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(T1) Unknown Events - Arshi FF [Completed] (Page 72)

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Hi! I update everyday (except for the weekends) so I will not be sending any PMs   Big smile

Chapter 19
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I just do. By the way, quite a few of your firsts seem to be with me.'


Ji haan. First event, first dinner outing. What else shall we make a first?'

Khushi blushed. His seemingly innocent question was making her feel wobbly. But oh, she didn't know about the devilish thoughts in his head.


A few days later, Khushi looked at herself carefully in the mirror. Today, she spent extra time getting dressed. She told herself it was because it was an important meeting. That it had nothing to do with who she was meeting. Her phone beeped, alerting her of a new message.

Ready yet?'

Khushi smiled to herself.

Yes. Leaving soon.'

The reply came almost immediately. Good. See you in a bit.'

She left her phone on the table and went back to her dresser, picking up her bangles. She slid them down her wrist and let them settle. Fixing her bindi, she looked closely at her eyes. She reached out to grab her eye liner and darkened the wings. There, better.

On second thought, she applied another coat of her pink lip gloss and took a step back to examine herself. She thought of all the times those brown blazing eyes had looked at her lips. She flushed. Satisfied at the picture she made, she turned to get her purse as she hurriedly left her house.

The journey to her office was filled with anticipation for her. She kept fiddling with her hair, smoothing her dupatta and tried to control the sense of excitement that seemed to engulf her at the moment. But how could she suppress the giddiness? After all, she was finally meeting Arnavji again after so long.

After his text - Ji haan. First event, first dinner outing. What else shall we make a first?' Khushi found herself struggling to reply him. Since then, the teasing and easy conversation had flowed between them. It was surreal, the kind of connection she felt with him. She thought back to the time when he had been so rude, so cutting with his words when she'd emailed him.

Now she knew that he'd thought that she - Khushi was Khuraishaji. But what did Khuraishaji do that made him react like that? Even Khuraishaji refused to tell her what happened during the meeting. And Arnavji brushed off her question about it.

She would have to try again. She would have to ask him. She needed to know, to understand. She gripped her phone, tension crawling up her spine. She would have to come clean eventually, she mused. Would Arnavji understand? Would he still be as nice as he was now?

Maybe she would bring it up today, after the meeting. She was grateful that Rakeshji had insisted she be part of the meeting so that she can learn.

Arnav gathered some files and stacked them neatly on his desk. He slipped on his charcoal gray blazer and straightened his black tie. Seeing as he still had some time left, his hands started to push and pull some hair in different directions. Now, some strands of his hair fell over his forehead and the rest lay in a mess. Messy in a way that it looked sexy. Like he'd just rolled out of bed.

The air buzzed with murmurs as he started descending his spiral staircase. The women, his staff and models, stared at him hungrily, mentally undressing him, hoping to catch his eye, while the men shuffled on their feet, feeling envious. Only Arnav Singh Raizada could pull off messy hair with a nice, sharp, crisp suit that outlined his obvious athletic body. Moving gracefully, he ignored all the stares he got as he retrieved his phone from his pocket to see if he'd gotten a new message from her.

His mood dimmed a little when there were no new messages, the last one being the one he'd sent Good. See you in a bit' however, his steps didn't falter. He walked more determinedly to his car where Aman was already waiting for him. Giving instructions to his chauffeur, he relaxed into the soft backseat.

Soon, he reached the modest office of U^3 Events. He left the car along with Aman who nodded at the doorman as they entered the building. The receptionist guided them to the third floor where he had a meeting to finalize the location of the booth where AR Group would be exhibiting.

As they rode up the elevator, Arnav couldn't help but straighten his tie. He ruffled his hair a little more. Aman hid a smile. It had been a long time since his boss had tried to look good for a meeting.

They passed by dozens of people, some of whom stopped and gaped at the sight of ASR. Arnav however only had his attention on one thing. They asked for directions and were led to the conference room. As the door swung open, Arnav felt his breath hitch.

There she was, finally in flesh after so long. He'd ached to see her. To hear her voice. To be so close to her again.

She looked beautiful in her dark gray anarkali. Her innocent wide eyes were slightly more lined than usual. Her pink lips parted in a small smile as she saw him. She gave him a small wave before shyly looking away. He hid a smile.

"Thank you for taking the time out to meet with us." Rakesh beamed at him. He stuck his hand out. Arnav flashed a lop sided smile at her before facing Rakesh and shaking his hand.

"Yes, thank you for finally coming. We were worried you would miss out on a good booth." Ritesh said sarcastically, keeping his face blank.

"Well," Arnav shook Ritesh's hand and squeezed it. "Running a multimillion dollar company can be very time consuming." Arnav said innocently, smirking at the look of irritation on Ritesh's face.

Aman shook their hands, introducing himself. Arnav moved towards her. "Pleasure seeing you again. This color.. it's not that bad." He looked her up and down, his heart skipping a beat when she met his gaze with shy eyes and rosy cheeks.

They all settled down around the table. "We were swamped with photoshoots and fashion shows. Finally we caught a break and fixed this meeting with you." Aman started.

"Yes, I regret that it took us so long to meet." Arnav looked at her. "We'll have to fix that."

"Let's get down to it then." Ritesh tried hard to conceal the wave of anger he felt.

Rakesh looked at Khushi encouragingly. She licked her lips.

"Here is the floorplan. As you can see, the ones in white are still available. Take a look and tell us which one you would like to reserve." She said kindly. "We would recommend this one right here." She pointed to a booth.

Arnav reached out to grab the floor plan, his hand touching hers. Both looked at each other, the tension visible to only them.

