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Manan- Unacceptable Relation (Link to thread 2-pg no.1)(15-9-2016) (Page 99)

chinnichitti Groupbie

Joined: 13 November 2015
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Posted: 15 June 2016 at 9:31pm | IP Logged
nice update.. Beautiful bond of trio.

A12609z Goldie

Joined: 11 October 2015
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Posted: 16 June 2016 at 1:15am | IP Logged
Luved that teasing part. .Nandu blushed woww..n happy for padma jo Manan ko support karti h. .
Hope Nandu Manik k pass ASAP wapas a jaye and fir lods of manan scenes mile please please please please Update Next asap please 
Rashmi2 Senior Member

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Posted: 16 June 2016 at 1:33am | IP Logged
Love it beautiful update waiting for Manan romance update soon plzzz'''
StreamOfHeaven IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 June 2016 at 1:42am | IP Logged
Nice chappy but short update Cry
Manansamkhan Goldie

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Posted: 16 June 2016 at 4:37am | IP Logged
nice update ...

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912212221 Senior Member

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Posted: 16 June 2016 at 6:02am | IP Logged
Waiting for the next update
Sarahpeyton Senior Member

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Posted: 16 June 2016 at 7:40pm | IP Logged

Both Pia and Nandini left to Pia's room after wishing good night to Padma.

They changed into comfortable night wear and lied on the bed .

Both of them were lost in their own worlds when Pia broke the silence.


Nandu you know I never thought that I would get the world's best husband in the form of Arjun.

He cares a lot about me.

I couldn't have asked for more.

Tumhe pata hai he gifted me a diamond necklace on our wedding night.

He said that he loves me more than anything else in this whole world.

Nandini thought about Manik.

Arjun had gifted Pia a single necklace set but Manik had brought 5 sets of necklaces for her.

Does that mean he loves me?

No no. How is it possible?

He toh loves Anita Di.

Nandini to Pia- Pia Di kaise pata chalega ki koi humse pyar karta hai?

Pia- Oh God Nandu tu na ek number ki idiot hai. Pyar aisi cheez hai Jo kabhi chupta nahi. Samne wale ki aankhon me dikhta hai ki wo tumse pyar karta hai ya nahi.

Nandini - Matlab. Mai samjhi nahi.

Pia- Mai samjhati hu. Jab koi apse pyar karta hai to usey apki har choti badi cheez ka dhyan rehta hai. Wo tumhari har wish Puri karta hai. Tumhari choti se choti chot bhi ussey bardasht nahi hoti.

Nandini heard all this carefully and tried to relate all these with Manik.

Nandini self thought- Manik ko bhi meri kitni fikr rehti hai. 
Aaj morning me unhone mere neck rashes dekhe aur he was so worried and concerned. 

Aur phir wo necklaces. Itni Saari jewellery thi mere paas phir bhi wo mere liye aur costly jewellery leke aaye just because of the small rashes.

Aur phir he was concerned for me when Navya Di and Cabir Jiju were asking me to say goodbye to him...

Then suddenly she remembered that she had kissed Manik's cheek on Cabir's insistence infront of everyone.

Nandini self thought- 

Oh God... ye Maine kya kar diya.

I kissed him infront of everyone.

Sab kya soch rahe honge mere baare me.

Di sach keh rahi thi mai sach me idiot hoon.

Ab mai kya karu. Un sab ko kaise face karungi mai.

Nandini's thoughts were broken by Pia.

Pia- Nandu kaha kho gayi?

Nandini - Nahi. Kahi nahi...

Pia- Nandu bas kar Haa... Tu mujhse Kuch nahi chupa sakti. Bachpan se Janti hu tujhe. Teri badi behen hu. To Ab bata jaldi se.

Nandini - Pia Di. Mujhse ek bahut badi galti hogayi.

Pia- Galti????

Nandini - Haan. I kissed Manik infront of everyone.

She said this in one go.

Pia got shocked hearing this.

She sat straight on the bed and said- 

You what????

Nandini nodded her head in a yes.

Pia's mouth was wide open hearing this.

Nandini - Haan Di I Kissed Manik's cheek in front of everyone.

Pia heard this and fell on the bed and burst out laughing holding her stomach.

Nandini got confused seeing Pia.

Nandini - Di aap has rahi ho. Mujhe to dar lag raha hai. Mai unlogo ko kaise face karungi Ab. Sab kya soch rahe honge mere baare me.

Pia control long her laughter said - Meri bholi Nandu. Tu to aise buildup de rahi thi ke u kissed Jiju on his lips.

Par yaha to wahi baat hogayi. Khoda pahad aur nikla chuha... sorry in this case chuhiya...

And again started laughing.

Nandini - Hawww ... Di kaisi baatein kar rahi ho. How can I kiss him on his...

She stopped in between.

Pia completed her sentence - Lips...

Why not Nandu?

You both are married now. Aur ye sab to married couples ke beech hota hi hai. It's all normal.

Nandini - Di aap bhi na...

Pia- Mai bhi kya? Nandu he is your husband. You don't need to feel shy about all these things.

Aur Jiju to kitne ache hai. He is very caring and understanding. Aur tu hi to kehti hai ke he is a super hero.

Aur ek baat batau.

Nandini - Kya???

Pia- I must say you are very lucky. He is damn hot. And mujhe Lagta hai he likes you. The way he looks at you koi bhi bol sakta hai ki he has something for you. May be a soft corner.

Nandini blushed hearing this and said - Di please...

Pia- Arey mai sach bol rahi hu. Agar yakin nahi aata to ek suggestion deti hu tujhe. 

Nandini - What suggestion?

Pia- Kiss him when you both are alone. If he responds to the kiss then it will be confirmed that he likes/loves you .

Nandini blushed even harder. 

