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(T1) Unknown Events - Arshi FF [Completed] (Page 114)

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Dhoodnti phir rahi
hoon tumhein raat din
main yahan se wahan...


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Originally posted by -FriedriceJi-

Originally posted by Checkmatee

Originally posted by -FriedriceJi-

This Khuraisha is as bitchy as one could get. I already want to strangle her   Angry but how come she leaked those designs. Had Arnav shared to Khushi through mails or texts?? I cant recall. This story is seriously getting more interesting with each update. Embarrassed

Arnav showed Khushi the designs at a restaurant Embarrassed
Mate, I do remember that in detail. But how come Khuraisha had her hands on those designs. I'm still clueless.. Confused

You'll find out in a while Smile

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Fantastic update
Loved it
Well written
Plz continue soon

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please dont make arnav suspect khushi.

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why must there always be a villain to spoilt relationshipAngry
Cant they be happy for others or can't they take the hint that they are not wanted

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Originally posted by Junglebee

Aaina kuch khabar mere yaar ki

Main aa gayi Hug

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Hi! I update everyday (except for the weekends) so I will not be sending any PMs   Big smile

Guys! Just to let you know, I intend to end this story in a happy manner. So whatever is happening now, it's okay! 

Chapter 24

Hearts graphics

Khuraisha quickly dialed her home number just to make a call record. Next, she scrolled through the contact list and found Arnavji - US. She clicked on that and tapped edit. She moved down to the end and pressed block contact'. Satisfied, she smiled to herself.

There. Now she would see how Khushi and ASR resolved the confusion she'd just created.


Arnav paced his hotel room. He was tired, upset and confused. First, there was the matter of the leaked designs. Then, Rakesh Suri knew about his past - Arnav Malik. Now, just minutes ago, Aman had called him to report his findings. Findings he found hard to digest.

"ASR. I did as you asked. I paid our rival to tell me the source. They say a woman leaked the designs. She said her name was Khushboo. Could be an alias, not sure. What should we do?" Aman informed him.

Arnav froze. No. No way. Why would Khushboo do such a thing? How did she even get her hands on his designs? He'd just shown it to her for two minutes. Unless.. he thought back to the evening in the restaurant when he'd left her alone for a bit while he used the washroom.



 "I'll just be a moment." He went to use the washroom before joining her back at the table.




What, had she taken pictures of his designs while he was gone? Why? It didn't make any sense. She would gain nothing by doing this. And yet hers was the name that came up in Aman's findings. How?


Khuraisha smirked. By now, ASR must've gotten the news that Khushi leaked the designs. Khuraisha had been there that night at the restaurant. She'd seen Khushi and ASR together. ASR had been showing her some designs.

When he walked away to use the toilet, Khuraisha went over to their table to say hi to Khushi. She accidentally' spilled some water on the floor. Khushi being the ever so nice and polite woman started  to clean it up. Khuraisha took the opportunity to take photos of the designs that were spread across the table.

Khuraisha hadn't known it then, but her split second decision of taking those photos brought her a lot of benefit. She'd sent those photos to ASR's rivals, paid them to use Khushi- no Khushboo's name. Khushboo, she thought in disdain. Probably ASR's nickname for Khushi. And now this nickname would bite her.

Anyway, now that she'd blocked Arnavji - US on Khushi's phone, he wouldn't be able to contact her to clarify the issue. Nor was Khushi smart enough to realize what she'd done on her phone.

Because ASR wouldn't be able to contact Khushi  until he got back to India, he would assume Khushi was guilty and is avoiding him. Hah, she patted herself on the back. Turns out she didn't need Ritesh afterall. She could separate ASR and Khushi all by herself.


Khushi was restless. She hadn't gotten a reply from Arnavji yet. He'd asked her what she wanted from US, to which she had texted Nothing, just for you to come back soon.' She was expecting a response from him that would send her blushing, but it had been two days now and still nothing. She contemplated calling him. Maybe he was exhausted with back to back meetings.. or was it something else? Was he sick?


Arnav was restless. He didn't understand anything. He'd asked Aman to double check his findings. He was sure Khushboo wasn't involved. He had tried to call Khushboo several times, but there was no answer.

She was a sweet, innocent woman who blushed if he even looked at her for longer than five seconds. No way would she do something like that. Unless.. it was all an act? He sank into his sofa. What was going on?

On top of that, this Rakesh Suri person was digging up his past. What the hell did he want? Rakesh insisted on talking to him face to face. Arnav couldn't wait that long. Since he was all the way in US and could do nothing from here to find out more about the whole Khushboo/leak situation, he decided to focus on Rakesh. He called him up.

"Arnav Singh Raizada here" Arnav said when Rakesh picked up. "I want you to tell me what you're doing digging up my past. What does me being Arnav Malik have to do with you?"

