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Manan- friendship or more(ch.75 on page no.63)(26-8-2017) (Page 34)

Manansamkhan Goldie

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Posted: 20 July 2016 at 6:23pm | IP Logged
amazingly penned ..

one sided love hurt more thn getting hurt by other ..
manik n aliya like each other ...
Nandani is hurt ..

after a long time came across ur story again ..
its awsome ..
intresting .

plzzz pm me whn u update next part ..

stay blessed ..

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Soha took Nyonika from there to her room.

Nyonika - Soha... Tumne mujhe roka kyu? Nandini Mere Bete ko fasane ki koshish kar rahi hai. I have to stop her.

Soha - Aunty aap Jo keh rahi ho sab sahi hai. But Agar aap Manik ke samne Kuch kahogi Nandini ko toh shayad baat bigad jaye. I think aapko Nandini se akele me baat karni chahiye.

Nyonika - Akele me kya baat karu Mai usse.

Soha-Mai batati hoon apko. You please just follow what I say.

Nyonika - Bolo...

Soha shared her plan with Nyonika.

Nyonika - Do you think this will work? Are you sure about this?

Soha- Yes Aunty I am damn sure. Aur Agar aap pyar se samjhayengi to wo mana nahi karpayegi is baat ko.

Nyonika - Theek hai fir mai kal hi baat karungi Nandini se.

Soha self thought- Thank God Aunty maan gayi. Ab bas Kuch hi dino me Nandini ghar se bahar hojayegi hamesha hamesha ke liye. Well done Soha.

She mentally patted herself for the brilliant idea.

In the meantime -

Manik and Nandini were sitting on the terrace staring at the stars.

Manik - Nandini Ek baat puchu?

Nandini - Puchiye...

Manik - Please don't take me wrong. I am asking you as a friend.

What do you think about love. What is love according to you?

Nandini - Love...

Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world.

It is an emotion which cannot be controlled.

Actually love is something which cannot be understood. 

The more we try to figure it out,the more it leaves us confused and lost.

Manik - But how can we know that the person is right or wrong choice for us.

Nandini -
You don't fall in love with a person just by seeing their external appearance. 

To fall in love with someone there has to be a heart to heart connection.

It is very easy to fall in love with someone. 

The difficulty is to stay in love. 

But if it is difficult to stay in love, that means it's not love.

Manik - Wow ... that is some explanation...

Have you ever fallen in love?

Nandini - Yes I have...

But I won't be able to get back the same love from that person.

Manik -

I know that you were married to Bhai at a very young age and then Bhai...

Don't you miss Bhai?

Nandini turned to Manik as she was talking about Manik but he misunderstood it to be Vivek.

Nandini - Manik... I haven't shared all such things before with anyone.

Manik- Oh . It's Ok. I am sorry Nandini. I think I shouldn't have started this topic. 

Nandini- It's Ok. 

There was silence for sometime.

Then Nandini spoke - Manik apko pata hai the day when Vivek Ji...

That very day he had planned a surprise for me .

He was going to confess his feelings for me.

But I never got to know what that surprise was...

And I never got to spend enough time with him.

But he confessed his love for me while he was in the hospital...

Nandini smiled weakly and said- Maybe Bhagwaan hamari kismat me Khushiya likhna bhool gaye.

Manik - Hey... Don't say that. You will get happiness in your life back once again. Somewhere in this world there might be someone for you to fulfill all your wishes. Who would love you unconditionally. You will find him soon.

Nandini - I don't need anyone else in my life. I am satisfied with the way I am. 

Manik felt really bad on hearing this from Nandini.

Nandini - Manik raat bahut hogayi hai. I think you should go and sleep.

Manik - I think you are right... Wait a minute. Tumhe neend nahi aarahi hai kya? Saari raat yahi baithne ka irada hai kya?

Nandini - No. Aise nahi hai. Aap jaiye. Hum thodi der yahi rukenge. 

Manik - Ok then. Mai bhi kahi nahi Jane wala. Jab tak tum nahi jaogi done tab tak mai bhi nahi jaunga.

Nandini - Ok fine. 

Both Manik and Nandini chatted on random topics for sometime and then went to their respective Rooms to sleep .

Next morning -

Nandini got ready and as usual went to the kitchen to make breakfast.

But she was Surprised to see that Nyonika was already present there.

Nandini - Mummyji aap yahan?

Nyonika - Haan Beta. Tum har roz breakfast banati ho. To Maine socha why not I make breakfast for everyone today.

