tum hi tie kardo.

Nandini tied the knot of the blindfold Carefully checking if Manik could see or not.

Manik- Is it done??

Nandini- Yes. Aapko dikhayi to nahi deraha na...

Manik- No Nandini... Mujhe Kuchhh bhi nahi dikhayi deraha. Let's begin.

Both of them started the chase amidst giggles of Nandini.

It was almost 30 seconds and Manik was on the verge of losing. So he cheated.

Manik pretended to fall but Nandini rushed to him to hold him.

As soon as Nandini came near him, he caught her hand and said- Caught u. I won...

Nandini then realised that Manik tricked her.

Nandini- But Manik... This is cheating.

Manik- Whatever. I won. Was there any rule fixed before that one of us can't cheat? Nahi na. So ... I won. Waise bhi... Everything is fair in love and war. And this is love, My Love.

Manik winked at Nandini .

Manik- So now is the time for my reward.

Nandini- What reward???

Manik- Areyyy... For catching you.

Nandini- Cheaters ko Reward nahi milta. Bhul jao.

Manik held Nandini's hand and said- Waise yeh cheater ko reward khud Lena bhi aata hai.

Saying this Manik hugged Nandini from behind and pulled down the outer gown of her nightie off her shoulders.

Nandini closed her eyes and rested her head on Manik's chest bending backwards.

Manik placed several feather kisses on Nandini's hair and tightened his grip on Nandini.

Nandini kept her hands on Manik's hands .

Manik whispered softly into Nandini's ears- I can't wait to feel your skin with my hands. May I...

Nandini moaned softly and turned her face to one side.

Manik bent down and dropped an open mouth kiss on her exposed shoulder.

He slid down the strap of her nightie and traced her hand from the shoulder to neck and back again.

Manik's fingers were doing magic on Nandini's skin. His each touch activated numerous nerves of her body and she was getting turned on.

Manik moved in to give her a soft kiss and then paused to caress her lips with his lips by holding the kiss for a few seconds.

Then, gently placed a hand on the side of her face and stroked her cheek, her ear, her hair, and the side of her face along the jawline. 

Manik slid his hand under her hair, and stroke her ear as he continued to kiss.

On getting out of breath, Manik broke the kiss and licked Nandini's earlobe and said-

Want me to tell you what I'm going to do next?

Nandini was breathing heavily and felt weak in her knees.

She held Manik's shoulders for support and said- Just keep doing what you are doing. Your touch feels so good. My body is craving for your touch. Please don't stop. Not even for a second. Drive me crazy and wild to the limits . Manik... I surrender my body to you tonight. Do whatever you want to do to me. I am all yours...

That was it for Manik, he undressed Nandini in a go and carried her to the bed and made her lie down.

He undressed himself and came over Nandini.

What followed next is a passion filled wild and mad night.

It's upto you all to imagine what might have happened.

All I can say is the next morning they woke up with a broken bed(Nandini's room)


Done with another update.

Hope you guys like it.

Ignore the typos if any.

P.S: I hope it's not objectionable content. If so tell me. But I don't think I have written anything as such.

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amazing, cute and romantic
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I am here with another update of this story.



Nandini's Bedroom-

Nandini woke up and found herself in Manik's arms.

She realised that one of the legs of the bed on which they were sleeping was broken.

Nandini remembered the last night and blushed hard.

Nandini tried to free herself from Maniks grip but every time she tried, Manik tightened the grip more.

Manik with his eyes closed- Nandini... So jao na. Kyu meri neend bhi disturb kar rahi ho.

Nandini- Manik aap jaag rahe ho??? Chodiye na hume.

Manik nodded in a no.

Nandini- Manik utho na please. Dekho its already too late . Agar Soha ne aapko yahan dekh liya toh...

Manik didn't let Nandini complete her sentence and flipped their positions n came over Nandini.

Manik- Yaar subah subah kiska naam leliya tumne. Itne ache moment ko spoil kardiya. Now pura din kharab jayega mera .