"I told you it's better if we talk about it face to face." Rakesh repeated.

Arnav was irritated. "Yea well it looks like face to face will have to wait." He snapped.

"My trip has been extended. I'll be staying on longer." Arnav lied.

" So, either talk to me now, or we're done" He threatened.

Rakesh sighed. He had a feeling ASR was lying. But the truth was that even Rakesh wanted to talk to him about this as soon as possible.

"Fine. Clear your schedule for the next few minutes. Looks like this will be a long chat." Rakesh informed him. Arnav readied himself for the ghosts of his past.

"I wasn't able to connect the dots between Arnav Singh Raizada and Arnav Malik. Not until I saw your scar that day when you came to sign the event contract. Seeing that scar brought back memories. Remember I asked you how you got it? You said you didn't remember. Well I do. You got it when as a 7 year old kid, someone said something about your mother and you got into a fight with him. He took a rock and hit you with it. You started bleeding. The wound healed, but the scar remained. I'm not surprised you got into that fight. You always did love your mother." Rakesh recalled.

Arnav remained silent, struggling to take all this in. How in the world did Rakesh know all this?

"You're probably wondering how I know all this. I was the one who broke off your fight." Rakesh answered his silent question. Arnav pulled his eyebrows together. Rakesh knew him since he was a kid?

"Let me start from the beginning. Your mother, Priya Raizada, was best friends with Gauri Gupta. And Gauri Gupta treated me like her brother. Gauri took me to meet Priya once, and that's the day I saw you for the first time and broke off your fight. Gauri and your mother were best friends since they could remember. They got married at the same time, had kids at the same time.. they always spoke of their kids getting married to each other so that they could turn their friendship into a relationship." Rakesh paused to let that sink in.

Arnav took in a deep breath. He'd almost forgotten about how his mother constantly talked about Gauri Gupta and how she wanted him to marry Gauri's daughter.

"I only met your mother and you once. After that, tragedy struck your family and your parents passed away. Gauri insisted to help you and your sister out, but you'd already moved to Delhi with your nani. Gauri remained in Lucknow. She was devastated when your mother passed away. Her resolve to fulfil Priya's wish of getting you married to her daughter got even stronger. But before she could do anything about that, she also passed away. My sister passed away" Rakesh's voice broke slightly at the end, remembering the woman he'd considered to be his little sister.

"Since then, I took care of her daughter. I tried to track you down, to trace you, find you. But with no luck. Little did I know that you'd changed your surname from Malik to Raizada. When I saw you in the office that day, I couldn't believe the coincidence - your scar. I remember that about you even though I'd seen you only once all those years ago. After that day at the office, I hired a PI to find out more about you. My suspicions were right. You were indeed the same little boy, Priya's boy." Rakesh couldn't believe his luck that he'd found Arnav.

Arnav desperately tried to hold onto what Rakesh was saying. He didn't know what to say. Hearing about his mother made him vulnerable again.

"I felt like I'd gotten another chance to make my sister Gauri proud. She always treated you like her own son. I was angry at myself when I couldn't track you down all those years. When the PI told me you were Arnav Malik, Priya's Arnav, I was relieved. I felt so happy. I now have the chance to make your mother and my sister proud." Rakesh felt his eyes fill as he thought of Gauri.

"Gauri Gupta.." Arnav murmured, trying to remember his mother's best friend.

"Yes, Gauri Gupta. Khushi's mother." Rakesh added. Arnav felt his world spin.


Khushi tried to call Arnav repeatedly. But he didn't pick up. She was getting worried. He was a grown man, he could take care of himself she knew. But this feeling in her heart made her anxious. She could feel a storm coming. This uneasiness made her stomach churn.


"Khushi.." Arnav breathed. Khushi? Gauri Gupta's daughter meaning Khushi Gupta? The same Khushi who'd thrown herself at him in that meeting? That's who his mother wanted him to marry?

"Yes. Khushi. I know about you two. I also know you haven't told her about your past, that you're Arnav Malik" Rakesh said. Arnav frowned. What? He and Khushi hardly spoke, why would he tell her anything about himself?

"Even though I was overjoyed at having found you, I was hesitant to let Khushi know about the man her mother had picked for her. Khushi avoids talking about her marriage and you because she's upset her parents won't be there for her wedding. But I haven't told her about you mainly because you've changed so much over the years. The media calls you arrogant, ruthless and what not. I need to know that you're not going to hurt her. That's why I've been wanting to talk to you. I want to know what your intentions are. She's like my daughter." Rakesh was dying for Arnav to reassure him that he would always take care of Khushi.

"Hold on for a second. My intentions towards Khushi? I.. I don't even.." Arnav was lost for words. He was grateful that Rakesh had told him something about his past, but that didn't mean that he could just drop this bomb on him about Khushi and expect him to marry her. That was ridiculous. He wouldn't even consider it. He would do anything to make his mother happy, but Khushi.. she was the wrong woman for him. His mother may have picked Khushi as her daughter in law as a kid, but grown up Khushi was not who he would marry.

