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Manan- friendship or more(ch.76 on page no.64)(15-1-2018) (Page 3)

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Continuation of flashback- 

Vivek came to Nandini and informed her that he had to leave for some important business work to London.

Nandini felt sad but Vivek assured that he would return soon and pecked her forehead and left.

Nyonika smiled seeing this as now her mission was accomplished.

Vivek used to talk to Nandini on phone regularly.

And Nandini used to wait eagerly for his calls.

Nyonika couldn't tolerate even this so she used to give loads of house work to Nandini so that she won't be able to talk to Vivek.

Few months passed by in the same fashion and finally the day arrived when Vivek was to return to India.

He didn't inform Nandini about his return as he wanted to surprise her.

He came and met his parents first and then went to Nandini.

Nandini was sitting in the room near the window. He came from behind and placed his hands on her eyes.

Nandini recognised him and removed his hands and faked anger.

Nandini- Aap bahut bure ho . apne bataya bhi nahi ke aap aaj arahe ho. Mai naraaz hu aapse. Jao mai nahi baat karti aapse.

Saying this she turned to other side.

Vivek smiled seeing his wife's cuteness.
He came in front of her and held his ears and said-

My dear wifey I am really sorry. I know that you are angry with me but don't worry aaj raat tumhari saari naraazgi dur kar dunga mai. 
I have planned a surprise for you.

Nandini got excited and said- Surprise. What is it ? Bolo na.

Vivek- Have patience my dear u will get all your answers tonight.

Saying this he hugged her.

They talked for sometime and he went out to plan his surprise.

It was 6 in the evening when he called Nandini and asked her to be ready as he was coming to pick her up in half an hour.

Nandini got ready in a red saree , left her hair open and did some make up.

She waited for almost one hour but Vivek didn't come.
She called him several times but he didn't pick up.
Then after 15 min he got a call from Vivek's number.

Nandini picked up and said- kaha hai aap . hum kab se wait kar rahe hai aapka.

But it was not Vivek who answered her .
That person said that Vivek had net with an accident and is admitted in city hospital.

Hearing this the phone slipped from her hands and she collapsed on the ground.

Nyonika was passing by and observed Nandini sitting lifelessly on the ground .
He came and saw her phone and picked it up and the person on other other side informed her about Vivek.

Nyonika rushed to the hospital after informing Shanti and asked her to inform Raj.

Shanti informed Raj and took Nandini with her to the hospital.

Vivek had severe injuries and lost lot of blood. He was in very critical condition.

Nyonika saw this and her heart shattered to see her son in such condition.

Meanwhile Raj also reached there with Shanti and Nandini.

Nandini was still not responding to anything. She was like a lifeless body.

Vivek asked everyone to give him some alone time with Nandini.

Shanti made her sit on a stool near Vivek's bed and everyone went out.

Vivek- Nandini. Look at me .
(Nandini looked at her)

I wanted to confess this now as i don't have enough time.

I love you Nandini. I really do.
But I couldn't fulfill my promise to always be there with you. 
Promise me one thing that you will not cry for me after I m gone.
You have to be strong. You will never fall weak. You will move ahead in life.

Nandini please promise me.

Nandini was crying her heart out hearing all these.

Vivek wiped her tears .

Nandini kept her head on his chest and promised him that she won't fall weak and she won't cry.

Nandini- Please don't leave me and go.

Vivek smiled hearing this and pecked her forehead.

In the meantime everyone came.

Vivek's eyes were getting heavy. His eyes were searching for one person.

Raj saw this and understood that Vivek was searching for his little brother.

Raj- I have informed him and he will be here any moment.

Just then the door opened and a 6 ft guy entered . 
He came near Vivek and sat there .

He asked that guy to take care of everyone . 
That guy was in tears seeing his elder brother in such condition.

Vivek saw everyone for the last time and then his eyes shut.

Done with another chapter.

It was a bit emotional for me.
Hope you guys like it.

Guys please leave long comments and silent readers plz give ur views.

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Coun sooon
rockstarlover IF-Rockerz

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nice update
Sarahpeyton Senior Member

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As soon as Vivek closed his eyes, everyone in the room panicked. They called the doctor immediately.

The doctor checked Vivek and remorsefully declared to everyone that Vivek is no more.

Nyonika rushed to Vivek and shook him and pleaded him to get up. She was crying .

Raj was so shocked on hearing the doctor that he fell on the sofa.

Shanti was also crying .

But Nandini didn't have a single tear drop in her eyes.
She was just staring at Vivek's face .
Suddenly she fainted.

Doctor asked the nurse to take Nandini to another room. He went and did Nandini's check up.

She was lying lifeless and staring at the ceiling. Her face had no feeling.

The doctor got worried seeing her condition deteriorating further.

He went to talk to her family members and found Vivek's brother at the reception desk completing the formalities of taking Vivek's body home. 

The doctor went to him and said- Mr. Malhotra u must be Vivek's younger brother.

