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(T1) Unknown Events - Arshi FF [Completed] (Page 7)

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Interesting story

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Hi! I update everyday (except for the weekends) so I will not be sending any PMs   Big smile

Chapter 5 
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It was a hectic Monday morning for ASR. Ever since he had gotten that call last Friday, he hadn't been able to keep down this sense of.. what shall he name it.. excitement? 

Yes, excitement. 

He had never wasted his time when it came to women, but this particular girl.. Khushi..

Since Friday's call, for once, he dreaded the weekends a little and willed for the work week to start. For Tuesday to come a little faster.

"ASR, sales team in conference room 2" Aman informed his boss who quickly gulped down the rest of his coffee and left his cabin, leaving Aman to wonder why his boss had been staring intently at the calendar that hung on the wall.

The murmurs died down as the formidable ASR made his entry into the conference room

"Good morning, ladies and gentlemen" he greeted. An echo of greetings reached him.

"Please begin with the presentation" he indicated for the sales manager to start.

Sales manager.. "I'm not a sales representative.."  the words rushed to his mind. What the! Was he seriously thinking about her in a room full of people where the manager droned on and on about some sales figures? 

Damn you Khushi Kumari Gupta, he thought mentally. How dare that chit of a girl invade his thoughts?

Narrowing his eyes at the distraction, he shifted his focus on his sales manager and kept that girl and her voice at the back of his head.

A series of meetings followed throughout the day. Arnav barely had time to relax or even grab a proper lunch.

Soon, it was nearing to 4:30pm. He was satisfied with the work he had done and with how he had made through most of the day with almost full concentration.

Just as he was about to start working on a new contract, his phone buzzed. Scooping it out from back of his pants, he looked at his phone displaying an unknown number. Deciding to ignore it, he kept his phone on the table.

There was silence for a minute or so before his phone started vibrating again. It was from an unknown number again.

"What the-"  he swore under his breath. He answered the call. "Arnav Singh Raizada" he spelled out.

"Who else would it be? It is his mobile" wondered the soft voice before she realized she had thought out loud.

It took him less than three seconds to recognize that voice.

"Khushi?" he secretly loved the way her name rolled off his tongue, as if it was the most natural thing that he called her name. Sensing that unfamiliar and unwanted feeling creeping up, he maintained an indifferent front. How dare she invade his thoughts throughout the weekend?

A heart fluttered. The way he said her name.. "Ji! Uh, I know it's you. You gave me your number, remember?" Khushi reminded shyly. She was grateful he wasn't around to see her pink cheeks.

"I know that. What do you want?" came the brisk reply.

Khushi's eyebrows pulled together, wondering why he seemed so snappy. Wasn't like that on Friday. Then she felt warmth in her stomach.  How did he know it was her? He remembered her!

No, he had recognized her.

Did her heart just skip a beat?

"Ji, woh.. Just wanted to remind and confirm the meeting for tomorrow at 4:30pm" She said gently.

Arnav stiffened. "I didn't get to enjoy such heights of success by forgetting things Ms Gupta. Obviously I remember my appointments. You don't have to remind me." He snapped.

Khushi's pink cheeks took on a red shade. That often happened when she was angry. And back to Ms Gupta again huh?

"Well Mr Raizada, I'm sorry to have disturbed you. It's our practice to call the day before and remind clients about the scheduled appointment. It takes less than a minute to do that. I'm sure a minute doesn't get in the way of your success?" it was a rhetorical question and he knew it. 

Khushi knew she probably shouldn't talk to such a high profile client like that, but man he just brings it out of her!

Unlike the last time, he didn't like how she was speaking to him now. He was ASR after all. And nobody had the right to talk or to affect him like that.

"I didn't know talking so rudely was part of the practice too." His tone was smug.

"I didn't know calling a client was such a big crime" she said sarcastically to herself but he heard it. "If it's such a big problem for you, you shouldn't have given me your mobile number."

That was a fair point.. "Yes, it is a problem. I don't like being disturbed during work time for such silly things. You could've left a message with Lavanya." He was determined to fight if that meant suppressing his obvious delight at hearing her voice again. 

And he wouldn't admit, but he was glad she hadn't left a message with La.

Khushi was now fully upset. What's wrong with him? Why was he being so.. mean? Maybe he had a bad day and was taking it out on her? That was not fair. He had sounded civil the last time they had spoken and almost a little playful towards the end. 

She did not like this change.

