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Manan- friendship or more(ch.75 on page no.63)(26-8-2017) (Page 59)

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superb update

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Loved it... loved it so much
woahhh nandu was
totally unexpected
Haha manik was surprised
Waiting for his suprise
may be tat call was frm neyo
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Hi guys...

I present you with another chapter of this story.


Manik checked if anyone was on line but as soon as he said - Hello!!! The call got disconnected.

The call was from an unknown number so Manik didn't pay attention and got back to his work.

He had a shower and got ready as he had to go to the PUSHKAR fair.

In the meantime,

At Manik's house -

Soha and Nyonika were in Nyonika's room.

Nyonika was lost in her thoughts while Soha was looking at Nyonika waiting for her to react.

Soha - Nyonika Aunty... Aap kya soch rahi ho?

Nyonika - Yahi ki Manik mujhse itna bada jhoot kaise bolsakta hai. Apni Maa se ...

Soha - Maine to Pehle hi kaha tha ki Manik zarur Nandini se milne jayega. 

Nyonika - Wo Nandini Manik ke liye apni Maa se important hogayi. 

Soha smiled internally and said- Nandini ne zarur koi na koi jaadu Kia hoga Manik pe. Warna Manik aapse kabhi jhoot nahi bolta.

Nyonika - Shayad tum sahi keh rahi ho... But mai Manik ko uske jaal me fasne nahi doongi. Vivek ko to mai nahi bacha saki Par Manik ke sath mai Kuch galat nahi hone doongi.

Soha - But kya karengi aap... Aapne suna na phone pe Manik kya keh raha tha? 

Nyonika - Kya?

Soha - Yahi ki wo Nandini ko koi surprise dena chahta hai aaj raat. Kahi wo dono ek na hojaye...

Nyonika - Nahi ... Mai aisa nahi hone doongi. 

Soha - Aunty Ab Kuch nahi hosakta. Wo log Rajasthan me hai. Aap chahkar bhi unhe rok nahi sakti. 

Nyonika - Rok sakti hoon...

Soha in a confused state- Kaise?

Nyonika - Wo tum mujhpe chod do. Bas tum Rajasthan Jane ki tayyari karo. Mai abhi jarahi hoon Nandini ke ghar.

Soha - Aunty aap akele kaise jaogi? Mai two tickets book karti hoon.

Nyonika - Theek hai. But jaldi karo.

Saying this Nyonika called Raj to inform him that she would be going to Nandini's place.

And Soha smirked evilly as her plan to trouble Nandini was going on the right track.

Soha booked two tickets to Rajasthan.

Meanwhile at Nandini's home -

Nandini brought another coffee for Manik but found the room empty.

Nandini - Manik kaha chale gaye?

Nandini's eyes fell on a packet on the bed.

Nandini took the packet in her hand and found a note on it.

The smile in your eyes shines pictures of us;Sweet memories n secret promises.

The curve of your lips in that special way brings me to my knees... always.

Nothing means more to me,
than what I always crave to see.

The curve of your lips in that special way;Your beautiful smile makes my day.

In your smile there's tenderness; Like a sweet caress...I need it.

The curve of your lips in that special way;Your beautiful smile makes my day.

And nothing seems to mean as much;And nothing seems able to touch me,like your beautiful smile.

It moves the earth and shakes my world. Your smile... It's beautiful.

A huge smile appeared on Nandini's face seeing the note.

She opened the packet and found a beautiful dress with another note in it.

Nandini read the Note-

Save your smile for tonight.
I want you to wear it along with this dress when I see you.

Before you begin to worry as to where I am, let me tell you that I have to leave early for the PUSHKAR fair as I have an assignment to complete. 

P.S:Be ready by 8pm tonight. I have a special surprise for you.

Don't make me wait for too long.

- Manik.

As Nandini finished reading the note, she blushed hard and caressed the dress which Manik had gifted her.

Suddenly a voice startled her.

Voice - Did you like it?

Nandini looked back and found Manik standing there with his hands folded across his chest.

Nandini - Manik ...aap???

Manik - Haan Mai... 

Nandini - But aapne to note me likha tha ki aap chale gaye ho PUSHKAR.

