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(T1) Unknown Events - Arshi FF [Completed] (Page 61)

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Originally posted by Checkmatee

Originally posted by ..KittyKat..

11'o clock hogaye par update abhi baki hai!!!

There's no fixed timing, but it's coming up soon! Embarrassed

Offo! That means I will have to wAIT a lil bit longer! My excitement is growing! Big smile

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Originally posted by Checkmatee

Originally posted by -FriedriceJi-

Gosh I was away for a day and two chapters have been already updated. Girl you're fast. And I love it haha. Ohmigod, can we already exterminate this Ritesh pest? He is creepy and annoying, and very much in ASR's way. Their phone conversation was really cute and I loved how they talked like friends. It's even cuter when she shared her problem with Arnav. I bet its either Arnav or Rajesh who has reached the restaurant. Then again my money is on Arnav and I want it to be Arnav lol. ASR must show Ritesh his rightful place. Cant wait for the next chapter.

I update everyday - except for weekends Big smile
Happy reading! 
I thought twice a week or so. This is way better haha.

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Hi! I update everyday (except for the weekends) so I will not be sending any PMs   Big smile

Chapter 15
Hearts graphics

So focused was he on looking at her, and so focused was she on staring at the small vase with a single tulip in it that they both failed to notice the third person standing there until the shadow fell on their table.

Realizing first, Khushi turned only to still and look on in wonder. Ritesh on the other hand, looked pure irritated.


"Hi" Arnav greeted a surprised Khushi who gaped  at him in wonder. He spared no glance to her boss yet, too busy taking in her beauty.


Khushi shut her mouth after a while, unable to believe he was in the same restaurant as she was. How.. why hadn't he mentioned that he was going to be here too? Unless, he came here..


What, Khushi? You actually think he came here because you told him you would be here and so he came to meet you? Keep dreaming.


"After you told me you were going to be here to have a treat," Khushi's heart skipped a beat. 

Arnav casually looked over to Ritesh whose face was now blank, he glanced at Khushi "I thought it would be a good idea to come and meet you. And your boss too."


He looked at Ritesh and held out his hand for a shake.


"Arnav Singh Raizada, AR Group's CEO" He introduced himself. Ritesh stood up stiffly and shook his hand. Why had Khushi told ASR about their date? Had she invited him here? How dare she..


"Ritesh Shonza, U3 Events. Good to finally meet you." Ritesh completed the formalities, subconsciously sizing up the tall and formidable ASR.


Khushi stood up too, still not saying anything. Her heartbeats were too loud, pounding away in her ears. Suddenly she was feeling much better about this dinner.


She regretted feeling good the very next moment.


He was not drunk. Yet, he did something that he usually never does.


Arnav took Khushi's hand in his and brought it up to his lips. Placing a kiss on the back of her hand, he suppressed laughter at the look on her face. She looked as if she were about to hyperventilate.


As impulsive and out of character as that was, he didn't regret it.


In the background, a waiter's voice could be heard welcoming two people into the restaurant. "Welcome to Imperial Khazana." He greeted.


Ritesh glared at ASR. His grasp on his phone tightened as he stared down at it, imagining it was ASR's hand he was crushing. Crushing the same hand that held Khushi's. He noticed the screen was lit up. He'd accidentally accepted the call instead of sending it to voicemail. He tapped the end button and cut off the call. 

He took a deep breath, mentally trying to rip ASR's hand off of Khushi. How dare he kiss her?


Khushi's mouth opened in a silent gasp at his actions. What was he doing? Why was he kissing her hand? Did her hand have a kiss me' sign attached to it? She examined her hand.


"Nice to see you again. You look beautiful" He looked at her intently. Khushi looked up at him and just stared at him.


"I hope you don't mind me joining you. Khushboo mentioned you were having a treat here and the more the merrier. Isn't that right?" Arnav glanced at Ritesh, looking at her boss with slight defiance as if daring Ritesh to send him away.


Ritesh frowned at him. "Khushboo?"


Khushi panicked. Hey Devi Maiyya, what now? If he found out she was Khushi and had lied about it..

"Ji, aap baithiye na." She quickly invited him.


Ritesh ground his teeth. His personal date with Khushi was rapidly getting out of his control. His anger increased when he saw Khushi's hand was still in his. The same hand that he'd tried to hold while helping her out of the car earlier. His irritation further increased when he saw that she hadn't pulled her hand away.


Just as they were about to be seated, Ritesh's phone rang, putting a pause on his increasing anger at the current situation. Retrieving his phone, he mumbled excuse me as he went to attend to the call.

Satisfied that he had a moment with her, Arnav pulled her down to sit.


