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Manan- friendship or more(ch.75 on page no.63)(26-8-2017) (Page 53)

zohasad2.0 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 November 2016 at 3:26am | IP Logged
I reas the full ff...pleaae update soon dear!

Sarahpeyton Senior Member

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Posted: 02 December 2016 at 9:23pm | IP Logged
Hi guys...

I am back with another update of this story.


Manik - Nandini... I love you very very much.

Do you love me???

Nandini couldn't believe what she just heard.

She didn't know how to react.

Whatever Manik just said was something she had craved to hear from his mouth.

The day had finally come when her wish got fulfilled.

God has finally given Manik's confession as an answer to all her prayers.

Nandini closed her eyes and thanked God several times to listening to her prayers.

Nandini had suffered a lot for so long and finally she was getting some peace.

Nandini selfthought - Thank you God for listening to my prayers. Mujhe yakeen nahi ho raha ki Manik ne ye sab kaha mujhse . 

Is this all real or am I dreaming ?

No this can't be a dream.

Agar ye dream hua to.

Nandini didn't have the courage to open her eyes.

But she had to do this.

Nandini slowly opened her eyes and found that Manik wasn't in front of her.

For a moment her heart stopped beating.

Her greatest fear had come true.

She was just dreaming about Manik.

Nandini looked at the sky and laughed on her fate.

Her dreams were a shattered again.

Nandini was still complaining to God in her mind when she heard Manik's voice.

Manik - Nandini...

Nandini looked down and found Manik on his knees in front of her.

Manik had held a ring in his right hand.

Manik - Nandini tum upar kyu dekh rahi thi. Mai to yaha hoon.

Nandini - Manik aap neeche kyu baithe ho. Aur aap kab aaye?

Manik - What??? What do you mean ke mai kab aaya. Mai to kabse yahi Par hoon. Infact mai hi tumhe yahan lekar aaya tha. Remember...

Nandini then realised that she wasn't dreaming . Nandini mentally slapped herself for being so stupid to think that it was a dream.

Manik - 

Arey yaar...

Itna soch kya rahi ho ?

I know what your answer would be?

But I still want to hear it from you.

Ab jawab de bhi do takay mai Tumhe ye ring pehna saku.

Or do you want me to sit in this position the entire night?

Ya fir tum mana karne wali ho?

Nandini didn't say anything.

Nandini was so overwhelmed with the sweet gesture of Manik that she had tears in her eyes.

Manik saw this and got up immediately to wipe her tears.

Manik - Kya hua Nandini??? Tum to kyu rahi ho? Kya Maine Kuch galat bol diya?

Agar aisa hai to I am really sorry. I never intended to hurt you.

Please stop crying.

Nandini - Mai ro nahi rahi hu... Ye to bas...

Manik wiped Nandini's tears and said- It's Ok Nandini. I think I shouldn't have hurried things up. But it's Ok . We will take it slow. I will take it slow. There is no need to rush. Take your time to give your answer. 

I will wait for it . Aur Haan tumhara Jo bhi jawab hoga mujhe manzoor hoga. Ok...

Nandini looked into Manik's eyes and they shared a cute eyelock.

Their moment was disturbed by someone clearing their throat.

Manik looked at the direction of the person and found that it was Aaliya.

Manik - Aaliya tum???

Aaliya - Yes. Sorry to disturb you guys. But abhi mujhe Jana hai isiliye tumhe Bye karne aayi thi.

Manik - It's Ok Aaliya. U don't have to say sorry. Hum log to bas baat kar rahe the.

Aaliya hugged Manik in a friendly way and whispered in Manik's  ears- Agar bas baat karne se yahan ka temperature Itna badh gaya hai to I can imagine aage kya haal hoga?

Manik gave a smile and looked at Nandini.

Aliya - Anyways Bye guys. See you soon. 

And Haan Nandini now he is all yours. But I suggest you both have to wait till the guests leave.

