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Manan- friendship or more(ch.75 on page no.63)(26-8-2017) (Page 26)

Sarahpeyton Senior Member

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Posted: 24 June 2016 at 12:22pm | IP Logged

Manik's p.o.v-

I was sleeping peacefully when my sleep was disturbed by the constant buzzing of my phone alarm.

I got up and went to the washroom, had a shower and wore a T-shirt and blue jeans and went down to have breakfast.

Mom and Dad were already seated on the breakfast table.

And as usual Bua and Nandini were serving.

I rolled my eyes and said - Aap dono sudhroge nahi na. Kitni baar kaha hai ki ye sab kaam karne ke liye servants hai. Par aap log meri baat sunte kaha ho. 

Bua said - Nahi beta aisa nahi hai...

Nai nai aisa hi hai... meri baat kyu sunoge aap log. Hum aapke hai kaun?

Bua laughed at my filmy dialogue and ruffled my hair and said - Theek hai Nautanki baithti hoon mai .

Saying this she sat beside me.

I looked at Nandini. She was still serving Mom.

Bua said - Nandini Beta tum bhi baitho na.

Nandini said - Nai Buaji aap log khaoye mai baad me khalungi.

Saying this she was about to go to the kitchen.

I found only one way to make her eat.

So I said - Theek hai Bua jaane do Nandini ko. 

Aur Haan Nandini Ek aur baat Agar I want all the family members to be present for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sab sath me khayenge aur Agar ek bhi member missing raha to mai bhi nahi khaunga. Sab dhyan se sunlo.

And ye rule abse start hota hai.

I looked at her and said all this.

She was in a dilemma.

I said - Nandini soch kya rahi ho. Aake baitho chup chap.

Ab aarahi ho ya mai uth jau khana chodke.

She looked at me and said - Nai Aap mat utho. Mai aati hu.

Saying this she came and sat beside Bua.

I smiled at my small victory.

All of us finished eating peacefully as Miss.Trouble maker was out of town for two days.

After breakfast,Dad left to office.

I asked Mom to be ready by afternoon as I had planned a treat for the ladies of the house because I had got my dream assignment.

Nandini tried to make excuses but I eventually convinced her.

Mom went to attend a call and Bua and Nandini went to their rooms.

I thought it as a perfect time to ask Nandini about the designs.

Abhimanyu had said that Nandini has a collection of designs which she used to make as she was interested in Fashion designing and she always keeps the book with her.

So I went to her room and knocked at the door.

She opened the door slightly and got surprised seeing me and said - Aap yahan... Kuch kaam tha kya?

I said - Haan kaam toh tha but yahin darwaze Par hi sab puch logi. 

Hearing this she opened the door completely and I went inside. 

I saw that she was hiding something behind her so I asked her - Nandini kya chupa rahi ho. Dikhao mujhe.

She didn't show me what was in her hand.

I got curious as to what she might be hiding.

So I held her hand and brought it forward.

She was holding a book in her hand.

I asked her about the book but she avoided.

But I am Manik, how can I accept defeat so easily.

So I tried to snatchthe book from her hand. 

But she was equally stubborn.

She didn't leave the book.

In all this, Nandini lost balance and fell on me.

Both of us landed on the floor with Nandini above me.

Taking this opportunity i took the book from her hand and held it out of her reach.

I said- Nandini aisa bhi kya bada secret hai is book me Jo tum mujhe dekhne nahi de rahi ho. Ab to mai ye book dekhkar hi rahunga.

Nandini tried to get hold of the book.

She said - Manik hamari book wapas kardo please. Kisiki personal book Dekhna achi baat nahi hai.

I looked into her eyes and saw that tears were about to come out so I handed the book to her.

Then we realised the position we were in at that time.

Nandini immediately took the diary and got up from me.

Even I got up and said - Nandini I am sorry for this. Mujhe nahi pata tha ki tum itna bura maan jaogi mere chote se mazak se. Mujhe laga ki you consider me as your friend but I am sorry if I exceeded my limit.

Saying this I was about to go out when Nandini said-

Manik ruko. 

I turned back and saw that she had held the book in front of me.

I said - It's Ok Nandini, aisa zaruri to nahi ki tum mujhse har cheez share karo. 

She said - Manik aisi baat nahi hai. Wo bas ...

