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Manan- friendship or more(ch.76 on page no.64)(15-1-2018) (Page 58)

Jackvijay Senior Member

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Posted: 24 January 2017 at 10:53am | IP Logged
superb update and surprise is awesome manik support in nandini super

jesse93 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 January 2017 at 11:15am | IP Logged
Lovely update dear,
continue soon.
MysticRiver IF-Addictz

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Posted: 24 January 2017 at 11:28am | IP Logged
arshuaar Goldie

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Posted: 27 January 2017 at 5:26am | IP Logged
syami Senior Member

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Posted: 27 January 2017 at 9:19pm | IP Logged
lov it loved it
tat carefree nandini
is coming out slowly
slowly all tqq to mr husband
and she made promise
to herself woahho
so exciting
Sarahpeyton Senior Member

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Posted: 29 January 2017 at 10:39am | IP Logged
Hi guyzzz...

Here i present you with another chapter of this story.

Note : I would like to tell you all beforehand that I have taken inspiration from a famous scene of SRK 
The "Aur Paas " Scene...
(one of my favourites)

[I tried my best to portray the scene in which I know that I have failed miserably - Honest Admission by SARAH]


After the performance, It was time for Gehna's Bidai after which Swati, Manik,Nandini and her two friends went back to Nandini's home.
(Varsha and Deepali stayed at Nandini's place)

At Nandini's house-

As they entered the house, Manik pulled Nandini towards him and said - So finally we have some alone time. Warna Subah se tumhare friends tumhe Akela chod hi nahi rahe hai.

Nandini trying to get out of his grip said - Manik kya kar rahe ho Maa dekh lengi .

Manik - Maa to apne room me hongi. Bahut hi thak gayi thi wo. She must be asleep already.

Nandini - Varsha aur Deepali aajayenge...

Manik - Haa... Your friends na... Don't worry wo dono shayad Kisi argument me busy honge.

Nandini rolled her eyes and said- Aap hamare friends ka mazak udharahe ho... Very bad...

Manik - Ok baba Sorry... 

Nandini smiled and said - Better...

Manik - Acha listen... We need to talk. 

Nandini - Boliye na... 

Manik - I really liked your dance. You are an amazing dancer...

Nandini looking down said - Thank you... 

Manik - You're welcome. 

Nandini - Manik raat bahut hogayi hai. I think you should sleep now.

Manik - What? What do you mean by I should sleep? Tumhe nahi sona hai kya? 

Nandini - Haan ... Sona to hai... But ...

Manik - But kya??? Let's go...

Nandini - Kaha???

Manik - Sone... Room me... Aur kaha...

Nandini - Aap chaliye mai aati hoon.

Manik - Jaldi aana... I will be waiting for you. Bahut hi important baat karni hai tumse...

Nandini - Ji... Bas 5 min ...

Manik - Ok .

Saying this he was about to go to Nandini's room when Varsha and Deepali came to Nandini and Manik stopped midway on the stairs.

Varsha- Nandu tu aaj raat hamare sath rahegi kyunki mai aur Deepali subah hote hi wapas chale jayenge apne apne ghar. Fir pata nahi kab milna hoga tujhse.

Deepali- But Varsha... Nandini hamare sath kaise so sakti hai aaj raat. 

Varsha- Kyu... Kya problem hai isme???

Deepali - Varsha... Tu na bilkul hi Pagal hai. Jab Jiju yahan hai to Nandini unke saath rahegi na . Wo hamare sath thode hi na rahegi.

Varsha - Arey Par ek din me kya hojayega. Nandini zindagi bhar Jiju ke sath hi to rahegi. Kya ek din hamare sath nahi bita sakti?

Nandini looked at Varsha and Deepali as she actually wanted to spend time with Manik but then she couldn't say no to her friends because they had met her after many years. She was in a dilemma as to what to do... Whether to agree to her friends and disappoint Manik or to please Manik and disappoint her friends.

Nandini turned towards Manik for help and he gestured her with his eyes to go with her friends.

Nandini gave a faint smile and said- Varsha,Deepali tum log please argue mat karo. Mai Chal rahi hoon tumhare sath. 

