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(T1) Unknown Events - Arshi FF [Completed] (Page 14)

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Big smile

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Awesome. Incredible story n written very well. Update soon.

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that was an interesting story, untill Khushi tried that stunt...whatever made her believe that witch n dress-up like this... or was it Khuraisha...i hope it was, wudnt want Khushi to be like that...atleast this Khushi, its not in her character

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Hi! I update everyday (except for the weekends) so I will not be sending any PMs   Big smile

Chapter 7
Hearts graphics

"Before I call security, get the hell out of my building." His voice could compete with thunder. He flung open the door using more strength than what was required. 

The resounding bang of the door against the wall was all there was left as ASR exited the place of utter confusion for a certain lady who could not believe the dramatic scene that just unfolded.

Huh. Guess the newspapers were right, she mused. ASR is bi-polar.

A puzzled Aman watched in confusion as ASR stormed through the corridors and to his cabin. Aman glanced at his watch. That was one short meeting, he thought.

Unbelievable' Arnav muttered furiously. He ran a hand across his hair. He scoffed, thinking back to what just happened. He made sure to wipe his cheek free of her kiss, disgusted at her actions.

Khushi wondered what to do. She sighed, looking down to her swollen ankle that seconds ago were encased in heels. What must he be thinking of her? Should she call him? Apologize?

What would she say? Would he even listen to her after what happened? She doubted it. From what little interactions they've had, she knew all about his anger first hand. Still, she had to do something. Everything had gone wrong.

So much for leaving him speechless.


Arnav furiously worked throughout the rest of the day. At 6pm, when most of his staff started going home, Arnav had just started working on a new contract. Close to 7:30pm he was still swamped with work.

"Boss?" Aman uncertainly called out, standing by the door. Startled, Arnav looked up from the file he had been going through. He was surprised to see Aman at this time. "Aman, you're still here?"

After ASR had left the conference room, Aman had been wary to go up to him seeing how angry he had been. He was still wondering what had happened. "Yea uh, just wanted to know if you needed anything?" Aman inquired.

"What are you, my wife?" Arnav raised his eyebrow.

Ah, he jokes.

"Well, some would say I'm your work wife.." Aman laughed uneasily, leaning against the door. Arnav glared at Aman.

Arnav exhaled and relaxed back into his chair. "Get in here already" was his invitation to Aman who closed the door behind him and settled down on the chair in front of Arnav.

"So, what the hell happened earlier?" came the question Aman was so eager to ask. He couldn't contain his curiosity. What could've happened in the conference room?

Arnav narrowed his eyes at Aman.

"Oh c'mon man. Office hours are over. For now, we're back to being friends and you can be my boss and ASR' tomorrow from 9-6" Aman said dryly. 

Arnav conceded and regarded Aman for a moment. Aman was probably the only person who Arnav considered to be his friend when they were not working. And La too.

"What exactly do you want to know?" Arnav tried being dismissive and evading the topic. He didn't want to think about it.

"Well" Aman paused, not knowing how to phrase his words. He titled his head.

"I uh, I know you had a meeting at 4:30pm with a Ms Khushi from some events company" Aman stated.

Arnav pursed his lips. "That's not a question" He smirked inwardly at the irritation on Aman's face.

"Fine, what happened during the meeting? Why did you walk out in 5 mins? Why were you so angry? I thought you were looking forward to the meeting?" Aman stopped talking as soon as Arnav's eyes narrowed at him as he heard the last question.

"Who told you that? Who said I was looking forward to the meeting?" Arnav demanded to know.

As Aman's silence, he questioned again. "Who, dammit?"

"Lav-" Aman promptly shut up. Shit! He wasn't supposed to say her name..

"Of course Lavanya told you" Arnav scoffed, shaking his head. Lavanya was probably his only other friend, but he very much wanted to kill her right now.

"Long story short, the meeting was a total fail. There was nothing to talk about so it ended quickly. I was angry because the girl I thought she was and the girl she turned out to be were two very different people. Does that answer all your questions?" Arnav summed up the epic meeting.

"All but one.." Aman trailed off, looking at Arnav innocently. Arnav let out a deep breath.

"Fine. Yes, I was looking forward to the meeting. It's ridiculous. But the first time I heard her voice.." Arnav didn't know to express himself.

"There was just something about her, okay? Obviously I must have imagined the whole thing coz she's nothing like I thought she was. She is no different from the others, all sl*ts" anger filled him as he thought back to how she had behaved with him. Seriously? Seduction?

 He felt repulsed when she had literally thrown herself at him and kissed his cheek. Even though she hadn't said much, he knew what she had been silently offering.

Her body.

The way she pressed up against him was hint enough. And all this for what, just so that her company could have him as their client? That would probably mean a big promotion for her if she could've roped him in. Why had he thought she was any different?

He frowned. Something didn't feel right. How could she have presented herself to him like that when she was so different over the phone?

Whatever, he didn't care.

Aman could understand ASR's frustration. After all, he had plenty of reasons to strongly dislike such women.


"What do you mean by the meeting went horrible?" Ritesh asked angrily, his booming voice echoed through the cabin. Khushi shut her eyes tight and scrunched her nose. Oh no, she gulped. Rakesh added "You should've gone with her." Ritesh left the cabin angrily. Khuraisha shook her head and rolled her eyes discreetly.

 Before turning to leave, she addressed Khushi. "Khushi, before you forget, I would like my heels back."

