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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

IPKKND SS - 3 Letters & a short story(completed)

tuli_jayee Goldie

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Posted: 25 April 2016 at 5:36am | IP Logged
Hello, everybody, I came up with another story of mine. Feel free to read, like, comment & criticize . But do not abuse.  

Dear Arnav,

By the time, you will receive this letter, I will be far far far away from you . I have already submitted my resignation letter to the board of directors & they have accepted it. I , thought of meeting you in person & letting you know about my decision . But then I cannot most probably say everything I have to say to you without getting emotional & shedding few tears  & to be very honest, I don't think you are worthy of my tears.

I can understand when your Nani or Di, doesn't approve of me because of my appearance or my reluctance in attending poojas or my lack of cooking skills or my career driven attitude. They never intended to know the real me amidst all these appearances . But, even after knowing me for almost 12 years & staying in a live-in relationship for last 5 years, you never bothered to correct them or tried to make them understand me. May be you too never wanted them to accept me.

I was a lively & carefree person too. I have many dreams & hopes for my future & my wedding too. I too came from a family which holds traditional values like your family. Just because, I am strong, educated & have a proper career - doesn't make me unworthy of your love. It simply doesn't means that I don't want anybody in my life, who would love me, cherish me, or be protective & caring towards me. I wanted all these in my life-partner. I went against everybody & started staying in a live-in relationship with you , because I love you'. I thought of taking a chance with my life in the hope that may be you too will someday think of a future with me , because though you haven't mentioned , but still I have seen it in your eyes - that you too love me'. Was I wrong in having hopes about our future ? Or just like our professional world I should have taken a written confirmation from your end before having hopes.

In my love for you , I tried to change myself. Nobody forced me. I did everything because my heart wanted me to take that chance. I learned to be traditional' to be accepted by your family. I learned to cook, to fit' into your family. I was your best friend , all your college life. I stood strong with you, when you wanted to start your business. I became your business advisory , your counsel. I moved in with you when you slipped into depression & turned alcoholic. I was very happy finally seeing you out of depression & stopped having alcohol. I was happy when you started taking back the control of your life. I was happy to witness them & more happy to see that you wanted to share your happiness with me. I didn't do you any favour . I did everything because I love you'.

But , I guess, that was not your true happiness. Then she' entered your life. Your true happiness'. You connect with her immediately. She is everything' your family wanted. You get a reflection of your mother' in her. You felt, just like you', she also had a traumatic childhood, so she could understand you better. Her hazel eyes , innocence attracted you & it didn't took much of your time to forget me. You felt, a girl like me , who came from a normal' family , will not be able to connect you on an emotional level. Does that thought never cross your mind in all these 12 years ? I was always the same girl, who supported you no matter, what your past is. But, you never appreciated or acknowledged all my little efforts for you. May be my existence fades in your happiness's presence. The way you are changing in your love for your happiness' - it's visible to everybody. But terming your change' for your happiness' as love & my change' for you as manipulative' & show -off' - is it justified?

Why is it , when you hurt'  Aman, just because, he is friendly to your happiness' - you justify it by saying, it's your love & possessiveness'. & if I try to harm' her , when I can clearly see you getting away from me, I am termed as B***h'. Does that means that my feelings cannot be termed as love' or possessiveness', because it is inconvenient for you ? have you realized how hypocrite' you sound or pathetic', you make me appear infront of everybody.


You needed somebody , when you hit the most low time in your life. You also needed an alternative, & also she should have a class, so that , your family can stop pestering for your marriage. You needed somebody, for successfully running your business too. & for that reason, I was the best availalable candidate. I am lucky, in all these years, we never shared something beyond kisses , because , if something like that happened, I am not sure , whether I would have ever been able to gather myself. Yes, I can't blame you, because , I entered in this relation , knowing it all. But, still it hurts.