Varsha - Yeaahhh... Finally... Bahut maza aane wala hai aaj raat ko. Khub Saari masti karenge hum teeno.
Chalo let's go...

Nandini before going with Varsha and Deepali looked at Manik who stood there with his lips pursed.

Nandini held her ears and mouthed a sorry to Manik.

Manik sighed and went to Nandini's room.

Nandini went with Varsha and Deepali to their room.

They spent the night doing some girl talk and lot of Masti.

Finally at around 4am. , Varsha and Deepali fell asleep.

But Nandini couldn't sleep and just kept tossing in the bed.

Same was the condition of Manik. 

Manik had come to Nandini's hometown to spend time with her but he hardly got any lone time with her.

Thinking of each other, Manik and Nandini fell asleep after sometime.

Next morning -

Nandini woke up and went to the washroom, had a bath and came out wearing a red salwar kameez.

She did a little makeup and applied pink lipstick.

Nandini went to the kitchen where her mother was already present preparing breakfast for everyone.

As Swati saw Nandini enter, she said - Nandu Beta Acha hua tu aagayi . Beta mujhe jaldi se bata ki mai Manik ke liye kya banau? Pata nahi Manik ko kya pasand aayega.

Nandini - Maa aap Kuch bhi bana dijiye. I am sure aap apne haathon se Jo bhi banaogi wo kha lenge.

Swati - Offo... Tu bhi na. Kuch bhi mat bol. Jo mai puch rahi hoon uska jawab de.

Nandini - Ok. Aap Aloo ke Parathe bana dijiye. 

Swati - Haan ye theek rahega. 

Nandini smiled and said - Maa mai kardoongi na aap Rehne do.

Swati - Nahi. Mai bana rahi hoon. Tu Manik ke liye coffee leke jaa.

Nandini - Ok Maa.

Nandini made the coffee and went to her room with a coffee mug for MANIK. She saw that Manik was still asleep .

Nandini walked upto the bed and kept the coffee mug at the side table and sat beside Manik.

She ran her fingers in Manik's hair and bent down to plant a kiss on Manik's forehead but stopped midway and instead pecked Manik's lips which were slightly parted as he was sound asleep and she blushed for her act.

Nandini got up from the bed and was about to go to the cupboard but felt her dupatta being pulled.

Nandini's back was facing Manik and she felt as though it was Manik who was pulling her dupatta.

Nandini's heart raced at this very thought.

Nandini with a slight hesitation turned back to look at Manik but he was still asleep then her eyes fell on her dupatta which had got stuck in one of Manik's shirt button.

Nandini slapped her forehead for her stupidity.
She bent down to free her dupatta from the button.

As Nandini reached for her dupatta , Manik opened his eyes and held Nandini's hand.
Nandinis eyes widened in shock on seeing Manik awake.

Nandini stammeringly said-Ma ...Manik...aap...aap jage hue the???

Manik-yes... mai jaag raha tha ... and thank god for that warna mujhe tumhare evil intentions ke baare me pata kaise chalta???

Nandini-huh!!! evil intentions???? matlab???

Manik- ohh... to ab matlab bhi mujhe hi samjhana padega...Theek hai ... let me explain it to you...

Saying this he pulled Nandini's dupatta completely off her shoulders.

Nandini- Manik... yeh kya kar rahe ho??? hamara dupatta wapas kijiye...

Manik-no... agar dupatta chahiye to paas aakar lelo...

Nandini sat on the bed beside manik, forwarded her hand and said- lo aagaye hum paas ab dijiye dupatta.

Manik-aur paas...

Nandini bent a little more towards manik and said- laiye dijiye...

Manik- aur paas...

Nandini looking into Manik's eyes- kyu sata rahe ho hume???

Manik-aur paas...

Saying this manik eyed nandini's lips which had rosy pink lipstick applied to them.

Manik raised his hand and rubbed Nandini's lips with his thumb gently and said- Aur paas...

Nandini who was under the trance brought her face more close to Manik with her eyes closed and now the gap between their lips was almost negligible.

Manik just had to raise his head and capture Nandini's quivering lips which were inviting him to taste them.

But Manik instead chose to tease Nandini a bit and hence backed off.