Nandini - Mai Kuch help kardu aapki???

Nyonika - Arey nahi Beta... It's almost done. Tum Jake breakfast table pe wait karo. Aur Haan sabko Maine already jaga dia hai. So you don't worry. Sab aate hi honge.

Nandini - Ok.

Nandini was confused as to the sudden change in Nyonika's behaviour.

Nandini went and sat at the breakfast table.

Manik and Raj were already seated at the table.

Manik greeted Nandini - Good Morning Nandini. 

Nandini - Good Morning.

Manik -Everything Ok. You look lost.

Nandini - Aisi koi baat nahi hai.

Raj- Waise Nandini tumhare classes kaise chal rahe hai ?

Nandini - Ache chal rahe hai Papaji.

Raj- Good. Maine tumhare fashion house ke liye office dekh liya hai. Agar deal final hogayi to 1month ke andar Hume office miljayega .Aur tab tak tumhara course bhi complete hojayega.

Nandini smiled and said- Ji Papaji.

Manik - That's great news Dad. 

Nyonika heard this and thought - Ek month... Tab tak Nandini is ghar me rahegi hi nahi. She will be out of here very soon. 

Saying this she smiled within herself.

Nyonika brought the breakfast and served everyone.

Shanti too joined them.

Everyone had their breakfast.

Manik - Nandini let's go. We are getting late.

Nandini - Haan. Chaliye...

Saying this she was about to get up when Nyonika said - Arey ye kya. Aaj Nandini college nahi jayegi.

Manik - Nahi jayegi Matlab????

Nyonika - Coz aaj she will spend time with me. Bahut dino baad mujhe mauka Mila hai. So aaj hum dono kahi ghoomne jayenge. Kyu Nandini chalogi na mere sath?

Nandini had tears of happiness in her eyes and said- Ji Mummyji.

Nyonika had never shown so much of affection towards Nandini . So Nandini was happy that today she was behaving so nice to her.

Nyonika - Manik tum jao. Nandini -Nahi aarahi.

Manik - Ok Mom as you say.

Manik and Raj left for their respective works.

Nyonika - Nandini get ready we are leaving in 15 min.

And Nyonika went away.

Nandini - Ji.

Shanti - Ye mai kya dekh rahi hoon. Nandini Beta ye sach hai ya sapna...

Nandini - Ye sach hai Buaji. Mummyji mujhse Ab aur naraaz nahi rahegi. Finally I got her motherly love.

Nyonika and Nandini sat in the car and Nyonika drove Nandini to some park.

Nyonika talked about some random stuff with Nandini and then came straight to the point.

Nyonika - Nandini Beta. Mai Janti hoon mere Vivek ke Jane ke baad tum
akeli pad gayi ho. I can't even imagine how it feels to be alone and lonely.

Nandini- Mummyji aisa nahi hai. Aap sab hai hamare sath to hum akele kaise hue.

Nyonika - Mai Janti hoon tum ye sab mujhe Khush karne ke liye bol rahi ho. I know even you deserve someone in your life who will take care of you and love you. Isiliye Maine ek faisla liya hai.

Nandini - Kaisa faisla Mummyji.

Nyonika - Beta I want you to get married.Tum kab tak aise akele life spend karogi.

Nandini - Mummyji aap Kaisi baatein kar rahe ho. Hum aisa nahi karsakte.

Nyonika - Dekho Beta. Mai tumhari bhalayi ke liye keh rahi hoon ye sab. Tumhe abhi ye sab galat lagega but you will thank me afterwards. Aur ye bilkul mat sonchna ki mai Tumhe ghar se dur kar rahi hoon. No Beta aisa nahi hai. Tumhari shadi ke baad tum jab chahe tab humse milne aasakti ho. Koi tumhe nahi rokega.

Nandini - Mummyji Par...

Nyonika - Dekho Beta mai nahi chahti ki log mujhpe ungli uthaye ki Maine tumhe apne ghar me kaid karke rakha hai . I care for you Beta. Aur shadi ke baad sab theek hojayega. You will be able to live your life according to your wishes. Aur Maine tumhare liye ladka bhi dekh liya hai. Ye rahi uski photo. Tum ek baar dekhlo aur mujhe sonch ke bata do Shaam tak ki tumhe ye ladka pasand hai ya nahi.

Nyonika didn't allow Nandini to say anything and said- Ab chalein... ghar bhi to Jana hai. Lunch time hogaya hai.