Arnav and Aman looked over the plan. They discussed it amongst themselves. Khushi sat there, unable to look away from him. His side profile was facing her and her eyes traced every inch of him greedily. She was finally seeing him after so long, finally near him again. She looked down to her lap, feeling her heart beating faster.

Ritesh meanwhile clenched his fists. He noticed the way Khushi looked so timid and shy around ASR. He noticed the way ASR looked at her. His jaw locked. He couldn't afford to take out his anger here. No matter how much he disliked the man, he was an important client.

"This one it is then." Arnav faced forward, agreeing to choose the one they'd recommended.

"That's great" Ritesh said in a disinterested tone.

"We will reserve this booth for you until you make payment, after which the booth will be yours." Rakesh informed them.

"We can make payment today." Arnav got out his checkbook.

"Oh that would be great. Can you pass me the file?" Rakesh indicated to the file near her.

She slid the file to Rakesh. He took some papers out. Signing on the pages, he handed them over to ASR. As ASR looked over the papers, Rakesh noticed something. He froze for a second. His lips parted. His back stiffened. He sat up straighter in his chair. He looked away, trying to understand how this was possible. His eyes fell onto his signature where he was signing on each page.

Arnav Singh Raizada, he'd signed. But how was it possible? Rakesh stared at Arnav. Could it be..?

As the paperwork was being finalized, Khushi slipped away to bring a tray filled with snacks and beverages. She set the tray down on the table near Arnav and handed him his black coffee. The cup almost fell when his hands reached out to take it. His blazing eyes made her quiver. She silently moved on, laying the snacks in front of everyone.

They made small talk for a bit, chatting about the event. Ritesh however, kept silent for the most part. He didn't even realize what he'd been drinking or eating. How could he?

 He hadn't missed the way ASR had reached out to touch Khushi's hand when she'd been pointing to the booth. He hadn't missed the way he'd touched her on purpose when she'd handed him his coffee.

Unable to take it any longer, he stood up, buttoned his blazer and excused himself after saying Pleasure doing business with you.'

 ASR relaxed back in his chair, relieved at not having to pretend to like him anymore.

Rakesh stayed distracted, his mind racing with thoughts. His chain of thoughts however broke when he moved away to take a phone call.

It was just Arnav, Aman and Khushi now.

"Aman, Mehta's office is nearby. Could you just drop by and give him this?" Arnav handed him a file.

"Sure, Sir." Aman took his cue to leave. He smiled warmly at Khushi who smiled back. He left.

Arnav's scorching gaze met hers. She looked at him, her heart racing. They were alone. After so long.

"You look beautiful" His voice was husky.

"You don't look so bad yourself." She said with her eyes averted.

"There's a caf nearby. Care to join me for a cup of coffee? In your case, tea"

Khushi looked at the empty cup in front of him pointedly. "You just drank black coffee."

He shrugged. "Okay then. Dinner?" He leaned his elbows on the table.

She looked at him for a moment. "Dinner sounds good."

He smirked and her little heart pumped excitedly. She walked him to the exit of the building, their hands brushing each other. Her phone started ringing and she took her leave while murmuring a soft bye.

Just as he was about to leave, Rakesh called him from behind.

"Wanted to thank you again for doing business with us." Rakesh shook his hand.

"By the way, I'm curious. How did you get that scar on your eyelid?" Rakesh asked casually.

Arnav looked at him thoughtfully. "Oh. Happened a long time ago. I don't even remember how I got it."

They said goodbye and Arnav left, already anticipating the dinner with her even though it wasn't even noon yet.

Rakesh stood at his place and looked on at the retreating back of ASR, unable to digest the situation. Could it be..?


Chapter 18


Chapter 20
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Oh! flirting in public already.  Poor Ritesh ji.. cannot take the heat created by Arnav and Khushi.  hahaha.
So, what is the mystery that Rakesh seems to be keeping a lid on?  Does he already know Arnav's background and does it have anything to do with Khushi's parents?  I hope that this does not in any way, keep Arnav and Khushi from meeting up for dinner later.  Though it is about time that Khushi mentioned to Arnav that she is Khushi.

Thanks for the update.  and shoo... go have some more fun.

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are some more unknown events waiting to be unveiled...
Why did rakesh look so puzzled over arnav's full name.. Is there a mystery to it... And then his questioning abt arnav's scar was completely outof the blue,. There is more to this than what meets the eye
looking forward to read more..

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"Could it be"WinkWink
Wonderful update

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yet one more mystery,please solve them one by one

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umm...a jealous Riteish is not  a good sign for arshi but why fear when ASR is here Wink ... now what's the new mystery brewing up with ASR and Rakesh Confused   wooohhh wooo...dinner it is Embarrassed

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Oh no, now what is this new unknown event about the scar you've spun? Loved how they were openly admiring and flirting with each other. Ritesh is so uptight haha well good for him Embarrassed Ahhh the dinner date is on. I am guessing there must be some link between Rakesh band Arnav? There's this confusion from Arnav's side when he signed the file. I cant wait for next chapter. More Rabba Veys on our way Wink

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Wow!! Great going!!
Read all the pending chapters... Aye haaye... Arnav and Khushi are made for each other... Embarrassed
Love all of their conversations!
And the way they left Khuraisha and Ritesh at the restaurant LOLLOL I was like... Yess!! You both deserve it! AngryLOL
So there are more "unknown events" to come I guess... And waiting for the moment when Arnav knows Khushboo is actually Khushi... Wink
I am totally loving the way you are taking this story... Awesome!! 

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