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Manan- friendship or more(ch.75 on page no.63)(26-8-2017) (Page 17)

mehak_ahuja IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 May 2016 at 2:35pm | IP Logged

Loved it

Sarahpeyton Senior Member

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Posted: 29 May 2016 at 1:26am | IP Logged

Manik after finishing the call went inside and asked everyone to assemble in the classroom of the orphanage.

All the kids entered and took their respective seats.

Lata , Shanti and Nandini along with the other workers too came and sat on the benches.

Manik gave the kids some task of reading and the kids got busy in that.

Manik made sure that no one left the classroom till the arrangements were made in the garden.

Manik then checked the paperwork of the orphanage land and instructed the caretaker to bring all the records of the transactions that have been taking place since the last two years. 

He went through the files and found out the actual problem and got the solution to the problem.

As soon as he finished the work for which he had come to Amritsar, he got a call from someone. 

Manik picked up the call 

Manik - Hello... Haan kaam hogaya?

and the person on the phone said - 
all the arrangements have been done outside the orphanage.

Manik said- Ok hum log aarahe hai bahar.

Person - Ji sir.

With this Manik kept the phone and said- Chalo bachcho padhai ka time over . Now is the time for some masti.

The children got excited hearing the word Masti.

Kid1 - Bhaiyya masti Matlab.

Manik - Tum log chalo to sahi bahar. Sab apne aap pata chal jayega.

All the children ran out to the garden area and were excited to see the arrangements done.

Manik paid money to the people who had arranged the setup and they went away.

Everyone was mesmerised with the arrangements.

Kid1- Bhaiyya yeh sab kya hai.

Manik - Tum logo ke liye special movie night arrange ki hai maine. Uske baad dinner. 

Kid2- Wow!!!!

Manik - Chalo bachcho sab apni apni jagah pe baith jao. Mai movie start karne jaraha hu.

All the kids settled themselves on the mats arranged in front of the screen.

Manik started the movie.

The kids got busy in enjoying the movie.

Lata- Manik bahut bahut Shukriya hai Ji apka. Apne aj bachcho ko Khush kardiya. Aap sach me angel banke aaye ho Ji in bachcho ke liye. Warna in bachcho ko to malum hi nahi tha Khushi ka Matlab. Bechare kismat ke baare hai Ji.

Manik - Mai kaun hota hu in bachcho ko Khushi dene wala. Khushi to uparwala deta hai. Mai to bas ek zariya hu. 

Lata- Ye to apka badappan hai Ji Jo ap aisa keh rahe hai. Acha ab bahut emotional baatein hogayi Chalo hum bhi movie ka maza lete hai. Kyu Shanti.

Shanti - Haan Chalo. 

Lata took Shanti with her and settled behind the kids to enjoy the movie.

Manik was also going to watch the movie when he turned around to see that Nandini instead of following him was going inside the orphanage.

Manik went in front of her and stopped Nandini by extending his hand.

Manik - Tum kaha jarahi ho Madam. Movie screen yahan hai andar nahi.

Nandini - Manik hamara mood nahi hai movie dekhne ka.

Manik - Kyu. 

Nandini - Bas aise hi.

Manik - Ohhh... mai samajgaya . Ye bachcho ki movie hai isliye nahi dekhna hai tumhe. 
To batana chahiye tha na mai dusri wali movie arrange karwadeta Jo Bachche nahi dekhte jaise kiii...(he said this with a naughty smirk).
Before Manik could complete the sentence Nandini stopped him.

Nandini - Manik please... 

Manik - Kya hua Maine kya bola. Mai to ye keh raha tha ki kahi tumhe spiritual type movie to nahi dekhna.

Nandini - Ohh...

Manik - What ohhh . Waise tumne kya socha tha...

Nandini realised that she had misunderstood Maniks statement and said - N..nai mai...Maine to kuch nahi socha...

Manik- Hmmm... To stammer kyu kar rahi hi.

