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(T1) Unknown Events - Arshi FF [Completed] (Page 53)

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love it

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Hi! I update everyday (except for the weekends) so I will not be sending any PMs   Big smile

Chapter 14
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Khushi reached for her phone and stared at it for a second before looking up to Ritesh apologetically. He understood that she wanted to receive the call.

And by doing so, she wanted to brush off his dinner invitation. Well, he would let no A, S or R excuse away their date. She was going with him, and that was final.

Standing up tall, he stepped away from the desk and towered over her. "No excuses Khushi. Tonight. Be ready, I'll get you at 6pm when work is over. We'll go to that restaurant you like. Imperial Khazana." The order was loud and clear. Before she could reply, he looked at her phone distastefully and spun on his heels, leaving quickly before she could refuse.


She looked on as Ritesh left, her stomach feeling queasy. He'd practically forced her to go. How did he know her favorite restaurant?

Sinking into her seat, she answered the called.

"What took you so long to answer?" Arnav barked over the phone before realizing how he'd sounded. Closing his eyes, he loosened his hold on the phone.

A startled Khushi gaped at his rudeness. Before she could give him a piece of her mind, he spoke.

"I mean, hi" He sounded sheepish.

There, better, Khushi thought.

"Hello.." she trailed off, her mind still stuck on Ritesh and his dinner invitation. No, more like dinner order.

Sensing her mood, he wondered if he'd called at a bad time. The concern he felt melted away as he wondered why he cared so much about her. Surely this was just because he hadn't been with a woman in a while. Right?

Clearing his throat, he asked "Is something wrong?"

Khushi quickly answered "Ji. No. I mean.. well, yes. Sort of."

"Well what is it?" Arnav asked impatiently.

"My boss is insisting on taking me out to dinner as a way of treating me for a job well done by getting your company to participate in our event and I don't really want to go." She rushed to say it, wondering why she'd shared something personal with a man she hardly knew.

She was getting too comfortable with the man. Probably because yesterday they had a nice chat in his conference room.

"It's not that I'm not feeling well or anything, it's just that I don't feel comfortable. I mean, he's not a bad man. But, he's my boss. I don't think it would be appropriate." Khushi rambled on, not knowing that her words were causing someone to feel uneasy.

"Is it a company dinner?" He asked in a low voice.

"Ji, uh no, he said he and I will celebrate. And will get me at 6pm" Khushi informed him. Devi Maiyya, one dinner can't be so bad. Why am I feeling so reluctant to go? Realizing she was speaking about her personal stuff, she cleared her throat.

"Ji, I'm sorry, you called. Is there something important?" Khushi asked formally.

"No. I mean, you haven't emailed some of the event papers. That's what I called about." Arnav made up an excuse. How could he tell her he'd called to hear her voice? But he didn't let himself get distracted by her formal tone. He didn't like the sound of her boss taking her out to dinner alone, just the two of them. Wasn't this kind of thing celebrated with a team?

"Ji, I've already sent you an email." She'd created a new email by the name of khushboo. It was silly, but until the show was over, she didn't want to tell him she was Khushi yet. The same Khushi who couldn't make it to the meeting. The same Khushi with whom he'd been so angry.

As it is she couldn't keep up with his mood swings. And if she told him now that she'd lied, he would be furious.

Angry young man.

Arnav's eyebrows pulled together. There it was again, the feeling. An echo of familiarity gripped him. Her voice.. he'd heard it before. The way she constantly said Ji.. He frowned. He thought back to his phone conversations with Khushi. Khushboo sounded exactly like Khushi. Were they sisters?

No. No way were they related. So what if they sounded alike over the phone? There was no way they were related. He shuddered at the thought of someone like Khushi being related to his - to this Khushboo.

He was brought back to the moment when she coughed. "Ok. So where will you be going for dinner?" He asked casually.

Khushi sighed. "Imperial Khazana. My favorite restaurant."

Imperial Khazana was a nice fusion restaurant. Not upscale, but decent. Nice atmosphere. Cozy setting.

He looked down to his free hand that rested on the table, now turned into a fist. This wave of anger, anger at knowing her boss probably wanted to spend some alone time with her in a nice restaurant, made him question why he cared.

But of course he did.

Plus, she didn't want to go. She'd told him so.

"If you don't want to go, you should just tell him so." He advised, hoping she'd get out of it.

"I tried. But he insisted. Plus, I don't want to risk offending him." She reasoned.

Of course he insisted, Arnav thought with growing distaste for her boss.

"Isn't 6pm a little too early for dinner?"

"It'll take a while to reach there. About half an hour. Plus, I get hungry easily so.." Khushi wondered why they were talking about this.

"Okay then, have a good time" He hung up.

Khushi stared at her new phone. Kitne ajeeb hai. She didn't like his way of hanging up. No bye, no nothing. Sigh. Big men and their ways.

Khushi focused on her work. Time and again, she glanced at the clock. It was 5:30pm. Ritesh would come soon to get her. She swallowed, wondering what they'd talk about. It would be so awkward..

At 6pm sharp, Ritesh popped in. "Ready?" He smiled. Khushi just nodded and packed up. Following him to his car, she mumbled a quick thank you when he opened the door for her. Settling into his seat, he drove out of the company car park.

They made small talk, mostly with Ritesh trying to make jokes. He wanted to put her at ease as she was clearly nervous. He smiled. It was probably her first date. And as her first, it was his job to make sure she was comfortable now so that she could enjoy their time together.