But Khushi barely heard her. Rakesh's face hung with disappointment. Khushi sat in sorrow. It's all my fault. I have to fix this.


"Relax Arnav. Forget it. Not like you're gonna be seeing her again. Frankly I'm surprised you even entertained her long enough to have a meeting considering how you don't go to external event companies." Aman leaned back in his chair.

"Makes the two of us" Arnav rubbed his jaw and groaned as a ping sounded. What the- who would be emailing him now?


Khushi sat in front of her desk, praying furiously to her God. Her palms pressed together, she moved them in circular motions, asking her precious Maiyya to set things right. She winced as her swollen ankle throbbed. Damn those heels!

She recalled what happened earlier in the afternoon. She had just spoken to Ritesh, who she was still uncomfortable to address even with the ji.


"Khushi!" Khuraisha called out to her as Khushi walked round the corner. "Hey" she greeted, beaming at Khushi who smiled back to her. Linking her arm around hers, Khuraisha walked Khushi forward. "So, how's it going? Any update or progress on the ASR matter?" Khuraisha asked sweetly, waiting impatiently to get some news.

"It's good Khuraishaji" Khushi slowly tried to remove her arm from Khuraishas one. "We are meeting with AR Group in about an hour and a half, actually" Khushi updated a thrilled Khuraisha.

Khuraisha eyes lit up. Meeting! Ah, perfect entry for her. She would walk into his cabin and- wait.

"We?" Khuraisha narrowed her shrewd eyes at Khushi. "Woh.." Khushi trailed off uncomfortably. How many people would she have to explain this to? Hell, even she didn't understand why she was being summoned by the unreasonable and arrogant ASR. "He said he likes to deal with just one person-"

"Khushi, Rakesh Sir is looking for you!" one of the colleagues hollered.

 "Excuse me, I'll see you later" Khushi smiled politely. Khuraisha flashed a smile that soon turned into an evil smirk once Khushi had turned away.

And her planning began.

"Khushi, are you all set for the meeting?"  Khuraisha asked sweetly, hands at her back, holding a branded bag behind her. Khushi looked up at her and nodded. Khuraisha pretended to look at Khushi up and down and frowned slightly.

"What happened, Khuraishaji?" Khushi stood up worriedly.

Khuraisha glanced at the clock before looking back to Khushi. "Khushi, your meeting is in less than two hours, and you're still not ready?" she asked as if surprised. Khushi frowned, not understanding. She looked down at her clothes and then stared at Khuraisha questioningly.

"Oh Khushi, you're about to meet ASR. The ASR! You can't just go like that! Here" Khuraisha brought the branded bag to the front and extended it for Khushi to take. Before Khushi could ask what it was, she pushed it further for her to take.

Khushi reluctantly took the bag and peeked inside. It seemed like a shoe box..

Khuraisha fluttered her fake eyelashes."Remember the time we went for a mani-pedi?" I mean the time I had to be extra sweet with you and took you out just so that I could get you to do some work for me..'

Khushi nodded. "Remember how we went into a shoe shop after the mani-pedi and I insisted on buying this for you, but you refused? Well I bought it anyway." She quickly continued before Khushi could interrupt.

"I'm not gonna hear any excuses Khushi. You'll wear these today. Look, they even match your attire!" Your behenji attire..'

She encouraged further. "Plus, you'll need to make a good impression in front of ASR. And heels make a woman look confident. You'll wear them, won't you? Otherwise I'll feel bad.." She trailed off, pouting slightly at the end to show her sadness.

Khushi sighed. "Khuraishaji, I appreciate the gift, but I can't accept it." As Khuraisha pouted full on, Khushi added.

"How about I just borrow them? I'll wear them for today but then I'll return them to you."  Khushi conceded, not wanting to offend her. 

"Great!" Khuraisha flashed her a wide malicious smile. In turn Khushi smiled a little though it felt more like a grimace. She always wore flats..

As Khuraisha stood watching her expectantly, Khushi gulped and sat down to remove her dear flats. Opening the shoe box, she stared at the heels. There were at least 3 inches high and khushi's flats were always flat. Knowing herself, she wouldn't be surprised if she tripped, fell and even maybe rolled around a little. God..

"There you go, now you look ready. You can practice walking in them till your meeting okay?" Khuraisha said with satisfaction before she spun around and walked away leaving Khushi with a horrified expression as she imagined all the different ways she would trip and then probably limp around.

And that's exactly what happened in the next half an hour. Khushi walked down some steps with her hands filled with the meeting materials.

She heard a cracking sound and then she stumbled onto the next step. Her ankle twisted and the next thing she knew, she laid sprawled on the floor, pain shooting through her ankle. Well, at least she didn't roll around.

How would she go to the meeting now?




Chapter 6


Chapter 8

Hearts graphics

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Woah!! The update's here!! I am am the first one Dancing LOL
Okay... About the chapter... So Khushi couldn't go for the meeting as planned by Khuraisha Angry
And Arnav thinks it was Khushi, and he hates her. Oh no... I hate misunderstandings Ouch
Hope this one is cleared soon... >_<
It is never gonna be an easy task for Khushi to speak to Arnav after all that has happened... Poor Khushi will have to face Arnav's wrath for what Khuraisha did...
Hey Devi Maiyya... Khushi ki raksha karna uss Rakshas se LOLLOL

Thank you for the update...Big smile
Eagerly waiting for the next LOLEmbarrassed

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poor khushi..

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thanks for the pm dear.good work.

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