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(T1) Unknown Events - Arshi FF [Completed] (Page 2)

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Fabulous... Continue soon

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Hi! I update everyday (except for the weekends) so I will not be sending any PMs   Big smile

Chapter 2 

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Determination filled her. She blinked away her tears. She sat up straight in her chair. Picking up her phone, she hit redial.

*20 minutes ago*

"Aman, you have two minutes to explain. And it better be good." Arnav stood across from a slightly shivering Aman. He crossed his muscular arms across his chest and stared at Aman.

They were in ASR's cabin with just a table and two chairs between them. But judging by how angry ASR was, Aman wouldn't have been surprised if he broke the tables and chairs between them to strangle him.

"I'm waiting!" Arnav snapped, not appreciating the silence.

"ASR, the Mehta's want to renegotiate, I tried explaining to them but-"

"But obviously you couldn't do that much, could you?" Arnav bit out. Aman didn't bother defending himself and stayed silent, recognizing that his boss's mood was crappier than usual.

Arnav ran his hand across his gelled hair. "What is their problem?" Arnav started pacing his cabin.

"They want to do the photo shoot, but on their terms instead. They want to change the location. Also, they're not happy with our lead model. Something about her not having the right look-"

"That just sounds like a bunch of excuses to me, Aman. It seems like they want to postpone our deal. Maybe they are delaying this because they've got a better offer from another company?" Arnav thought out loud to himself for the last bit. 

"Or they want me to think they're going to someone else so that I'll agree to renegotiation on his terms which will obviously mean our loss."

His pacing came to an abrupt stop. He leaned over his desk and placed both palms faced down to support his weight. 

"They're stalling. But they forget Arnav Singh Raizada doesn't wait for anyone. You tell them that this deal will happen as signed and planned, and on my terms. If they still have a problem, tear the contract into pieces, and move onto the next client." Arnav instructed, looking straight at Aman without blinking.

One of the many things Aman admired and respected Arnav for was his ability to remain firm in his decisions and not stray or panic even with the possibility of losing a client.

Arnav straightened from the back and crossed his arms again, his suit defining his muscles well. His frame and outline screamed of power.

"And tell Mehta that the next time he wants to trick me, come up with a better lie. He chose that girl to be the lead model, and now all of a sudden she doesn't have the right look? I don't buy it. Tell him I don't do business with people like him."  Arnav dismissed him. Yet another thing Aman admired Arnav for. His ability to remember the smallest details.

ASR was right, Aman had been present in the Mehta's meeting too, and Mehta had personally chosen the girl to be the lead model and now all of a sudden he has a problem. Perhaps he was trying to fool ASR into thinking that they got a better deal from someone else and were hoping ASR would renegotiate?

Bad move, Mehta, Aman thought.

"I'll notify them right away sir" Aman made a move to leave.

"Not notify Aman. You end the discussion right there." ASR commanded in a stern voice.

Aman simply nodded and left.

Arnav sat down on his big black swivel chair and leaned back to rest his throbbing head against the comfortable headrest. Damn the headache, he mumbled. On top of that, there's this mess with the Mehtas. He looked around at his messy desk with some files laid around. Just as he was about to lift his fingers to massage his temple, his phone rang.

Now what?

Sound of a click. "Yea?" He almost barked into the phone. 

"H..hello?" She squeaked, breathless. Arnav was taken aback for a moment by the breathless voice, so feminine. And if he wasn't wrong, she sounded slightly scared. The corners of his usually stern lips curled up slightly into an amused smile.

What the! Arnav Singh Raizada smiling at the phone? Realizing his own thoughts, he snapped out of the trance.

He frowned. "Yea?" He repeated irritated while shuffling his files around. He tried to keep busy by clearing his messy desk and tried to distract his stubborn mind that was still stuck on the word hello' uttered by this unknown girl.

"Ah hmm.. i .. I'm uh.. A-actually-" Arnav could hear her struggling to form a sentence and his patience snapped. Already he had a headache, a deal gone south and now this girl on the phone just wouldn't spit it out. Clearing all thoughts of amusement of this girl from his mind, he blasted. 

"What the! Listen, I'm a very busy man. Do you know how much money I could've made in the last ten seconds instead of having this stupid conversation with you while you stammer away? " He continued "Huh? Why do you even call when you can't speak properly?" Arnav bit out. Impatiently he waited for a reply. He got none. His anger surged.

"Answer me! That's it, I'm going to fire my assistant for putting your call through to me. What was she thinking? And you, phones are meant for talking. Not for stammering or for staying silent. And you should know what you want to say before calling someone instead of wasting their time. Do you even know who I am? You obviously don't otherwise you wouldn't have dared to call me and waste my time. Now, hang up!" In anger, he hung up and the line went dead.