Saying this Nyonika handed the photo to Nandini and got up to leave.

Nandini sat there helpless and didn't even looked at the photo of the person whom Nyonika had selected.

Nandini couldn't believe that Nyonika had such evil plans and all this while she was pretending.

Nandini got up and followed Nyonika to the car. Both of them sat in the car and drove off to their home.

Nandini went straight to her room and locked the door .

She kept the photo of the person aside and fell on her bed and cried her heart out.

She couldn't believe that Nyonika could do such a thing to her.

She was lost in her thoughts when there was a knock on the door.

Nandini went and opened it to see Soha standing there with a victory smile on her face .

Soha- Nandini kya mai andar aasakti hoon. Mujhe tumse Kuch baat karni hai.

Saying this Soha came inside and locked the door.

Soha- Nandini you know something... I feel so sad for you. I agree that i have never liked you but jab bhi mai Tumhe dekhti hoon to I feel pity for you. 

Nandini - Soha tum kya bol rahi ho. Mai Kuch samjhi nahi.

Soha- Nandini Nandini ... Tum kitni bholi ho. Did you look at the photo of the guy with whom Nyonika Aunty wants you to get married.

Nandini - Tumhe kaise pata Uske baare me.

Soha - It's not important. What is more important right now. Focus on it. Have a look at the photo once. Then you will come to know what i am trying to say.

Soha handed the photo to Nandini and she saw it.

Nandini was shocked to see it. 

Nandini - But Soha ye toh... 

Soha - I know... Nyonika Aunty has selected him for you. Can you believe it?

Nandini was silent.

Soha told Nandini everything about the man.

Nandini - I think there is some misunderstanding. Mummyji aisa Nahi karsakti humare sath.

Soha- Nandini i can understand ke tum Par kya beet rahi hogi. But I wish I could help you.

Nandini - Soha I don't believe you. Mai Mummyji se khud baat karungi.

Saying this Nandini went to Nyonika's room and Soha followed her.

Nandini - Mummyji kya apne Hume yahi photo Di thi park me.

Nyonika - Haan. Kyu koi problem hai kya is ladke me.

Nandini - But Mummyji ye to.

Nyonika - Haan yeh hamare orphanage ka caretaker hai. Acha khasa kama leta hai. Aur kya chahiye tumhe.

Nandini - But Mummyji ye to already married hai .

Nyonika - Married tha. Uski wife ne use divorce de diya hai. Ab wo dobara shadi karna chahta hai. Jab Maine use tumhare baare me bataya to wo turant maan gaya.

Nandini - But Mummyji aap aise kaise karsakte ho.

Nyonika - Tumhe kya laga tha mai tumhari shadi Kisi Rajkumar se karaungi. Tumhari wajah se Maine apna Beta kho diya. Fir bhi maine tumhe is ghar me Rehne ki ijazat Di but ab aur nahi. Mai Tumhe ek second ke liye bhi is ghar me bardasht nahi karsakti. Ehsaan mano mera ki mai Tumhari shadi karwakar Vida kar rahi hoon is ghar se.

Nandini had nothing to say.

She was shattered.

Nyonika had so much of hatred for her.

She just turned to leave when Nyonika stopped her.

Nyonika - Aur ek baat Ye photo Kisiko mat dikhana. Na Shanti ko na Raj ko aur na hi Manik ko. Samajhme Aaya?

Nandini - Ji.

And she left with the photo.

Nandini hid the photo in her cupboard.

Few days passed by.

Manik once came from his work and went to Nyonika's room.

He overhead Nyonika talking to someone on phone regarding marriage preparations.

Manik - Mom ye kiski shaadi ki baat chal rahi hai. 

Nyonika - Beta wo...

Shanti -Nandini ki shadi...

Nyonika was surprised that how come Shanti came to know of it.

Shanti - Tum yahi soch rahi ho na ki mujhe kaise pata is bare me. Maine tumhe Nandini se baat karte suna about her wedding dresses and all.

Manik - Ek minute... Hold on... Nandini's wedding... ye kab hua. I mean aapne mujhe bataya kyu nahi Mom.

Aur Nandini... even she didn't tell me anything about it. I need to talk to her right now.

Saying this Manik went to Nandini's room.

Nyonika tried to stop him but he didn't stop.

Manik entered Nandini's room without knocking the door.

Nandini was lying on her bed lost in her thoughts and was scribbling some designs on a paper.

Manik - Nandini...

Nandini immediately got up and straightened her dupatta over her head.

