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Manan- friendship or more(ch.75 on page no.63)(26-8-2017) (Page 60)

payal94 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 February 2017 at 6:28am | IP Logged
Beautiful update

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Posted: 15 February 2017 at 7:40am | IP Logged
Amazing update

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Manansamkhan Goldie

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Posted: 17 February 2017 at 10:24pm | IP Logged
Nice update
Sarahpeyton Senior Member

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Posted: 23 February 2017 at 4:23am | IP Logged
Hi guys...

I am really sorry for the delay.

But finally here I am with a brand new update of this story.

Note - Bold Stuff ahead. Viewers discretion is advised.


Swati opened the door and saw Nyonika and Soha standing there with a smile on their face.

Swati - Arey Samdhanji aap yahan...

Nyonika - Haan wo hum log Jaipur aaye the Kuch kaam se . To socha aapse milte chale.

Swati - Acha Kia Jo aap log chale aaye yahan. Aaiye na andar. Mujhe bhi to aap logon ki khatirdari karne ka mauka milna chahiye.

Nyonika and Soha got inside and Swati closed the door of her house.

Swati self thought- Ache se khatirdari karungi mai aap logon ki. Aur khaas kar ke is Soha ki. Bahut tang Kia hai isne meri bachchi ko.

Nyonika looked here and there to see if Nandini or Manik was there.

Swati faked a smile and said- Baithiye na aap khade kyu ho?

Nyonika and Soha sat down on the sofa.

Swati brought two glasses of  water for them.

Nyonika while drinking water said - Nandini nazar nahi aarahi hai. Shayad apne room me hogi.

Swati - Nahi. Wo ghar pe nahi hai.

Soha - Kaha gayi hai?

Swati looked at Soha with raised eyebrows.

Soha - Mera Matlab hai itni raat hogayi hai wo ghar se bahar gayi Hui hai wo bhi akele. It's not safe na...

Nyonika stared at Soha and said in a whisper gritting her teeth- Soha chup karo.

Swati - Akeli nahi gayi hai Nandini. 

Nyonika wanted to ask about Manik but Swati cleared her doubts.

Swati - Aap fikar mat kijiye Samdhanji. Mai jaanti hoon ki Nandini apki bahu hai aur isliye aapko uski chinta horahi hai but Uske saath Manik hai. So we don't have to worry about her.

Nyonika looked at Swati and said- Manik???

Swati - Haan. Nandini aur Manik PUSHKAR me hai. 

Nyonika -Pushkar me... Ok fine.

Swati - Aap log baithiye. Mai Kuch khane ke liye lekar aati hoon. Aap log thak gaye honge na. Fresh hojaiye tab tak mai dinner lagati hoon.

Saying this Swati went to the kitchen.

Soha to Nyonika - Aunty Ab kya karenge? Should we go to PUSHKAR? Yahan rehne ka koi fayda bhi nahi hai.

Nyonika- Baat to tum sahi keh rahi ho. But hum kaise jasakte hai. Kya kahenge hum Swati ko?

Soha- Ok fine. Aap nahi jasakte but mai to jasakti hoon na. 

Nyonika - Haan ye theek rahega. Tum jao mai yahan rukti hoon.

Soha got up to leave when she bumped into Swati who spilled the chutney over Soha's dress intentionally.

Swati - Oh. I am so sorry Soha. Maine tumhe Dekha nahi. But tum kaha jarahi ho. Baitho na ye samose khake Dekho. 

Soha looked at her dress which was now spoiled by the chutney.

Swati - Koi baat nahi. Jaake washroom me saaf karlo. Upar jaake left me hai washroom.

Soha nodded and went to the washroom.

Meanwhile Swati served food to Nyonika and when Nyonika was eating it forcefully, Swati poured some oil on the stairs so that Soha would slip and fall down just the way Soha had done to Nandini in the past.

And as Swati had expected, exactly the same happened and Soha fell from the stairs and sprained her ankle.

The damage was not as serious as Nandini's case but still Swati felt satisfied.

Nyonika and Swati came running to Soha to help her get up.

Both of them took Soha to a nearby room and made her sit on the bed.

Nyonika - Soha Dekhkar nahi chalsakti tum ... 

Swati went to get a pain killer for Soha and also cleaned the oil on the stairs so that Nyonika would not know that it was her plan.

Soha - Aunty mai aise hi nahi giri thi seedhiyo se. Waha pe zarur slippery sa tha Kuch tha. Maybe oil. 

Nyonika - Kya bakwaas kar rahi ho Soha? Seedhiyo pe oil kaha se aayega?

Soha - Zarur Nandini ki Maa ne daala hoga oil so that I slip.

Nyonika - What nonsense???

Swati came back with the spray.

After applying the painkiller spray , Swati took Nyonika with her and asked Soha to rest.

Nyonika observed the stairs to see if Soha was right but there was no oil nor there was a drop of water over which Soha would slip.

Nyonika nodded her head in disbelief and said to herself - Ye Soha bhi na... Pata nahi kya kya sochti rehti hai?