Nandini without meeting Manik's eyes- Kuch nai. Hum room me jarahe hai...

Before Manik could say anything further, Lata came and said- Oji ap yaha kyu thehre ho. Chaliye na Ji hamare sath movie dekhte hai sath me.

Saying this she dragged Manik along with her.

Manik with his eyes pleaded Nandini to save him.

Nandini giggled and went and sat between Manik and Lata.

Manik whispered in Nandini's ears- Thank you.

Nandini smiled.

The movie got over and the kids got up fully happy with the movie night.

All the kids came to Manik and said- Thank you Bhaiyya. Thank you very much.

Manik - It's Ok bachcho. Ab Chalo dinner karlete hai. Uske baad dher sari baatein karenge.

All the kids in unison- Ok Bhaiyya.

The kids went and settled across the dinner table.

The caretaker and the workers praised and thanked Manik for thinking so much about the children.

The children ate the food and said- Bhaiyya khana bahut tasty tha. Thank you again.

Manik smiled seeing the kids happiness.

After finishing the dinner, Lata said- Bas Ji aaj to bahut khaliya. Ab subah jaldi uthkar jogging ko Jana hoga.
Mai to jarahi hu Ji sone.

Shanti- Haan Bhai mujhe bhi neend arahi hai. Tum Bachche baithke baatein karo. Chalo Nandini tum bhi aarahi ho na mere sath.

Nandini - Ji.

Manik - What Ji. Tum kaha chal di.

Nandini - Buaji ke sath.

Manik - No tum kahi nahi jarahi. Chup chap baitho yahan pe.

Nandini - But Manik...

Lata- Shanti Chalo hum log chalte hai. Jab aana hoga ajayegi Nandini.

Saying this she took Shanti with her.

Manik to Nandini - Kya yaar Nandini tum kitni boring ho. Kaha tum Bua aur us Lata ke sath jarahi thi. 

Then he turned towards the kids and said- Abhi to bahut masti baaki hai . Right bachcho.

Kids in unison - Righttt...

Manik - Okayyy then. 

He took Nandini with him and asked her to sit on the bench and went to the kids.

The kids played lot of games and did a lot of chit chat with Manik.

Then one of the worker of the orphanage came and served them soft drinks. 

Manik and all the kids drank it. But Nandini didn't drink it as she was busy in observing the kids playing with Manik.

The person who served the drinks went to a corner and called someone and said- Paaji kaam hogaya. Maine sab ko drink pila Di hai. Ab 1 ghante me uska asar shuru hojayega.

The person on the other side- Theek hai. Mai ek ghante me aata hu. Tab tak tayyar rehna.

He cut the call.

The kids played for 1 hour when suddenly it started to rain.

All the kids were excited and started dancing in the rain.

Nandini got up and was about to go to the shed to protect herself from getting drenched in rain.

Manik saw this and asked the kids to stop her.

Kid1- Didi aap kaha jarahi ho. 

Kid2- Chalo na Didi kitna maza aaraha hai baarish me bheegke.

Nandini - Nai bachcho aap log Manik ke sath khelo mujhe barish pasand nahi hai.

Kid3- Nahi Chalo na.

Nandini - Bachcho zid mat karo.

Saying this she was about to go when the kids shouted-

Manik Bhaiyya hamari help karo . Didi nahi maan rahi hai. 

They held Nandini's hand preventing her to run away.

Manik came to help the kids and lifted her by her waist and twirled her around.

Manik - Comeon Nandini, let's enjoy the rain. Kaha jaarahi ho.

Nandini was shocked with this act of Manik. 

The kids ran away to enjoy and got busy in the rain.

Manik's touch created havoc in her body. And the rain was adding fuel to her desires.

Manik put her down and she was about to leave when Manik held her hand and pulled her towards him with a jerk. 

Due to the sudden pull Nandini's back crashed with Manik's chest.