"I called Lavanyaji, however there was no ring tone. She had later emailed me, informing me that her line was down. So then I wanted to call your direct office number to leave a voice message only to realize that I don't have your office number and when I emailed Lavanyaji asking for it, I waited for some time but got no reply." Her tone indicated that she was angry.

Why give out his personal number if he had such a problem? He himself told her to call him whenever she needed to reach him. Why was he turning this into an issue?

Arnav wouldn't back down either. "If La didn't reply you, couldn't you have just gone to the official AR website? There is a contact page with my office contact details." Hah!

He knew he was being difficult but he had had a long day. And hearing her voice had again brought about this weird feeling that he did not appreciate.

"That's exactly what I did Mr Raizada. I called your direct office line" Khushi spat out. He wanted a fight? He would get it.

"I called but it was unavailable. Check your phone." It was an order.

What the- how dare she command him? He was just about to lash out at her when his eyes fell onto his office phone. He frowned. Sure enough, he soon realized why she hadn't been able to get him on the office line. 

Apparently in haste, he hadn't kept his phone down properly into its cradle and so it was unreachable. He remained silent, realizing that he had nothing more to say.

"Apologies for disturbing you, for taking up more than a minute and for coming in the way of your success. I will make sure not to call you again. Good day sir" she said quietly before hanging up.

Well when she put it like that, it made him feel horrible. What was her fault, really? She didn't actually do anything wrong.. Well except for making him feel things he didn't want to feel. Like this!

Since when did ASR feel bad for anyone?

 He didn't care about anything or anyone. And he certainly would not care or be affected by this unknown girl. Just because this girl has the audacity to talk back to him doesn't mean that he's going to give her any importance.

Yea, he would remain firm. And tomorrow, he would show her what ASR was made of. He would not allow a faceless girl to affect him.



Tuesday morning, a nervous Khushi  walked into her managers cabin. She recalled what happened when she had gone there last Friday to meet her manager.

*Last Friday*

Timidly, she raised her hand to knock on the door of her managers' cabin.

"Come in!" she heard a faint response from inside. Praying to her God, she opened the door. Here goes nothing.

There sat Rakesh Suri, 59 years old, her manager and the senior event sales & marketing executive.

He doted on her like she was his child. Well, she was. Though not by blood.

But he had been very good friends with her parents. He'd insisted time and again that she call him masa, but she remained professional and called him Sir in the office. It made him feel weird, but, whatever she wanted was fine.

He was talking to Ritesh Shonza, a 32 year old senior manager of the event sales & finance department.

"Khushi?" Ritesh's charming smile welcomed her. "Come in" he invited.

"Um, sorry, I could come back.." Khushi trailed off, seeing the two of them talking.

"No, that's okay. Come right in. We were talking about you actually" Ritesh looked her up and down subtly. Khushi looked beautiful in her dark green anarkali, the color providing a shark contrast to her pale but almost glowing and flawless skin. Long, silky straight hair reached down her back. Wide brown innocent eyes lined with a consistent liner. Lips a natural shade of healthy pink. Delicate flushed cheeks. 

She was a vision.

A nervous Khushi fidgeted with her dupatta, pulling it down to cover more of her neck. Was it just her, or was Riteshji staring? Did she have something on her face?

"Khushi"  Rakesh's voice rang out, breaking Ritesh's not so subtle check out. "Come, sit" he indicated to the chair beside him.

As Khushi came to sit, Ritesh leaned forward and supported his weight by placing his elbows on the sturdy mahogany desk. He looked at Khushi intently. "So Khushi" Ritesh held her gaze 

"Rakesh was telling me that you've started working on the Raizada client. How's that coming along?" Ritesh tilted his head, his charming smile still in place.

Khushi was grateful for the opening. "Actually Sir- Riteshji" she quickly corrected looking at his displeased face. He always insisted she called him by name.

"That's actually what I came to talk about.." at Rakesh's encouraging nod, she continued "We have a meeting set for next Tuesday, 4:30pm with AR Group" Khushi rushed to say.

Rakesh had a big smile on his face, proud of Khushi while Ritesh looked at her meaningfully. 

"But.." Ritesh sensed there was more. Rakesh frowned and looked at Khushi questioningly.

Khushi gulped. "But ASRji is insisting that I be present at the meeting.. I assure you sir, this isn't me trying to take advantage of the situation. I know I'm not a sales person. I'm just a telesales agent,  the person who calls up companies..." She rattled on.

 "But sir, ASRji just wouldn't listen. I assure you, I'm not trying to take advantage of the opportunity you've given me-" Khushi was speaking so fast, she was almost rapping.