But, I cannot continue with it anymore.I wish you get all the happiness in life. I want you to be happy . Since, you are ready for marriage too & your family approves of it , so I think marriage is on cards. All the best for your future. Wish you a happy' life with your happiness' ahead . But, I don't think , I want to be a part of it. Goodbye Arnav. Forever.



Chapter - 2 - Scroll down below 

Chapter - 3 - Just below chapter 2

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Downhill IF-Addictz

Joined: 29 June 2010
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Posted: 25 April 2016 at 5:47am | IP Logged
simply superb
loved it

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Mehak05 Senior Member

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Posted: 25 April 2016 at 5:51am | IP Logged
Loved it
I thought its khushi but its la
I wish it should b khushi in place of la i want to read that type of story where arnav feel khushi importance
Pm me when u update
And if u can write plz write something like that too

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ranogill IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 April 2016 at 7:19am | IP Logged
i can understand lavanya's feeling ..but love is can,t change that..but after six year of live in they did not shared more than kisses what kind of live  in that wonder arnav fell in love with 'SHE'

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Arshi.Sugi.IPK IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 April 2016 at 8:04am | IP Logged
Superb start

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tuli_jayee Goldie

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Posted: 26 April 2016 at 12:13am | IP Logged

Chapter - 2

Dear Arnav,

Beta, I am happy to see you happy these days. I am happy that finally you have decided to live your life. I really wish you all the happiness in life.

I still remember , you were only 7 & Anjali 12 ,  when I brought you after didi & jeejaji's death in car crash. Your father was a single child & so there were nobody else to take care of you people . So, I decided to take you under us , so that you people should never consider yourself orphan, when you have us. I have always loved you more than anybody else. & you in return have always treated me no less than your father. Maa , Manorama - everybody teased me because of this. May be my biasedness towards you is because you make me remember so much of my Di.

You must be wondering, why am I writing this letter to you? Actually, I have few confessions to make.

You might have known by this time that Lavanya resigned . The way she presented few fact, board members has to accept it . (Though it was quite difficult, as she herself is a part of this Board). She might have given you many reasons Arnav, but I can't forget that I am responsible for it too. But, she , being a nice person, didn't started any blame game within the family.

I have always known her to be a very strong person & the way she supported you as the only friend, as your business advisory, as your trusted counsel - I owe her a lot. I always had a tremendous respect for her. When Riya's conservative parents oppose her marriage with you - citing the reason that you are not a true Raizada , rather you are an orphan Mallik being adopted by Raizadas , I saw you slipped into depression. You turned alcoholic & started living separately in your penthouse. You hardly visited us. The father in me become selfish. I know, only Lavanya have the capability to bring my Arnav back. So, I begged her to stay with you. She was in dilemma. She can't go against her parents wish. But still, she took that decision against her parents only for you. At that moment, I realized, how much she loves you. I also realized, your marriage talk with Riya must have hurt her a lot.

The hard work she put up with you, just shows how strongly, she felt for you. The girl tirelessly work for the business you started with so many hopes. AR Corp was your dream. & you are loosing it in your own misery. Lavanya worked day & night just to keep your dreams alive. She put up with your depression, anger, frustration, tantrums, but never leave your side for a single moment. She has both work & you - to take care of.

Slowly, I started seeing the glimpses of my own Arnav back. I started seeing your carefree smile. The father in me thought about you first. But, when I see you getting back to your original form, I thought , may be you also love Lavanya the way, she loves you. She confessed, that she held a soft spot for you in her heart long time back. When you chose Riya, she suppressed her hurt behind the happiness of a friend. But last 5 years have changed many things. It's not only Lavanya who hoped for a future with you. It's me too, who don't want Lavanya to get hurt in the end. A part in me wanted you & lavanya - to be together, inspite of Maa & other members disapproving it. I never found the courage to tell everybody, it's me who convinced Lavanya to stay in a live-in relationship with you. Because, then I also have to tell them, how you have turned into alcoholic - which would hurt them more. I knew with time, they will be able to see the real Lavanya , who have only loved their dear Arnav & his family with all her heart.