Nandini had no idea what was happening inside her. This was the feeling which she had Never experienced before.

Manik turned Nandini towards him and looked at her face. 

Nandini had her eyes closed.

Manik- Open your eyes.

Nandini nodded her head in a no.

Manik- Please... Look at me ...

Nandini still didn't open her eyes. 

Manik kissed both her eyes.

Nandini clutched Manik's shirt tightly.

Nandini opened her eyes and looked down.

Manik then eyed her lips and rubbed his thumb over her lips. 

Manik lifted her face by placing his index finder below her chin.

Manik brushed his lips slightly with Nandini's lips.

Nandini came out of her trance and pushed Manik and was about to run inside the orphanage when she saw that all the kids were lying down on the ground.

Nandini checked them and saw that they were unconscious.

Then she heard some footsteps coming towards her and before she could turn to see who it was someone hit her head with an iron rod and she fell unconscious.

Phewww... Done with another update.

Lot of things happened...

Hope you guys like it.

Please give your comments.

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mehak_ahuja IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 May 2016 at 3:07am | IP Logged
Omg so much happened... Manan moment .. Some intruders hitting Nandini... Yeh Kya Ho raha hai.. So damn Intresting...
Loved the update 
And the is getting so good

Thank u for the updTe 
Keep smiling
Stay blessed

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charanyaaj IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 May 2016 at 6:40am | IP Logged
Awesome update...
Manan's first kiss. Did manik has feelings for nandhini or it was a dream???
what happened to nandhini? I hope manik is safe and save nandhini from the intruders.
Thanks for the long update
Sarahpeyton Senior Member

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Posted: 30 May 2016 at 2:49am | IP Logged

Nandini woke up with a extreme pain in her head as she was hit by an iron rod .

She held her head and sat straight to observe the surroundings where she was.

Nandini realised that she was in a dark room. 

She could hardly see anything.

There was a dim light coming from the window of the room. 

Nandini thought - Mai yahan kaise aagayi. Kaun the wo log jinhone mujhe maara. Aur orphanage ke Bachche bhi behish the. Kaun karsakta hai aisa. Aur Manik... Manik kaha hai. Wo bhi to wahi tha...

Nandini felt some movement beside her. 

She looked in that direction and found that someone was lying beside her . His hands and legs were tied with a rope.

Nandini took a close look and realized that it was Manik.

She immediately went near him , untied the ropes and tapped his shoulder to wake him up.

Nandini - Manik... Manik... utho na. Kya hua hai tumhe... Tum uth kyu nahi rahe ho. Utho na please...

Someone entered the room and switched on the lights.

Person giving a wicked laugh- Nahi uthega ye. 

Nandini turned toward the person and said- 

Kaun ho tum ?

Hume yahan kyu laye ho?

Kya chahiye tumhe?

Person 1- Kitne sawal puchti ho tum.Tumhe kidnap kiya hai hum logo ne. To chup chap baitho waha pe. 

Another person entered the room.

He was the Boss of the kidnappers.

Person 1- Dekho paji mai le aaya us ladke ko. 

Boss- Shabash... Aaj tune mera dil Khush kardita. Ye le rakhle. 

Saying this his boss handed him the gold locket which he was wearing.

Person1- Shukriya paji. 

Boss- Magar ye ladki sath me kaun hai.

Person 2- Paji ye ladki bhi wahi Par thi. Agar hum ise sath nahi laate to ye sab ko alert kar deti. Aur hamara plan kharab hojata.

Boss- Theek hai. 

In the meantime at the orphanage -

Shanti got up in the middle of the night and took the jug kept at her side table to drink water . But the jug was empty. 

Shanti went down to bring water from the fridge.

She drank the water and was about to go when her eyes fell on the kids in the garden through the window.

Shanti to herself- Yeh Bachche garden me kyu so rahe hai.

She went out and woke up the kids but they didn't move.

She realised that they had fainted.

