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(T1) Unknown Events - Arshi FF [Completed] (Page 24)

anjs IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 May 2016 at 9:25pm | IP Logged
waiting for their meet...update soon

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sanamsky IF-Dazzler

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Wow amazing story just read this love to read more

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Lovely story...ran through till chapter 8. Waiting for you to update! Smile


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anjs IF-Sizzlerz

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refreshing my page every hour... LOL

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..optimist.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by anjs

refreshing my page every hour... LOL

Same here LOL
Looking out for the most awaited ArShi meet LOLTongue

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Hi! I update everyday (except for the weekends) so I will not be sending any PMs   Big smile

Chapter 9

Hearts graphics

Narrowing her eyes, she stared at his latest email. He didn't want her to reply the email? He wanted to ignore her? Fine. She will see how he ignores her when she goes down to his office herself tomorrow.

 I'll come, she promised.


"I'm here to see Mr Arnav Singh Raizada" Khushi stubbornly waited by the receptionist's desk since the last ten minutes. "Ma'am," the lady breathed exasperatedly.

"ASR is in a meeting, and you don't have an appointment, please come back when he's free with an appointment for you" She tried explaining for the nth time.

"Look, just please tell him that I'm from U3 events, I need to see him. I had a meeting with him yesterday but missed it coz of this" Khushi indicated to her swollen ankle that was now wrapped in a bandage.

"Please, just let me meet him once his meeting is over. I'll wait however long it takes. Tell him that Khus-" She stopped abruptly, frowning. If he found out that she-Khushi was here to meet him, he would probably never show up. He was so angry judging by his emails yesterday. And anyway he's never seen her..

"Khushboo is here to see him. Will you tell him that? Please" Khushi pleaded with a soft voice.

The receptionist gave in and complied, given how desperate this Khushboo lady seemed and how she was also slightly limping due to that sprained ankle. She gulped.

"Ma'am, please take a seat. ASR's meeting should be finishing in ten minutes." The receptionist informed Khushi and prayed for her own life. The clock read 10:30am.

Khushi beamed at her and walked slowly to the couch that was so soft, she almost sunk down the moment she sat. Stretching out her bandaged foot, she looked at her surroundings. Everything screamed of wealth and power. Squeaky clean glass cabins and doors.

A soft, furry rug that was no doubt expensive. Random abstract photo frames hung around. Unique vases with rare flowers she'd only seen on the discovery channel. Red and white seemed to be the theme of this lavish building. She was beginning to understand just how much of a big deal this ASR is.

She glanced at her watch.  10:33am. The receptionist said something about his meeting ending in ten minutes. Well, she better freshen up. She got up, looked around and saw the sign indicating the direction to the washroom.

Slowly limping a little, she made her way there. She ignored the curious gazes of the immaculately dressed staff who did not try to hide their confusion as they wondered what a girl in a blue anarkali, so out of place, was doing at AR.

Reaching the washroom, she almost gaped as she saw the interior. Was this an office or a hotel? Smooth shiny tiles lined the floor. Red framed mirrors had a streak of gold ran through the red. Low round basins with automatic taps. There was even a small rack of potted plants. In the toilet, really?

She could smell a nice refreshing fragrant of jasmine and heard a soft jazz music playing. Was she really admiring a washroom?

Shaking her head, she walked into a cubicle. After coming out, she washed her hands. Slowly, she walked to the door to leave when she bumped into a hard wall.

That's weird.

Since when did walls have hands?

Hands that were now snaked around her waist. Since when did walls have a warm feel with a beating hard? A beating heart that seemed to be beating a little faster at the moment. Khushi looked up - and froze.

The most piercing, intense brown eyes stared back at her.

A small triangular shaped scar on the top lid of his mesmerizing eyes left her wondering how he got it. Slowly her eyes trailed around his face, taking in the handsome features of this magnificent man. She could feel his heart pounding against his expensive suit as her hands pressed against his broad, strong chest to steady herself.

She held his steady gaze, not able to bear the heat in them but unable to look anywhere else.

Devi Maiyya, what's happening? I should push away right? Yes, I should. That's exactly what I'm going to do.

Instead, her eyes met his and got trapped. He stared at her with absolute stillness. For a moment, she forgot about her throbbing ankle. The throbbing started elsewhere. She saw a sudden glint in his eyes. The way he was looking at her made her weak in the knees. He looked at her with smoldering intensity and she was thankful that he was holding her up.

He was so different from her own soft frame. His round, sharp nose took in a deep breath that soon got stuck as she looked at his lips. Thin lips that made her wonder how they would feel pressed against her own..

She was almost afraid that he would be able to read her thoughts. His eyes darkened, jaw clenching slightly. His expressions remained unreadable. For a moment, silence enveloped them, everything else faded away as they looked at each other. She gasped softly as she felt him pull her closer.

Oh the things she felt.

A soft deliberate cough broke whatever trance they were in. Khushi was the first to react, taking one step back, leaving his embrace. She didn't want to notice the missing warmth of his hands on her waist but she did.

What the f! Was Arnav's first thought as she moved away from him. He fought the instinct to step forward and close the gap.

Who was she? He didn't want to think about how soft she felt in his arms, how she fit perfectly against him. Didn't want to think about how it felt when she had been innocently checking him out with her wide hazel eyes that exuded a sense of sweetness, innocence and shyness.

She was shorter and smaller than his own frame and he fought to not envelope her in his arms. He had a feeling she'd fit in just fine.

His chest tightened and his breath caught when he saw her looking at his lips, his own eyes automatically falling to her own pink lips. How would they feel? As soft as they seemed?

She had trembled for a moment and he was astonished by the silent spark that was going on between them. How ridiculous was it to have such feelings for a total stranger? He looked down to her attire, stopping briefly at her heaving chest.

