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Manan- friendship or more(ch.76 on page no.64)(15-1-2018) (Page 44)

syami Senior Member

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Posted: 31 August 2016 at 7:09am | IP Logged
this was super awesome
finally she saved poor baby

but she is going to far
will manik be able to find her ???
so excited for nxt part

mehak_ahuja IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 August 2016 at 2:07pm | IP Logged
Aweaome awesome
Dieing to read the confrontation
Thank u for the update

Keep smilinh
Stay blessed
Manansamkhan Goldie

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Posted: 02 September 2016 at 1:31pm | IP Logged
nice update ..

waiting for next update ..

cont soon

stay blessed
Sarahpeyton Senior Member

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Posted: 11 September 2016 at 3:41am | IP Logged
Hi guys...

I present you the most awaited chapter of this story.


After Manik left, Aaliya asked the servant to take care of the kid.

Aaliya- Kaka aap isey sambhaliye mai andar dekhkar aati hoon.

Aaliya was about to leave when the kids parents came from the back door .

The kid on seeing his parents rushed to them and hugged them tightly.

His mother had tears in her eyes.

She asked- Beta tu theek to hai na?

Un logo ne kuch kia to nahi?

She checked her child number of times to assure that he was ok.

Kid- Maa... Mai theek hoon. Wo Didi ne mujhe bacha liya... Pata hai Maa mujhe bahut dar lag raha tha... Aap please mujhe firse akela to nahi chodogi na...

His mother kissed his forehead and said- Nahi mere bache ... Mai tujhe kabhi apne aapse dur nahi hone doongi.

The kid's father(caretaker of orphanage) said- Ab hume chalna chahiye...Agar Soha Madam ko pata chalgaya toh problem hojayegi.

Aaliya who was witness to all this mother-son bond said- Soha???
Uska in sab se kya lena dena hai???

The caretaker(C.T) and his wife looked at each other. They hadn't noticed that Aaliya was present there too.

C.T- Madam aap yahan...

Aaliya- Aap log kya baatein kar rahe the. Kya aap bata sakte hai ki Soha ka in sab se kya relation hai. Aur ye sab ho kya raha hai.

C.T wife- Maaf karna Madamji but hume jaba hoga. Aur apse ek vinti hai ki aap please kisi se kuch mat kahiyega. Warna wo hume nahi chodegi. Wada kijiye madamji. Mai apke pair padhti hoon.

Saying this she touched Aaliya's feet.

Aaliya- Ye kya kar rahi ho aap. Mai kisise kuch nahi kahungi. Wada karti hoon.

The caretaker and his wife thanked her innumerable times and then left with their son.

Aaliya also left from there . She was confused as to what was actually happening and how Soha was involved in all this. 

As she had promised Manik that she will handle the situation till he returns so Aaliya went inside the house and found Nyonika and Soha in deep conversation .

As soon as they saw Aaliya both of them stopped their conversation.

Nyonika- Arey Aaliya Beta tum kaha thi . Mujhe to laga tha ki tum ghar chali gayi hogi.

Aaliya- Nahi Aunty mai wo Manik ke sath thi... 

Nyonika- Ok but Manik kaha hai. Dikhayi nahi de raha.

Aaliya- Wo Aunty ... kuch kaam se bahar gaya hai. Aata hi hoga.

Nyonika- Ok. Come na. Baitho yaha pe mere sath.

Aaliya went and sat beside Nyonika.

And they got busy in conversation.


Manik took out his car and went in search of Nandini.

He searched everywhere near his house but couldn't find her.

He asked few people whether they had seen a girl in bridal attire.

But no one had seen Nandini.

Finally Manik arrived at a small bus stop which waa at a distance from his house.

As it was night time , there wasn't anyone present at the bus stop except for a tea stall owner who was about to shut his shop and go home.

Manik tried his luck and went upto him.

Manik- Suno Bhai tumne yaha pe kisi ladki ko dekha hai jo dulhan ke dress me thi?

Stall Owner- Ji Sahab. Maine dekha hai. Abhi yahi khadi bus ka wait kar rahi thi.

Manik- To ab kaha hai?

Stall Owner- Pata nahi sahab. Shayad bus me baithkar chali gayi hogi. Maine dhyan nahi diya.Wo kya hai na meri dukan pe zyada customer the .

Manik- Acha tum bata sakte ho ke bus kis jagah ki thi.

Stall Owner- Nahi sahab ...ye batana to mushkil hai. Haan par itna bolsakta hoon ki wo bus is ore gayi hai. Ab wo ladki bus me baithi ya nahi ye to mujhe nahi pata.

Manik- Ok...

Saying this he rushed to his car and drove in the direction pointed by the stall owner.

He kept driving for dont know how long but didn't find even a single bus on his way.

Finally after almost an hour , Manik found a bus near a dhaba.

He stopped there and searched the entire bus but noone was present in it.

So he went to the dhaba and looked around to see whether Nandini was there or not.

And finally he succeeded in finding Nandini.

She had covered herself with a shawl and her face was not visible clearly except her eyes but Manik could figure out that it was Nandini.

He walked upto her and held her hand while she was about to get up from the bench of the dhaba after drinking water.