She stopped midway.

I wondered what she was going to say.

But then chucked it and took the book as till now I had understood that it was her fashion designing book.

I gave a look at all the designs and was impressed with her talent.

I said- Nandini these designs are just awesome. Tum to bahut hi badi chupi rustum nikli. But apna talent sabse chupake kyu rakha tha.

She said - Manik wo to bahut purani baat thi when this was my passion but with time it has faded away.

I borrowed that book from her for one day as I wanted to show these designs to Mom Dad.

I made an excuse to Nandini that I wanted to have a proper look at all the designs.

She agreed and gave me the book.

Then I left her room and went to my room and kept the book on my writing table.

I got busy in preparing for my assignment/ Project as I didn't want to be lagging behind in any aspect the next day which was my first day of job.

Few hours passed by and I was ready with the presentation which was to be submitted on the first day.

It was lunch time now.

So I got ready and went down.

Mom, Nandini and Bua were already waiting for me.

All three of us sat in my car. Mom sat in the passenger seat, Nandini and Bua in the backseat and I sat in the driver's seat.

Mom said - Manik Beta i am so proud of you. You have atlast achieved what you wanted. Mujhe nahi pata tha ki mera Manik Jo itni careless tha wo jaldi apne dream ko pura karlega. Aur itni jaldi itna responsible hojayega.

Saying this she ruffled my hair.

Ye Mom bhi na. She still thinks i am a small baby.

I smiled and looked in the mirror to set my hair.

I saw Nandini looking at me.

As soon as our eyes met she immediately looked away.

We reached the restaurant in 15 min.

All four of us occupied the table and I placed the order for all of them as the treat was on me.

As we were having our lunch, I heard a bunch of girls laughing among themselves.

They were sitting on a table just in front of our table.

I saw a girl whose back was facing me. 

She was the one cracking the jokes and the other were laughing.

I had heard that voice somewhere but couldn't remember where.

I wasn't able to see her face.

Suddenly she got a call and she got up to attend it .

May be the signal was not proper so she went out.

As she passed our table , then I realised that it was Aliya.

Oh my God I couldn't believe my eyes. I was actually seeing her in front of me.

The Aliya Saxena, the fashion Diva. The top most model of the country.

I have a huge crush on her. But never got a chance to talk or meet her face to face.

And now, I was so close to meeting her. 

I can't let this opportunity pass by. I have to meet her somehow. 

So I excused myself and went in the direction where Aliya went.


Done with another update.

Sorry sorry I know I am late but was stuck up with something important.

Anyways guys I know that I suck at writing P.O.Vs .

But still I have attempted it.

Hope you guys like it.

Please ignore the typos if any.

I am ready for your criticism as well.

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mehak_ahuja IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 June 2016 at 3:13pm | IP Logged
Awesome update...
Loved it
I didn't find it bad... Matlb the POV writing was nice
I really liked it

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jesse93 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 June 2016 at 8:53pm | IP Logged
Nice update dear,
continue soon.
syami Senior Member

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Posted: 25 June 2016 at 8:31am | IP Logged
tats awesome
m loving it
their moment were cute
hope aliyas entry
won't affect their relation
charanyaaj IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 June 2016 at 9:26am | IP Logged
Awesome update
ROOP0605 Goldie

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Posted: 25 June 2016 at 10:08am | IP Logged
Amazing update 
A12609z Goldie

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Posted: 25 June 2016 at 10:28am | IP Logged
N yesss u r too late but thank youfinally update mila
Story to complicated hoti jaa rahi h sooo painful for Nandu Koi usse luv to karta nehi n now her one sided huse crush infact luv for Manik jo usse agee jake or jyada pain dega n Soha Neo kam thee joo abb Aliya v agai n Manik is soo lost in Aliya
Abb kya hoga? NOW Manik k gf to paka Aliya hi hogi without ny second thought. ..n Manik to Nandu k liye kuch luv feel nehi karta he is just a friend infact humdardi wala. ..pata nehi Nandu k kuch hoga v ya nehi. .please make manan faster hope Nandu fashion designs k liye ASAP Manik sath chali jaye please make that faster
Sarahpeyton Senior Member

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Posted: 29 June 2016 at 12:57am | IP Logged

Continuation of Manik's p.o.v-

I excused myself from the table and went in the direction where Aliya went.