Manik smiled and didn't say anything.

Nandini walked upto Manik and said- Manik Mujhe Kuch kehna hai aapse...

Saying this she raised her hand to touch Manik's face but Manik disappeared from there.

Nandini looked around and found the room empty. It is then that she realised that Manik was not actually present there and it was just her imagination.

She slapped her forehead and said to herself - Nandini you have gone crazy. Manik nahi hai yahan pe.

With this she left her room after keeping the dress safe in her wardrobe.

Nandini went to the breakfast table where Swati, Deepali and Varsha were already seated.

Swati - Nandini Beta tu kaha rehgayi thi. Kabse tum dono ka wait kar rahe hai hum log. Manik kaha hai?

Nandini - Maa unhe kaam se Jana pada. Koi photography assignment tha unka PUSHKAR me.

Swati - Arey ye kya baat Hui. Aise bina bataye chala gaya... 

Nandini - Maa... Shayad unhe der horahi thi. Aur fir wo mere liye note to chodke gaye hai na...

Swati - Acha theek hai. Tu baith mai tere liye Roti banakar lati hoon.

Saying this Swati went to the kitchen.

Deepali - Ohhh Note and all Haan... Zara Hume bhi to batao kya hai us note me.

Nandini smiled and looked Here and there. 

Varsha - Itna muskura rahi ho. Lagta hai Jiju ne Kuch zyada hi romantic note likha hai tumhare liye.

Nandini - Nahi... Aisa kuch nahi hai... Wo to bas...

Deepali - Bas bas. Mujhe pata hai tum humse share nahi karsakti. After all Jiju ka love Chupa hua hai us note me.

Nandini - Deepali stop it... 

Deepali - Ok Ok fine. Ab hum bhi nikalte hai . Warna hamare husband's Hume legal love letter bhejdenge for randomly disappearing .

Saying this Deepali laughed out loud.

Varsha - Haan yaar. Let's go.

Nandini - Arey ruko to sahi. I have something for you both.

Saying this Nandini went to the kitchen and brought two tiffin boxes.

Deepali - Ye kya hai?

Nandini - Ye tum dono ke liye. Laddoo. Mujhe yaad hai ki tum dono ko ye laddoo bahut pasand the bachpan me Maa ke haathon ke laddoo mujhse zyada tum dono ne khaye hai. Isiliye maine specially tum dono ke liye banvaye hai .

Varsha and Deepali hugged Nandini.

Varsha - Nandu you are the best. Thank you so much.

Deepali - Thanks Nandini.

Nandini - Ab tum dono ne ek baar aur thanks bola na to mujhse bura koi nahi hoga.

Deepali - Okay okay fine... 

Swati brought rotis for Nandini.

Deepali and Varsha bid Bye to Swati and Nandini and left.

Swati - Nandini Ab tu bhi khana khale.

Nandini - Nahi Maa mujhe bhook nahi hai.

Swati - Aise kaise bhook nahi hai. Baith yahan pe aur finish kar ye breakfast.

Nandini - Ok. But ek condition pe khaungi.

Swati - Condition?

Nandini - Aap apne haathon se khilao mujhe tabhi mai khaungi. Warna Rehne dijiye.

Saying this Nandini pretended to leave from there.

Swati - Acha theek hai. Baith ... Mai khilati hoon tujhe.

Swati tore a piece of Roti and dipped it in curry.

She fed Nandini all three rotis despite Nandini's pleas that she was full after the first Roti itself.

Swati - Theek se khayegi nahi to bimar padjayegi. Dekh kitni weak hogayi hai...

Nandini - Maa... Mai theek se khati to hoon. 

Swati - Haan wo to dikh hi raha hai.

After finishing the Roti, Nandini said - Maa mujhe aaj Shaam ko PUSHKAR jaana hai. Aap chalogi mere sath? 

Swati - Manik ne bulaya hai na?

Nandini looked down blushing.

Swati - Mai waha aakar kya karungi Beta? Tu jaa warna Manik ko Acha nahi lagega mujhe tete sath dekhke.

Nandini - Maa... Aisa Kuch nahi hai. Infact Manik ko Khushi hogi aapko dekhke.