He parked swiftly and jogged over to her side to open the door for her. He extended his hand forward for her to take. She hesitated. Her bottle fell out of her bag that she'd clutched to herself. She bent down to grab her bottle below her seat.

With one hand holding the bottle, the other hugging her bag, she stepped out of the car.

Ritesh slowly retracted his hand, not happy at having missed the chance to hold her delicate hand.

Patience. The night was still young, he comforted himself.

The doorman held open the door for them. "Welcome to Imperial Khazana" A waiter greeted. Ritesh nodded at him and walked in, putting his hand on the small of her back. Khushi resisted the urge to walk faster.

The host led them to a quiet corner table. The light was dim, soft music was playing and there were a handful of couples seated. Khushi clutched her bag to herself, looking down as she sat. Ritesh, the perfect gentleman had pulled out her chair. She wished he'd stop doing that. She had her own hands, she could do this stuff. Plus, he wasn't her boyfriend.

It was 6:40. Contrary to what she'd told Arnav over the phone, at this particular moment she wasn't hungry. She was too nervous and uncomfortable to eat with her boss, with whom her interactions were always a little strange. For one, he'd always stare at her. Like he was at the moment.

Not knowing what to say or do, she latched onto the menu as if it were a lifeline. She studied it carefully, going over each item. Meanwhile, Ritesh took the menu in his hands too. But he was busy watching Khushi over the top of his menu.

"Do you know what you want, Khushi?" Ritesh asked politely. Khushi nodded. He smiled and waved the waiter over.

After placing their orders, Khushi's tense mood started to get a little relaxed thanks to the soft instrumental music playing in the background. She looked over to Ritesh who was still watching her. Flustered and quite frankly feeling stalked, she looked down to her lap.

Look at how shy she is, he wondered to himself. He leaned forward and placed his hand over hers on the table. The sudden contact jerked her. She looked up at him to see him smile warmly.

"You okay, Khushi? You don't have to be nervous. It's just dinner" He tried to comfort the poor girl who was probably frightened as she'd never been on a date before. He looked at her closely; her purple anarkali complemented her fair skin. Long, shiny hair let loose. Minimal make up. Wide, beautiful brown eyes. Full pink lips. So innocent she was. So pure. So his.

Looking at their hands, she very slowly pulled out her hand from under his and moved a lock of hair away from her face. "Ji, I'm fine. Just hungry" She lied. He noticed the way she'd moved away her hand. He noticed the way she seemed uncomfortable with him.

"You wound me, Khushi. Here I am, trying to bond with you and you're so distant. It makes me sad" He looked upset.

Immediately feeling bad, Khushi straightened in her seat and apologized. "I'm sorry to make you feel that way, Sir. It's just-"

"God, how many times do I have to tell you to call me Ritesh?" He sounded angry. He looked away. He wanted to be patient with her, but why was she so stubborn?

 "Riteshji." She swallowed. "I'm sorry"  She looked down.

He softened. He should be more understanding. Khushi didn't know how he felt. But damn it, he was trying to go slow with her.

The waiter came to their table with the drinks. He laid them down and left.

"It's okay Khushi. Anyway, let's talk about something else. Tell me more about yourself." Ritesh took a sip of his drink, looking at her intently.

She was spared from having to answer his question when his phone rang. Irritated at the distraction, he took out his phone. He quickly tapped the screen and sent it to voicemail before looking back at Khushi.

So focused was he on looking at her, and so focused was she on staring at the small vase with a single tulip in it that they both failed to notice the third person standing there until the shadow fell on their table.

Realizing first, Khushi turned only to still and look on in wonder. Ritesh on the other hand, looked pure irritated.


Chapter 13


Chapter 15

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Aishu136 Goldie

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Yeah the HERO entry!!!
Now I wonder what will Arnav do or say??
So excited for the next chapter

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Swathiarshi Senior Member

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Wohoo..i cn sense a face off n also revelations!!!!nice update...thnx fr the pm.

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lechuarshi IF-Dazzler

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ASR????/ Wink
poor khushi..i just wish to whack the vase on the head of riteshAngry

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Downhill IF-Addictz

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this ritesh guy is a persistent idiot.. Cant he get the cue that she is not interested... But then he is pushing his luck a tad too much here, but then he doesn't know yahan daal nai galne wali
for once i was so happy that there was a kabab me haddi aka arnav. Arre Arnav toh smart nikla par utna b nai... That voice has persistently created doubts in his mind... And he is wondering that if that khuraisha wali'khushi' and Apni khushboo wali 'khushi' are sisters... What a deduction .lol
this ritesh needs to be packed to Antarctica asap... Let him romance the polar bears and showhis etiquette and gentlemanly adayen to penguins...
Khushi wonders why she is rattling out her personal issues and this ritesh kaand to arnav with whom she just has a day's acquaintance... And to top it, this ritesh's ogling and nagging is causing her much discomfort and acidity not in a good way...
Looking forward to see how arnav thwarts this ritesh's efforts to have a bas tu aur main wala date and whisks away khushi from ritesh praani's clutches...
Jaanne ke liye padte rahiye, unknown events by checkmate har subah ...

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nice update ..omg ye ritesh jute hi khayega is really to much...but why to worry when asr is cute of khushi to innocently telling her problem to arnav ...waiting for the next update

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lo aagai hamara hero... ritesh face gonna be worth... loved it...
thanks for pm

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