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(T1) Unknown Events - Arshi FF [Completed] (Page 8)

nisha_mehta IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 April 2016 at 8:24pm | IP Logged
Loved the conversation between khushi ans ASR...the way she back answered was superb.
Waiting for them to meet.
Hope that Ritesh just stays out of their way.
Continue soon 

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Rimi_BS IF-Rockerz

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Lovely story... i am liking it...Thumbs Up
plz continue soon...

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Downhill IF-Addictz

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Big smile

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Checkmatee Senior Member

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Hi! I update everyday (except for the weekends) so I will not be sending any PMs   Big smile

Chapter 6
Hearts graphics

Ritesh stared at her before saying "Its Ritesh. Okay?" his tone was hard. Khushi paused. Why was he angry..? She hesitated. How could she address him by name? He was older.. and was like her boss..

Ritesh forced himself to smile. "Okay?" his tone was softer.

"Okay..Ritesh..ji" she couldn't help but add, her cheeks flushed at the way he started at her intently. Why was he staring..

Calmness spread through him as he watched her lips take shape to form his name. Before he scared her off with his intense gaze, he shook his thoughts away.

 "See you later" were his last words as Khushi nodded and left the cabin feeling unnerved. Lucky for Ritesh, no one was around to watch how he leered at a retreating Khushi, focusing on how her well-rounded hips swayed as she walked away.



It was 3 in the afternoon. Khushi was growing more nervous as 4:30pm neared. She was being silly. Why was she worrying so much?

"Khushi!" Khuraisha called out to her as Khushi walked round the corner.

"Hey" she greeted, beaming at Khushi who smiled back to her. Linking her arm around hers, Khuraisha walked Khushi forward. 

"So, how's it going? Any update or progress on the ASR matter?" Khuraisha asked sweetly, waiting impatiently to get some news.

She had seen ASR on the news. He was one fine, very fine man. Good looking, intelligent and rich. He had it all. Often she had fantasized about him. She loved the way he would look so indifferent in front of the media and cameras. His photos always had the same cold, detached look. His intense eyes, sharp nose, his lips..

The man was perfection!

And now finally it seemed as if he was in reach. Her company could be doing business with him! 

When that man Rakesh had briefed them about AR Group last Friday, she'd been on top of the world. She was unable to contain her excitement. She was in the communications department, and so she jumped at the chance of doing some communicating of her own with ASR. 

But Rakesh chose this girl, this villager to be the contact person. Khuraisha looked at Khushi, her disgust carefully disguised.

Ever since Khushi had joined the company, Khuraisha had disliked her. Her choice of clothes, boring! No sense of fashion. Make up, none at all except for maybe eyeliner and some lip gloss. But overall, she was a fashion disaster, nothing like herself, Khuraisha thought smugly. Anyway, Khushi wasn't all that bad.

Khuraisha managed to make friends' with Khushi. She would sweet talk with her, take her out for a coffee and once took her for a mani-pedi, something she obviously couldn't afford. Instead of being grateful at the chance of getting a mani-pedi, the villager started a speech about how she didn't care for such stuff.

Ugh, what a loser. But anyway it was a win for Khuraisha anyway as she would dump a certain amount of work on Khushi.

But poor innocent Khushi never realized that Khuraisha was taking advantage of her. Khushi didn't have the grace or the confidence to talk to someone like ASR. She should've been in charge of the ASR case.

"It's good Khuraishaji" Khushi slowly tried to remove her arm from Khuraishas one. She had never been comfortable with Khuraisha. Sure, she was nice and everything, but Khushi was still wary about her for reasons she didn't really get. Khuraisha remained firm, tugging her arm and waited for her response.

"We are meeting with AR Group in about an hour and a half, actually" Khushi updated a thrilled Khuraisha.

Khuraisha eyes lit up. Meeting! Ah, perfect entry for her. She would walk into his cabin and- wait.

"We?" Khuraisha narrowed her shrewd eyes at Khushi.

"Woh.." Khushi trailed off uncomfortably. How many people would she have to explain this to? Hell, even she didn't understand why she was being summoned by the unreasonable and arrogant ASR.

"He said he likes to deal with just one person-"

"Khushi, Rakesh Sir is looking for you!" one of the colleagues hollered.

 "Excuse me, I'll see you later" Khushi smiled politely, finally freeing her arm from Khuraisha's grip. Hey Devi Maiyya, Rakesh sir probably wants to talk to me about the meeting, she thought to herself.  She recalled her previous conversation with ASR and how rude he was.

Narrowing her eyes, she lifted her chin with determination. Just you wait, Rakshas Raizada. Khushi Kumari Gupta will leave you speechless today.


"ASR, your 4:30 appointment is waiting for you in conference room C." Aman  watched as Arnav froze a little before resuming his work.

She's punctual. Arnav looked at the clock. It was 4:17pm. He suppressed a sudden surge of excitement.

 "One point for being punctual. But 4:30 means 4:30. I have work to complete. Just because she's early doesn't mean I will leave everything to go entertain her" Arnav said gruffly before looking up at a straight faced Aman who was inwardly amused.

"I'll be there shortly." Arnav dismissed a puzzled Aman.

After their last conversation yesterday, where he made a big deal of her reminder call, he was apprehensive about today's meeting. Honestly, he was surprised that she even showed up. His fingers itched to pick up the phone and say something.. anything.

But he stopped himself. What was wrong with him? Before today he never had such strong reactions to a girl. A girl he hadn't even met for god's sake!

It had never mattered to him what others thought of him. He was whatever the media said he was. Hard, cold, ruthless. So why was this one girl making him feel otherwise?