Swati - Arey Budhu... Maine Kaha na tu jaa. Waise bhi mujhe bahut kaam hai yahan pe.

Nandini - But Maa...

Swati - Nandu...

Nandini looked at Swati and said- Ok fine. Aap bolti ho to theek hai. Mai akeli hi chali jaungi.

Saying this Nandini went to her room .

In the meantime,


Manik reached the fair and met his team.

He started his assignment of covering the PUSHKAR fair.

First was the Camel Race.

Next was the Longest moustache contest.

And lastly the Bridal Competition.

By the time all the competitions finished, it was evening.

Manik gave the pictures to his team and they left from there .

Manik was very exhausted after the photography session.

He looked at the time and realised that it was almost 6 pm.

Manik - It's almost time. I need to hurry up as I have just 2 hours left.

With this he took out his mobile and messaged the venue to Nandini.

After that he went to do preparations for his surprise.

Done with another update.

Hope you guys like it.

Ignore the typos if any.

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amazing update manik  surprise gift part super and nandini imagination part also super what the problem for soha create more trouble in nandini life pls don't create problem in manik and nandini surprise date per nyonika and soha to come in late nandini place or another idea they don't come in nandini place and flight cancel karo do more want manik and nandini romance
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Hi guys...

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to all my lovely readers...

This was the surprise I was talking about.
An update of around 4000 words.

Hope you guys like the Valentines Day Surprise.

I present you with another chapter of this story.


Malhotra Mansion -

Nyonika and Soha left for Rajasthan and reached Jaipur by 3 p.m.

Nyonika had already booked a cab so that they could reach Kota(Nandini's hometown) early.

Both of them sat in the cab and started their journey to Kota.

But to their badluck or to Nandini's good luck, the car broke down midway.

The driver got down and checked the engine to know what the problem was.

Nyonika - Ab ye kya hogaya? Ye car ko bhi abhi kharab hona tha? Ab hum kaise pahunchege waha?

Soha - Aunty relax... Mai dekhti hoon.

Nyonika nodded her head.

The cab driver fixed the problem and was about to shut the hood of the car when Soha got down the car .

Soha asked the cab driver - What the hell? Tumhe theek se car chalana bhi nahi aata? 

Cab driver- Madam isme meri kya galti hai? 

Soha - Galti... Ye aisi kharab car lekar aagaye ho aur uspe sawal puch rahe ho???? Sharm nahi aati tumhe??? Tum chote logo ki yahi problem hoti hai... Aata jaata to Kuch nahi bas baatein badi badi karte ho...

Cab driver - Madamji tameez se baat kijiye. Mai chup hu Iska Matlab ye nahi ki aap Kuch bhi bolsakti ho mujhe.

Nyonika heard all this and got down the car .

Nyonika to Soha - Kya kar rahi ho Soha tum? Ye koi tareeka hai kisi se baat karneka?

But Soha was not in a mood to listen.

Soha - Acha kya karloge??? Tumhari itni himmat... Tum mujhse zubaan ladate ho??? Apni aukaat me raho... Samjhe...

Nyonika whispered in Soha's ears- Soha Hume der hojayegi. Ab bas bhi karo...

Cab driver got furious and said- Madam bas bahut hogaya. Agar aapne ek shabd bhi kaha na toh...

Soha - How dare you??? Tum mujhe dhamki derahe ho? Kya karloge Tum???
Shayad Tum jaante nahi mai kaun hoon? Kuch nahi karsakte tum?

The cab Driver on hearing this changed his expression from anger to laughter.

The cab driver laughed out loud. 

Soha made a confused face and said- Tum has kyu rahe ho?

Cab Driver - Sahi kaha madam aapne. Mai Kuch nahi karunga. 

Soha smirked and said- Good. Bahut hi samajhdar ho tum. Ab Chalo hume der horahi hai.

Saying this Soha along with Nyonika went and sat in the car.

But the cab driver didn't move an inch.

Soha again got down and asked the cab driver - Kya hua tum Chal kyu nahi rahe ho?

