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Manan- friendship or more(ch.76 on page no.64)(15-1-2018) (Page 56)

Manansamkhan Goldie

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Posted: 06 January 2017 at 8:35pm | IP Logged
Nice update
Beautifully penned
Waiting for next update
Stay blessed

KYYian Goldie

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Posted: 06 January 2017 at 9:07pm | IP Logged
lovely update

manik and nandinis mom talk was so emotional.

loved it

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Posted: 09 January 2017 at 12:12am | IP Logged
your all story are awesome..update soon..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Sarahpeyton Senior Member

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Posted: 11 January 2017 at 11:02am | IP Logged
Hi guys...

Presenting yet another chapter of this story.


Manik and Swati came to the guest room.

Swati - Kya baat hai Beta tum Kuch kehna chahte ho?

Manik with a slight hesitation said - Yes Amma wo actually mai...

Swati - Haan Bolo...

Manik self thought- Shit... it's not that easy as it looks like. But Manik you have to do this.

Manik took a deep breath and said- Amma mai puchna chah raha tha ki kya koi aisi rasm nahi hai jisme mai bhi aapke Wahan aasaku...

Swati looked at Manik with a confused face.

Manik - Uhh... I mean mai kabhi aapke ghar nahi aaya hoon. So just wanted to know if I get a chance to explore your city. 

Manik tried to cover up but Swati was smart enough and guessed that Manik was making all these excuses to spend time with Nandini.

Swati pretending to be ignorant said - Haan ek rasm to hoti hai jisme ladka apni wife ko wapas lejane aata hai. 

Manik - Really!!!! That's great.

Manik jumped in joy on hearing this.

Swati raised her eyebrows and Manik composed himself.

Manik - Uhh... Sorry.

Swati - It's Ok Beta. You don't have to be sorry. 

Manik - Waise Nandini kitne din rahegi apke yahan. I mean wo jab tak Chahe tab tak reh sakti hai. Mai to bas aise hi puch raha tha. 

Swati self thought- Mai samajh sakti hoon Beta . Tum Nandini ke bina reh nahi sakte. Aur isliye meri help lene aaye ho. And Mai bilkul tumhari help karungi. 

Swati - Manik Beta tumhe hamare ghar aane ke liye koi rasm ki zarurat nahi hai. Tum jab Chahe tab aasakte ho. Akhir wo ghar tumhara bhi to hai.

Manik trying very hard to suppress his happiness- Ji.

In the meantime, Nandini came to the guest room.

Nandini - Amma Chalein...

Swati - Haan Beta chalo.

Saying this Swati went out of the guestroom.

As Nandini was about to go out, Manik held her hand and pulled her towards him.

Nandini - Manik kya kar rahe ho? Amma dekh lengi...

Manik - Shh... I need to tell you something important 

Nandini - Kya?

Manik - I'll miss you.

Nandini looked into Manik's eyes.

There was silence for a few seconds.

Manik - Nandini say something. Won't you miss me?

Nandini - Yes I will miss you.

Manik bent down and planted a kiss on her forehead .

Then Manik bent further down and was about to kiss her lips but Nandini stopped him and said- Manik I think mujhe chalna chahiye.
Amma wait kar rahi hongi.

Saying this she tried to get out of Manik's hold.

But Manik didn't loosen his grip on Nandini's hand and with the thumb of his free hand rubbed Nandini's lips and then placed the thumb in his mouth to taste her lipstick by licking his finger with the tongue. 
Manik did all this Without breaking eye contact with Nandini.

Manik - Delicious...

Nandini blushed real hard and looked away.

Manik - Ab tum jasakti ho. 

Or do you want me to do something more?

Nandini looked at Manik with widened eyes and said- No... I mean let's go...

And she rushed out of the room.

Manik smirked and followed her to the car.

Nandini was about to open the door to the backseat but Manik offered her the passenger seat by opening the front door and with his eyes gestured her to sit .

Swati - Nandu Beta chalein... Der horahi hai. 

Nandini - Ji Amma...

And she occupied the passenger seat and Manik took the driver's seat and drove off to the Railway Station.

The porter helped them with the luggage and Nandini and Swati took their seats while Manik directed the porter.

It was Time for the train to leave the station.

Manik - Amma aap log sambhal ke Jana. Aur Agar koi bhi problem ho to please call me.