Swati looked at Nyonika and smiled internally.

Swati self thought- Soha... Tum apne aap ko bahut smart samajhti ho na. But tum shayad mujhe Janti nahi. Mai Nandini ki tarah bholi nahi hoon. Ab to mere paas Puri raat baaki hai. Just wait and wait. Aur Haan be ready tumhare room me chote chote mehmaan aane wale hai. Deal with them.

Saying this Swati took Nyonika to another room and asked her to rest.

After leaving Nyonika in the room, Swati went towards Soha's room and opened the window of her room from outside and all the mosquitoes entered Soha's room.

Soha - What the hell? Ab ye mosquitoes kaha se aagaye? 

Is room me to mosquito repellent bhi nahi dikh raha. Ab kya karoongi mai. Mai Chal bhi nahi paraha hoon aur mera phone... Oh hell... Wo to mai bahar hi bhool kar aagayi.

Soha took a magazine from the side table and tried to shoo away the mosquitoes Who were not ready to leave. 

(Maybe they wanted to taste Soha's sweeet blood)

In the meantime - 

At the Fort where Manik and Nandini were spending quality time -

Manik and Nandini were at the terrace of the fort when the driver who had dropped Nandini there came with a plate full of jalebis and handed it to Manik.

Driver- Manik sir ye lijiye aapke liye fresh garma garam jalebis.

Ab mai chalta hoon. Subah ko wapas aajaunga.

Saying this the driver left from there and drove away in the car.

Nandini looked at Manik and said- Manik ye jalebi kis liye?

Manik - For you... 

Nandini - For me???

Manik - Yes. I know tumhe jalebi pasand hai. Isiliye maine mangwai hai.

Nandini got excited on seeing the jalebis and said- Thank you Manik. Thank you so much.

Manik - Ab thank you mat bolo aur let's eat it. 

Saying this he kept the jalebis on the table and both of them stood on the opposite sides of the plate and started eating the jalebis.

Nandini was eating the jalebis like a kid and this brought a smile on Manik's face.

Nandini looked at Manik and said- Aap hume kyu dekh rahe ho? Aap bhi khao na. 

Manik - Tum khalo. I am not hungry.

Nandini - Aise kaise . Khaiye na.

Saying this she took a jalebi and held it near Manik's mouth.

Manik opened his mouth and ate the jalebi and then sucked Nandini's finger looking straight into her eyes.

Manik - Delicious and sweet.

Nandini on hearing this blushed hard and lowered her head.

Nandini turned back and went to the edge of the terrace and Manik followed her.

Nandini - Manik... You know what...

Manik who was standing right behind her said - Hmm...

Nandini extended her arms to take in the cool breeze that was hitting their bodies.

Nandini -I am so happy today as I finally got back my real self. And all thanks to you. Without you I would never have opened up my hidden feelings.

Agar aap hamari life me nahi aate to ...

As she turned back to look at Manik,he kissed her without warning.

The words were lost in Nandini's mouth as she kissed him back.

She kissed him back with everything she had in her, every yearning and every hunger and every wish she had pushed aside and refused to let herself look at again.

Manik pressed his body against Nandini's. 

On getting out of breath, both of them pulled apart.

Nandini blushed looking into Manik's eyes and turned back.

Manik wrapped his arms around Nandini and held her.

It was the first time Manik was holding Nandini like that.

Manik - Nandini... Do you want to know what I wish to do right now?

Nandini knew what Manik wished for .

Nandini - Mujhe pata hai. But first I want to see Your Next surprise.

Manik scratched his forehead and said- Actually Nandini ... I wasn't sure that this date of ours would reach this far so Maine aage ke liye koi arrangements nahi kiye.

Nandini - Aage ke arrangements Matlab???

Don't tell me ke you haven't arranged for a bed???

Manik -  I am so sorry mujhe pata nahi tha?

Manik then realised that Nandini had said "Bed".

Manik - One second... Did you just say "Bed"?

Nandini - Yes. I did.

Manik - But Bed Kisliye??? Beds are too boring. We can arrange for some other thing so that we can...

Nandini - Mr. One track mind... Mai uski baat nahi kar rahi hoon. I meant we need a bed To sleep... Because we can't go back to our home at this point of time as the car driver has taken the car with him. Ab wo Subah hi aayega.

Manik smiled nervously and said- Oh. Ya right. Mujhe laga ki tum...

Nandini - Ab ye sab baatein chodo aur Kuch karo. Mujhe to bahut neend aarahi hai.

Manik - Nandini don't be so boring yaar. Is this a place to sleep? 
See the ambience. It's so romantic aur tumhe neend ki padi hai.

Nandini - To aur kya karsakte Raat ke 12 baje.

Manik - Mere paas bahut se ideas hai to let the Time pass by. Do you wanna know?

Nandini understood Manik's intentions and said - No.

Saying this Nandini walked away from Manik and looked around to see if they could find anything over which they could sleep.

When she turned back Manik was not present there.