Cab Driver - Sorry Madamji Ab ye gaadi aage nahi jayegi. Kyuki Jaise aapne kaha tha ki mai Kuch nahi karsakta to Waise hi sahi.
Mai Kuch nahi karunga. Car bhi nahi chalaunga.

Saying this the cab driver went and sat in the driver's seat and played the music system with full volume.

Soha walked upto the car and said- Ab ye kya naya drama hai tumhara? 

The driver pretended to not listen to Soha.

Nyonika to Driver - Bhaiyya aap please chaliye na. Hume kahi jald se jald pahuchna hai.

Driver looked at Nyonika and said-- Madam aap bolti ho to mai chalne ke liye tayyar hoon but Pehle is madam se ( he pointed towards Soha) kahiye ki wo mujhse maafi maange.

Soha - Maafi my foot. Mai tumse kabhi nahi maangungi maafi.

Saying this she sat beside Nyonika.

Driver to Nyonika - Theek hai fir ye gaadi bhi aage nahi badegi. Ya to fir ek kaam kijiye, is madam(Soha) ko yahi pe utaar dijiye aur mai aapko lechalta hoon.

Nyonika - Nahi nahi... Ye maafi maangegi aapse.

Soha - Aunty are you serious??? Mai is driver se maafi maangu? Never...

Nyonika gritted her teeth and said- Sohaaa... Maafi maango... We are getting late...

Soha half-heartedly said - Ok sorry.

Driver- Kya kaha mujhe sunayi nahi diya... Zara unche boliye Madamji.

Soha - Kaha na Maine ... Sorry.

Driver smiled and said - Ye Hui na baat. 

Saying this he ignited the engine and drove off from there.

Driver- Kya madamji aap bhi na. Itni si baat bolne ke liye ek ghanta lagadiya. Agar Pehle boldeti to hum kab ka pahuch chuke hote.

Soha was about to say something when Nyonika stopped her by pressing her hand.

Soha kept quiet but hurled a lot of abuses in her mind to the driver.

Meanwhile in Nandini's room,

Nandini got a message from Manik regarding the venue of his surprise and that a car would pick her up from her house sharp at 8p.m.

Nandini smiled seeing the message and kept the phone aside.

Then Nandini went to take a shower and came out wrapped just in a towel.

As she stood infront of the mirror, Nandini saw Manik's reflection in the mirror.

She saw Manik walk upto her and he bent down and planted a kiss on her bare shoulder.

Nandini shuttered with this and closed her eyes and whispered softly - Manikk...

On not feeling Manik's touch, she opened her eyes and found that Manik had again disappeared.

Nandini - What's wrong with me? Lagta hai my mind is not in its true place today...

Saying this she slipped down the dress which Manik had gifted her .

Nandini did her hair and makeup and finally she was ready for Manik's surprise.

It was almost 8 p.m. 

Nandini went out of her room and saw Swati in the hall.

On seeing Nandini, Swati walked upto her and said- Kitni pyaari lagrahi hai meri Beti. Kisi ki nazar na lage...

Saying this she took kajal from her eyes and applied it behind Nandini's ear.

Nandini - Maa... Mujhe pata nahi kyu ghabrahat horahi hai.

Aise lagraha hai ki pet me butterflies ghum rahe ho.

Swati smiled on hearing this and said- Aisa hota hai Beta. Jab tum kisise pyaar me hote ho to kayi saare feelings Mann me hote hai. It's all normal. Don't worry. Tum aur Manik ek dusre ke liye bane ho. And I am sure jaisa feel tum kar rahi ho bilkul Waise hi feelings Manik ke dil me bhi honge is waqt.

Nandini - Magar Maa aisa kyu hota hai?

Swati - Beta aisa is liye hota hai Kyunki tum aur Manik ek dusre se pyaar karte ho.

Nandini looked at Swati.

Swati nodded her head and said- Haan Beta... Manik ki tumhara sacha aur pehla pyar hai. Aur shayad tum bhi Manik ka pehla pyar ho.

Nandini Beta apne feelings ko is tarah chupake mat rakho. Jo bhi tumhare dil me hai aaj sab boldo Manik ko.