Nandini was shocked to see Manik standing infront of her.

Manik- Kya hua? Why are you so shocked???

Nandini looked into Manik's eyes which had a lot of questions.

Nandini immediately looked away as she didn't have any answers to his questions or rather she didn't want to answer his questions at that moment.

Nandini - Aap ...yahan???

Manik- Ye sawal to mujhe tumse puchna chahiye. Expect nahi kia hoga na ki mai tumhe dhoondh lunga?

Nandini didn't say anything and stood still .

Manik- Why Nandini? Kyu kia tumne aisa?

Nandini- Woh... Mai...

Nandini's talk was interrupted by the bus conductor who asked all the passengers to get back to the bus as they were leaving.

Nandini looked towards the bus and then at Manik.

Manik was still holding Nandini's hand.

Nandini tried to free her hand from Manik's grip.

Nandini- Manik jane dijiye hume.Hamari bus chali jayegi.

But Manik was in no mood to leave her hand.

Manik- No Nandini... You are not going anywhere. Not before answering my questions.

Nandini- Hume nahi dena apke koi bhi sawal ka jawab. Bus hume jana hai yaha se... 

Manik - But why Nandini????Hua kya hai?

The bus started to leave the dhaba.

Nandini-Manik please leave my hand. Jane dijiye hume plzzz.

Manik read the helplessness in Nandini's eyes.

Though he didn't want to but he left her hand.

Nandini was rushing to the bus but stopped midway on hearing Manik's words.

Manik- Nandini please don't go... I can't afford to lose the most important person in my life. 

Nandini turned back and saw Manik standing there with hope in his eyes .

Manik- Yes... That's you. You are the only person in my life after Mom Dad who is more close to me. Agar tum bhi chali jaogi to ...

Nandini after hearing this just wanted to run into Manik's arms but she composed herself.

Nandini selfthought-
No Nandini... You can't fall weak at this moment. You have to go far away from their lives. Isi me sabki bhalayi hai... Koi tumse khush nahi hai. Agar phirse us ghar me wapas gayi to koi tumhe accept nahi karega. But Manik??? Wo to un sab ki tarah nahi hai. He genuinely cares for me. He considers me as an important part of his life. 

But i can't go back to that house.
I know Manik will be hurt by my decision but mujhe pata hai ki Aaliya will handle him. Phir kuch dino me mujhe bhool jayega Manik. 

But how do i explain him now that i need to go. Agar mai seedhe seedhe bolungi to wo mujhe kabhi jane nahi dega.
Mujhe kuch aur karna .

Nandini looked at Manik and said to herself-

Manik please mujhe maaf kardo. But i have to do this.

Nandini's thoughts were broken by Manik.

Manik- Kya soch rahi ho Nandini?

Nandini-Huh... Kya fark padhta hai Manik hamare kuch bhi sochne se...

Manik- Matlab.


Matlab ye ke hum chahe jo bhi soch le par hume karna wahi padta hai jo aap log chahte hai.

Hamari khushi hamare wishes ki koi value hi nahi hai.

Hume bus bata dia jata hai ki hume kya karna hai. 

Ye bhi nahi poocha jata ki hum kya chahte hai.

Sab apni marzi hum par thop dete hai.

Nandini ye karo... Nandini wo mat karo...

Aur hume sar jhukakar sab ki baat maanni padhti hai. Chahe hume wo karna pasand ho ya na ho.

Kyu Manik??? Kya hume hamari marzi se jeene ka koi haq nahi hai?

Hum jeena chahte hai Manik . Isiliye hum sab se dur jarahe the. Aap sab se dur. 

Hum us ghar me aur nahi reh sakte. Hamara dam ghut ta hai waha. 

Please hume jane dijiye. 

Manik who was silently listening to all the accusations of Nandini came near Nandini and looked straight into her eyes.

Manik- Nandini... Tum sab se jhoot bolsakti ho. But mujhse nahi. 

Nandini- Jhoot...Mai jhoot nahi bolrahi.

Manik- Acha...To why are you not able to look straight into my eyes and say this?

Nandini- Manik i meant every word of what i said. Mai kyu jhoot bolungi.

Manik- Wo sab mujhe nahi pata. But i will find out soon.

Nandini- Manik aap samajh kyu nahi rahe hai. Hume jana hai.

Manik- Haan chale jana. But answer my questions first. 

Nandini-What questions?

Manik- Yaha nahi. Chalo mere sath...

Saying this he held her hand and took her to his car.

Nandini- Manik kaha le jarahe ho hume. Hume kahi nahi jana. Aur i am not answerable to you. 

Manik didn't pay attention to all the pleas of Nandini and made her sit in the  car and drove away.

Nandini kept asking him several times as to where he was taking her but Manik didn't reply to any of his questions.

After 10 minutes of driving, he stopped the car and got down.
He opened the door for Nandini.

Nandini- Manik hum yaha kyu aaye hai. Kaunsi jagah hai yeh.

Manik- Sab pata chal jayega. Tum chalo to sahi.

Saying this he took Nandini with her.

Nandini saw that Manik was taking her to a Temple.