Nandini - Manikkk... Kaha ho aap?

But there was no reply. 

Nandini got down the stairs and went to the backyard of the fort .

She found Manik knelt on the floor of the gazebo doing something.

As she was a bit away from it, Nandini couldn't understand what he was doing. 

She walked towards Manik and said- Manik aap ye kya kar rahe ho?

Manik pulled one of the curtains that were hanging from the gazebo wall and laid it on the floor.

Manik got up and said - Done... Here it is. Have a look.

Nandini shifted his gaze from Manik to the floor and found grass spread on the floor and the curtain acting as a bedsheet.

Manik raised his eyebrows and said- So ... How's it? Our makeshift bed ...

A broad smile appeared on Nandini's face.

Nandini ran upto Manik and hugged him tightly literally jumping onto him.

Manik lost his balance and both of them fell on their grass bed with Nandini on top of Manik.

Both of them closed their eyes to feel each other's presence as Manik pulled Nandini close to him.

Nandini got up and looked here and there as she mouthed a"Sorry".

Manik caressed her cheek with his hand and leaned in and kissed Nandini.

Nandini's lips moved swiftly from Manik's lips to his cheek and then to his neck, and the touch of her hot breath on his cold skin shot through his mind in burning lines. She sucked at him as if she were drinking from him and her body shuddered .

Before Nandini knew it, Manik pushed her back gently on their makeshift bed and started exploring her body and Nandini, his. 

His body covered Nandini like a blanket, his kisses sprinkled their way down her neck and over her lips.

And he was kissing her again, and slipping the dress off her body. His strong and gentle hands began to stroke Nandini.

His hands, his lips, his tongue all were Gentle. Once Nandini looked into Manik's eyes, all her  fright was gone. Knowing what he was doing. 

Nandini was startled with the way her body responded to Manik's touch.

Manik looked into her eyes and knew what she felt right now.

Shhh,' Manik whispered. Shhh, it's all right, don't worry, just relax and listen to your body.'

Manik could see the rise of her breast pressing against his chest. His left hand seemed to move of its own volition, slowly, as he stared at the absolute perfection of Nandini's curves in the half-light. 

He thought he had never seen anything so beautiful. 

Nandini's motions became more frenzied and she made louder frustrated, breathy noises . 

This was the night of his life, the exhaustion , pleasure and the fulfilling of his desire... 

He slid into her and it seemed like the most pure sensation of his life.

A wave of pleasure rose like a tide of ice through him, touching every nerve. He was enveloped, buried in her fevered flesh, searing impossibly hot against him.

Nandini held his wrists and arched her back as they made love. He opened his eyes and saw that she was watching him, her mouth open and her eyes half closed in bliss and lust. Her body in the candle light seemed beautiful beyond perfection. 

Manik let his gaze explore her skin, watching her impale herself on him, how deep he was buried within her. As she slid down him again.

Nandini moved more quickly, her fingers gripping his wrists to the point where it was beginning to hurt. 

She began to moan, suddenly and loudly that echoed in the silence filled night. She thrashed on top of him, her breath rasping, and he leaned back as waves of shockingly bright pleasure rocked his body with her every movement. 

Her nails dig into his skin. Her movements increased even more. 

Nandini's point of view:

After Manik was satisfied with the exploration of my body, he looked into my eyes as if seeking  my permission to proceed further.

I fluttered my eyelashes as my hands rested on his shoulders.

He was slow, rhythmic, gentle, moving down her body, down ...
and I was nothing but my body
there was a sharp brief pain
brief and then a sweet spasm went through me and I seemed to rise into the air. I felt no more pain just the incredible sweetness.

I pressed him hard against me.

We felt so... together, in the moment together. That's the only way I can think of to describe it.

After a steamy makeout session, Manik and Nandini fell asleep in each other's arms.

Manik was the first one to wake up next morning.

He looked at Nandini who was sleeping beside him.

Manik's POV -

I had never imagined how wonderful it could be to awaken in the morning and find myself wrapped in the arms of someone I love.

Such a peaceful feeling, a safe feeling...

It makes the prospect of the coming days so much brighter to know that there would be  Nandini to share it with. And I hope to wake up in the same way every single morning with Nandini by my side.

Manik gently stroked Nandini's hair and planted a kiss on her hair.

Done with another update.

Hope you guys like it.

Ignore the typos if any.

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KYYian Goldie

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Posted: 23 February 2017 at 5:28am | IP Logged
so beautiful

lovely update

manan moment were purely bliss

loved it

bt soha ki khaatirdari by swati was just hilaroius..payback

loved it
Jackvijay Senior Member

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Posted: 23 February 2017 at 7:46am | IP Logged
awsum update manik and nandini romance then nandini maa kya hal banaya soha per superb want in this more trouble 
aarzooarora Goldie

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Posted: 23 February 2017 at 10:39am | IP Logged
am happy for soha's condition
rajirock123 Goldie

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Posted: 25 February 2017 at 3:20am | IP Logged
Nice update
Shoa part was hilarious

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