Nandini- I have a way to brighten ur day.

Manik- Acha... Wo kya???

Nandini pulled Maniks chain hanging in his neck with her finger until their lips met.
They shared a passionate yet slow liplock before Manik pulled back.

Manik with mischief in his eyes- Nandini on second thoughts, why not we go for another round ... U know ... To brighten my day...

Saying this he winked and again bent down to kiss Nandini but she kept her finger on Maniks lips.

Nandini- Filhaal ke liye itna hi kaafi hai. Ab aap jaiye... Warna...

Manik- Ok ok fine. I m going. Dhamki dene ki zarurat nahi hai.
Jaraha hoon mai.

Nandini chuckled as Manik got up from her halfheartedly.

He walked upto the door and before opening it turned towards Nandini and said- R u sure u want me to go?

Nandini- Yes...

Manik- R u like really sure???

Nandini- Yes Manik... Go...

Manik- Yeah... Ok... Fine...

As he opened the door , Manik found Soha approaching Nandinis room.

He immediately closed the door and turned to Nandini.

Nandini- Ab kya hua Manik...

Manik- Soha... Soha isi direction me aarahi hai.

Nandini- What??? But wo yahan kya karne aarahi hai?

Manik- Mujhe kya pata??? Pehle ye socho ke ab kya karenge.

Nandini- Oh God. Ab kya hoga???

Manik thought for a while and said- I have an idea. Lets start our plan now itself.

Nandini- Now... But kaise???

Manik in a loud voice- Nandini... Tum itni choti choti baaton ko stretch kyu kar rahi ho??

Manik gestured her to start arguing.

Nandini understood and said- Choti baat. Aapko ye choti baat lag rahi hai. Manik how can u say this? Aapko meri bilkul bhi parwaah nahi hai.

Soha who was actually going to the terrace stopped by Nandinis door and heard their argument.

Manik went towards Nandini and hugged her from behind.

Manik- Nandini... Tum jaisa chahti ho waisa nahi hosakta. Hum log abhi to tumhari Mom ke ghar se wapas aaye hai. Aur tumhe fir kahi ghoomne jana hai?

Nandini looked at Manik and hit him playfully.

Manik- Tumne itni subah subah mujhe ye bolne ke liye bulaya hai ki tumhe Paris dekhne jaana hai. This is soo soo childish Nandini.

Nandini- Isme childish kya hai? Kya meri koi wishes nahi ho sakti? Its ur duty to fulfill my wishes. Wife hoon mai aapki. U have certain responsibilities as my husband. Hum din raat is char diwari me nahi reh sakte. Dum ghut ta hai humara.

Manik- Tum responsibilties ki baat kar rahi ho??? Kya saari responsibility meri hi hai. Dont u hv any responsibilities towards me n for my family?

Nandini- Hume is baare me koi behas nahi karni hai. Aap saaf saaf bataiye aap hamari wish puri karenge ya nahi?

Manik kissed Nandinis shoulder and said- To saaf saaf sunlo. Mera answer hai No.

Manik in a whisper- I'll take ur leave now my dear wife. I think Soha ke liye itna hi kaafi hai. Love u.

Nandini- Love u 2.

With this Manik opened the door with a jerk and walked away and Soha hid behind a pillar.

When Manik was gone, Soha came out and smirked.

Soha- Wow... This sounds interesting. Finally dono ke beech differences start hogaye hai. Ab wo din dur nahi jab ye dono alag hojayenge. But i cant wait for that day. Mujhe bhi thoda bahut toh help karna hoga
inke differences ko badhane me.

Bahut maza aane wala hai...

With this she walked away from there.

Nandini heard everything that Soha said and smiled.

Nandini- Teer (arrow) bilkul sahi nishane le laga hai. Soha ab tum hamare jaal me phasti chali jaogi. Just wait n watch.


Done with another update.

Hope u guys like it.

Ignore the typos if any.

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