Shanti then alerted the orphanage staff.

Everyone came down and took the kids to their rooms.

Shanti asked Lata- Lata tumne Manik aur Nandini ko Dekha hai kya.

Lata- Nai Maine to nahi Dekha. Hum dono to sath me andar gaye the na. Aur wo log bachcho ke sath bahar hi the.

Shanti went to Manik's room and didn't find him there. 

Then she checked Nandini's room and found her missing too.

Shanti -

Hey bhagwaan kaha chale gaye ye dono. Ab mai kya karu. GHAR pe karke batadu kya?

Nahi khamakha wo log Pareshan hojayenge. Kuch der wait karke dekhti hu. Yahi kahi honge. Bhagwaan please undono ko safe rakhna.

Meanwhile in the room where Manik and Nandini were kept-

Nandini - Kya kiya tum logo ne Manik ko. 

Boss- Kuch nahi kiya hai humne bas Zara si nasheeli dawai pila Di hai. Ab yeh hosh me nahi rahega. 

Manik moved a little.

He was regaining consciousness.

Person 1- Paji ye ladka to hosh me aaraha hai.

Boss- Fikar mat kar chote hosh me aabhi gaya to hamara Kuch nahi bigad payega ye.

Person 2- Matlab.

Boss- Matlab ye ki iske hath pair kaam nahi karenge Kuch ghanto tak. Aur yeh Kuch bol bhi nahi payega.Wo papers lekar aao.

The person brought the papers .

Boss- Iske anguthe (thumb) ka nishan le lo paper pe. Fir ye zameen hamari hojayegi. Uske baad ye Kuch vi nai karpayega.

The person came towards Manik and took his thumb and put in on the stamp pad and then was about to take Manik thumb impression on the paper when Nandini stopped him.

Manik was seeing all this but he couldn't do anything as he couldn't move an inch due to the drug effect.

Nandini-Ruko tum log aisa nahi karsakte. Ye to dhoka hai.

Boss- Ab dhoka ho ya Kuch aur hum to aise hi karte hai hamara kaam.

The person jerked her hand and took Manik's thumb impression.

Person 1- Paji ye kaam to hogaya Ab is ladki ka kya karna hai.

Boss- Karna kya hai. Waise khoobsurat bahut hai ye. Lejao tum log use apne sath. Aish karo...

Saying this he went away from their.

The kidnappers laughed among themselves and came towards Nandini.

Nandini held Manik's hand tightly.

Manik tried to get up to save Nandini from them. But all his efforts were proving useless.

The kidnappers held Nandini and started to drag her with them but Nandini didn't leave Manik's hand.

Nandini - Chodo mujhe . Please mat karo aise. 

They laughed evilly.

Nandini - Manik utho na. Please help me. Manik utho. 

She had tears in her eyes.

She called out his name to help her. 

Her grip of his hand was slipping.

Finally the kidnappers succeeded to seperate their hands.

And dragged her out of the room despite her cries and protests .

Manik could just see her being taken away by the kidnappers. He was helplessly trying to get up. But the kidnappers had already gone closing the door behind.

Done with another update.

Hope you guys like it.

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jesse93 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 May 2016 at 4:33am | IP Logged
Yaar please don't let anything happened to her,
just can't tolerate that.
mehak_ahuja IF-Dazzler

Joined: 25 May 2015
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Posted: 30 May 2016 at 5:10am | IP Logged
God Nandu ko le gye woh log... Plz save her Manik some how..
Loved the update
This story has become my fav

Thank u for the update
syami Senior Member

Joined: 29 August 2015
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Posted: 30 May 2016 at 8:51am | IP Logged

so much of thing hpnd??
so horrible ppl
thy didn't left babies too

and kidnapped both of them
jus for land
tat too thy took it by betraying

and manan moment wer awesome
loved it
he cud not resist her

manik will save nandu
no matter not
can't wait for next update

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