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(T1) Unknown Events - Arshi FF [Completed] (Page 70)

ifsaal044 Goldie

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Posted: 15 May 2016 at 10:11pm | IP Logged
Checkmatee ji, apki story zabardast hai!!! Loved every chapter. Oh My goodness, now to await the next chapter, kaisey karenghey?

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anjs IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 May 2016 at 11:00pm | IP Logged
loved chapter 14th and 15th...
but i must say, what Ritesh is doing in sexual harassment, Wish Atleast Rakesh wouldve taken stern action against him, rather then just meekly watching...merely gritting his own teeth, arent gonna help... 

From Khushi's pov, i understand that she is timid, so wont think of hurting Ritesh since he is her boss... but then no woman employee can be forced for anything saying its official etc. 

Though m glad that Arnav was there to protect her...but in future, i hope she lets Ritesh know that she is not gonna accept such behavior from him...taking her on a date, in the guise of official celebration...what if ARnav had not come, and now wht if Ritesh insists on dropping her...he isnt a good guy, and might force himself on Khushi too...

Enjoyed Arnav-Khushi first date...though the kebab me  haddi was now that Ritesh has called her Khushi...wonder what will happen next...

I am sure Arnav is gonna blow a fuse whenever he comes to know Khushi is Khushi and not Khusboo...cause in a way, she is betraying him to gain some benefits from him... 

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Downhill IF-Addictz

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update time... Yippie

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dhakad_chori Goldie

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Posted: 16 May 2016 at 12:02am | IP Logged
Update pls Day Dreaming Hug

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ILoveDoremon Goldie

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please update na

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Checkmatee Senior Member

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Hi! I update everyday (except for the weekends) so I will not be sending any PMs   Big smile

Chapter 16

Hearts graphics

"You coming, Khushi?" He asked loudly. If he left it to her, she'd probably stand there all night with him. The thought itself burned his insides.


Khushi gasped, looking straight at Arnav who looked confused.


Khushi? Arnav wondered.


Khushi's breath hitched and she turned around, facing away from Arnav. She shut her eyes. Her chest heaved with each breath that she struggled to take. She swallowed; her throat suddenly as dry as the Sahara Desert. Her grasp on the tulip grew tighter. How would she explain this?

Her heart stilled as she felt the heat of Arnav's body as he moved to stand close behind her. "Khushi?" He murmured, his breath washing down her neck. She gulped, her brain racing to think of a reply.

"W-woh..uh" Khushi stuttered.

"What's she doing here?" He questioned. Her eyes opened wide at that and zeroed in on Khuraisha who'd just entered the restaurant. She was standing by Ritesh who was asking her what she was doing there.

"What's Khushi doing here?" Arnav repeated his question, his previous anger and disgust at her seductive actions coming back to him. Khushi turned her head slightly to look at him. If she leaned back just a little, she could rest her head against his shoulder.

Her mind struggled to understand his words. Did he think Khuraisha was Khushi? But how? Why hadn't Khuraisha explained who she was when she'd attended the meeting on her behalf? Why did Arnavji think she was Khushi? Should she correct him, before the confusion got worse? She turned, facing him to come clean but halted at the look of fury on his face.

Hey Devi Maiyya, I haven't even said anything yet, and he looks ready to murder someone. What will happen when he gets to know the truth?

Khushi's plan to come clean crumbled within seconds. "Why.. why are you so angry? Did something happen with her?"

Arnav's nostrils flared. He was by default hot tempered. His temper gets worse when women try to throw themselves at him.

"Yes. But that's not important. Why is she here, alone?" He glared at Khuraisha.

"Why, I'd heard that you were taking Khushi out for a little treat. I was hurt that I wasn't invited. But how could I miss this? Khushi is after all my good friend." Khuraisha said in answer to Ritesh's earlier question.

Ritesh's eyes narrowed at her. "Who told you?" Ritesh hadn't told anyone about his date.