Khushi leaned forward. "Arnavji, what are you doing here?" She whispered.


Arnav leaned forward too. "Why are you whispering?" He whispered back.


Khushi threw a quick glance around before facing him with narrowed eyes. "When did I invite you here?"


"You didn't" he shrugged. "I figured I'd give you company since you sounded so dreadful about the dinner. And I thought I could meet your boss officially." He frowned. 

"I can leave if you want.." He paused, feigning uncertainty.


"No!" Khushi was quick to stop him. "That's not what I meant." She stared at him. "Suniye, I need you to not call me by my name in front of my boss." She blurted out and then scrunched her eyebrows. How would she explain it to him?


"And.. why not?" He drawled, looking at her with a clueless expression.


"Woh kya hai, he's weird with names. I mean, if you call me by my name, then he will also call me by my name. That's not a problem. But he will want me to call him by his name too. And I can't do that, he's older than me. Plus he's my boss. " To say Khushi was proud of her explanation wouldn't be sufficient. Her reasoning skills were getting better, she mused.


A glow of warmth spread across his chest. She didn't mind calling him Arnavji.


Glancing at the corner, she spotted Ritesh making his was back while typing something on his phone. She looked back to Arnav whose eyes were squinted, trying to understanding her demand.


She looked at him pleadingly. "I'll do whatever you want. Please." She rushed out to speak as Ritesh was nearing them.


Forgetting everything else at that offer, Arnav raised an eyebrow and smirked. "Soch lo. Anything I want. You can't refuse me. Deal?"


Khushi pursed her lips at him. "Deal? Laad Governor. " she murmured but even then he could hear her. 


What the - he thought. What is this Laad Governor?


"Office ke bahar bhi business business khelte hai" She mumbled to herself. At his annoyed expression, she quickly agreed.


"Theek hai. Fine. I owe you." Khushi was not happy.


"You owe me two things" He reminded. Ah. ASR never forgets.


She crossed her arms, regretting the time she'd offered to do something for him since he was diabetic.  

"Yes, yes, two things." She grumbled. The next second, she bit her lip, worried. Laad Governor se toh deal ho gayi, now how would she stop her boss from saying her name?


On his way back, Ritesh looked up from his phone after sending a text. His watchful gaze landed on ASR and Khushi.


ASR was looking at Khushi with an unreadable expression while Khushi sat looking away from him with a worried look on her face. She was probably waiting for him to come back, feeling awkward sitting there with ASR.


Hmm, perhaps he'd been reading too much into the matter. Surely there was nothing going on between them. How could there be? They hardly knew each other.


Ritesh decided to play nice. After all, ASR was a big client. And his date with Khushi; well he'd just have to make up for this one in the future. There'll be many more dates, he comforted himself.

He made his way to his seat across from Khushi. ASR stiffened slightly. They were each sitting at one corner of the table; the seat across from ASR was empty.


ASR's perceptive eyes took notice of how Khushi became slightly serious and stared down at her hands that were now clasped on her lap. He was getting a vibe from her. Clearly, she wasn't very comfortable with her boss.


He discreetly glanced at Ritesh who in turn was looking at Khushi with something he could only describe as lust.  Arnav fisted his hand. Ritesh turned to look at him.


"So," Ritesh began. "I'm very pleased to know that you've decided to join our event." Ritesh leaned forward on the table.


Trying to put aside his growing dislike for the man, Arnav struggled to remain polite. After all, he wanted to make a good impression on Khushboo.


"I'm glad I said yes." Arnav glanced at Khushi. "It' been a lovely experience so far." His chest tightened as Khushi blushed. She looked so pretty. Without even trying. That made her even more attractive.


Ritesh's eyebrows furrowed as he watched ASR staring at Khushi who was now looking at him shyly before her glaze flickered away to land on the tulip that stood gracefully in the vase in front of  her.


Arnav remembered that this was her favorite restaurant. "What's good here?" Arnav snatched the menu off from the vacant table beside theirs and took a look before turning to Khushi.


"Any suggestions?" He slid the menu over to her and leaned forward, his hand roaming around the smooth surface of the items listed.


"Is this good?" His finger randomly stopped at one item.


Khushi scrunched her nose. "It is nice, but.." She didn't have to inspect the menu. "The masala pasta is better." She recommended one of the bestselling dishes this fusion restaurant had to offer.


Arnav frowned. "Where's that?" He tilted his head while staring at the menu. Khushi pointed out the item on the menu. Arnav moved his finger over to join hers. At the slightest touch, Khushi felt something stir in her stomach. Upon the contact, Arnav found it difficult to swallow whatever it was he was feeling.