Pia- Oye hoye. Zara dekho to kaise blush kar rahi hai meri behen. 

Nandini lied properly on her side of the bed and covered her face with blanket.

Pia- Arey Puri baat to sun meri.

Nandini from under the blanket - Diii... Aap apne ideas apne paas hi rakhiye. Mujhe nahi Sunna. Good Night.

Pia laughed on her sisters innocence and then even she slept after switching the lights off.

Nandini then removed the blanket off her face and looked at Pia.

Pia had fallen asleep.

Nandini's self thought- 

Di bhi na... Pata nahi kya kya bolti rehti hai. 

I know ke now I Am married to Manik but mai unke baare me aise kaise soch sakti hu.

Pia with her eyes still closed- Nandu itna mat soch. Sochti rahegi to kabhi life me aage nahi badh payegi apne Relation me. 

Nandini - Di aap soyi nahi?

Pia- Nahi.Aur ek bolu. Doesn't Jiju deserve happiness? 

He was alone for so many years. 

Did he ever think of marrying someone after Anita Di.

Nahi na. 

To ab tune shadi ka decision bhale hi jald baazi me liya ho but now it is your duty as a wife to fulfill all his wishes.

Nandini got lost in her thoughts.


Dekh Nandu. 

Mai teri badi behen hoon. Mai tujhe kabhi galat advice nahi doongi. 

Just ek baar try to karke dekh. 

He is a man. He must be having a lot of desire and wishes which only you can fulfill. Only you can fill his life with happiness.

Jiju apni taraf se koi step nahi lenge teri ore. 

You know it right.

So you have to take the first step.

Tu samajh rahi hai na mai kya bol rahi hu.

Nandini nodded her head still lost in thoughts.

Pia- Good. Ab so jaa. Raat bahut hogayi hai. Subah jaldi uthna hai. 

Nandini - Ji Di. Good Night.

Pia- Good Night Nandu.

Nandini kept thinking of Pia's words till sleep took over her.

Next morning - 

Murthy Mansion - Both the sisters got up early morning, had bath and wore kanjeevaram silk sarees and went down.

Padma had arranged a pooja for the happy married life of both her daughters.

Both Pia and Nandini didn't allow Padma to do any work and did all the prepations themselves.

The three of them performed the pooja and distributed the Prasad to the guests who had come to attend the Pooja.

Then the guests left after having breakfast arranged by the Murthys and after blessing Pia and Nandini.

Pia came and sat beside Nandini on the couch.

Pia- Nandu did you think about what I said last night.

Nandini looked innocently at Pia.

Nandini - But Di mai kaise...

Pia- Let me help you out. Jiju ko call kar abhi.

Nandini - Abhi... Abhi kaise???

Pia took Nandini's phone and dialled Manik's number.

Before Nandini could react, the call got connected.

Meanwhile ,

At Malhotra house-

Manik's sleep was disturbed by his two lovely kids.

Aarav-Khushi came to his room and sneaked into Manik's blanket and slept on him.

Manik smiled in his sleep on feeling the presence of Aarav-Khushi.

He put his hand around them and hugged them.

Manik - What happened my babies? Aaj itni subah subah kaise uth gaye aap log.

Aarav-Khushi - Dadoo... Mumma se baat karni hai.

Manik - Ohhh to aap log yaha is liye aaye ho. Mujhe laga ki aap mere liye aaye ho.
Manik faked sadness.

Aarav-Khushi - Dadoo pleashhh aap sad mat ho. Hum to aapke paas sone hi aaye the.

Saying this both of them kissed his cheeks. 

Manik - Acha bachu apne Dadoo se hi chalaki Haan.

With this he started to tickle both of them.

Aarav-Khushi started laughing loud.

Manik stopped tickling them and kissed the forehead of Aarav-Khushi.

The three of them had a fun time on the bed. The kids were jumping on the bed and playing with Manik.

After sometime their play was disturbed by ringing of Manik's phone.

Manik saw the name of the caller and felt happy .

It was Nandini's number.

Manik - Hello...

Pia gave the phone to Nandini but Nandini refused to take it. She was hesitant in talking to Manik .

Manik - Hello Nandini 

Pia then sighed and talked to Manik.

Pia- Nahi Jiju it's me Pia.

Manik - Ohh...Pia... How are you? 

Aur tumne Nandini ke phone se kyu call Kia. 

Where is she ? 

Is she Ok? 

Can I talk to her?

Manik was worried for Nandini by now.

Pia- Omg... Itne saare questions ek sath. 

Nandini is absolutely fine. 

Jiju actually usne apko call to kardiya but pata nahi kyu Ab baat nahi kar rahi hai apse.

Pia lied and Nandini glared at her.

Pia-Wo actually baat yeh hai ki...

Before Pia could say anything further, Nandini snatched the mobile from Pia's hand and said to Manik-

Nandini - Hello... Pia Di jhoot bol rahi hai. Maine call nahi Kia. Call to Di ne Kia tha. Sorry aapko disturb karne ke liye.

She said all this in one go.

Manik smiled hearing this and said- Relax Relax... Tum itne explanations kyu de rahi ho.

You can call me anytime . And don't say that you disturbed me. 

Nandini - Wohhh... Wo mai ye puchna chahti thi ke...

Manik - Ke...

Nandini - ke...Aarav-Khushi kaise hai?

Pia slapped her forehead and said-

Tera sach me kuch nahi ho sakta.

Saying this Pia got up and left from there.

Done with another update.

Hope you guys like it.

Please ignore the typos if any.

Edited by Sarahpeyton - 16 June 2016 at 7:42pm

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charanyaaj IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 June 2016 at 8:11pm | IP Logged
Awesome update...
Thank god finally pia put something to nandhini's mind. I hope nandhini will try to understand manik. Thanks for the update

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