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(T1) Unknown Events - Arshi FF [Completed] (Page 37)

anjs IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 May 2016 at 12:45am | IP Logged
can we hope for an early update...since we are eagerly waiting since saturday Day Dreaming

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Hi! I update everyday (except for the weekends) so I will not be sending any PMs   Big smile

A question has been asked. I thought I should explain just in case anyone else is wondering why Khushi introduced herself as Khushboo and didn't just clear the misunderstanding during the email war' as you call it lol.

Khushi didn't clear the misunderstanding because she wasn't aware that there was a misunderstanding - she doesn't realize that Arnav thinks he met with Khushi.

When Khushi emailed 'I am sorry', she was sorry that she couldn't make it to the meeting. She'd assumed that Khuraisha introduced herself as herself - Khuraisha.

Khushi also emailed him, asking him for another meet but he strictly refused - Arnav doesn't accept unprofessionalism (if you recall he'd told her he liked to deal with only one person) 

After the rude emails he'd sent her, in which he clearly stated he won't be participating, she didn't think she would be welcomed in his office as Khushi. She couldn't lose the opportunity to meet with him, she owed her company one last try. So, enter Khushboo.

And now that she is Khushboo in front of ASR in person, she will refer to Khushi as another person; not knowing that Arnav thinks Khushi is Khuraisha.


I hope that makes some sense and not confusing?  Big smile


 Chapter 11

 Hearts graphics

He dialed Aman's number as La was away on leave, she was sick. "Aman, cancel my meetings for the next hour ." He instructed. He hung up. Looking up at an anxious Khushi, he held her gaze.

"Alright Ms Khushboo, you've got an hour to convince me." He glanced at the clock before looking back to her with a slight smirk.

"Your time starts now."


Khushi relaxed into her chair after muttering a quick prayer to her God. She looked back confidently at ASR.

"Have you read the email I- Khushi sent you?" She corrected herself quickly, wringing her hands together on her lap. At least he couldn't see them as the table hid that view.

Arnav's eye narrowed at Khushi's name.  He was still disgusted by her seduction. It wasn't as if he ddin't come across such women in his work life, but still. He'd expected Khushi to be different..

"Briefly, yes. Just skimmed through it." He too relaxed back into his chair, staring at her in a way that made her feel she was naked. She may as well have been..

She cleared her throat. "So from what little you've read, and from what she's already told you, do you have any questions? What is your interest at this point? Is there anything I can clarify?" Khushi grabbed her bag and search for a booklet.

"Have we met before?" He asked suddenly. She looked at him, startled.

"Ji, I don't believe so. Why?" She inquired. She would've definitely remembered if she'd met a man like him.

"It's just.. you seem familiar. As if I've seen you. Or heard you from somewhere." He mused.

She swallowed. Her eyes flickered down to booklet on the table. Did he recognize her voice over the phone? Did he know? Devi Maiyya, if he finds out I lied..

Brushing aside his random query, he straightened his shoulders.

"First, why should AR partner with your company?" He asked he most obvious question.

Sighing in relief internally at the change of subject, Khushi pulled out an A4 sized booklet from her bag, also known as the sales kit, and slid it over the table to his side. It contained essential information about U^3 Events, the exhibition - Dazzle and other information like the visitors profile etc.

"This is for your reference" Khushi politely informed him before taking a deep breath. "As for your question, you should partner with us because we very good at what we do and we make sure that we aren't the only ones who gain something from this. U3 Events will-" She was about to continue when he cut her off.

"And what exactly does U3 Events stand for?" He asked, not caring that he'd just interrupted her rudely.

Khushi pursed her lips slightly, irritated by his indifference and rudeness. "U3 Events stands for three U s that define our company. Namely, Unexpected, Unknown and Unaware." She gave a short reply and left it there in case he decided to cut her off again. When all he did was raise an eyebrow, she asked him what was wrong.

"What does that mean for your company? Why should I partner with a company that is unknown, and what else, unaware?" Arnav was puzzled. The name didn't go down well with him. Realizing that he was misunderstanding her, she rushed to explain.

"No Sir, that.. that's not what we had in mind with the name. Sir, we were formerly known as Excel Events. However due to constant feedback from our exhibitors and visitors, we decided to rename ourselves as U3. Reason being that a major percentage of our clients commented how our company has brought them unexpected business volumes. Also, they were unaware of the power of our event platform. Lastly, we have managed to connect our exhibitors with so many customers that they would not have known about otherwise. Hence, the success we produced unexpected, uknown and unaware became our tagline." Khushi's eyes shone as she spoke about her company, obvious pride shining through her voice as she pitched the story in her own way.

