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Manan- friendship or more(ch.76 on page no.64)(15-1-2018) (Page 5)

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Next morning everyone was busy in last minute preparations. 
Nyonika went and checked everything including Manik's room if everything was done properly or not.

Then she came to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for Manik. Meanwhile Raj went to the airport to receive Manik.

Nyonika was very excited that her son was returning home after 2 years.
She started preparing various dishes.
Shanti was helping her when she got an idea that it is a good opportunity to reduce the differences between Nandini and Nyonika.

So she faked a headache and excused herself from the kitchen and asked Nandini to go and help Nyonika in kitchen.

Nandini happily agreed and went to the kitchen .

She asked Nyonika if she needs any help. 

Nyonika was so happy about Manik's return that she didn't feel like taunting Nandini and asked her to cut the vegetables.

Nandini felt relieved that for the first time Nyonika had spoken to her in a nice way.

She started cutting the vegetables and then was doing other works assigned by Nyonika when the servant came and informed Nyonika that Raj and Manik had arrived.

On hearing this Nyonika's happiness knew no bounds. She rushed out of the kitchen after asking Nandini to do the left over work indirectly as if talking to the servant.

Meanwhile in the hall,
Raj and Manik had just entered when Nyonika came rushing and said- MANIK.

Manik turned and hugged her tightly.

Manik- Mom I missed you so much .

Saying this he lifted her.

Nyonika- Manik neeche utar mujhe chakkar aajayegi.

Manik put her down .

Nyonika- I missed you too Beta.
She had tears in her eyes.

Manik saw this and said- Mom why these tears. Look I am back. Please don't cry.

He wiped her tears.

Nyonika smiled and hugged him again.

Raj was silent all this while.

Raj had missed Manik too. First he had lost Vivek and the Manik was not with them for 2 years.

He would breakdown at times but he had to be strong for Nyonika.

So he hid his pain.

To lighten the atmosphere, Raj said- Ye kya baat Hui . Saara pyaar Maa par hi luta rahe ho aur mera kya.

Manik and Nyonika giggled hearing Raj .

Manik hugged both Raj and Nyonika together.

The servants smiled seeing their bond and blessed them silently.

Manik broke the hug and asked Mom where is Bua.

Shanti- Beta mai yahan hu.

Manik went and hugged her.

Shanti- Rehne de . Tujhe to meri koi fikr hi nai hai. Ek call nai karsakti tha mujhe. Tujhe to meri yaad hi nai aayi.

Saying this she faked anger.

Manik smiled seeing this and held his ears and said - Sorry Bua. Busy tha mai. Time hi nahi milta tha call karne ka.

Shanti melted immediately and said- Theek hai maaf kiya .

Manik side hugged her and said- Thank God. Mujhe to laga tha ki apko manane ke liye kya kya karna padega.

Shanti - Mai apne Manik SE zyada der naraz ho sakti hu kya.

Manik- Never.

Both of them laughed .

Nandini was observing all this standing at the kitchen door.

She smiled seeing everyone's bond with Manik.

Nyonika instructed the servants to put Manik's luggage in his room.

Nyonika asked Manik to freshen up and come down for breakfast.

Manik nodded and went to his room.

Done with another update. 

Hope you guys like it.

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charanyaaj IF-Sizzlerz

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Nice update...
So manan didn't meet.
payal94 IF-Dazzler

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Nice update cont soon
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Nice update.. Hope Manan meet soon
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Coun   sooon
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Sarahpeyton Senior Member

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Sorry guys for the mistake. 

Here is chapter 9 and 10. Please have a look.


Manik reached his room and smiled seeing everything at the same place as he had left.
Nyonika had arranged everything properly.

He was looking around when the servant came and kept Manik's luggage in his room.
Manik thanked him and he went away.
Manik took out his jacket and went to freshen up.
He took a hot shower and came out in a towel.
He stood near the mirror and combed his hair.
He wore a plain T-shirt and jeans and went down.

Nyonika and Raj were waiting for him at the breakfast table.

Manik went and sat beside Nyonika.

Shanti brought the breakfast and served them.

Manik- Bua aap bhi baithiye na saath me breakfast karte hai.

Shanti- Nai Beta tum log khalo . Mai baad me khalungi Nandini ke sath.

Then it struck in his mind that Nandini was also staying at their house.

Manik thought to himself- Idiot . how can you be so stupid. How can you forget Nandini. Vivek Bhaiyya asked me to take care of everyone and I forgot about Nandini itself.
Manik you are Stupid ,idiot ,moron.

Shanti was going to the kitchen when Manik stopped her and said- Bua plz I insist aap baithiye na . 

Shanti- But Nandini...

Manik summoned a servant and asked him to call Nandini.

Nyonika looked at Manik in shock.

The servant went to the kitchen and said- Bahuji Manik Baba aapko bula rahe hai.

Nandini- Mujhe. Kyun?

Servant- Breakfast ke liye.

Nandini- But mai kaise...

Servant- Bahuji chaliye na warna Baba daatenge mujhe.

Nandini- OK aap chaliye mai aati hu.

With this the servant went away.

Nandini was scared to go there as she didn't want to face Nyonika's wrath.

She then thought that today Nyonika's mood was good and that she won't say anything as it was just for one day.

Nandini didn't have her food with others at the table since Vivek had left.

