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First Ever...Dil ne teri khawahish ki hai

..paarsaa.. Goldie

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guys first time I made baaner plss tell me how's it?
Guys this was my first ever os which I wrote year back but never posted before y ? for that u have to read this at least just once read plzzz its a small request by me...

[center] Nandini Malhotra entered in her room and saw Manik sleeping it was his daily routine to take a rest after fajar salah ( Namaaz)...she smiled looking at him and sat besides him ...

" Manik wake up !! aapko office nhi jaana hain?? "she asked him ruffling his hair ...Manik opened his eyes lazily and pulled her towards him nandini was not ready to that sudden pull...

" Manik kya ho gaya hain aapko subah subah "...

" Early morning phobia " he said

" Manik please stop it leave me " she pleaded

" Arey abhi Maine start hi kahan kiya hain?? see pari and anshu ur ammi is scolding ur abbu .." he pouted ...

" Who is park and anshu??" she asked...

" Paarsaa and Ansharah !! our twin daughters who will come after nine months " he was still holding close to him ...

" Manik please "... Nandini blushed hard ...

" No let's start the process" He whispered into her ears tracing his finger on her back she just hide her red face in his chest ...

" Why are blushing honey looks at me u know na how badly i am waiting for my angles to come " he said innocently ...

" Imaginary angles ko chodiye and go to ur living angles who are waiting for their abbu to wake up

and suddenly the door open with thud and two little girl entered in room ...

Six years Andaleeb Malhotra

And three years Zobia Malhotra

<img src="http://m.uploadedit.com/ea3s/1461581798878.jpg" alt="" />

Manik left Nandini imediatly and held his daughter and showered them with kisses ..

" Baba !! why u sleep so much "?? andaleeb asked ...

" Bcoz ur ammi troubles me baby she don't let me sleep " Mani said and winked at nandini nandini just wanted to hide somewhere this man never miss any chance to make her emberess ...while their younger daughter was busy putting her tiney fingers in his eyes and gigling ...

" She will pakka make me blind someday "Manik hold her fingers

" My daughters are my saviours they know what their father does to their mother staring at her this is ur punishment " Nandini showed him tounge ...

" What"?? Manik asked with confused expression

" Nothing ...come andu ,zubi it's breakfast time .." she said ..

" No ammi I want to ride cycle .. baba please chalein na !!! andaleeb pleaded adorably ...

" Okk my angles and baba will do fun together see nandu they love me more than u "Now it was manik's turned to make her jealous nandini just smiled and Manik left from there with his daughter ...
That was Nandini's life her world ...Manik was a perfect husband,a perfect father but something was still incomplete may be she was craving for those three magical words from his mouth it was ten years they got Married ...


10 years back

They all were sitting in the hall and were Charing their Grandmother was going oil message to everyone ...

" Ohh that why hamare ghar me rashsn me oil itni jaldi khatam ho jata hain in me itne bambe lambe Baal kitna peeta hain " cabir spoke pointing towards nabya hair all the girl stated him

" Haan cabir bhai gamare Baal to peete hain aapke kya karts hain pata hain hame " navya said which made cabir scared navya was like jassos of their family and was suspense novel reader he locked his lips from saying anything may be navya uska raaz na khol de ...
They all were cousines ...
Yash Malhotra who only child was Manik and who was eldest amongst all the cousines Then Ayaz Malhotra who had three children's cabir ,nandini and aliya ,Dhruv mukti ,Aryaman were farhan malhotra's children they Also had phuphu (bua ) sjo was vedo and lived with them with her only daughter Navya ...

" Ye sari problem hi pata hone ki hain pata nhi q hoti hain" dhruv said who was enjoying her massage ...

' Arey isse yaad aaya Dadi ammi ( grandmother ) u never told told us about ur love story with Dada abba .." aryman said

" Chal hat besharam na ho to " dadi through her chapel on him which caught by Manik who was entering there ...all this while nandini was just smiling and enjoying nok jhok ...

" Wrong through dadi ammi ...u have to aim first " Manik said and sat beside dadi and dhruv made faces bcoz Manik almost through him on the couch Nandini left from there ...

" Apne aim me bare me farmayeinge aap Zara ? " cabir inquired ...

" Don't trouble to him come mera sharif bachcha I will give u massage " dadi said and Manik was thinking is dadu was taunting him bcoz everyone knew how besharam he was

" Are u kidding dadi ammi Sharif or ye isse zyada besharm insaan to Maine nhi dekha u know what he did ?? he..." cabir said ...

" Tu q ruthi hui dulhan bans baitha hain ??" Manik cut him in middle and showed him eyes don't h dare to tell ...

"Dulhan se yaad aaya bht dino se ghar me functoin nhi hua    nandini appi ki rukhsati( vidai ) hi karwadein " now aliya spoke...

" Haan or iske irade bhi theek nhi hain ..its.almost one year for their nikah "...Aryman said looking at Manik who sighed he and nandini legally was married he did nikah when he was going for training ...


" Guess what's the news ?? "mukti entered in the room excitedly ...

" What ?" all girls looked at her with question mark

" There is meeting going on in Dada abba's room and I heared that after eid nandini or nanik bhai ki shadi hain " nandini blushed all were excited ...

" ohh so double shopping banti hain !!! but baarat Ka maza nhi aayega bride will go from this room to another room " aliya pouted ...

" To who told u to born in our family "?? navya said

"I will tell Manik bhai to buy new house jahan she baaraat aaye after all I am his iklauti sali "...