Nandini - Manik... Aap yahan...

Manik - Kyu mai nahi aasakta kya yahan. Or I think I am not your friend anymore. Isiliye tum baatein chupa rahi ho mujhse.

Nandini - But Maine aapse Kuch nahi chupaya.

Manik - Acha to tum Ab mujhse jhoot bolrahi ho. Shadi ki baat kyu chipati mujhse.

Nandini - Aisa nahi hai Manik. Hum chupana nahi chahte the. It's just that ke you were busy in your work and then Aaliya ke sath...

Manik - To hell with the work and Aaliya yaar. You are more important to me than anything else. Atleast tum ek baar to share karsakti thi mujhse.

Nandini - I am sorry Manik... I didn't mean to...

Manik - Bas Nandini bahut hogaya.

Nandini- Manik aap please gussa mat hona.

Manik calmed down a bit and asked-

By the way who is that lucky guy jisse tum shaadi karne jarahi ho.

Nandini - Wo...

Manik - I know I know you are shy to tell me About him. Atleast tumhare paas photo to hogi uski. Show me.

Nandini - pH... Photo... Nahi hamare paas photo bhi nahi hai.

Manik - Theek hai mai Mom se le loonga.

Saying this Manik was about to go but he stopped and asked - Nandini tum Khush to ho na is shadi se.

Nandini nodded half-heartedly with a fake smile.

Manik - Ok. Mai Mom se milke aata hoon then we will talk about it.

Manik went to Nyonika's room and asked for the photo of that guy. But Nyonika said that she didn't have it .

Manik - Mom atleast uska naam to bataiye. Who is he? What does he do? Anything.I want to meet him.

Nyonika - His name is Ajit. And he is out of town. Wo directly shadi ke din hi aayega.

Manik Beta Nandini sab Janti hai Uske baare me. Ab tum jaan kar kya karoge. That guy is really nice and Nandini has met him already.

Manik - But Mom ... 

Nyonika - Manik.. Don't worry. Nandini is happy with this alliance. And Haan shaadi next week hai. Mujhe bahut saare preparations karne hai. I don't have a single second to waste.

Saying this Nyonika went away from there without giving Manik any chance to probe further.

Manik Was not able to understand anything.

He went straight to Shanti.

Manik - Bua ...

Shanti - Manik Beta aao Na.

Manik - Bua kya apne us ladke ko Dekha hai jisse Nandini ki shadi hone wali hai.

Shanti -

Nahi Beta.

Nandini ne mujhe Kuch nahi bataya.

Aajkal wo kisise zyada baat hi nahi karti.

Har waqt ya to tumhari Mom ke sath rehti Hai ya fir apne room me.

But you know... something is definitely fishy.

Nandini bahut hi murjhayi si rehne lagi hai.

Manik - Mujhe bhi yahi Lagta hai Bua. But don't worry I will find out everything. Mai aise hi hath pe hath rakhkar nahi baithne wala.

Manik tried different ways to extract the truth from Nandini.

But Nandini didn't disclose anything.

And in the meantime Aliya threw a party at her farmhouse and invite Manik .

Manik forcibly took Nandini with him saying that she would be getting married in a couple of days then they won't be able to spend time with each other.

Nandini agreed thinking that Manik was right.

Both of them reached Aliya's farmhouse.

Aliya hugged Manik and said- Hi Baby. How are you? I missed you so much yesterday. Where were you?

Manik - Aliya actually Kuch important kaam tha. 

Aliya hugged Nandini as well and welcomed her.

Aliya introduced Manik as his boyfriend to all her friends.

Nandini didn't like all this.

Manik and Nandini were enjoying the party with Aliya's friends and suddenly Nandini felt left out.

Manik observed this and came and sat beside Nandini.

Manik - Kya hua Nandini tum itni chup chap yaha pe kyu baithi ho?

Nandini - Nothing. It's all new for me. To mujhe thoda ajeeb lagraha hai.

Aliya also came to them and heard Nandini.

Aliya -I am so sorry Nandini . But agar tumhe ye sab pasand nahi hai. To I will arrange something else. You know jisse tum comfortable feel karo.

Let's just assemble in the garden outside and play some games.

Manik - That's a good idea. Let's go.

Saying this Manik held Nandini's hand and took Her to the garden along with others.

Everyone settled in the garden in sat in circle .

Aliya and Manik were sitting together and Nandini sat opposite to Manik and Aliya.

Aliya - So what should we play????

One of her friends suggested Truth or Dare.