Arnav Singh Raizada affected by a girl's voice, he scoffed. He never thought such a day would come. He shook away the slight nervousness and intertwined his fingers together.  4:20pm.

Well, let's get it over with.

Getting off his chair, he buttoned his crisp black blazer. Smoothing the fabric, he straightened his dark red tie. His favorite color.  The color of passion, aggression, of Khus- what the.

Focus! He chided himself.

Taking long, confident strides, he reached the conference room. This is it. Finally he will get to see her. Why it mattered to him so much, he didn't know. He didn't know why but his heart started beating a little faster.

Swinging the door open, he walked in, his muscular and confident frame changing the atmosphere of the room.

At once his eyes narrowed, zeroing in on the only other person in the room. There she sat in one of his chairs, her back facing him. All he saw was part of the top of her head. Brown hair disappeared behind the black headrest of his chair. As he silently traced her figure, his eyes lowered to the bottom where he saw sharp red heels. He frowned.

He cleared his throat. No response.

Was she ignoring him? How dare she-

His thoughts flew out of his head as abruptly she swung the chair around, revealing the face he had been aching to see ever since he had heard her voice.

A stunning face looked back at him, a shy smile gracing her lips. Soon, the shy smile turned into a knowing smirk as he continued staring at her without a word.

A speechless ASR? Now that scores her a point. Well to be fair, she was dressed to kill.

Many newspaper articles and interviews had briefly skimmed over his likes and dislikes and from there she gathered that red was his favorite color. Hence, she was dressed in a striking red dress that was a size smaller with her brown hair elegantly pinned to the back of her head, some loose curls framing her make up covered face.

She had gone for a smoky eye shadow look and opted for a nude lip color. A single chained necklace hung from her slender neck, its pendant settled between her bosoms that were all but on display.

She bit her lip as she saw him. Perfection, the first thought came to her mind. The photos did no justice to him. He was so hot; she could literally feel the tensed air charged with sexual longing.

Ah, she grinned, push up bra at its best, she watched as his eyes still leisurely traced her skinny figure, stopping briefly at her abundant chest.

Silently, she sashayed over to where he stood, seemingly frozen by the door. She made sure to sway her hips and walk like a model. Coming to a stop before him, she extended one long, slender hand, the tips of which had gone through a recent manicure.

"Hi" her voice was sultry.  When there was still no response, she took it as an invitation.

Of course he doesn't want a handshake. In a bold move, she moved forward, stepping into his personal space.

He froze in place as she moved closer to him. Before he realized what she was doing, her hands came up her his shoulders. Despite her heels, she didn't reach his height.

Clutching his strong, broad shoulders, she went on her tip toes and pressed herself into him, making sure he felt every inch of her body. Then, she slowly leaned in to kiss his cheek.

Taking her time, she slowly moved back flashing him a seductive smile. Her smile faltered slightly when she noticed how stiff his body was. His hands were clenched into fists by his sides.

Oh, he looked even hotter when he was angry.

"Pleasure to meet you, Mr Raizada" she purred, emphasizing on the word pleasure. She trailed a finger down his tie. She tilted her head. She was thrilled at his response. It wasn't every day that ASR was speechless. Well, it seemed like ASR was totally stunned by her. A rush of excitement made her shiver.

"My name is Khu-" she began introducing herself.

"Get out." He snapped.

Her eyes widened with shock and she nearly flinched at his commanding voice. All her excitement died down. What..?

"Excuse me?" she asked incredulously. Hadn't he just been ogling at her? And now he wanted her out?

"Are you deaf? I said get out" He repeated with irritation. Her face turned red with anger at his rudeness.

"You are aware we have a meeting right?" she pointedly asked.

"This meeting is over. And you can forget about having AR as an exhibitor for your event." Arnav bit out before turning to leave.

What was happening?

 "Wait!" she cried out. She had to stop him, he couldn't just leave her! Not after the amount of trouble she went through to get dressed. Not after finally having her deepest desire fulfilled at having him near her. "I don't understand-"

"Before I call security, get the hell out of my building." His voice could compete with thunder. He flung open the door using more strength than what was required. The resounding bang of the door against the wall was all there was left as ASR exited the place of utter confusion for a certain lady who could not believe the dramatic scene that just unfolded.

Huh. Guess the newspapers were right, she mused. ASR is bi-polar.

A puzzled Aman watched in confusion as ASR stormed through the corridors and to his cabin. Aman glanced at his watch. That was one short meeting, he thought.

Unbelievable' Arnav muttered furiously. He ran a hand across his hair. He scoffed, thinking back to what just happened. He made sure to wipe his cheek free of her kiss, disgusted at her actions.

Khushi wondered what to do. She sighed, looking down to her swollen ankle that seconds ago were encased in heels. What must he be thinking of her? Should she call him? Apologize?

What would she say? Would he even listen to her after what happened? She doubted it. From what little interactions they've had, she knew all about his anger first hand. Still, she had to do something. Everything had gone wrong.

So much for leaving him speechless. 


Chapter 5


Chapter 7

Hearts graphics

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WanieA Goldie

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Posted: 01 May 2016 at 11:15pm | IP Logged
ROFL omg...u know i was stalkin everytime i cm online...then i realise maybe u only update on weekdays...thank u...

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josnirmala IF-Dazzler

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nice update
i think she is not khushiDisapprove

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ChitraF IF-Sizzlerz

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It was not Khushi?? Confused

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I guess the girl is not khushi...bad idea khushi...its not so easy to cheat ASR

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