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(T1) Unknown Events - Arshi FF [Completed] (Page 108)

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Originally posted by ..optimist..

Originally posted by Junglebee

main aayi aayi aayi

Aajaaa LOL
Dekho maine dekha hai yeh ek sapna sapnaTongue

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Hi! I update everyday (except for the weekends) so I will not be sending any PMs   Big smile

Chapter 23

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Rakesh sat on his sofa, looking at some ornaments in his hands. He had kept them safely for Khushi, for her marriage. Rakesh sighed. She was growing closer to ASR. And now ASR was in US for the next two weeks. He would have to talk to him soon.




Khuraisha watched Khushi go about doing her work. She took some files, wanting to dump more work on Khushi. She walked over to Khushi's table and left the files there. 

She was about to leave when she heard a vibration and saw Khushi's phone screen light up with a message from Arnavji. She couldn't believe that someone like ASR would keep in contact with someone like Khushi. The phone went blank.


Looking around, she made sure no one was watching her; she pressed the button so that the screen lit up again. She read the first few lines of the message. Khushboo, don't argue. Just tell me what you want from here..' Khuraisha wanted to unlock the phone and read the rest of the message. She frowned.


Khushboo? Why was ASR calling Khushi Khushboo? Was that a nickname of some sort? Khuraisha turned and stormed off to her own desk, her heels clicking against the tiles loudly to make sure everyone knew she was angry. 

She sat on her chair, furious. She couldn't stand the fact that someone like Khushi had gotten the attention of ASR. Her eyes fell onto Ritesh who was staring at Khushi who was arranging some binders.


Ritesh was an idiot. Khuraisha knew that Ritesh had a thing for Khushi. But instead of doing something about it, Ritesh had been acting cold with Khushi. 

What a fool! She would need him to get in the way of ASR and Khushi. She walked over to Ritesh who was still admiring Khushi.


"Ritesh. I need to talk to you. Let's go" She indicated to the vacant room. Ritesh followed her silently.


"What are you doing? You better do something before you lose her for good." Khuraisha came straight to the point. Ritesh looked at her, surprised.


"What are you talking about?" He was clueless.


"Oh c'mon. Anyone can see that you want Khushi. So why don't you do something?" Khuraisha folded her arms.


"That's none of your business." Ritesh stiffened.


Khuraisha glared at him. "It is my business. You want her. We should work together. We will both be happy." She offered. He looked at her, not understanding.


She sighed. "Propose to her. You're her boss. If she says no, fire her. Simple." Khuraisha blew her nails.


Ritesh frowned. "What? No way. She's good at her job."


"So you're happy with her just being your employee? You're okay with her and ASR?" Khuraisha wanted to strangle him. He was useless!

Ritesh gritted his teeth. "What about ASR?"

Khuraisha scoffed. "Don't you know? He and she are kind of a thing. It's true. I wouldn't have believed it myself if I hadn't seen them at the restaurant the other day. He was showing her some of his designs. They seemed real close. If you don't do something, ASR will snatch her. Is that what you want?" She demanded to know.

Ritesh narrowed his eyes at her. "Why does it matter to you so much?" 

Understanding dawned on him. "Unless you have a thing for ASR?" He guessed. Khuraisha shrugged. 

"Then why don't you do something?" Ritesh folded his arms.

Khuraisha rolled her eyes. "I will. But first, I need to know if you will work with me on this. C'mon Ritesh, it will benefit us both."

"Let me think about it." Ritesh went back to his cabin.

Khuraisha's anger simmered even more. She was right. He was useless. Now she would have to do something. She looked at her phone and scrolled through the photos. Looking at a handful of them, she smiled. She had a plan. Khushi came up to her to hand her a file.

"Before you leave, can I ask who Khushboo is? I saw a message notification on your phone."Khuraisha asked curiously. Khushi looked at her, startled.

"Um.. it's just a.. a nickname" Khushi blurted out. Khuraisha nodded thoughtfully.


Khushi sat down at her desk and looked at the new files that weren't there before. She sighed. More work for her to do. She checked her phone for messages and was elated to find one from Arnavji. He was insisting to get her something from the US even though she had refused. She didn't want anything. She just wanted him.

She also wanted to get rid of this guilt that was consuming her every single day. She didn't realize it, but with him gone, she had come to understand just how important he was to her. She closed her eyes, thinking about that night at his penthouse.. about that kiss, her first kiss.