She was so busy in the phone conversation that she didn't realise that I was watching her.

I kept looking at her for a long time. The way she was making pouts while talking was just too cute.She was adjusting her hair which kept coming back on her face due to the heavy wind outside.

I don't know for how long I kept staring at her with a smile playing on my lips. I was brought back to reality when Aliya snapped her fingers infront of my eyes.

She said- Excuse me Mr. Whatever Were you checking me out? If it is so then it won't be good for your health.

I let out a small chuckle and said-
Oh hi. I am Manik Malhotra. I am a big fan of yours. Actually I am a photographer by profession and I have a huge collection of your snaps.

Aliya- Impressive... So I am being stalked...

Both of us laughed followed at the statement.

Aliya was very down to earth. 
Though she was one of the top models she didn't have even a little bit of arrogance like other top models.

That was something I liked about her.

Aliya - Waise I have come here with my friends. So why don't you join us.

I said - Thanks for the wonderful offer. I would love to join the most beautiful girl in the world but the thing is I have come here with my family. 

Aliya - Oh that's ok. Family comes first.

I escorted her inside and introduced her to Mom , Nandini and Bua.

Mom and Bua were really happy to meet her.

Mom liked Aliya instantly and gestured me through her eyes that Aliya was a perfect girl for me.

Ye Mom bhi na. I have just met Aliya and she is ready for matchfixing.
I smiled at her gestures.

I looked at Nandini who was least interested in the conversation.

Then Aliya's friends called her and she had to leave.

But before going, she gave me her contact number .

OMG!!!!!! Am i dreaming or is this real.

Mom started teasing me .

Mom- Not bad huh Manik. She is really a good choice. Aur first meeting me hi phone number de diya usne tujhe. You have made such a good impression on her.

I blushed hearing this and said- Mom come on it's just that we are in the same field so may be that's why usne diya hoga number.

Mom ruffled my hair and said- Haan Haan pata hai. Isi liye tu ladkiyo ki tarah blush kar raha hai. Hain na??

I adjusted my hair and said - Mom please stop doing this. Bal kharab hojayenge.

Both Mom and Bua laughed at my childish complaints.

But there was one person who wasn't happy at all.


I intentionally tried to include her in the conversation but she was just giving one word answers like yes, no...

We finished our lunch and went back home.

I wanted to talk to Nandini as what had happened to her but she made an excuse that she wasn't feeling well and she needed rest and left from there without giving me a chance to ask any question. 

Nandini avoided me for the rest of the day and didn't even come down for dinner.

I thought to give her space so didn't force her to come down.

After dinner I went to her room and knocked.

Nandini opened the door and asked- Manik aap is waqt... Kuch kaam tha kya?

I said- Nandini can we talk? 

She said- Manik kya hum subah baat karsakte hai. Please don't mind. Hume neend aarahi hai.

I nodded and left.

I came to my room and lied down on my bed thinking about Nandini.

I don't know what had happened to her.

Since the incident of kidnapping, I had observed that she was keeping silent. And most of the time she was ignoring me. I couldn't understand the reason.

I had asked her but she avoided the topic.

Am I missing something?

She always used to giggle even at my silliest jokes but now...

Nandini had said that she is over that kidnapping incident then what is it that is troubling her?

Did anything else happen that night?

I tried to recollect the incidents of that night.

After Bua and Lata went to sleep, I was playing and chatting with the kids and Nandini was sitting on the bench. Then I had that drugged juice and then...

Why can't I remember what happened after that?

I tried hard to remember but couldn't...

I was really worried now. What could have possibly gone wrong?

It had become my habit to share even the slightest happiness in my life with her and now I had a lot of important things to share with her about Aliya but Nandini was avoiding me. I couldn't digest this fact.

Nandini had become my best friend and now she was completely ignoring me.

No I can't let this happen. I know that I can't intrude her personal space but then I can't let her go back to the darkness again from where I was trying to bring her out.

I think keeping her busy in her fashion designing would help her overcome her sadness.

I have to talk to Dad about getting her a job in some reputed Fashion House as a designer.

Yes I will make sure it happens.

Thinking of all this I went to sleep.

End of Manik's p.o.v.

Done with another update...

Hope you guys like it.

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