And Aliya winked at Nandini and left.

Nandini to Manik- I think Aliya is right. Hume party me wapas Jana chahiye.

Manik - As you say. Let's go.

With this both of them went and joined others.

In the meantime, Nyonika was plotting with Soha on how to keep Manik away from Nandini.

Soha - Nyonika Aunty aap itna soch kyu rahi ho? U can use the same excuse which u used last time with Vivek.

Nyonika - Nahi Soha Manik won't buy that excuse so easily.  

Vivek hamara business handle karta tha isiliye Maine use business emergency ka bahana banaya tha. 

But I don't think Manik ko convince karna itna aasaan hoga.

Hume Kuch aur sochna hoga. 

Soha - Agar Manik ko yahan se bhejne ke bajay hum Nandini ko hi kahi dur bhejde toh.

Nyonika - Matlab.

Soha - Matlab ye ki Agar Nandini Uske Maa ke ghar chali jaye toh??? 

Nyonika -Haan ye baat sahi kahi tumne. Pag phere ke bahane hi sahi Kuch din to Nandini Manik se dur rahegi.

Soha - Hmm... To aap Nandini ki Maa se abhi baat kar lijiye .

Nyonika - Ok let's go.

With this both of them too came back to the party.

Done with another update.

Hope you guys like it.

Ignore the typos if any.


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KYYian Goldie

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Posted: 02 December 2016 at 10:31pm | IP Logged
she was not dreaming... even i got sad by knowing it was dream but then next moment, he was in front of her and it wasnt a dream...thank god..

how i wish nandini bhi confess kar deti..i cant wait more now..its already so late..plz now dont delay manan togetherness..do it asap plz..

and nyo is here with her new plans..plz do smthing and let manik go with nandini
syami Senior Member

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Posted: 03 December 2016 at 5:12am | IP Logged
tgis was adorably cute
loved the way
manik confessed
aliya is too swt she understood
them so well
arghh neyo and soha
are such a pain
waiting for nandus
ROOP0605 Goldie

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Posted: 04 December 2016 at 12:12am | IP Logged
but yeh dono cindrella ki souteli behene kab sudhrengi
dono chudail

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Sarahpeyton Senior Member

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Posted: 04 December 2016 at 10:46am | IP Logged
Hi guys...

I am here with another update.


Manik and Nandini were in conversation with some guests when their attention was drawn towards the stage where Raj was standing with Shanti holding a mike in his hand.

Raj- Ladies and Gentlemen... May I have your attention please ...

Everyone gathered before the dias .

Raj- Thank you... I would like to make an important announcement. Aaj Maine infact humne(He pointed towards Shanti) ek important decision liya hai Jo mai aap sab se share karna chahta hoon.

Manik Nandini tum dono yahan aao .

Manik and Nandini looked at each other and went to Raj and Shanti.

Manik - Kya baat hai Dad . 

Raj - So my dear friends, zyada suspense na rakhte hue mai announce karta hoon ki mere sabhi properties ko mai Manik aur Nandini ke naam karta hoon.
Nandini will be holding 51% share of the entire property and Manik will get 49%. 

Nyonika and Soha's eyes widened in shock hearing this unexpected announcement of Raj.

Everyone except Nyonika and Soha clapped on this announcement and congratulated Manik and Nandini one by one.

Nyonika and Soha's reaction was noticed by Nandini who herself was shocked with this decision of Raj.

She knew that Nyonika won't be happy as she didn't like Nandini a bit and on top of it Raj's decision to give a major portion of his share to her.

Nandini to Raj - Papaji ye karne ki kya zarurat thi. I mean mujhe ye property nahi chahiye. Mujhe to aapka aur Mummyji ka Ashirwad Miljaye yehi kafi hai mere liye. Fir yeh sab???

Raj- Beta ye hamari taraf se aashirwaad samajh kar hi rakhlo. Aur Haan. Aur ek cheez, tumhare fashion house ka kaam almost hogaya hai . To tum jab chahe tab resume karsakti ho office jana. 