When they reached the Temple by climbing the stairs,

Manik said- Ab batao Nandini tum ne kuch der pehle jo bhi kaha wo kya sab sach tha.

Nandini-Manik yeh kaisa sawal hai. Hume jo kuch kehna tha humne keh dia. Ab hume aur kuch nahi kehna.

She said this avoiding Manik's gaze.

Manik- Agar tumhe sabse itni hi shikayat thi to tum seedhe seedhe bata sakti thi hume. Itni planning karne ki kya zarurat thi.

Nandini- Wo... Hum...


Wo isliye ke tumhare aise karna ka reason kuch aur hai.

Kyunki jaha tak mai tumhe janta hoon tum ye sab apne liye to nahi karsakti. 

I want to know what is the reason behind all this.

Nandini- Manik hum apko nahi bata sakte. Har baat ka explanation nahi hota.

Manik- Tum kuch bhi keh lo but i am sure you are hiding something . Aur mai pata laga kar rahunga.

Nandini- Manik aap kyu force kar rahe ho hume. Aap hume jaane kyu nahi de rahe ho.Humne kaha na hume yaha se dur jana hai.

Manik- Because i know that tum ye sab dil se nahi keh rahi ho. Something is definitely troubling or forcing you to say all these.

Nandini- Aisa kuch nahi hai. Aur hum jo chahe wo karsakte hai. Aap hote kaun ho hume rokne wale . Kis haq se rok rahe ho aap hume. Bolo...

Manik- Oh... To kya tum par mera koi haq nahi hai?

Nandini turned her back towards Manik and said closing her eyes- No... Koi haq nahi hai apka humpar.

Manik took the sindoor which was kept at the feet of God's Murti and came towards Nandini .

Before Nandini could figure out what was happening, Manik turned Nandini towards him and filled her hair parting( Maang) with the sindoor.

Manik was not in a state to distinguish between right and wrong. 

He just wanted to stop Nandini from going far away from him so he adopted this way .

Nandini touched the sindoor filled hair with her hand and looked at her hand.

Manik- Ab to mera pura haq banta hai tumpar.

Nandini- Manik... Ye kya kar dia apne... Apko pata bhi hai ...

Manik- Mujhe bas itna pata hai ki ab tum kahi nahi jarahi ho. 

A priest of the Temple witnessed this.

He came to them and said- Beta tum dono ne bahut hi shubh gadi me vivah kia hai. Ye ghadi bahut saalo me ek baar aati hai. Ab tum dono ek atoot bandhan me bandh chuke ho. Jise chahkar bhi nahi toda jasakta. 

Both Manik and Nandini stood there lost in their own thoughts.

Pandit brought them out of their thoughts and continued- Ab jab tum dono ne vivah kar hi lia hai to purey rasm o riwaj ke sath phere lena hoga. Tabhi bhagwan ka aashirwad milega tumhe.

Nandini - Mai nahi manti aisi shadi ko. Mujhe ye shadi manzoir nahi hai.

Pandit- Tum mano ya na mano but bhagwan ne tumhari jodi is ladke ke sath banadi hai. Behtar yahi hoga ki tum isey sweekar kar lo.

Pandit- Bhagwan ki marzi ke khilaf jana achi baat nahi hoti. Meri baat maanlo aur bhagwan ko sakshi maan kar sath phere lelo .

Pandit turned towards Manik and said- Beta tum soch kya rahe ho. 

Manik- Panditji ... Mai...

Pandit- Kya hua Beta. Aage badho aur thaam lo iska hath. Wo naraz hai shayad tumse. Ye vivah karke uski zindagi khushiyo se bhardo.

Manik listened to all this.

He went towards Nandini and held her hand and brought her to the sacred fire(Agni) which was lit by the Pandit.

Manik- Nandini... I promise that i won't let you suffer anymore. I will give the world's happiness to you. I will protect you from the evil eyes of the world. 

Nandini didn't say anything and was just staring at Manik without blinking her eyes.

Manik took all the seven vows of marriage with Nandini and completed the seven rounds(pheras) around the sacred Fire(Agni) while the Pandit chanted his mantras.

Then the Pandit gave Manik a black thread and asked Manik to tie it around Nandini's neck as a mangalautra for the tine being and Manik did as instructed.

The Pandit then declared them as married.

Both Manik and Nandini took the blessing of God and the Pandit.

The Pandit gave his wishes for a happy married life and both of them left from there.

Manik and Nandini sat in the car and drove away. None of them spoke anything throughout the journey and finally reached Malhotra Mansion.


Done with another update.

Hope you guys like it.

I dont know if it turned out as good as i had thought it to be. But still i tried. 

Your likes will decide how the chapter was. 

Awaiting your response.

Ignore the typos if any.

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ROOP0605 Goldie

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Posted: 11 September 2016 at 8:03am | IP Logged
Eagerly waiting for next part
912212221 Senior Member

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Posted: 11 September 2016 at 8:35am | IP Logged
waiting for the next chapter
jesse93 IF-Dazzler

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Yeh kya ho gaya yaar!
Can't wait for the next part...
KYYian Goldie

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wow finally manan ki shadi ho gayi

loved it

eventful update


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