He stared at the phone. Momentarily, he felt a little bad for venting his anger at the unknown girl just like that. He was taking out his irritation about the Mehta case and his headache on that girl.

What the! Since when did Arnav Singh Raizada feel bad?

His eyes widened a little as he realized what he had done in the end. He told her to hang up, but hung up himself? What must she be thinking? Shaking his head out of her thoughts, he got back into anger mode.

*Present time*

"Come into my cabin now." He dialed the line to his secretary/assistant whose cabin was just next to his. A shaking-with-fear woman knocked timidly on his cabin door.

"Come in" he ordered. Hesitating, she walked in slowly. "Yes ASR?" she stared intently at the floor.

"Who was that woman whose call you just put through to me?" he inquired with a twinge of curiosity. It's ridiculous how affected he was by that voice.

"Um.. sir it was this lady, she wanted to-"

"I didn't ask what she wanted, I asked who was she?" he was restless. Leaving the perusal of the floor, she looked up at him with a questioning gaze.

"I.. I meant of course what did she want?" he quickly corrected himself.

"Didn't she tell you?" she was confused. "ASR, I-"

The shrill sound of the ringtone coming from her cabin cut off her words.

He indicated for her to answer it and she almost ran out, breathing in relief. Saved by the bell! Plopping onto her chair, she answered.


"Hello." Khushi answered sternly before realizing it was the sweet sounding assistant.

"Um.. hi, I just called earlier, about five minutes ago.." Khushi trailed off.

The secretary looked up to see ASR across the glass separating their cabins. She wondered why this girl had called again.

"Yes, what can I do for you?" She inquired.

"I would like you to put me through to that khado- I mean ASR, please" Khushi stopped herself from slipping up, the word khadoos at the tip of her tongue.

The secretary hid her smile. Khadoos! What a fitting name for ASR, she thought, still staring at his profile from her cabin. Remembering his earlier questions, she quickly clarified.

"In a minute, first can I know who is calling, and from where?" She gently asked, genuinely interested to know more about this girl.

"Oh, where are my manners." Khushi mumbled and hit her forehead. "Hi, I'm Khushi Kumari Gupta calling from U3 Events." She informed professionally.

"I am Lavanya Kashyap, AR Group of Companies, secretary to ASR." Lavanya told her.

Khushi's grip on the phone tightened at the mention of that infuriating man. "Lavanyaji, could you connect me to ASRji again?" Khushi asked politely.

Khadoos to ASRji? Lavanya laughed slightly at this amusing girl. Hmm, she thought. This was interesting. ASR seemed desperate to know who she was. And now she's asking for him again..

"You said you're calling from U3 Events?" Lavanya sat up straighter, grabbed a pen and took notes. "May I know what this is regarding?"

"Sure. U3 Events would like to invite AR Group to participate in the upcoming fashion event happening in 6 months. The name of the event is Dazzle, where small to big fashion companies will come together to meet targeted buyers and customers." Khushi explained in a breath, hoping that she sounded confident.

"Hmm.." Lavanya considered her words. AR Group already had their own events team and took part in mostly international exhibitions and sometimes even held their own events. Her eyes wandered to ASR. There was little chance ASR would even consider or entertain this girl's words.

She went against her better judgment.

"I could connect you to our marketing or sales manager" she said slowly.

"No! I uh.. I mean, it would be better if I could speak to the man himself. ASRji.." Khushi whispered, hoping she didn't come across weird.

The man himself! Lavanya shook her head at the way different ways Khushi referred to ASR. Such apt nicknames!

"Alright Khushi, I'll connect you to khado- I mean ASR" Lavanya spoke with a mischievous grin while Khushi's cheeks flushed, embarrassed.

"One advice, whatever you do, don't call him ASR..ji" Lavanya informed, knowing ASR's anger would hit the roof if someone addressed him as anything other than ASR.

"Thank you Lavanyaji" Khushi was grateful.

"Please wait while your call is being transferred." Lavanya informed.

She added "Also, good luck!" Lavanya quickly connected Khushi's call to ASR without letting Khushi speak. Meanwhile, Khushi wondered why she had just been wished.


"ASR, that girl you were asking about.." Lavanya almost shrunk in her chair as ASR's head snapped and he stared at her through the glass.

"She's called again. She's calling from U3-" Lavanya quickly informed him, wanting to hide from his intense gaze.

"Put her through" Arnav said immediately, cutting her off. Lavanya almost raised an eyebrow at the urgency in his voice but instead just nodded. She had noticed the excitement in his voice. They both hung up.