Khuraisha needed to speak to Ritesh regarding some matter. He was not in the office. She called his mobile.

Khushi was spared from having to answer his question when Ritesh's phone rang. Irritated at the distraction, he took out his phone. He quickly tapped the screen and sent it to voicemail before looking back at Khushi.

Instead of ending the call, he'd accepted it.

"Hello.." She waited for his reply, but heard nothing. "Helloo" she drawled. "Ritesh -" She inhaled sharply.

"Hi, after you told me you were going to be here to have a treat, I thought it would be a good idea to come and meet you. And your boss too."


 "Arnav Singh Raizada, AR Group's CEO"


"Ritesh Shonza, U3 Events. Good to finally meet you."


Khuraisha's pressed the phone against her ear, listening intently. Ritesh was with ASR? Her heart skipped a beat.


After their last meeting, she was determined to meet him again and confront him for his behavior. She was still confused about the way he'd ordered her to leave his office. She'd done everything right, dressed in red, his favorite color, wore a seductive dress and had displayed her assets to him. He was a man, a hot blooded man. She was a sexy woman. So what went wrong?

Listening to his voice, a pool of desire grew in the base of her stomach. Her thighs pressed together.

In the background, a waiter's voice could be heard welcoming two people into the restaurant. "Welcome to Imperial Khazana." He greeted.


Khuraisha's eyes widened. She had a location.


Ritesh's grasp on his phone tightened as he stared down at it, imagining it was ASR's hand he was crushing. Crushing the same hand that held Khushi's. He noticed the screen was lit up. He'd accidentally accepted the call instead of sending it to voicemail. He tapped the end button and cut off the call.




"Doesn't matter who told me." She waved off his question, looking around hurriedly to spot the man she'd come for. She looked at the corner to where ASR was. Looking ever so hot. She could just spread him on a cracker and have her way with him. Lust began to eat her insides.

"What matters is that I'm here" She licked her lips, still staring at ASR who looked at her with a dark face.

Khushi frowned at the scowl on Arnav's face as he stared at Khuraisha. Khushi looked to Khuraisha, wondering the same thing - what was she doing here?

Arnav fisted his hands, increasingly irritated with the hungry look Khuraisha was giving him. Had she not learnt her lesson from the other day when he'd thrown her out? Would he need to show her her place again?

Ritesh rolled his eyes at Khuraisha. He didn't have time for this. He was pissed at the way the evening had turned out. He turned back to look at ASR and Khushi rooted by the table. His anger grew. He spun back to face Khuraisha.

"Well, you're too late. We're leaving already." But Khuraisha barely heard him. She was intently looking at ASR, sending him a loaded smirk, indifferent to his uninviting and intense look. She did love an intense man.

Khushi's mind was racing. She was still trying to understand Arnavji's anger with regards to Khuraisha who he regarded as Khushi, was brought out of her thoughts as Arnav put his hand on her back and urged her to move forward. Her legs complied after a second and she started to walk. Despite all the confusion, her mind took note of his hand on her.

She was grateful for the contact.

"Sorry I missed the treat" Khuraisha said huskily. She moved forward to hug Khushi all while keeping her eyes on Arnav who stood behind her. His scowl deepened when she licked her lower lips as she stared at him over Khushi's shoulder. Khushi reluctantly hugged her back.

"It's okay" Khushi replied, stepping back. Khuraisha tore her gaze from the hunk and flashed Khushi a smile. "I hope you haven't had desert?" Khuraisha looked meaningfully at ASR and licked her full lips, pouting. Khushi looked down to her bag, wanting to hide somewhere.

She needed to leave before word got out that she was Khushi. The truth was bound to come out now with Khuraishaji joining in. Then no one could save her from Arnavji's wrath. 

"I'm hungry" Khuraisha added grinning, winking discreetly at ASR who clenched his jaw.

Arnav would kick her out of here if this were his office. He frowned as he heard her voice. She sounded different over the phone. "We were just leaving." Arnav said coldly. Khushi perked up at that and glanced at him hopefully.