Nandini looked down and thought- Maa sach keh rahi hai. Mujhe Manik ko bata dena chahiye. I love him... Yes...I love him ... 

Swati heard the doorbell and went to see who had come.

She opened the door and found a man in Rajasthani attire.

Swati - Kaun ho Bhai tum?

Man- Maaji myself Dharam Singh, Car driver...

Swati - Ji Boliye... Kya kaam hai aapko?

Man- Ji woh ... Mujhe Manik sir ne bheja hai. Unhone kaha hai ki unki wife Nandini Madam ko is address se lene Jana hai. To aap unhe bula dogi please.

Swati looked suspiciously at the man and said- Ek minute... Tum car ke paas Jake wait karo ... Mai abhi aayi...

Saying this she dialled Manik's number.

Swati - Hello Manik Beta... Mai Swati...

Manik - Ji Maa boliye...

Swati - Beta wo tumse puchna tha ki kya tumne Kisi driver ko bheja hai Nandini ko pick up karne?

Manik - Ji Maa. Dharam Singh naam hai uska...

Swati looked at the driver through the window . He was standing near the car looking at his watch from Time to time. 

Swati to Manik- Beta bura mat maanna. Mai bas crosscheck kar rahi thi ke...

Manik - It's Ok Maa. I can understand. Being a mother you were worried of Nandini's safety and i am completely Ok with it.

Swati - Theek hai Beta. Mai rakhti hoon. Nandini bas 2 min me Nikal rahi hai yahan se.

Manik - Ji.

Swati hung up the call and went to Nandini.

Swati broke Nandini's chain of thoughts .

Swati - Nandini... Kaha khogayi... 

Nandini - Kahi nahi Maa... Mai bas ye soch rahi thi ki...

Swati - Ab Jo bhi soch rahi thi wo sab Manik ko jaake kehna. Usne tere liye car bheji hai. Ja jaldi se.

Nandini hugged Swati and said- Love you Maa... 

Swati - Love you too Beta.

Saying this Swati kissed Nandini's forehead and said- All the best...

Nandini smiled and said - Thanks Maa. Bye.

With this Nandini sat in the car and the driver drove to the destination where Manik was waiting for Nandini.

Within 15 minutes, Nandini reached the venue.

Nandini to the driver - Bhaiyaji aapne yahan kyu rok diya. Hume to PUSHKAR jaana tha na??

Driver- Manik sir ne to yahi aane ko kaha tha... Ab mai chalta hoon. Wo aapka wait kar rahe hai andar. 

Nandini got down the car and went towards the fort.

Nandini was mesmerised by the beauty of the fort.
She entered the huge gates of the Fort.

She found a signboard with an arrow pointing towards the terrace which read- 

"Just 12 steps and then we will be together-Manik'' 

Nandini set her foot on the first step and the stair got lit up removing the darkness.

Nandini found a note there which she picked up and the note read -

You will always be the prettiest girl in the world for me. And, I promise to love you not just for that, but for your inner beauty as well.

2nd Step-

You will always be my priority.Today, tomorrow and for the days to follow; you, your happiness and your well-being will always come first for me.

3rd step-

I can never match up to your selfless attitude when it comes to taking care of me and my family. But, I promise to do my best to make you as comfortable on days when you feel under the weather.

4th step -

I will respect your mother. As now she is my mother too. And, I promise to love and respect her as much as I do to my own.

5th step-

Not only in your moments of happiness, but also in those moments of pain when you would need me the most, I will never abandon you. You will always have my shoulder to rest on.

6th step-

No decision related to my life will ever be taken without your suggestion or consent.  Henceforth it will be all about 'us', and not 'me' alone!

7th step-

Be it in front of my relatives, a friend or anyone else, I will never let anyone ill-treat you, and will always stand up for you against all odds.

8th step-

Fights, mistakes, and misunderstandings are bound to happen every once in a while in every marriage. But, I promise to never blame you for everything that goes wrong and instead, will try to resolve things sooner.

9th step -

I will always try my best to make our relationship exciting and fresh, and will do just anything to make you happy.

10th step-

Your work is as important as mine. And hence, I will always treat it the same way by supporting you in all your professional decisions.