It had been wonderful, but the more she thought about it, the more she felt bad. Guilty. Upset. She should've stopped him, or at the very least cleared the confusion. Now, when she would tell him, would he understand? It would be too late. She didn't want to keep this from him.

She shook her head. She kept coming up with excuses to delay the truth. What was she so afraid of? All she had to do was explain. He would understand. He knew her enough now to know that it was a harmless lie. Their relationship wouldn't be affected, she told herself.

But then again, what was their relationship? He hadn't said anything. Nor had she. Over the course of about five months, they had gone out a lot of times, he had given her flowers, his jacket, designed a sari for her, cooked dinner for her, hugged her, kissed her.. but never explained anything. Or promised anything. 

What were they doing? She knew how she felt. But him? What did he feel?

Her eyes fell on the message again. Khushboo, don't argue. Just tell me what you want from here and don't say nothing. I want to get you something. Also, just to update you, your sari that I designed is doing well. It should be ready before the event dinner reception that's coming up. Might need you to try it on later for measurements though I think I got them right.'

She looked at her phone sadly. She was excited to hear from him, but was ashamed at herself. He was doing so many wonderful things for her. And here she couldn't even tell him her real name. How could she have such strong feelings for this man and not trust him with the truth? Her fingers hovered over the screen, wondering what to reply.

I do want something. I want to tell you the truth. I am Khushi.' She typed. She paused, wanting to send it. Maybe now was a good time. He was away. He could take the time to understand and cool off any anger by the time he got back.

No, I'm not a coward. No more. I will tell him. And I will do it face to face. The day he gets back, she promised herself.

"Khushi, you have a minute?" Rakesh looked at her tensed face. Khushi nodded. They walked to one of the small meeting rooms.

"Kya hua Sir?" Khushi asked him.

Rakesh pursed his lips. "We are alone. At least call me masa now?"

Khushi looked at him sheepishly. "Sorry. It's a habit."

"It's okay.  I actually wanted to talk to you about something important. But I know you are going to brush it off again." Rakesh started.

Khushi didn't understand. "What do you mean?"

"I mean, the other day I was going through my stuff and came across some items. Some jewelry that I've kept aside for you. I think it's time to hand them over to you, don't you think?" Rakesh looked at her intently.

"Masa, aren't those for my wedding? Why are you talking about that now?" Khushi was confused.

"Beta, I'm old. Not blind. I can tell you and ASR are close. Maybe you will be needing the jewelry soon."

Khushi blushed. "It's nothing like that.." She looked up to see Rakesh raising an eyebrow at her. 

She cleared her throat. "I didn't think you'd approve. I mean, I know mumma always talked about my marriage with her close friend's son. I thought you would want me to marry that man."

Years ago, even when Khushi was just a kid, Khushi's mother had raved about Khushi getting married to her close friend's son so that they could turn their friendship into a relationship. Khushi always brushed it off. 

Then her mum and dad died and she always avoided talking about her marriage. She didn't want to think much of that day when her parents wouldn't be there with her.

Rakesh considered her words. Hmm, so Khushi didn't know about ASR yet. She also seemed unsure about where her relationship with ASR stood. He should talk to ASR directly instead of her. But when would he get back?

"Beta, when will Arnav get back?" Rakesh inquired.

"In about two weeks." Khushi informed him. She couldn't wait for him to get back. She vowed to be completely honest with him.

"Do you have his number? I.. need to talk to him regarding the event." Rakesh asked casually. Two weeks was too long a wait. Khushi was like his child. He needed to know ASR's intentions. 

He needed to know if he was serious about Khushi. ASR's reputation in the papers weren't that great. Arrogant, cold, ruthless and much more were the kinds of words used to describe him. Rakesh would not let him hurt Khushi.

"Ji, his number is.." Khushi rattled off his number. Rakesh made a note to call him as soon as he could.



Ritesh paced his cabin. He thought about what Khuraisha had said. He wanted Khushi. Khushi wanted ASR. ASR wanted Khushi. Khuraisha wanted ASR. What a mess. When he started acting cold with Khushi, he wanted to see if Khushi was bothered by the distance between them. 

When she showed indifference, he realized that Khushi felt nothing for him. He had been angry, disappointed and upset. He let it be.

But now that he knew Khuraisha wanted ASR, maybe things could change. A man like ASR was likely to choose someone like Khuraisha over Khushi. Maybe ASR and Khuraisha could get together. And then when Khushi got upset, he could be there for her, he could have her. 