 Anarkali? He raised one eyebrow. So not his type and yet even his type had never managed to rouse such feelings in him.

She was a vision. So pretty, soft and oh, pretty. He resisted the urge to wrap her up in his arms and instead settled on tugging her slightly closer by her waist, growling slightly at her soft gasp. Her tiny waist..

Dammit, why was he not letting her go? He stiffened slightly, unaccustomed to such unfamiliar feelings.

A cough broke his chain of thoughts that were venturing off to highly inappropriate places, a lot of which involved this woman. And him too of course.

Arnav glanced to his side to see Aman staring at the scene before him with wide eyes. Thankfully his staff were minding their own business. Arnav looked back to the girl who was suddenly very interested in the tiles. She refused to meet his gaze and he felt a surge of irritation.

Look at me, dammit! Just as he was about to ask who the hell she was, since she clearly didn't work for him, Aman spoke.

"Um, sir, shall we go?" Aman asked with a small smile. What? It wasn't every day that Aman got to see his boss/friend so taken by a woman.

"Yeah" Arnav's tone was dismissive as he moved to walk past that woman. She was probably just one of the assistants of the models who were busy with the photo shoot happening one floor above them. Just as he was rounding by a corner, involuntarily he turned his head to look back at her.

Brown clashed with hazel, her hazel eyes widening as she looked away, flustered. Please God, I hope he didn't see my burning pink cheeks.

Arnav smirked slightly, having noticed her flushed state. He frowned suddenly as he reached his cabin. Maybe he forgot to take his diabetes pill. Or maybe he was going crazy, because the whole walk from the washroom to his cabin was filled with images of that woman and now his mind seemed to be thinking about Khushi.

What the!

But that's right. Khushi should've been like that woman. She should've been dressed properly, she should've been shy. But he had met Khushi yesterday and she was totally opposite. Arnav Singh Raizada thinking of two women at the same time. Who would've thought?

Meanwhile, the receptionist was hyperventilating. Oh god, where is that girl? Where was she from again? Her company..? Her name is Khush.. Khushboo from.. from..ah! Oh god. ASR is going to kill me. He will ask me who she is, where she's from and I don't have an answer. She went to the washroom right? Then why isn't she back yet. Oh.. Mommy, looks like ASR will send me to you. I'm coming to you, she looked heavenwards.

Fingers slightly trembling, she dialed his number. "I have a Ms Khushboo here to see you" The receptionist said confidently as ASR picked up the phone.

Khushi? His mind automatically took her name and the woman from below who he'd held minutes ago flashed before his eyes.

He was definitely going crazy.

"Who is she? I don't see any appointments for a Khushboo" he checked his calendar. His stern voice made the receptionist's confidence waver.

As he said her name, again he thought of Khushi and woman from below flashed in front of him. That's it, he needed a distraction.

"Sir, um she-"

"Send her up" Arnav almost couldn't wait to meet this Khushboo person who would be his distraction.

The receptionist stared at the phone, her jaw hung as low as it possibly could. Miracles happen! Not so soon, mommy, she looked heavenwards.

Khushi was still stuck by the washroom. What just happened? She was in the arms of a stranger moments ago.. she didn't resist, didn't push him away. In fact, when he had pulled her closer, she felt thrilled. She'd felt tingles. She'd felt good, safe and warm. She'd wanted him to close the gap between them.. Her eyes widened at her thoughts.

Devi Maiyya, I promise I'm a good girl. I won't think of anyone like this again, I promise. She gulped. Glancing at the clock, it read 10:42am. Oh! She made her way to his cabin, stopping short when she realized that she didn't know the way.

"Excuse me, could you point me to the direction of ASRji's cabin?" Khushi asked one of the staff politely, a man who seemed kind. He looked her up and down, wondering what business she had with ASR.

"Um, sure." He turned and pointed to the glass cabin situated at the top level. It was a semicircle glass cabin protruding out and had a red spiral staircase leading up to it. Glass cabin, probably so he can stare down at his staff who would shake with fear and work every single minute, she mused.

Laad Governor.

"Thank you" Khushi murmured to the man who just smiled in return.

Trying to put minimal pressure on her swollen ankle, she wobbled to the stairs and sighed. She put her good foot forward. This is going to hurt.

Meanwhile, Arnav waited impatiently for this Khushboo person to make an appearance. He never ever saw anyone without an appointment but for the first time he allowed it.

Besides, for some reason he had been feeling extra jumpy since the last few minutes. He looked down from his glass cabin at his staff, unaware that his eyes were automatically searching for that washroom girl..

Sighing, he turned to walk back to his chair when he froze. He felt a tingle in his spine. He shook his head, leaned back in his chair and turned to look at a painting that hung on the white wall.  Khushi leaned against his door, resting all her weight on one foot while one of her slender fair hands grabbed the side of the open door.

She hadn't noticed him yet, looking down at her throbbing ankle. She hissed slightly in pain and knocked softly on the door.

Arnav spun his chair around, away from the painting and froze with a sharp breath.

What the- washroom girl? 


Chapter 8


Chapter 10

Hearts graphics

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anjs IF-Sizzlerz

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m before before even the minute is up from ur update time Cool

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So finally Khushi in ASR's cabin Big smileBig smileLOL
The washroom girl!! Haha...
But please don't keep her as Khushboo for Arnav... Please please make him know that she is the same Khushi whom he spoke to over the phone and whom he was desperate to meet... Pleeaseee Embarrassed

It was a fabulous update... Ahh... What a first meet! Haayee... EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed His type yet not his type Wink
Hope he knows soon that she is Khushi and not the one who met him the day before... 

Waiting for the next as usual LOLLOL

PS : Thanks for the PM... I missed to be the first today though OuchLOL

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