Everyone agreed.

Aliya spinned the bottle and it pointed towards Nandini.

Aliya - So Nandini tell me Truth or Dare...

Nandini - Truth.

Aliya - Okay... Have you ever kissed someone/ Has anyone ever kissed you?

Manik - Aliya what kind of question is this????? Maine tumhe bataya tha na ke...
( Manik knew the answer would be no)

Nandini - Yes...

Aliya was surprised and asked - What come again. You mean to say that you have been kissed.

Nandini - Yes...

Aliya - Who is that guy?????

Manik couldn't believe his ears.

He looked at Nandini who in turn looked away.

Nandini - Aliya let's continue with the game. I think I have answered your question.

Aliya - Ok. Fine.

And the game continued.

The bottle now stopped at Aliya.

One of her friends gave her the dare to kiss Manik infront of everyone.

Aliya - Guys... Ye bhi koi dare hua... He is my boyfriend and I can kiss him in public. You should have thought of something innovative.

Since you have given me This dare, I will complete it.

Saying this Aliya came close to Manik and was about to kiss Manik on his lips...

Nandini couldn't tolerate this and got up from there and went inside.

But Aliya didn't kiss Manik on his lips. Instead she kissed his cheek.

Aliya whispered in Manik's ears - I know that you believe in kissing after marriage and I respect your decision. I can wait till our marriage.

Manik - Thanks Aliya... You are such a sweetheart.

Some of Aliya's friends faked a cough to get the attention of Aliya and Manik.

That is when Manik realized that Nandini was missing.

Manik excused himself and went in search of Nandini.

Nandini was standing on the other side of the garden.

Manik - Nandini tum yahan kyu khadi ho. Aur tum Wahan se kyu chali aayi bina bataye.

Nandini - Bas aise hi. Buaji ka call aaya tha. To mai yahan aagayi unse baat karne.

Manik - Acha theek hai. Let's go home.

Nandini - Ok.

Manik informed Aliya that he would leave now.

Aliya agreed and Manik left with Nandini.

After going to a distance, Manik's car broke down.

They were stuck on a stranded road.

And it started raining. They were far away from Aaliya's farmhouse so couldn't go there.

Manik - Nandini i think we are stuck here for sometime. I will call someone for help.

Manik took out his mobile but there was no network there. Even Nandini's phone had no network.

Manik - Nandini tum car me hi raho. I will check the engine and see if I can get the car started.

Nandini - Ok.

Manik got down the car and checked the engine. But he couldn't figure out what may be the problem.

Manik came to open the door of the car when he found Nandini missing from the car.

Manik looked around and saw that Nandini was standing at the middle of the road with her eyes closed.

She was enjoying the rain.

Manik wiped his face with one hand and said- Nandini kya kar rahi ho. Tumhe to barish bilkul bhi pasand nahi hai. Fir kyu bheeg rahi ho? Get in the car.

Nandini - Manik don't worry mujhe Kuch nahi hoga. I just want to forget everything and enjoy this rain. 

Manik kept looking at Nandini from a distance.

Nandini was about to turn towards Manik when she slipped and was about to fall.

Manik rushed to her and held Nandini by her waist and pulled her up.

All the memories of that night flashed in front of Nandini.

History was repeating itself.

Nandini was getting affected with the closeness of Manik.

Nandini removed Manik's hand from her waist and took a few steps away from Manik.

Manik stood there confused as to why he had the sudden urge to kiss Nandini. 

It was not the case with Aaliya.

Whenever Aaliya came close to Manik, he didn't feel the same as he was feeling right now for Nandini.

A lot of questions were going on in his mind. 

He found the present situation similar to something in the past.

Manik's legs unintentionally carried him towards Nandini.

Manik passed his hands in his hair as he wasn't unable to understand why wanted to be close to Nandini and feel her soft lips.

Manik went very close to Nandini and kept his hand on her shoulder.

That was it for Nandini.

She immediately hugged Manik tightly.

Manik thought for sometime and hugged her back.

Manik self thought- What am I doing? I m not supposed to think about Nandini in this manner.

She is getting married in a couple of days. And then what about Aliya.

But why do I feel that everything that is happening right now is perfectly right. There is nothing wrong in it.

Manik broke the hug and looked at Nandini's face and cupped her cheeks.

Manik came dangerously close to Nandini and said- Nandini... Please Stop me...

Nandini was about to say something but Manik didn't give her any chance to speak and without a second thought sealed his lips with Nandini's lips.