11 th step-

I will be the best father to our children and will leave no stone unturned to ensure a beautiful upbringing for them.

12 th step-

When I imagine myself growing old, I can only picture you by my side.

Nandini had a huge smile on her face as she could feel the sincerity in Manik's words .

Nandini climbed all the stairs and reached the terrace of the Palace.

Nandini didn't find Manik there so she walked towards the other side of the terrace.

Nandini - Manikkk...

She heard a voice which was of Manik.

Manik - I m right here. You just have to show me Your million dollar smile and I will appear before you. 

Nandini looked around and said- Manik kaha ho aap. Please saamne aajaiye... 

Manik - A..aa.. Not so easily. First i need to see your smiling face. So Comeon make it fast.

Nandini smiled hearing Manik.

Manik - That's more like it. 

With this Manik appeared before Nandini.

On seeing Manik, Nandini rushed to him and hugged him tightly.

Manik too hugged her back.

Nandini - Manik Hume Kuch kehna hai aapse... 

Manik broke the hug and looked into Nandini's eyes and said- Bolo... 

Nandini - Manik ... I ... I...

But Manik didn't let her complete the sentence and said-Shhh... Don't say it now. First let me see you properly.

Saying this he moved a bit away from her and looked at her from head to toe.

Manik - You are looking gorgeous.

Nandini blushed and looked down.

Manik came close to her and lifted her head by placing his index finger below her chin.  

Manik eyed Nandini's lips and bent down to kiss her.

Nandini - Manik... 

Manik stopped midway and said- Oh sorry. Tum Kuch bol rahi thi na...

Nandini held Manik's hand and said- Manik ye baat hum aapse kab se kehna chahte the. But kabhi himmat hi nahi juta paaye. 
Aapne hamesha hamara sath diya hai. Kabhi Hume akela nahi mehsoos hone diya. Ek sachche dost ki tarah hamare sath khade rahi. Par hum hi aapke is pyaar aur parwah ko samajh nahi paaye. Hume Lagta tha ki aap Hume sirf apna dost maante ho. But hum ye bilkul samajh nahi paaye ki aap ye sab hamare liye kyu kar rahe ho. Aur jab Hume ehsaas hua to halaat Kuch badal chuke the. Isiliye humne aapko apne dil ki baat nahi kahi. But aaj hum aapse finally boldena chahte hai. 

Manik listened to her attentively.

Nandini - Manik... I love you... I love you very very much. Hum aapse dur hone ke baare me soch bhi nahi sakte. I can't imagine my life without you. Even the thought of it scares me.

Manik felt really happy hearing this- Nandini you know something. I had been dying to hear those three words from your mouth. Which are just for me. Say it again...

Nandini -I love you Manik. Yes. I do.

As soon as Nandini said these words, Manik bent down and picked up Nandini and twirled her around.

The surroundings were filled with their giggles and laughter (filled in happiness)

Nandini - Manik neeche utariye Hume. Hum gir jayenge.

Manik - Aise kaise gir jaogi. Mai hoon na tumhe sambhalne ke liye.

Finally after lot of pleadings from Nandini, Manik agreed to put her down.

Nandini put her arms across Manik's shoulders and said- Now it's your turn. 

Manik - For what?

Nandini - To say those three magical words. 

Manik inorder to tease Nandini said - Acha... Mujhe fir se bolna hoga? But Nandini i have already said it na. So what's the need. 

Nandini - What do you mean by already said it? You have to say it abhi. Or else...

Manik in a teasing way- Or else what?

Nandini - Mai yahan se chali jaungi...

Saying this she turned back to leave when something caught her attention.

There was an animated message flashing on a huge screen.

Nandini was thrilled with the way Manik had arranged it.

She turned towards Manik and found him standing there with a smirk on his face.

Manik - So What do you have to say about it?

Nandini smiled and said- So aapne ye already plan karke rakha tha. Bus Hume sata rahe the yunhi.

Manik - Actually... Agar mai aise hi boldeta to rukha sukha I love you hojata. I did this to see that smile on your face. And I must say I have succeeded. Haven't I?