Before picking up his ringing phone, Arnav reached over to draw the blinds to his cabin, keeping out the rest of the world as his glass cabin was now covered from prying eyes. In her own cabin, Lavanya smiled cheekily as she noticed his cabin was now covered, giving him privacy. Good luck to Khushi indeed!

Relaxing back in his chair, he eyed this phone and let three rings pass before leisurely picking up the phone.



Chapter 1


Chapter 3 

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nice it both parts now its amazing love it...plzzz update soon...and thnx for pm..

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simply brilliant
loved it,

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Awesome update.sply the last para ;-)  i just loved it. Thanks for the pm and plz plz update the next chapter soonTongue

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Ahem ahem... So!! Mr. ASR is interested!!

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damn this story is awesome..
I love this tweety like khushi and Khadoos ASR jiWinkLOLLOL
do continue soon

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Hi! I update everyday (except for the weekends) so I will not be sending any PMs   Big smile

Chapter 3 
Hearts graphics

"Put her through" Arnav said immediately, cutting her off. Lavanya almost raised an eyebrow at the urgency in his voice but instead just nodded. She had noticed the excitement in his voice. They both hung up.

Before picking up his ringing phone, Arnav reached over to draw the blinds to his cabin, keeping out the rest of the world as his glass cabin was now covered from prying eyes. In her own cabin, Lavanya smiled cheekily as she noticed his cabin was now covered, giving him privacy. Good luck to Khushi indeed!

Relaxing back in his chair, he eyed this phone and let three rings pass before leisurely picking up the phone.


"Hello?" ASR drawled.

"Hello." Khushi lifted her chin.

"It's you again" he stated.

"It's Khushi Kumari Gupta on the line, calling from U3 Events" she started.

"Good to know you can now string a sentence together" came his sarcastic comment.

Khushi almost strangled the phone. She imagined choking the life out of him using the phone cord.

"Helloo?" he called out

"Uhm" she lightly cleared her throat. "As I was saying, I'm calling from U3 Eve-

"Yes you've already said that. Care to move forward?" He instigated her.

Khushi pursed her lips. How was he a successful businessman? Two minutes on the phone with him and she wanted to die.

No, she wanted to kill him. She wondered how his clients could stand him.

"Yes Sir" she sweetly spoke and Arnav's eyes narrowed.

"I would've said something more but I was interrupted." She said innocently, but with fire in her voice.

Arnav's eyebrows rose to the top as he considered her. There's something about her..

"So, like I was saying." Khushi started. "U3 Events would like to invite AR Group to participate in the upcoming fashion event named Dazzle. It will be happening in six months. Over the span of three days, you can expect to meet small to top companies in the fashion industry at this one platform with approximately 150,000 registered visitors, of which 42% are key decision makers and authorized purchasers." Khushi elaborated the details. Giving a two second pause, she continued when there was no reply.

"So far we also have 51 guest industry speakers, 12 official pavilions and 1,300 local and international participating companies. It's a one stop platform for business development that includes conferences and also networking sessions." Khushi informed smoothly, having memorized the information and relayed it repeatedly to other companies too.

Taking his silence as a green light, she was about to go on when she stopped abruptly. Pressing the phone into her ear, she listened intently. 

Was he even there? Was he listening? Or had he hung up? She frowned, but there was no dial tone which meant he was still there. Had he fallen asleep? She had made sure to vary her tone while conveying the message..

"Hello..?" she spoke hesitantly. There was no reply. Not even any sound of breathing.

Her nose flared. "I knew it. Shaitaan, rakshas, akhdu, khadoos! He's not listening to me! And here I went on and on talking to no one! How rude is that man-" she ranted to herself, assuming, from the complete silence at his end, that he was no longer listening.

He cleared his throat. She stopped talking to herself and her jaw dropped.

"You were saying.." he trailed off, his voice devoid of any emotion. He had lost track of what she had been saying, lost in her melodious voice and tone that drew him in.

There was something so familiar about her. Her voice.. He hadn't realized that he had been staying silent all the while. As she started using those words though, he slowly came out of his thoughts and narrowed his eyes at her choice of words.

"That's quite an opinion for someone who hasn't even met me, don't you think?" he asked, referring to her last statement.

"You.. you didn't answer me.. I uh, I thought you had hung up or you weren't listening, I'm sorry" she rushed to say. She closed her eyes tight, mentally scolding herself for saying such things to a potential client, who was now definitely not a potential client anymore after hearing her words.

Oh God!

He paused. By now, he would usually have shown the person his/her place had anyone spoken to him like that.


"Continue" he simply said, ignoring her apology.

Khushi's eyes opened wide and round. He was still willing to hear her out? Arnav waited impatiently for her to speak.