Nandini - But Papa...

Raj- Lagta hai tumhe mera gift pasand nahi aaya. 

Saying this Raj faked disappointment.

Nandini- Nahi aisi baat nahi hai. Aap please dukhi mat hona. 

Manik heard all this and said- Nandini I think you should accept Dad's gift warna wo naraz hojayenge aur unhe maana mushkil hojayega.

Saying this Manik looked at Raj and winked and in turn Raj winked back.

Nandini - But Manik hum itni badi responsibility nahi lesakte. Aap log samajhte kyu nahi.

Manik - Nandini hum haina tumhari help karne ke liye. So what's the problem.

Nandini selfthought - Ab kaise batau mai apko ki problem kya hai.

Saying this she looked at Nyonika who was fuming in anger.

Raj- Nandini tum zyada mat socho. I am sure you can handle this responsibility very effectively. Ab jao Jake rest karo as most of the guests have left.

Nandini nodded and left from there lost in thoughts.

Raj turned towards Manik and said- Beta tumhe to koi problem nahi hai na ki Maine Nandini ko tumse zyada share diya hai meri property me.

Manik - Comeon Dad... Kaisi baatein kar rahe ho aap. Mujhe kya problem hogi bhala. Agar aap Saari property bhi Nandini ke naam kardete tab bhi mujhe koi problem nahi hoti.

Raj- Yahi umeed thi mujhe tumse . I am proud of you my son. Hamesha aise hi rehna. 
Nandini ne bahut saha hai ajtak. Maine Dekha hai usey rotey hue Par mai chahkar bhi Kuch nahi karpata tha. Par Ab tum ho Uske sath. Hamesha Uske saath khade rehna Beta. Kabhi usey akele mat chodna.

Manik - Ji Dad. Mai hamesha Nandini ka sath doonga. 
Don't worry.

Raj hugged Manik and patted his back.

Shanti who was observing all this said - Aap dono bhi na kahi bhi emotional talks me lag jaate ho. 

Manik broke the hug and looked at Shanti.

Shanti - Beta mujhe Lagta hai tumhe Nandini ke sath waqt bitana chahiye naki hamare sath.

Manik - Bua aap bhi na. 

Nyonika came to Raj and said- Ye apne kya kardiya. Kya zarurat thi Nandini ko Manik se zyada share dene ki.

Raj ignored Nyonika and said- Manik Tumhari Bua theek keh rahi hai. Jao tum bhi jaake rest karo. Thak gaye hoge na.

Manik - Ji Dad. Good night Mom,Dad and Bua.

Raj and Shanti - Good Night Beta.

While Nyonika gave a faint smile to Manik.

Manik went back to his room but found Nandini missing.

Manik asked one of the servants and said- Nandini Madam ko Dekha hai ???

Servant - Ji Baba. Wo guest room me hai apni Maa ke sath.

Manik - Theek hai tum jao.

Servant nodded and left.

Manik selfthought - Should I go there??? No it won't be nice. Pata nahi Aunty kya sochegi aur fir Nandini kahi galat na samjhe mujhe. I think it's better to not go there. But I want to talk to Nandini.
Oh God... Stop being so desperate Manik. Let her spend sometime with her mom. 

With these thoughts,Manik changed his clothes and went to sleep thinking about Nandini.


Done with another update.

Hope you guys like it.

Ignore the typos if any.

Sorry guys for a short update. But I will compensate it with another update in 2 days time(approximately)

Hope you guys will understand...

Lots of love,

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PamAlps Groupbie

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Posted: 04 December 2016 at 2:11pm | IP Logged
Ya, we understand U n plz Dn't separate MANAN which is according to Nyonika and soha's plan,plz flop it :-(
anum_6 Goldie

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Posted: 05 December 2016 at 7:29am | IP Logged
Awesome update

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