When Khushi entered your life, I can very well see, where it all was heading. I knew it would end up hurting any one. When Khushi entered your life, I realized, it was all in destiny. Somethings were not meant to be. May be that's why you fail to realize Lavanya's efforts, her feelings, her emotions.

No way I dislike Khushi. She is just like a daughter to me. I know sometimes, there can be absolute no reason why a person falls in love with another, or why the same person didn't feel anything for another. With Khushi, there can be 100 reasons or absolute no reason, why you fell in love with her. It's heart's connection. When you love somebody, you love everthing of that person  - the strength, weaknesses & fault included. & when you don't feel anything , you didn't notice anything about that person- no matter how good that person is.

I am not saying, you are wrong Arnav. I am only saying, in my selfish hope of getting my son back - I have hurt an innocent soul, who doesn't deserve all this. She has already resigned & left this city too. In last 5 years, her decision of staying in a live-in relationship with you have cost her relationship with her parents. In fact, she told her parents , she is going out of India for sometime. She didn't share remaining details with them - most probably didn't want to stress them or hurt them more .

So, I too am leaving in search of her. Whatever happened, I cant change it. But at least I can bring her back. I can't leave her all lost & alone.


P.S - Don't hold yourself guilty of anything Arnav. Feelings cannot be imposed forcefully. It all comes from heart. So, you are not wrong. Just give it some time, everything will sort out. I will keep you posted.



Manohar Mama

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tuli_jayee Goldie

Joined: 13 September 2013
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Posted: 26 April 2016 at 12:57am | IP Logged

Chapter - 3

Dear Dadi & Di,

I am sorry, I couldn't meet you personally , before leaving. But I had to leave urgently. So, please forgive me, for just leaving this letter behind.

I have kept the other two letters with this one. Hopefully, reading them will clear many of your doubts. After reading them, you must have realized what is the urgent work for which Mama ji left 2 years back .

Yes, for last 2 years, we were lying saying, Mama ji was busy in our Paris branch. Where as the reality , is he has been searching Lavanya , following the leads provided by our team of private investigators. And, after searching in different location, finally we have found her. It is truly said ,'It's easy to find a missing person, but it is difficult to find a person, who doesn't want to be found out'. She has been misleading our investigators , but finally we found her.

She is in Himachal, running a book store. Can you believe it ? One of the board members in AR corp is now running a book store in remote corner of Himachal. She is associated with a NGO too. God only knows, what else is she doing there.

You can form many opinions about her. I am a coward that I never took a step in defending my best friend. She is the one genuine friend, I have formed ever in life. I will have never be the same, if not for her. I owe that much too her. She is not a coward like me. She always speaks her heart out. May be that' s why , she is not been liked by so many.

I have hurt her a lot. In all these years, there was not a moment, when I didn't think about her. She has been my friend for 12 years. She trusted me, when nobody did. She encouraged me, make me stand on my feet, when I lost all hopes. Just like a drowning man, I hold her. Yes, I have hurt her, insulted our friendship. But in these 2 years , I have missed her like hell.

When I slipped into depression & turned to alcohol, Lavanya stood strong with me. What Mamaji also didn't know, was how I treated her in last 5 years. After working tirelessly at office, to keep the business running, she comes back home every night to be taunted by me. After having, insane amount of alcohol every night, when I used to throw up - Lavanya used to clear my mess without any complain. In keeping me & my dreams, hopes alive - Lavanya was falling ill. Seeing her doing so much for me raised a hope in me. I realized, when my friend is putting in so much effort to bring me back, I have no right to take my life so lightly. Lavanya helped me come out of my alcoholic habbits. She started keeping me busy with my work. She got me introduced to her camping friends. She & her friends used to take me out on our weekends for road trip. With Lavanya, I started seeing a different version of life.

During that time, I was diagnosed with Liver problem. But Lavanya neither did  loose hope nor allowed me to loose hope. Shekeep me company  for my every appointment with doctor, my every tests. Previously business & I was keeping her busy. & now the responsibility of my medicine intake also fell on her. But, she did everything with a smile on her face. In all these years, she never counted these & didn't even mention them in her letter. But, I decided to tell you everything, may be then you could understand her.