"Um.. sorry again.. So I've already given you a brief overview of the event and what your company has to gain.." She mumbled. "Are you interested?"

"Definitely" came the instant reply. Khushi missed the innuendo.

"Really?" she blurted out. Khushi couldn't believe her ears. What? Did she just cross the first stage to get AR Group to be U3 Event's client? So easily? She'd had a whole speech prepared..

"Wait. I was going to say something more but I was interrupted" he smirked, echoing her previous words. Khushi's breath was stuck in her throat and she froze.

"What does that mean?" she whispered.

He got down to business. "Before I say or agree to anything, I will need additional details. More information, more of everything." His voice got huskier at the end.

"Certainly sir, I understand." She said excitedly. He was interested! "I could drop you an email with detailed information for your kind reference." She clicked her mouse to open her email.

"Email won't be sufficient. Before AR Group does business with anyone, we meet face to face." He firmly stated, leading his way in.

"Of course sir. After you've read the email, if you're interested, we can arrange for a meeting-"

He stared at his calendar that was mostly filled with meetings. "I'm free next week" he impulsively informed.

Khushi's hand on the mouse stilled. "Sir? She was confused. "Wouldn't you like to get the email first and then decide about the meeting?"

She had called hundreds of companies and most of them would either say they were not interested or would demand for an email to be sent before even considering a meeting. 

And here this big company's owner was all set for a meeting?

"It sounds like you're trying to dissuade me from coming onboard" his voice held amusement that reached to her and she shut her eyes.

"No! Of course not, not at all.." she rushed to correct herself. "I would love to have you." She stated. Arnav's eyebrow rose.

"I meant.. my  uh, my company would love.. to have yours onboard."

Why was she flustered? Could he hear her loud heartbeats?

"Hmm" he let out a sound with a little smirk.

How did he make hmm sound so masculine? There was a pause before Khushi's brain started working.

 "So you are free next week, which day exactly?" She opened her email to search for the calendar tab.

There was a pause. "Next Tuesday. 4:30pm" he without looking at his schedule.

"Okay hold on, let me find his name.." She mumbled, scrolling through her email base.

Arnav's eyes narrowed. "Whose name?"

"Oh, found it" she said to herself. "So sir, the meeting has been set for next Tuesday at 4 30pm." She confirmed.

"Yes. How about at the Oriental Hotel? I can have a private booth booked for us. Or maybe one of their conference rooms." He suggested, smirking at having had his way.

"Oh, uh Sir there's no need for that. My sales representative will be coming down to your office directly. They always meet with potential clients at the convenience of the clients. Hence the day & time is always set by the client, while the location is most usually their office." She told him.

"Wait" he frowned. "Your sales representative?"

"Yes" she chirpily replied, thrilled at successfully having set a meet with AR Group. "My sales representative, either a Mr Ritesh Shonza or a Mr Rakesh Suri will meet with you. I will email you-"

The frown deepened. "No." 

"Wha- what, Sir?" she asked, confused.

"The meet will be with you." There was no room for argument from his end.

"Oh.. um sir I am not in the sales department.." she was stumped, unable to understand his sudden demand.

"I don't care. Either the meeting will be with you, or this is over" he stated his final decision. He didn't want to think about why he had this sudden demand. Must be the headache making him say such stuff.

Khushi sucked in a breath. "Sir you don't understand, I can't do the meeting. I don't have enough expertise to perform the roles of a sales representative-" she tried explaining patiently.

He felt a shiver of panic at her words. If she doesn't come for the meeting, does this mean this is the last time they will be speaking? He changed tactics and remained firm.

"Look Ms Gupta. I do not appreciate such unprofessionalism. If the meeting was going to be with either of the Misters you've just named, then why are you the one who called me? I'm a businessman and I like to deal with one person, not multiple people. These are my terms. Meeting will be with you. And if I decide to go ahead with participating in your event, then all further discussions will also be with you. Otherwise, this is over." He laid it down, determined.

After a moment of considering his own words, he realized how adamant he was about her being the point of contact.

Why? He didn't want to think about it. But.. Was he seriously attracted to this girl.. who he has never even seen before? Can that be possible? Over the phone??

"Sir, while I respect your sense of business," Khushi bristled at his comment about being unprofessional. 

"I hope that you also understand that different companies have different ways of working. Also, there are different departments in each company for a reason. I'm sure your company must have different departments that perform different roles. Similarly, I'm trying to explain to you that having me at the meeting won't benefit you as I am not a sales person, that is not my department."  She said exasperatedly.

He himself is such a big business man, how come he doesn't understand? She was starting to enjoy the way the conversation was shaping up until it took this sudden turn where he kept on insisting for her to be at the meeting.

Why? She wondered.


Chapter 2


Chapter 4

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