Nandini on not feeling Manik's lips on hers opened her eyes and looked at Manik who had a smirk on his face.

Nandini couldn't control her feelings anymore, so without giving a second thought, she slammed her lips on Manik's lips and started sucking them.

Manik was taken aback with this sudden act of Nandini but he responded to the kiss equally as he too needed the kiss as much as Nandini.

Manik switched their positions and came over Nandini without breaking the kiss.

Both of them were craving for each other and it seemed as if no force in the world can stop them from loving each other at this point of time.

Both Manik and Nandini were so lost in each other sucking and biting each other's lips.

Nandini while still kissing,switched their positions again and came over Manik and opened the buttons of Manik's shirt one by one to feel his perfectly sculpted body and moved her hand freely over his chest and abs.

Manik held her waist tightly as he broke the kiss. But Nandini didn't stop . She held Manik's hands and pinned them to the bed above his head and kissed Manik's neck several times and licked it as Manik groaned on not being able to touch Nandini. 

Nandini continued her sweet tortures of dropping slow kisses over his chest and abs.

After being fully satisfied, Nandini moved up and kissed Manik's cheeks one by one. 
Manik lifted his head to capture Nandini's lips for a kiss when their moment was disturbed by the ringing of Manik's mobile.

At this point, Nandini came out of her trance and got up immediately from Manik blushing hard.

Nandini noticed their positions and felt embarrassed for her bold act.

Manik understood Nandini's state of mind and got up buttoning his shirt.

Nandini's back was facing Manik. Manik kept his hand on Nandini's shoulder and turned her towards him.

Manik- Nandini mujhe pata hai tum kya soch rahi ho but I would like to tell you that tumhe embarrassed feel karne ki koi zarurat nahi hai.
Nandini was all the while looking down as she couldn't meet Manik's eyes.

Manik placed his index finger below Nandini's chin and lifted her face and looked straight into her eyes .

Manik - Nandini, you have every right over me and my body. And trust me when I say this... 

You and only you can touch me the way you just did... Never ever feel embarrassed as you are my wife and it's your right just like I have a right over you... Yeahh...

Nandini nodded her head and hugged Manik who embraced her in his protective arms and kissed her hair gently stroking the back of her head.

This was the point in their life that they had become two bodies and one soul in terms of emotional attachment.

And about establishing the physical relationship, well... their love for each other was more than physical attraction now.

Nandini and Manik broke the hug as Manik's phone started ringing again.

Nandini - Aap call receive kijiye, mai apke liye dusri coffee banakar lati hoon. Ye coffee thandi hogayi hai.

Saying this Nandini was about to go but Manik held her hand and pulled her towards him. Manik had his phone in one he.

Nandini - Manik kya kar rahe ho aap... Jaane dijiye na...

Manik - Theek hai abhi to jaane de raha hoon but don't think that you can escape so easily.

Nandini - Kya Matlab... Mai Kuch samjhi nahi...

Manik blew air over her face to remove the strands of hair falling on Nandini's face to which Nandini closed her eyes.

Manik- Matlab ye ki you have to finish what you have started some time back.

Nandini made an innocent and a confused face and said- What did I start? Aap kis baare me bol rahe ho?

Manik - Uff Nandu!!!!!! This is the thing I like about you... You can be so bold at one time and then so innocent at the very next moment. But don't worry... I will remind you what you have started in my own way.

Be ready to experience the most beautiful time of your life tonight...

Nandini just nodded her head and blushed hard as she rushed out of the room.

Manik ran his fingers in his hair and smirked as he said - I hope she likes my surprise at the...

Manik didn't complete his sentence as his attention shifted to the phone in his hand.
Manik realized that he had accidentally pressed the receive button while talking to Nandini.

Manik checked if anyone was on line but as soon as he said - Hello!!! The call got disconnected.

The call was from an unknown number so Manik didn't pay attention and got back to his work.

Done with another update...

Hope you guys like it.

Ignore the typos if any...

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Jackvijay Senior Member

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Posted: 29 January 2017 at 10:57am | IP Logged
awsum fab super romantic and last part supense who the unknow call eagerly wating
jesse93 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 January 2017 at 9:05pm | IP Logged
Awesome re,
love it,
hayee mere babies...

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