She hesitantly went out of the kitchen when Shanti saw her and asked her to come and sit.

Nandini looked at Shanti with pleading eyes but Shanti assured her with her eyes .

Nandini came and sat down. She saw Nyonika and Raj but Nyonika looked away and Raj passed a smile.

Then Nandini looked at Manik who smiled and asked everyone to continue the breakfast.

Manik now felt that his family was complete but missed Vivek.

Nyonika broke his thoughts and asked him to eat.

Manik nodded and ate his breakfast.

Nyonika had prepared all his favourite dishes.

She was stuffing his mouth with different food and he was protesting .

He was full but Nyonika glared at him and he had to give in.

Nandini giggled seeing his condition.

Everyone turned towards her and she panicked and said sorry.

She had finished eating by now and excused herself from there and went to the kitchen.

Everyone finished eating and Nyonika went to her room to take rest.

Raj had to go to office for some important work.

Manik went to his room and slept as he was tired due to the long journey.

Nandini and Shanti completed the kitchen work and prepared lunch as it was almost lunch time.

Then they went and sat in the garden talking on random things.

Shanti asked Nandini about Nyonika's attitude towards her in the kitchen.

Nandini narrated the whole events with enthusiasm. She told Shanti how Nyonika asked her to help her in the kitchen and that she didn't taunt her even for once.

Shanti felt happy seeing Nandini's excitement.
Nandini had always craved for Nyonika's love. She would look for a mother's love in Nyonika but never got it.

That's the reason Nandini was so happy that Nyonika talked to her nicely in the kitchen.

Shanti felt relieved seeing Nandini happy.

She felt that soon the differences between Nandini and Nyonika would be sorted.

All this was noticed by a pair of eyes. A smile crept on the person's lips seeing Shanti and Nandini's relaxed faces.


Manik slept for few hours and got up. He went to the balcony attached to his room.
He saw Shanti and Nandini in deep conversation.

He then went to Nyonika's room but she was sleeping. 
Manik didn't want to disturb her so he closed the door and went to the garden where Shanti and Nandini were sitting. 
He overheard their conversation and a smile crept on his lips seeing their bond.

He went and sat down on the grass in front of Shanti with his back facing her and said- Bua bahut time ho gaya apke haathon ki head massage leke. 

Saying this he took Shanti's hands and put them in his hair.

Shanti- Haan Haan ab to tu aise bolraha hai. Par teri shadi hone de fir dekhti hu kitna yaad rakhege mujhe.

Manik- Chahe Jo hojaye Bua . No one can take your place in my heart. (He dramatically enacted putting his hand on his heart).

Shanti- Chal badmash. Bahut bigad gaya hai tu .

Nandini smiled hearing their convo.
She got up to go from there leaving the two but Shanti stopped her and said-

Shanti- Nandini Beta ruko kahan jaa rahi ho. 

Nandini- Mai andar jaati hu aap log baatein kijiye.

Manik- Lagta hai maine yahan aake ap logo ko disturb kardiya.

Shanti- Bilkul bhi nai beta. Aisa kyu bol raha hai tu.

Manik- Aur nahi to kya. Shayad isiliye Nandini mujhse naaraz hoke jarahi hai.
(He was elder to Nandini so he used to call her by her name)

Nandini- Ji aap galat samajh rahe hai. Aisi koi baat nai hai. Mai to bas aise hi...

Shanti- Nandini Beta relax . iski baaton ka bura mat maanna. Yeh hai hi aisa. Ye toh bas mazak kar raha tha.

Tu bhi na Manik bechari ko dara diya.

Saying this she lightly hit him on his shoulder.

Manik- Aww... Bua dheere se. Lagta hai.

Saying this he rubbed his shoulder faking pain.

Shanti- Acha ...Lagta hai. Ruk tu abhi batati hu. Kaha laga . yahan ... 

She again hit him on his another shoulder.

Manik- Acha . On a serious note.

Nandini you don't have to be formal before me.

Nandini- Ji.

Manik- So ... Friends.

He brought his hand forward for a handshake.

Nandini looked at Shanti who signalled her to go ahead.

Nandini hesitatingly took shaked her hand with Manik's hand.

Manik- That's more like it. So my new friend khane me kya bana hai. Bahut bhook lagi hai.

Shanti- Saari teri favorite dishes Bani hai. Tu chal haath muh dhole fir aajana neeche lunch ke liye.

Manik- Wo sab to theek hai par mujhe ek baat samajh nahi aayi. 

Shanti- Wo kya.

Manik looking at Nandini- Aap Nandini ki official spokesperson ho kya. 

Shanti- Nahi to. Aise kyu puch raha hai.

Manik- Aur nahi to kya. Question main Nandini SE puch raha hu . Answer aap de rahi ho.
Ye chakkar kya hai.

Nandini went away saying that she will set the table for lunch.

Shanti- Wo aisi hi hai Beta. Bahut kam bolti hai. Vivek ke jaane ke baad udaas Rehne lagi hai.

But wo hamesha se aisi nahi thi. 
Bahut bubbly aur chirpy thi.

Manik- Hmm... Kuch karna padega.

Shanti- Kya kaha .

Manik- Haan... kuch nai. Chalo main fresh hokar aata hu. Fir sath me lunch karenge.

With this both of them went inside the house.

Done with another update.

Hope you guys like it.

Please do give your valuable suggestions.

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