Rakesh interrupted. "I know that this is a lot to take in. And you have a lot of things on your plate. We can talk about this later too. Once you're done with your business in US, we can relax and think about what to do next." Rakesh tried to be understanding. Arnav however wanted to tell him then and there that there was nothing to talk about. Arnav could understand Rakesh's wish to make his sister happy by getting Khushi married to him, but he wouldn't let that happen.

"I have to go" Was all Arnav said before he hung up. He sat down on the couch by the balcony and buried his head in his hands. Of all the women, why did his mother have to pick that characterless woman for him?

"Sorry, Ma. I love you. I would do anything to make you happy. But, I can't marry Khushi. If I'm ever going to marry anyone, it'll be Khushboo. I hope you can still be happy for me." He looked at the sky, trying to find a twinkling star.


Khuraisha watched as Khushi fiddled with her phone time and again. She smirked. Ritesh had just paid her a visit, trying to find out what her plan was. "What did you do?" He demanded to know. So Khuraisha told him everything; how she set Khushi - Khushboo up with the design photos.

"Khushboo?" Ritesh asked, confused. Khuraisha rolled her eyes. "ASR probably gave her the nickname. Whatever."

Ritesh thought hard. He recalled ASR calling Khushi Khushboo at the restaurant that night during the dinner treat. He'd been so close to her since then that he gave her a nickname?

"You're sure this all can't be traced back to you?" Ritesh asked suspiciously.

"Of course. Don't be silly. I know what I'm doing." Khuraisha winked at him, a devious look on her face.


"ASR, I don't know what else to do. I've checked once, twice, three times. I couldn't be more right. They say a woman calling herself Khushboo gave them the designs. What should we do?" Aman asked.

Arnav's eyes hardened. "Leave it to me. Don't do anything, don't say anything. Only I will handle this. Got it?"

Aman backed off. "Yes ASR."

Aman's intel was always good. He didn't doubt that. He also didn't want to even entertain the idea of Khushboo being the mole. Plus, surely she wouldn't use her own name. So then why.. But.. for the sake of his company, he had to be sure. He ordered his assistant to bring him a phone. Using that phone, he called Khushboo.


"Hello?" Her sweet voice filled his ears. He wanted to reach into the phone and hug her. But his mind took note of the fact that she had been ignoring all his calls, while easily picking up this unknown call; from a different number. Was she avoiding him? Had she done something wrong to be avoiding him? He prayed to her god that he was wrong.

"Hi" He murmured. He heard her breath hitch. Was it because she was happy to hear from him or scared for being caught..?

He wanted to ask her why she wasn't picking up his calls. But would that spook her? Would she think he want onto her?

"Arnavji, thank god. I was wondering why I didn't hear from you. Are you okay?" She asked with genuine concern. For a moment, all his doubts were washed away when he heard her genuine concern. But, he couldn't take the chance.

"Listen, I'm sorry but I can't talk for long. There's a slight problem here. I don't trust anyone else to help me. Can you do me a favor?" He devised a plan to find out if she was indeed a mole. His heart burned at having to trick her, but he pushed all his feelings aside. He needed to know.

"Ji" She said.

"Go up to my penthouse. Call me up from the concierge at this number, I'll tell them to give you the key. I need you to go into my room. There's a gray closet. Inside, you'll find a green file. Can you get it? Just keep it safe with you. It's very important" That green file contained old data, an old contract consisting of some bidding which was no longer valid. If that data floats around to his rival, he would know that she had something to do with it, that she was working for them, selling insider information.

His heart told him it was wrong to even consider her to be a betrayer.. But his business-tracked mind went ahead with his plan.

"Ji, Arnavji, I will do it as soon as I get off work. Don't worry. I will keep the green file safe till you get back" She innocently promised. She was glad that he trusted her with his personal things.

"Thank you. It means a lot. I need to go now. Talk to you later" He hurriedly cut off the phone, guilt eating his insides for having tricked her. But if she was innocent, she would have nothing to worry about.


Khuraisha lurked at the corner, lucky at having caught the last bit of conversation. So Khushi was talking to ASR, was she. She seethed. Despite having blocked his number on Khushi's phone, he seemed to have managed to contact her.

Well, from their conversation it didn't seem like ASR had accused his Khushboo of anything. So Khushi didn't know she was being framed. Khuriasha  smiled with glee. Now she would have to get her hands on this green file that Khushi wanted to keep safe for ASR. It was very important right?

Round two of framing Khushi would begin soon.


Chapter 23


Chapter 25

Hearts graphics

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hey ua making very complicated yarr...try 2 slove the misunderstanding...btw its really good...

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