Starting his own company from scratch, he could relate to the pride she felt for her company.

All Arnav could do was stare at her face as she spoke happily. Her eyes lit up as she explained her company's name. Her nose scrunched at the beginning when she had started explaining. Her mouth moved and shaped the melodious words. Her cheeks flushed with some color and a small smile accompanied her words as she spoke.

She was so pretty, he could've gone on staring at her all day.. Her voice.. he frowned. It was familiar. Where had he heard it before?

When he realized that she had stopped talking and was waiting for his response, he quickly crossed his arms.

"Hmm" he let out, pretending to think about what she had said when in reality, he didn't remember much of it. Khushi waited patiently for his next question, licking her lips slightly.

She thought she saw his eyes flash with something and darken as she licked her lips.

"Alright" Arnav said gruffly, dragging his gaze away from her current wet lips. Did she know what she was doing?

"Tell me this" He tried his best to distract himself. 'AR Group is one of the most established names in the market. We are well known all over. We appear on the news all the time. We've won several awards as well." He let that sink in.

Khushi sensed he was about to ask a question.

"I've stated many points emphasizing how well known we are. So why should I exhibit at the event? Exhibitions are marketing platforms. And AR has already marketed itself thoroughly, globally." His words were casual while holding her gaze.

Khushi knew this would be one of his questions. Hoping that she didn't come across as a smart know-it-all, she gently spoke. "Sir, AR has definitely set a standard for itself. And that is great news for you. However, if I may.." she trailed off hesitantly, wondering if she should go on.

Arnav sensed that she had an answer but was holding herself back. It made him curious as he wondered how she would phrase her answer to his question. As he indicated for her to continue, she decided to reply honestly.

"Sir, do you know of Mc Donald's?" she asked with a straight face and Arnav's eyebrows pulled together. What the-

Unsure as to where she was headed with her question, he replied slowly. "Um, yea..?"

Khushi nodded. "Do you think all of your staff members know of Mc Donald's?" She asked seriously and Arnav's impatience grew. What was this?

"What the! Why are you talking about Mc Donalds? Are you hungry?" He asked sternly. As she shook her head and blinked at him, he continued.

"Even my nani knows Mc Donalds Khushboo. Pretty sure my 87 year old neighbor and her 4 year old great granddaughter also know. Everyone knows. I bet there's not one person who won't recognize their name. What is your point?" Arnav was puzzled.

Khushi smiled at his words. "You just made my point Sir. Everyone knows of Mc Donalds. However, not everyone buys from them. I, for one, don't. Because I'm a vegetarian and they don't offer many veg options. That's beside the point." She realized she was rambling when she saw his eyebrows scrunched. Quickly going to the point, she continued.

"As I said, I don't buy from them. Yet I can tell you their latest burgers on the menu. You know why?" She paused for some effect.

"The reason is because they advertise themselves extensively. Even though they are so well known all over the world, you will get to see their ads on the tv almost every other day. They have ads on the bus, at the bus stop, distributed through flyers, posters, newspapers etc. It's all part of business, Sir. Marketing is constant." Arnav watched, fascinated as her face lit up with emotions. Her delicate hands made gestures, her bangles slid up and down her fair arms, her lips.. He looked at her with hunger that he disguised well.

What? Yes, he was listening to her. He was ASR, he could multitask.

She went on. "Advertising not only markets your products, but lets you stay connected to the public who is the customer. It reinforces the intangible relationship that exists and helps companies stay relevant." Khushi was satisfied with her explanation but was nervous and hoped that she didn't sound like someone who was trying to be over smart. However, the next moment when she saw Arnav smile slightly, she relaxed.

Arnav had to admit. He hated to, but he had to. This woman was something else altogether. She either had no idea of who he was, or she didn't care. Even his own staff would cower in front of him and would never dare speak more than 2 sentences and here this delicate looking woman had said her entire piece without faltering.

He was amazed. It was refreshing to see this. In all honesty, he was beginning to like this woman. More than he should..

After her impressive short speech, Khushi braced herself for a sound lashing from the great Khadoos ASR. But she got none of that. Instead, he just kept quiet and looked at her in a way that unnerved her.

Was he okay..?  The way he stared at her with those intense eyes made her feel funny. As the silence stretched on, Khushi reached into her bag to take out another file and slipped out a piece of paper. Sliding it over to his side, she turned the paper so that it faced him.

"This is a summary of statistics we have gathered. As you can see," She pointed to some numbers and watched as he looked down, tracing his eyes over the brief figures "face to face marketing is the strongest marketing tool. And our exhibitions provide that very same face to face platform." She looked up from the paper to see him looking at her with an unreadable expression.