Khushi's eyes snapped up to meet his intense ones before lowering them bashfully to land on their fingers. She moved it away slowly, her eyes following her finger back to join her other hand on her lap. She continued to examine it. She felt tingles. She felt good.


Ritesh coughed, uncomfortable with what he was seeing. Which is nothing, he told himself sternly. He was misreading again, there's nothing to think about.


Arnav signaled the waiter and placed his order. "One black coffee too" He handed the waiter the menu just as he was leaving and was about to say something when she interrupted.


"Bina shakkar" Khushi rushed to add before looking over at Arnav and pursing her lips. Arnav looked at her, pleasantly surprised to know that she'd remembered.


Feeling her boss's eyes on her, she explained. "He is diabetic"


"But I'm not losing out on anything. Someone has promised to make it up to me." Arnav leaned back in his chair, casually glancing at the frame work that hung nearby. Khushi glared at him.


All Ritesh could manage was a Hmm'. Khushi telling ASR about tonight, asking him to sit and join them, knowing about his diabetes.. it didn't sit well with him. Was ASR his competitor?


They made small talk about work, the event and stuff; Ritesh and Arnav were playing nice while mentally sizing each other up. Khushi, clueless about what was going on in their minds, joined in the conversation too. She felt much more relaxed now, thanks to Arnavji. Chatting with him, she felt like she was talking to an old friend. Thankfully throughout the dinner, her boss hadn't called her Khushi.


As they finished up the last bits of conversation after having consumed the good food, Ritesh asked for the bill.  It was close to 8pm. Arnav looked at Khushi. "The dish was good. Thanks for recommending it."


Khushi smiled warmly at him.


Ritesh burned with jealousy. He knew Khushi much longer than ASR did, but he'd never gotten that kind of a smile.


The waiter came over with the bill. He hesitated, not knowing who to pass it to. Ritesh extended his hand to take it, at the same time Arnav did. Khushi reached for her purse, ready to know her share and take out the money.


"Treat is on me" Ritesh grabbed the bill.


"Nuh uh, on me. You'll be treating my company anyway till the event is over. Least I can do" Arnav took out his wallet.


"I insist." Ritesh almost growled. Khushi frowned, her hand still in her purse.


Sensing Ritesh's macho side ready to burst and come out, Arnav conceded. He didn't want to hurt his ego further. During dinner, he had noticed Ritesh looking insecure about him being there.


Ritesh slipped his card into the bill holder and handed it back to the waiter. The waiter left. A little awkwardness filled the table, but it was broken by Khushi taking a sip of her water and Arnav thanking Ritesh for the dinner - just for the sake of being nice.


Khushi was about to thank him too, but the waiter came back. "Sir, there seems to be a problem. Your card can't be accepted."


Taken aback by that, Ritesh stood up stiffly excusing himself and followed the waiter to the cashier counter.


Arnav and Khushi stood too, about to leave. Arnav grabbed Khushi's arm as she turned. The searing contact startled them both. She turned her head and looked at him shyly. With his free hand, he took the tulip out of the vase and presented it to her. Her eyes widened at his actions. Weren't these things done by couples?


She wanted to decline it, but his firm expression told her he wouldn't let it go. And truthfully, she didn't want to let it go either. She accepted it, her heart hammering away.


Her first flower.


"Thank you, Arnavji" She said dreamily, her gaze fixed on the lovely tulip.


Arnav's heart filled with peace.


Ritesh, who was just on his way back to them after having resolved the card problem heard Khushi thanking him. Why the hell was she thanking him? He'd paid for dinner, dammit, not ASR. And she had no problem calling a man she knew for two days by his name? He saw her looking at the tulip in her hand. He saw ASR's hand on her arm.


His anger got the better of him and he spun on his heels, storming over to the doors of the restaurant. He tried to calm himself. Turning his head slightly, he paused at the exit of the restaurant, his hands fisted by his sides.


"You coming, Khushi?" He asked loudly. If he left it to her, she'd probably stand there all night with him. The thought itself burned his insides.


Khushi gasped, looking straight at Arnav who looked confused.


Khushi? Arnav wondered.


Chapter 14


Chapter 16

Hearts graphics

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Another cliffhanger?!
That too till Monday!!!
How am I supposed to sleep?

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Waah waah waah!
I can't wait the truth to be revealed to Arnav!!
What will be Arnav's reaction??

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Next Update only on Monday?!!
Oh god! Why does weekend has to come so soon??

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Oyeee naam leliaaa what ..will u believe me wen i say dat in anticipation to read nxt update ...i try to read all d different completed tym passes by fastly 

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superb nice

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