Swati - Haan Beta... 

Manik to Nandini - Bye. 

Nandini - Bye. Apna khayal rakhna. Mai pahuch ke phone karungi...

Manik just nodded his head as he didn't want Nandini to go.

The train started to gather speed, so Manik got down and waved goodbye to Nandini and Swati.

As the train left the station and the distance between Manik and Nandini increased, it is then that Nandini realised how badly she is gonna miss Manik.

Same was the case with Manik.

As he was lost in his thoughts, Manik's phone began to ring.

Manik received the call as it was from one of the event managers.

Manik - Hello ...

E.M- Hi Manik. Tum abhi half an hour me aasakte ho? Bahut hi important matter discuss karna hai tumse.

Manik - Ok . Will be there in 15 min.

Saying this he disconnected the call and looked in the direction where Nandini's train went.

After few seconds,Manik left the station and drove off.

Done with another update.

Hope you guys like it.

Ignore the typos if any.

Edited by Sarahpeyton - 11 January 2017 at 11:09am

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Jackvijay Senior Member

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Posted: 12 January 2017 at 5:11am | IP Logged
superb update
Sarahpeyton Senior Member

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Posted: 16 January 2017 at 10:49am | IP Logged
Hey guys...

I present you with another chapter of this story.


Manik reached the office of the event manager.

The receptionist directed him to the cabin of her boss.

Manik followed the directions  and reached the cabin of the manager.

He knocked the door and on getting permission entered inside.

Event Manager - Hello Mr. Manik... Aapke baare me bahut suna hai humne. It appears that you are the best bet for any modelling assignment. Tabhi to itne demand me ho.

Manik - Aisi koi baat nahi hai. Wo to bas I like to finish my work with full dedication.

Event Manager(E.M) - That's exactly why we want you to get some perfect snaps of a mega event being conducted by our company.
We would be glad to have you on board.

Manik - Sure sir... Could you let me know what sort of event is it?

There is a grand celebration going on in the this city. They have hired us to organise the event. 

Saying this the manager handed over an envelope to Manik which had all the details of the event.

Manik looked at the details and a smile appeared on his face.

Manik - Ok. I am ready for this. So when do I leave?

E.M- You can leave by Tomorrow evening. The event is scheduled to take place day after tomorrow.

Manik - Ok . I am in. 

E.M- That's great. Let's just finish the formalities.

With this the event manager summoned his assistant to get the contract papers ready.

Manik signed the papers and left after discussing some more details.

In the meantime,

In train -

Nandini sat quietly staring out of the window lost in the thoughts.

Swati - Kya hua Beta. Kaha khogayi? 

Nandini - Kahi nahi Maa. Hum to bas soch rahi hai ki kaise hamari life achanak se badal gayi. Hum to sab se door jarahe the Par Bhagwaan ki marzi shayad Kuch aur hi thi isiliye Bhagwaan ne Manik ko hamare liye ek masiha banakar bhej diya. 

Swati - Sach kaha tune . Manik ek masiha hi to hai. Aur Haan aisa jeevan saathi kismat walon ko hi milta hai. Wo tujhse bahut pyaar bhi karta hai. 

Nandini - Aap sach keh rahi ho Maa. But kya hum us pyaar ke layak hai. Mera Matlab kya hum Manik ko wo Saari khushiya de paayenge Jo wo deserve karte hai. Kabhi kabhi to Hume dar Lagta hai Maa ki kahi hum ...

Swati didn't let Nandini to complete the sentence.

Swati - Chup hoja. Ekdum chup. Aisa kuch nahi hoga. Tujhe meri kasam Agar tune dobara koi aisi waisi baat apni zuban pe layi to. Mujhe Lagta hai... Balki yakeen hai mujhe ki tu aur Manik hamesha ek sath rahenge aur Khush rahenge . Tum dono ko koi juda nahi karpayega. Yahan tak Bhagwaan bhi aisa karne se Pehle sau baar sochega. 

To ye sad face ko smiling face me convert kar aur Khush raha kar.

Nandini smiled and hugged Swati.

Nandini - I promise Maa. Hum hamesha Khush rahenge.

Swati - Ye Hui na baat. Meri Beti Bahut strong hai.

Saying this Swati kissed Nandini's forehead.

After few hours, Nandini and Swati reached Kota,Rajasthan (Nandini's home town)

Both of them got down the train and reached their home in a cab.