During her speech, Ritesh's eyes narrowed as she addressed him as sir again and he pursed his lips as she said ASRji. No sir there. Hmm.. He cut her off.

"Woah, slow down Khushi! Take a breath please?" Ritesh grinned at her.

"Khushi, first of all, I don't see the problem. For someone fairly new to the company, you've done quite well and today you've managed to achieve something big! Getting a meet with ASR isn't easy, Khushi. He barely entertains the idea of talking to external companies like us."

Khushi had been wondering the same thing. How in the world had ASR agreed to her proposal?

Ritesh continued "This is a big win for us Khushi. We may not have secured him as a client yet, but it's a step forward." Ritesh leaned back in his chair.

"Also, nobody thinks you are taking advantage of anything. And you should thank Rakesh, not me. He is the one who suggested that the ASR case should be given to you, seeing as how you are very hard working." And beautiful, he watched as she smiled.

Smiling widely at Rakesh, Khushi thanked him. "Sir, I was so nervous. I didn't think I could do it. But you gave me the chance, had faith in me. I really appreciate it, thank you"

"Of course Khushi. I knew you could do it. You're one of the brightest ones we've got." Rakesh meant it.

 "You mentioned something about being at the meeting?" Ritesh asked as he flipped open his diary to note down the meeting.

Khushi explained how ASR had been adamant about her being present for the meeting. She fumbled as she tried to come up with a reason as to why someone like AR Group would need her at the meeting. It's all his fault, she cursed.

"Well, I see ASR is going to be a very demanding person." Ritesh frowned slightly, wondering why ASR was so insistent about Khushi being there. If anyone had looked over to Rakesh, they would see a slight smile on his face.

"I, for one, don't see a problem. Khushi has been performing well so far and has even managed to get a meet with ASR. Perhaps her coming along would do her good. She could get to learn more and perhaps catch a thing or two about face to face meetings with clients." Rakesh did his best to push the matter.

"Hmm.. well there's no harm in there. Besides, it would be good to have your company during the meet, Khushi"  Ritesh smied showing his teeth, with a gleam in his eyes that traced over her pretty face. 

Khushi didn't know why that made her uncomfortable. Rakesh looked at Ritesh from the corner of his eyes and shook his head a little.

*Present time*

"Khushi, come in. We were just discussing about the appointment we have this afternoon with AR Group. Have you contacted ASR to remind him that we're coming?" Ritesh looked over a file.

"I didn't contact ASR, I apparently committed a crime", Khushi mumbled under her breath and discreetly rolled her eyes, remembering how he had snapped at her for no apparent reason. 

What an infuriating and unreasonable man.  If he was like this over the phone, god knows how he would be in person.

 "Yes Sir, I've reminded ASRji about the appointment. I've also studied the materials just in case." She supplied.

Ritesh forced himself to ignore how she addressed the client with a ji but him as sir. How he would love hearing his name from her lips..

"Okay then, we will meet at the foyer at 3:30pm, that should give us enough time to reach by 4:15pm" Ritesh was a punctual man. He liked reaching places at least 15 minutes early.

"Ji Sir" Khushi agreed and moved to leave the cabin.

"Khushi"  he called out. Khushi stopped and turned to face him.

"Ji?" Khushi waited.

 Ritesh stared at her before saying "Its Ritesh. Okay?" his tone was hard. Khushi paused. Why was he angry..? She hesitated. How could she address him by name? He was older.. and was like her boss..

Ritesh forced himself to smile. "Okay?" his tone was softer.

"Okay..Ritesh..ji" she couldn't help but add, her cheeks flushed at the way he started at her intently. Why was he staring..

Calmness spread through him as he watched her lips take shape to form his name. Before he scared her off with his intense gaze, he shook his thoughts away.

 "See you later" were his last words as Khushi nodded and left the cabin feeling unnerved. Lucky for Ritesh, no one was around to watch how he leered at a retreating Khushi, focusing on how her well-rounded hips swayed as she walked away.



Chapter 4


Chapter 6

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OMG..OMG...yippie...please update soonnn...thank u...

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loved itEmbarrassed

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Here comes the most awaited chapter... Yay!
Gosh! This Riteshji is getting on my nerves now. How I wish Arnav to teach him a good lesson during their scheduled meeting. That sly fox deserves a puch or two from me and Arnav, of course!
But this chapter was pretty much serious, a stark contrast to the previous chapters, but its enjoyable and amazing nonetheless.
So ArShi's heartstrings have been stung only the melody is yet to be relished by us, the readers which I'm sure we'll be having soon once the next update comes our way.
Do update it soonish!
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nice one

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