"and then..." mukti was saying something just then nandini heared voice her mother was calling her

"I will be back " nandini went mukti also followed her

" Ji ammi " she said

" Beta go and give this milk to Manik I check on cabir don't know where he is " she said and put glass on her..

" But...how can I" nandini started shivering but her mother left from there

" Why u scare of him so much ?? " mukti raised her eyebrows ...

" No no I m not scared of him it's not fear but respect " she added

" ohh" mukti said

" Mukti I am ur sister na ??" nandini said cutely

" Yes" she nodded

" U love me a lot na" now mukti knew why nandini was saying this

" And I have to prepare for my exam u go give milk to ur Sartaaj ..." saying this she ran from there and nandini with no choice went towards manik's room ...she slowely peepde in Manik was not in room when she realised someone was behind her she tuners and shocked Manik with expression asked her that what she doing in his room ...

" Woo am..ammi n..ne doodh me glass bheja hain aapk liye " she stammered ...Manik nodded and took glass from her hand and asked her to leave

" how rude , Hitler mujhe kaun sa rehna hain is room me ...ohh duffer nandu tum bol nhi sakti this that that is ur room also huhhh" she was blabbering ...and one person heraed it and it was none other than Manik ...


Today was her their marriage nandini was waiting for him in his room ...door opened slowly and Manik came inside and came to her

" Haan to what were u saying that day that this is ur room also??" Manik asked her with serious expression

"No..no I mean hone wala " she stammered

" Am u looked like a fool ??"he asked she nodded

" What??" he raised his voice lil ...

" No...see don't scold me I will." she threatened him

" What will u do?? " he asked with smirk

" Nothing I to can't say k mayke chali jaaoongi " she said and pouted ..

" Aww to why u refused that proposal ?? if h would have married to that boy to ..." Manik teased her

'" Manik plzzz" she pleaded

" And how can I refuse this this beautiful face " saying this she took her in his embaress

Manan were very happy ...before marriege they were cousins and grown up with each others but after marriage they came close ...

Manik was reading newspaper in garden nandini came and sat besides him ...

" Arey u up " he folded newspaper ..

" No I was just lying ...Manik let's go for outing I m really getting bore ...

" As u wish wail mai keys leke aata hoon " that whole day they spent with each other nandini did shopping first time with Manik ...after that they returned ...

In night when they were lying on bed with nandini's head on Manik's chest nsndini asked him

" Manik do u love me??"

" Yes" Manik answered and nandini became so happy

" From when " ?? she again asked

" Jab se hamara nikah hua see agar love na bhi ho to ye relation hi aisa hota hain when u accept some one in ur life saying Qabool hain,Qabool hain Qabool automatically feeling started building inside u which u can't deny afar love na bhi ho to attraction hoti hain " he explained her and nandini got disappointed she was waiting for his confession but ...
after that she never asked him that question now its ten hears for their marriage she was mother of his two beautiful daughters but still she was waiting for his confession ...

In might she made sleep abdaleeb and xobia and came two her room and to her shock room was filly decorated with flowers and Manik was standing middle in the room

" Manik what is this??" she asked vonfusingly

" What yaar u know na flowers are the best gir this occasion " hr replied

' what occasion ??"

" Yaar tum question bht poochti ho ..I know what u want " he whispered in her ears

" What??? " sgr wan not understanding anything

"Nandini I know u always waited for my confession of love to u .. I never beleaved in love u know that we knows each other from childhood I don't have anything to tell u because u know me better than me ...I always knew someday i have to marry u bcoz hamari family me marriege bahar nhi karte ...u were perfect for me ,u are perfect for bestest wife ,bestest mother to my children u changed my life,my world by making it beautiful u proved me wrong I can't imagine to live without u ..u made realise what is love?? I always wanted a girl like u to be my wife

and today I m saying to u

I love u nandini .iove u very much ,thank u for giving me andaleeb and zobia thank u for everything hr confessed and nandini had tears in her WYES she waited for so long to hear that now she felt complete she ran to his arms and kissed his heart madly

" I love u too Manik " she hugged him he also hugged her back ...

"waise u know na m still waiting for twin angles its my dream to have four daughters so can we "...??
he asked her and she nodded and hugged him again and the moon witnessed their love

_____________________THE END_____________________

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sadiya51 Goldie

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Posted: 25 April 2016 at 7:10am | IP Logged
Wow this was awesome
Manan Muslim version love story
Brilliant work u have done

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..paarsaa.. Goldie

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Originally posted by sadiya51

Wow this was awesome
Manan Muslim version love story
Brilliant work u have done

thanks dear I always wanted to like this to show the love story of Muslim people to all after all we all Muslim somewhere have this kind of life ...
akshima1995 Goldie

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Posted: 25 April 2016 at 7:34am | IP Logged
So cute love story
U penned everything so beautifully
Loved it to the core
Ty for pm

Keep smiling
N Stay Blessed Smile

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abhilashaS Senior Member

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Posted: 25 April 2016 at 7:45am | IP Logged
loved it to the core...u nailed it yaar...superb...

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Raksha.Sareen Senior Member

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Posted: 25 April 2016 at 7:58am | IP Logged
Cute story it was.!
Loved manan..

Really u penned down so beautifully..!Clap

Really i was missing.manan..Cry

Thanku..for updating..!

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priyasmiley Goldie

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Posted: 25 April 2016 at 8:12am | IP Logged
awww super ,awessoem 
just loved it 
nailed  very perfectly
love the new version of manan 

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mairaallauddin IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 April 2016 at 8:54am | IP Logged
Awesome update 

Superb update 

Fab update 

Loved it 

Loved the update 

Waiting for the next part 

Update the next part soon 

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