"Yet another reason to participate in our show" Khushi whispered as if in a daze, his eyes pulling her in deeper and deeper. It scared her, her feelings for this man. She shouldn't feel anything for him at all in the first place.

But she did.. again she remembered the way he'd held her below, the heat from his touch branding her.

Why did this man affect her like no other?

Arnav's hand fisted below the table. The way she was looking at him made him want to reach over, pull haul her to himself and hold her again like he had earlier. He would envelop her, his bigger frame covering her petite one. He could almost imagine how her eyes would widen.

Maybe a gasp would escape her full lips. Perhaps he would swoop down to capture that gasp and kiss her into silence. Oh how that would feel..

He cleared his throat and looked at her thoughtfully. Khushi felt the need to say something. "So um, Sir, another benefit of this exhibition will be that we have hosted buyers, which means that you can be assured to meet up with visitors who have the money and authority to purchase. Also-" she was about to ramble on and on until he stopped her.

He cut her off; trying to break whatever spell there was between them.

"Tell me why I should participate in your exhibition as compared to taking part in another exhibition like Showcase that is also an upcoming event-exhibition." Arnav titled his head and looked at her. She had impressed him so far. He liked the answers he had heard from her so far and decided to make things a little tougher. How would she handle this? She would probably brag and boast her company..

 She smiled warmly. "By all means sir, go ahead and take part in Showcase or another exhibition." Khushi said casually.

Arnav's left eyebrow rose.

"And in the next round, take part in ours. You will know and realize the difference yourself." Khushi answered simply. Her simplicity amazed him. No big words to impress him, just gentle statements from her as opposed to how he had thought she would brag. Hmm.. Something about her..

"AR does business with other parties only when we are confident of working with them. Your company can't be that good considering how I've never heard of it before." Arnav's features softened as he watched her face fall at his words. Her eyes were lowered to her hands on her lap.

Had he been too.. mean? But he always does business this way. Throwing out such questions was his style. It was obvious she felt bad.. should he try to comfort her?

Aw, look at the pretty face that was smiling seconds ago. I wish I could pull her into a hug.. What the! Why should he try and make her feel better? Focus, ASR.

"Well?" he asked gruffly when she hadn't replied. Khushi looked up from her lap and looked straight into his deep eyes that gazed at her with an emotion she couldn't understand.

She took a deep breath. "Sir, the reason you may have never heard of us is because one, as I've mentioned, we have recently changed the company name. Two, we are a small company but our portfolio is established and still growing with a successful track record. And lastly, we have never approached big companies like yourself and other big branded names before as we did not feel we were ready to engage such high end companies."

She quickly continued as she caught the wariness in his eyes.  "This year however, owing to our hard working staff, we have finally broken the records in terms of sales and now we are ready to engage companies like AR." She looked straight at him while she spoke, not letting him look anywhere else as she spoke honestly.

At the silence stretched on, Khushi began feeling her earlier enthusiasm waning. She had been honest so far and answered each question with sincerity. But he didn't seem to be very interested. Rather, he kept asking questions as if testing her. Should she continue promoting her company? Or would it come across as being too desperate..

"Sir, I can understand your apprehension of working with a company that isn't in the same level as yours is. If that is the case, there is little I can do except reiterating the points I've already made." She paused.

 "In any case, I wish your company all the best and hope for a possible venture between our firms in the future. Good day, Sir" she slowly stood up, giving time for her swollen ankle to carry her weight. She'd tried. She really had.

A flash of panic overcame Arnav as he realized she was leaving. His business mind analyzed the fact that she wasn't too pushy and desperate to get his approval. The other part of his mind urged him to do something before she left.

For good.


Chapter 10


Chapter 12

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just loved it our hero has fallen ninepins for her

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amazing concept khushi asr khushboo and a witchie witch can't wait to read more... send Buddy req please accept it n pm me updates... looking forward for next update...

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anjs IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome...fell in love with this two again... no doubt we are addicted to this story...
looking forward to another round of excellence from u, tomorrow Smile

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simply awesome...

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Arnav is total gone case . Waiting for the time he will know khushi is khusboo ;) :)

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Aww... Such a beautiful chapter! You had me so engrossed that I just couldn't comprehend when the chapter came to an end.
The flow of all the chapters is so flawless and constant that it grips the reader till the very end.
So, finally Arnav has drowned into the ocean of love... Yay! I'm so damn eager to know about his reactions once this Khushboo-Khushi puzzle is solved!Big smile
Next chapter! Next chapter! Next chapter!
Update soonish!!!!!!!

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