Vivek's brother- Yes doctor, I am Manik.

Doctor- O.K. I need to have a word with you. Please come to my cabin.

Manik followed him.

Manik- Doctor, what's the matter.

Doctor- Manik listen I know it's not the right time to talk about all this but it is something important.

I know for a fact that you people have lost Vivek but there is someone who has lost her whole world.

Nandini is not in a good condition. She has got the biggest shock of her life.

You all need to take care of her .
And most importantly to get out of the trauma she needs to cry or else her life will be in danger.

I hope you understand.

Manik- Yes Doctor . I will keep that thing in mind. Thank you Doctor. Saying this he left the cabin.

He saw Shanti standing outside the cabin.
She had heard everything.

Manik- Bua aap yaha. 

Shanti- Wo Nandini. Wo theek to ho jayegi na.

Manik- Haan Bua don't worry. Sab theek hojayega.

They both went to Raj and Nyonika.

Both were sitting near Vivek's body and shedding tears.

Nyonika's was resting her head on Raj's shoulder.

Manik went to her and said- Mom Dad.

Nyonika immediately got up on hearing Manik's voice and hugged him and started sobbing .

Manik- Mom please stop crying.
You have to be strong. For Bhai.
He wouldn't like your tears.

When they were consoling each other, a wardboy came and said- Sir all the formalities have been done , u can take the body home.

Hearing this their heart pierced .

But they had to face the fact that Vivek was no more.

They all left the hospital and came home.

Prepations for the funeral were done.

Shanti brought Nandini home . She took Nandini near Vivek's body to see Vivek for the last time.

Nandini kept staring at Vivek's face till they took him away.

Last rites were performed and everyone returned home.

Done with another update.
I don't know what I have written as I have no idea how the last rites are performed so I kept it short.

Hope you guys like it.

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rajani_sid Groupbie

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Hi, the story is getting interesting now...but please I hope that you don't make this into a saas-bahu drama!
Keep up your good work.
payal94 IF-Dazzler

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Nice story cint soon
Sarahpeyton Senior Member

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Few days passed by but Vivek's family was still mourning his death.
One day when Manik was sitting with his parents when he got a call .
He excused himself and attended the call.
It was a call from his college to inform him that he had been selected to do 2 year internship under a world renowned photographer and he had to report him within 3 days.

Manik was ecstatic hearing this. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity. His name was selected from among 500 applicants from India.
He had been waiting for this opportunity for a long time. If he let this chance pass by he wouldn't be able to pursue his passion i.e. photography.

But he couldn't leave his parents in this state.
So he thought to let this opportunity go.

After attending the call he was going to his parents room when Shanti called him.

He went to Shanti's room. She asked him what he had thought about Nandini.

Manik- Bua actually I was thinking that may be Nandini will open up in front of her mother. So if she is ok with it we can send her to her mother's place for few days.

Shanti- May be you are right. I will talk to her.

Manik nodded and took her leave and went to his room.

It was almost night and time for dinner.

Shanti prepared the dinner and called everyone down for dinner.

Nyonika said that she was not hungry but on Manik and Raj's insistence that she had to take care of her health, she ate some food.

While eating, Shanti told them about her discussion with Manik regarding Nandini.

Nyonika didn't say anything so on her behalf Raj agreed.

After they finished eating everyone went to their respective rooms.

Shanti didn't feel hungry so she skipped the dinner but took some food for Nandini as she was very weak.

Shanti entered Nandini's room . It was all dark. She switched on the lights and saw Nandini sitting in a corner hugging her knees.

Shanti- Nandini beta wahan kyu baithi ho. 

Nandini looked up and saw Shanti standing there.

Shanti kept the plate on a table and went and sat beside Nandini.

Shanti- Beta agar tum aise rahogi to kaise chalega.
Tumhe ek baat pata hai . Vivek ko udaas chehre bilkul pasand nahi the.

Agar wo kisiko bhi sad dekhta to naye naye ways SE unhe hasane ki koahish karta.

Ab agar tum hi udaas rahogi to use bahut bura lagega.
Wo jaha bhi hoga tumhe dekh raha hoga.

Kam se kam tumhe Vivek ke liye jeena hoga.

Nandini heard this and hugged Shanti.

Shanti- Beta agar tum chaho to kuch din apni maa ke ghar ho aao. Wo tumhe bahut miss karti hai. Jaogi na.

Nandini nodded her head half-heartedly.

Shanti felt satisfied that atleast now Nandini will recover from her trauma now that she agreed to go to her mother's place.

Shanti fed Nandini and then packed her bag and asked Nandini to take rest.

After Shanti left Nandini went near the window and looked at the sky and kept staring at the stars for sometime thinking about Vivek and his promise.
After sometime she went to sleep.

Done with another update.

I know it was boring .

But please bear with it for a few more chapters. These few chapters are important for building up the story.

What do you feel about this update ?

Please give your comments.

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