Khuraisha's grin dimmed a little at his stern voice. Someone's still playing hard to get eh?

She looked at Khushi. "C'mon, what do you say. Some desert? You love sweets, don't you?" She coaxed Khushi into agreeing with her. She couldn't let ASR leave. She'd just arrived. And she had no problem chasing him, since he wanted to play hard to get.

"Woh.." Khushi said half-heartedly, "I'm actually full. And Arnavji can't have sweets" She said kindly to Khuraishaji who was looking at her expectantly. Khuraisha tensed at the fact that Khushi knew he's diabetic.

 She feigned being hurt. As Khuraisha's face fell, Khushi rushed to say "Maybe..  we.. s-stay for a little while." Khushi said in defeated voice and sighed internally.

"Yes." ASR agreed. Khuraisha's eyes flashed at him, her eyes lighting up with a full blown smile on her face.

The next second, her smile faded away.

"Hey, Ritesh" ASR called out. "Your employee here wants a desert treat." He looked at Khuraisha with a smirk. "There. Ritesh will stay back and give you your desert. Now if you'll excuse us, the two of us are leaving." Arnav held Khushi by her arm, the arm that was holding onto the precious tulip.

"She's full and I'm diabetic." He shrugged. "Same boat."

As Ritesh walked to join them, Arnav indicated at him and Khuraisha. "You two enjoy. Night" He all but dragged Khushi out who stumbled slightly, slightly in a daze, her mind reeling, unsure of whether or not her cover would be blown.

When she realized she was being led out, she quickly turned back to look at a fuming Ritesh and a furious Khuraisha.

"Thanks for dinner, Sir." Khushi quickly thanked him. She smiled at Khuraisha. "Enjoy the desert" She called out just as she was tugged out of the restaurant by a stubborn ASR who didn't look back even once, knowingly hurting Khuraisha's ego even more.

"Chodiye humein" Khushi half-heartedly tried to free herself from his strong grip but he didn't relent. If anything, he held on tighter. "Where are you taking me?" She questioned when he didn't reply.

He silently led her to his car, his big white SUV. Opening the passenger door for her, he held out his hand. She didn't think twice before accepting his hand. She settled into the comfortable seat, very spacious. He leaned across to buckle her in. She looked at him, startled.

He grabbed the seat belt, slowly drawing it across her heaving chest. He took care not to touch her though, not yet at least. He stared at her intently, his gaze searing into her. One hand fisted her clothes, overwhelmed by his close proximity. The silence was deafening, making her more aware about what was happening.

It was innocent enough an act, helping her with the seat belt. But she was unaware of the sinful thoughts going on in his head. He just had to lean forward a little bit, and he could capture those quivering lips with his own..

He forced himself to move away as her innocent gaze landed on his lips. Did she realize he could see her checking him out? She was so nave, it seemed. He hoped it wasn't an act. Before he acted on impulse and jumped on her, he shut the door and walked around to the driver's side and slid in.

The engine roared to life, slowly quieting down to a low hum. Shifting the gear, he moved out of the parking lot. Khushi supposed she should feel a little fear, heading off to the unknown with a man she'd just met. But for the life of her, she felt thrilled. Exhilarated.

"Where are we going?" She asked again, looking out at the road, hoping to catch a sign as to where they were going.

"The kidnapper never reveals the location" He said in all seriousness before winking at her.

He would never know the effect of that wink on her fragile heart.



Hearts graphics

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ILoveDoremon Goldie

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thanks for updating

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lechuarshi IF-Dazzler

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lol ritesh and lady version ritesh...ASR is cunning..he trapped both of themLOLLOLLOL
very cleverly get away from two vultures who is eyeing him and khushi...
confusion is not cleared yet...
now where is hotty kidnapping our khu
u said khushi had some sour throat when she called arnav...
i am waiting for some cold and sour throat soon..LOL  so he can identify the voice

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