I would be lying, if I say that never for once , I feel physically attracted to her. But, after everything, I was not sure whether I was ready for commitment or not. Firstly, starting a physical relationship with your best friend is very awkward. & without any commitment, enjoying all these pleasures will surely mean taking advantage of the goodness of your friend. She knew, I have many one- night stands during this period, but she chose to ignore them. After reading her letter, now do I realize, how each & every moment she was hurt by me. But, she never demanded anything. No explanation , nothing. But, she remain committed to our relation.

It's just that, seeing her as best friend for all these years & emotionally depended on her, she became my habbit. But, I failed to see her beyond that.

I don't know, whether I deserve her forgiveness or not, but I'll try. I'll beg, I'll grovel till she forgives me. I may not love her the way, she loves me , but I love her nonetheless. I can't lose her friendship. I will not be able to part with her. I hope you will realize what she is to me. May be, she will not forgive me. She will never agree to see me. But, I'll try. I don't want to spend my remaining life thinking,'I wish, I get a chance to appologise'. She deserves that much honesty. I don't know, whether I am making any sense, or you people are realizing what I am trying to say, but trust me, I need to do it , for my selfish reasons.


P.S - Khushi , you are my love dear. I have loved you, I love you & will always love you. I cannot forget my friendship of 12 years , for my love. Yes, in my love, I hurt her the most. If she was not in my life, I might have stayed the same depressed alcoholic person & am not sure whether, you would have spared me a glance then or not .But, you have to trust me in this. Lavanya has been a part of my life, for last 12 years . She stood strong with me in all my ups & downs. She has been morally & emotionally supporting me for all these years. She became fast friend to this orphan Mallik kid raised at the favours of Raizada'. She proved to be a great friend, while I failed. Always standing in the sideline & seeing me preferring first Riya & then you over her - must have broken her. To be very honest, Riya never mattered to me after we broke up. Khushi , coming back to you, feels like home . But, no Lavanya , in life feels like, something missing in my life. I need to meet her for my own peace. May be, if  I see her happy, & seek her forgiveness I will be able to move on in life. Hope you will atleast understand my reasons.





Khushi folded the letter & returned it to Nani. She would be lying, if she says, that she is not feeling jealous or insecure. Sometimes, she feels guilty of coming between friends. But, then Arnav always showed, how she is the only one for him. Yes, she knows, who is Riya. But surprisingly, mention of Riya or her presence, never unsettles her- when she was supposed to get married to Arnav. But Lavanya! She sighed. Yes, it's true Lavanya loved Arnav deeply. & Khushi is sure, if she has been in Lavanya's place, she would have done the same for her love. Just because , Arnav returned her love, doesn't mean Lavanya's love is not true or less worthy. She is not malicious. She has given her heart & soul to this bonding & the feeling is not reciprocated. Lavanya is bound to be hurt. It's not easy to forget or forgive. Khushi is also sure that any girl in Lavanya's place will hold Khushi responsible for snatching away their love. But Lavanya - she didn't blame Khushi for anything. She demanded answer from the person she loves . She didn't created any scene, didn't hurled accusation towards anybody, she just left hurt. This spokes a lot about her maturity. Just like a matured person, she realized that person she loves, will never love her back. All the accusation or melodrama will not help her achieve somebody's love. So, she left. Lavanya's friendship is very important to Arnav. Khushi herself also believe the same. How could she not respect the person, who has done so much for Arnav without thinking about herself. Yes, she does respect Lavanya a lot. She deserves this. After everything, she may not become friends with Arnav again. But she would pray & hope from her heart, so that Lavanya gets happiness in her life , no matter in whichever form. She would pray, so that the hurt in her heart lessens & she gets everything in her life she deserves. Lavanya is never at fault & Khushi will hold no negativity towards her in her heart. 

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