Nandini - You have succeeded big time. Aapne itna Kuch plan kiya mere liye. 

Manik - Well. It's just a small part of my plan. Abhi to Aur bhi Bahut baaki hai.

Nandini - Aur surprises ???? What are they?

Manik - Batata hoon . But Pehle ye to batao ki Ab tak ke surprises kaise lage. 

Nandini - Bahut Ache... I loved them.

Manik - So I want a reward now before we move to the next surprise.

Nandini - Reward??? What reward?

Manik - Ab ye bhi mujhe batana padega. Think yourself.

Nandini thought for a while and said- Soch liya.

Manik - To Chalo jaldi se reward do ...

Nandini came close to Manik and Close your eyes.

Manik widened his eyes and said- What!

Nandini - Manik aankhein bandh kijiye na.

Manik - Ok... 

And he closed his eyes.

Nandini kissed Manik's cheek and backed off.

Manik opened his eyes and said- Bas. That's it.

Nandini - Haan. That's it. If you want more, then u have to show me your next surprise.

Manik - Acha... Conditions and all huh... Ok fine. Let's go. But before that promise me that you will stick to your words about the reward.

Nandini - I promise.

Manik - Ok then ... Let's go...

Saying this Manik held Nandini's hand and took her downstairs.

In the meantime,

Soha and Nyonika reached Nandini's house.

The cab driver looked at both of them and said - Lo madam hum akhir pahuch hi gaye.

Soha and Nyonika Got off the car.

Cab Driver to Soha - Madam ek suggestion doon apko...

Soha - Just shut up. Tumhe to mai deklungi. 

Saying this she followed Nyonika who walked to Nandini's house.

Cab Driver shouted from behind - Arey Madam sun to lijiye...

Soha didn't turn back.

Cab Driver - Madam mai ruku ya jau... Aap Isi car me Chal rahe ho na wapas.

Soha had enough of it. She turned towards the driver and was about to go and hit him.

But Nyonika stopped her and said- Sohaaa... Pagal hogayi ho kya? Bhoolgayi kya hum kis kaam ke liye aaye hai?

Saying this Nyonika literally dragged Soha to Nandini's house.

All this was observed by Swati who was standing in her room balcony.

Swati - Ye log mere ghar pe kyu aaye hai? Aur wo bhi is waqt?

Swati then remembered all the things Nandini had said to her about Nyonika and Soha. 

Swati - Oh... Iska Matlab ye logon ko abhi bhi chain nahi Mila Jo meri beti ki khushiya cheenne aayi hai. But mai aisa nahi hone doongi. In logo ko Acha sabak sikha ke rahungi.

Saying this she went down to open the door.

Swati opened the door and saw Nyonika and Soha standing there with a smile on their face.

Swati - Arey Samdhanji aap yahan...

In the meantime, 

At the palace,

Manik took Nandini to the backyard of the Palace.

There was a fire lit in the centre ( which resembled hawan kundh).

Nandini looked at it and then at Manik.

Nandini - Manik ye...

Manik - Yes. You guessed it right.

I know ke hamari shaadi Mandir me Hui thi puri vidhi ke sath. But us waqt situation Kuch different thi. Isiliye maine socha ki why not device our own  7 Vows and take seven rounds of this fire.

Nandini - Own Vows??? What are they?

Manik - I will tell you...

Saying this he held Nandini's hand and walked towards the fire.

He stopped right infront of the fire and said- Nandini... Actually Maine bahut socha ki what can be the seven Vows and I came up with these seven.

So shall we???

Nandini - Yes.

With this Manik and Nandini took the first round of the fire and he said the first promise which he intended to make it to Nandini.

1. I promise to daily wish you good morning.

They took the second round and Manik made his second promise.

2. I promise to take care of our families.

And he continued the remaining promises.

3.I promise to always hug you, atleast 10 times a day.

4. I promise to understand you and always talk to you.

5. I promise that If we fight or have any argument,we will talk only by hugging each other.

6. I promise that I will never escape a single day without kissing you.

7. I promise that I will always love you without any reason.

With this they completed the seven rounds of fire.

Nandini was all the while smiling hearing Manik's promises to her which were very cute according to her.