As soon as Nandini set her foot in the house, all the memories of her childhood flashed infront of her eyes.

She hadn't been to her home for a long time now.

Nandini looked around and a huge smile appeared on her face.

Swati saw this and said- Nandu kya dekh rahi hai aise? Tera hi to ghar hai yeh.

Nandini - Maa I feel so good today. Aisa Lagta hai ki fir se wahi purane din wapas aagaye hain. 

Nandini ran upto the kitchen and said-Maa aapko yaad hai aap yahin se mujhe awaaz lagakar uthati thi Subah subah. 

Swati nodded and smiled.

Then Nandini came to the drawing room and said- Aap yahin wait karti thi na jab bhi mai school se aane me deri kardeti thi.

Swati - Haan Beta.

Nandini then took Swati with her to their room and said- Maa apko yaad hai mai kitna tang karti thi apko yahan pe jab aap Kuch important kaam karte the aur mujhe TV dekhna hota tha.

Kitne carefree days the na wo. Na koi tension na koi responsibility. Bas apni marzi me Jo aata wahi karti thi.

Swati with tears in her eyes - Haan Nandini mujhe sab yaad hai. 

Mai kaise bhool sakti hoon wo sab. 

Din raat bas unhi yaadon me Jeeti thi mai. 

Ab aisa lagraha hai ki is ghar ki raunak laut aayi hai.

Nandini - Maa... Aap mujhe sad hone se mana kar rahi ho aur Ab khud aansu bahana start kardiya. Very bad. 

Nandini wiped her tears and gestured Swati to smile to which Swati obliged.

Both the mother daughter duo hugged each other.

Meanwhile at Manik's room-

Manik came back to his room after having dinner and checked his mobile to see if Nandini had called him but there was no call nor there was any message from her.

Manik - Nandini ne abtak call kyu nahi Kia. Abtak to wo pahunch gayi hogi apne ghar. I hope everything is ok.

As Manik was about to dial Nandini's number when he got a call from her.

Manik immediately received the call.

Manik - Hello Nandini... Tum pahuch gayi na theek se. Mai kabse tumhare call ka wait kar raha tha. Tumne call kyu nahi Kia. Is everything okay.

Nandini - Haan Manik sab theek hai. Hum theek se pahuch gaye. Wo actually hum Maa ke sath Mandir gaye the. Abhi laute hai aur aate hi aapko call Kia. Sorry aapko wait karane ke liye.

Manik - It's Ok Nandini. U don't have to be sorry. 

Nandini - Apne dinner Kia?

Manik - Haan. Just had it ? What about you?

Nandini - Not yet. Wo mai aapse Kuch kehna chahti hoon.

Manik - Nandini tumne time Dekha hai??? Just go and have your dinner first. Baatein baad me karti rehna.

Nandini - It's Ok Manik. Hum thodi der baad khalenge.

Manik - Thodi der baad kyu??? Abhi jao .

Nandini - Ok.

Manik - Mai tumse baad me baat karta hoon. Jake khana khalo.Bye

Nandini - Bye Manik. 

With this Manik disconnected the call. 

Nandini selfthought - Manik hum apse baat karna chahte the . But aapne to Kuch suna hi nahi. 

Nandini sighed and said- Koi baat nahi. Hum baad me baat karlenge. Chalo Nandini chalke khana khalo warna Manik gussa hojayenge aur daatenge. Pata nahi Manik gusse me kaise lagte honge?

Nandini giggled thinking about how Manik would look in his anger.

With this she went to have her dinner with Swati.

And in Manik's room-

Manik - I know Nandini tum mujhse baat karna chahti thi. Infact even I am dying to talk to you but have some patience.

Wo kehte hai na " Sabr ka fal meetha hota hai".

Isiliye Sabr karo. Bas do din aur.

Saying this Manik smirked and looked at the envelope which was given by the event manager.

Done with another update.

Hope you guys like it.

Ignore the typos if any.

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KYYian Goldie

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Posted: 16 January 2017 at 11:15am | IP Logged
awww... looks like Manik is going to Kota.. event came as a saviour for him.

hope MaNan ki jaldi hi mulakaat ho

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Jackvijay Senior Member

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Posted: 16 January 2017 at 11:38am | IP Logged
superb update waiting for both see face off asap soon and waiting for next update

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