He sucked her upper lip and Nandini held Manik's shirt tightly.

Then Manik sucked her Lower lip.

He bit her lower lip and Nandini gasped in pain.

Manik took this opportunity and entered his tongue in her mouth.

He explored each and every corner of her mouth.

Nandini was getting out of breath but Manik didn't stop. 

He was kissing her passionately as if there is no tomorrow.

Nandini tried to protest but held both her hands and pulled Nandini more into himself.

He didn't want to leave Nandini even for a second.

Realising that Nandini was getting out of breath, Manik left her lips.

Nandini's lips were swollen so he pecked her lips a couple of Times.

Nandini was a still in a trance.

Nandini - I love you. I love you so much...

Then she realised what she said and opened her eyes.

Nandini couldn't meet Manik's eyes and turned her back to Manik.

Manik self thought- Goddd... What have i done? How can I do this to her? 

Manik - Nandini listen I am sorry... I didn't mean to do this... Pata nahi why I couldn't control myself. I am really sorry Nandini...

Nandini didn't say anything.

Then Manik realized that Nandini had said"I love you" to him.

Manik came infront of Nandini and said-Nandini Kuch to bolo... say something... Do you...

Nandini didn't say anything and collapsed in Manik's arms.

Phewww done with another update.

The longest ever written by me.(4000+ words)

Hope you guys like it.

This special bada wala update for you guys because today is a special day.

Any guesses.

21st July...

It's an important day in all our lives.

Its the birthday of ...




I need not remind you.

As you all are aware of it.

Now that I have given a looonnng update. So I want long comments.

No kanjusi in it.

If you guys show any kanjusi there won't be next update for a very long time.

Fir mat bolna ke Sarah ne warn nahi Kia tha...

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friends0592 Groupbie

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Posted: 21 July 2016 at 6:20am | IP Logged
Wow...awesome...the best chap ever...waiting for next SmileSmile

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mehak_ahuja IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 July 2016 at 7:22am | IP Logged
Hey .. update was love Amazing ... super awesome.. so so so sooo good... 
In true terms it was a maha update...
I think longest till date...

N totally loved it... so much happened.. neyonika n soha have reached a new low all together... geting nandu married to someone like that guy is really cheap..

Manan moment finally happened... manik in his senses kissed nandu.. nandu confessed... wow..

Plz manik samaj jae nandu ki imp in his life ... cant see nandu in such position.. feeling so sad for her...

But this moment has actually given loads of hope

Thank u for this amazing sa update... truly uve given this pleasent gift for ky2s second anniversary...

Keep smiling
Stay blessed

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jesse93 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 July 2016 at 9:07am | IP Logged
Yah it was indeed a special update as besides being an amazing update it was the longest till date and obviously on the occasion of the birthday of our show,
love it a lot and
love you too,
continue soon.
syami Senior Member

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Posted: 21 July 2016 at 9:42am | IP Logged
this was super awesome loved it

it,was,super adorable

ys aliya is,jus an atrraction
he nvr evr felt for her

neyonika and soha are
too poisonous man
y can't thy let her remain
in peace
every time thy have to make
life difficult for her
too much

finally manan scene
it was so cute
both cud not resist
magical moment hpnd
she confessed hope
he realized it soon

can't wait for next part
hbd to ky2
mallee Goldie

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Posted: 21 July 2016 at 12:29pm | IP Logged
finally manan scene
ROOP0605 Goldie

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Posted: 22 July 2016 at 7:15am | IP Logged
amazing update
omg second kiss
eagerly waiting for next part

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firefliesHaven 1199 25519 19 February 2017 at 12:27pm by -shenz-
|fireflieshaven|MaNan AT#149|MaNan Live Happily Ever After

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Author: firefliesHaven   Replies: 1189   Views: 104411

firefliesHaven 1189 104411 19 September 2016 at 4:29am by firefliesHaven
manan manan manan..

Author: sonali_ace   Replies: 2   Views: 4569

sonali_ace 2 4569 11 June 2015 at 8:48pm by sonali_ace
manan manan manan..please vote guys

Author: sonali_ace   Replies: 0   Views: 2841

sonali_ace 0 2841 11 June 2015 at 8:41pm by sonali_ace
MaNan MaNan MaNan...the best...Cabir the jaan...(edited...updated)

Author: MaNanmatic_Sana   Replies: 2   Views: 13707

MaNanmatic_Sana 2 13707 23 February 2015 at 7:40am by 8seetha

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