It could work. Teaming up with Khuraisha didn't seem like such a bad idea. Now he just had to find out what Khuraisha had planned.

He searched for her and found her at the pantry, smiling victoriously while stirring her cup of coffee. She looked up as he walked to her.

"I'm in. I'll help. What do I have to do?" Ritesh asked in a hushed tone. Khuraisha merely raised an eyebrow.

"Nothing. I've already done something."  At his questioning look, she just smirked.

"You'll find out in time." She walked away.




"No, there has to be some kind of a mistake." Arnav was confused. Aman had just called him up, telling him that some of his latest designs had been leaked to their rival company. Designs done by him. Designs that he had shared with no one else but his very own company team. They wouldn't betray him. There's no way he had a mole in his company.

"Sir, our rivals have the exact same photos of the pieces you recently designed. Someone leaked it to them. Can you think of anyone?" Aman asked.

"No, Aman. Our people are loyal. They wouldn't do such a thing." ASR defended his company.

"You're right. Even I can't see someone in our company doing this. Is there anyone else you might've shared your designs with?" Aman inquired.

"Well yea, I showed them to Khush.." Arnav's voice trailed off. No. He couldn't even think like that. She had nothing to do with it. Why would she help their rival? She would stand to gain nothing. Would she?

"Khush.."Aman prompted.

"Nothing." Arnav said quickly.

"ASR, if you know something, you know you can share it with me. This is serious. Tell me" Aman urged.

Arnav hesitated. How could he doubt her? "Aman, keep this quiet. Do whatever you have to and find out who leaked it. Trace them. If you have to, pay our rivals to tell us who gave them the information. I want to know who did it by tonight. Okay?"

"I'll try, ASR" Aman promised.


Arnav cut off the phone. He opened his inbox. Still no reply from Khushboo regarding what she wanted from the US. Why hadn't she replied? He was about to call her when he received an incoming call from India, but it was an unknown number.


"Hello. Rakesh Suri speaking. From U3 Events." Rakesh greeted. Arnav frowned. He wondered why he was calling.

"Yes, tell me." Arnav waited.

"I know about you." Rakesh stated.

What? "Excuse me?" Arnav was confused.

"I said I know about you, Arnav Malik." Rakesh informed him.

"What the- how do you- how? What do you know? What do you want?" Arnav tensed.




"Khushi, look through these files please. And later on, update your weekly report." Khuraisha ordered Khushi. Khushi merely nodded, lost in the thoughts of Arnav. She swallowed. She had a bad feeling. As if something was about to go wrong.

Khuraisha switched off her phone. "Damn, my phone's dead. I need to make an urgent call. Can I use your phone for two minutes?"

Khushi passed her the phone. Khuraisha smiled in response. "Oh, and Anita needs your timesheet. Can you pass it to her now?" She asked sweetly. Khushi nodded and went off to find Anita.

Khuraisha quickly dialed her home number just to make a call record. Next, she scrolled through the contact list and found Arnavji - US. She clicked on that and tapped edit. She moved down to the end and pressed block contact'. Satisfied, she smiled to herself.

There. Now she would see how Khushi and ASR resolved the confusion she'd just created regarding the leaking of designs.


Chapter 22


Chapter 24

Hearts graphics


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Originally posted by anjs

Originally posted by ..optimist..

Originally posted by Junglebee

main aayi aayi aayi

Aajaaa LOL
Dekho maine dekha hai yeh ek sapna sapnaTongue

Phoolon ke sheher mein hai ghar apna LOL

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No no no no!!! Oh God!! What's happening!! I want to kill this Khuraisha!
Khuraisha and Ritesh team up to separate ArShi Ouch
Misunderstanding on its way!! Nooo Cry 

Rakesh knows about Arnav's past... That he is actually Arnav malik, and Arnav is tensed on knowing it... Rakesh is okay with ArShi? That was a surprise.

But what now? Khushi will be framed for the wrong she never did... Hope Arnav's trust in Khushi is much stronger than what he is made to believe by others >_<

Waiting for the next 

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what a crooked bitch , is this female khuraisha... Ritesh seems like a saint on front of her... But khuraisha is evil. Period...
Shehas leaked the designs, blocked his number on khushi's mobile and has done a mountain of a mess that could have been sorted out...

I resign tothe fact that things are going to get really ugly between khushi and arnav... There is no hope...

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Written nicely.

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Oh No! Angry

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