Manik looked at Nandini and said- I know I know I am bad at all such stuff. I think tumhe ye surprise pasand nahi aaya isiliye has rahi ho.

Nandini - Manik... You are right. I didn't like these promises made by you.

Manik - Oh is that so... Sorry to disappoint you.

Nandini - I loved them. They are the best  and the cutest promises anyone can make. Only you are capable of doing this.

Manik- R u serious. Tumhe sach me pasand aaya...

Nandini nodded her head in a yes.

Manik - So where is my reward?

Nandini - What do you want as a reward?

Manik - Do you really want me to answer that question?

Nandini lowered her head blushing hard and didn't say anything.

Manik - I think Ab reward mujhe khud hi Lena hoga. Because tumhe dekhkar lag nahi raha hai ki tum Mujhe reward dene wali ho.

Saying this, Manik walked towards Nandini and pulled her towards him holding her waist.

Nandini closed her eyes and Manik bent down and toom Nandini's lips for a passionate kiss.

Both of them kept it slow as they were in no hurry. They had the entire night for themselves.

As they broke the kiss getting out of breath, Nandini blushed and turned towards the other side.

Manik looked at Nandini and held her hand and again pulled her towards him.

Nandini's back collided with Manik's chest and she closed her eyes to take in Manik's presence so close to her.

Manik bent down to kiss Nandini's shoulder when Nandini freed herself from Manik and moved away from Manik.

Manik - Nandini... What happened??? 

Nandini turned towards Manik and said- Catch me if you can...

Saying this she started running away from Manik.

Manik - Oh . So you want to act naughty with me. Fine. But remember that once I catch you , then you won't be able to escape.

Saying this he chased Nandini.

*Background Music*

Jo teri khaatir tadpe
Pehle se hi kya usay tadpana
Oh zalima, oh zalima.

Jo tere ishq mein behka pehle se hi
Kya usay behkana
O zaalima, O zaalima (x2).

(Manik managed to catch Nandini's hand but her hand slipped out from his grip)

Aake marhaba
Baatein marhaba
Main sau martaba
Diwana huwa.

Mera na raha
Jab se dil mera
Tere husn ka nishana hua.
(Nandini dropped her dupatta from her shoulder while running which Manik picked up and smelled it to feel Nandini)

Jiski har dhadkan tu ho aise
Dil ko kya kya dhadkana
Oh zalima, oh zalima.

Jo teri khaatir tadpe
Pehle se hi kya usay tadpana
Oh zalima, oh zalima.

(Everytime Manik reached Nandini,she somehow escaped from his grip)

Saanson mein teri nazdeekiyon ka
Itar tu ghol de, ghol de,

Main hi kyun ishq zaahir karun
Tu bhi kabhi bol de
Bol de (x2).
(Nandini kept her hand on Manik's chest and pushed him slightly as she walked sensuously towards Manik)

Leke jaan hi, jayega meri
Qaatil har tera ... bahana hua.
(Manik held Nandini's hand and planted a kiss on her palm)

Tujhse hi shuru
Tujhpe hi khatam
Mere pyaar ka
Afsana hua.
(Nandini got lost in Manik's eyes when Manik managed to finally get hold of Nandini)

Tu shama hai toh yaad rakhna
Main bhi hoon parwana
O zaalima, O zaalima.

Jo teri khatir tadpe pehle si hi
Kya use tadpana, oh zalima, 
Oh zalima.
(Manik lifted Nandini in his arms (bridal style) and walked to the terrace)

Deedar tera milne ke baad hi
Chootay meri angdayi
Tuhi bata de kyun zailma
Main kehlayi,

Kyun is tarah se duniya jahaan mein
Karta hai meri ruswayi
Tera kusoor aur zalima main kehlayi.
(Both Manik and Nandini were lost in each other's eyes as Manik climbed the stairs )

Deedar tera milne ke baad hi
Chootay meri angdayi,

Tuhi bata de kyun zaalimaa
Main kehlayi (x2).
(They reached the terrace top and Manik finally put Nandini down)


Done with another update.

Hope you guys like it.

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Awesome dear,
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pls update next part soon.
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