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#4|| DOTL || (16+) pg 121 {A & B} (Page 90)

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Chapter- 81

Arnav walks down with Khushi hugging him from side and his arms secured around her for their breakfast. Arnav looked at Piya and Abhay who was waiting for them and signed them about her uneasiness to face them after last night which both understood and behaved normally all the time while having breakfast.

In Arshi's Room

Khushi was busy in doing her work for the upcoming fashion show with Piya beside her who was planning of going out this evening, she was just nodding not meeting eyes with Piya but Piya had enough.

Piya: What is this Khushi? Here I am only talking and you are sitting here without even saying anything.

Khushi: Nothing Piya! We'll go wherever you want, just make sure Arnav ji is free, she said head still low.

Piya looked at Khushi and sighing looked around to spot Arnav standing on door who must be here for something but stopped hearing them. He signed her to keep talking and she also understanding Khushi's condition did what she felt right.

Piya kept her one hand on her shoulder and holding her chin made Khushi to Look at her who within few moments burst out crying hugging Piya. Piya let her cry giving her the support she needed.

Arnav looked at her with unshed tears from his eyes, though he was with her all the while supporting her but he knew how girls needs some female figure by her side to share her deepest fears and advices. Most important support of a Mother, unfortunately both are unlucky to not have her.

He have tried his best to become her friend, love and every relation possible to support her and was successful also but still was still struggling and soothing presence of Piya will help her to get relieved from this weight she is having in her heart.

Arnav jerked feeling a hand of his shoulder and looked sideways to find Abhay standing there and assuring him. Ohh! He was craving for it all the while when he was struggling alone with Khushi to support her. Both looked at their womens how one was sharing her pain and other was busy in providing her strength.

When Khushi was done, both walked inside, kneeling down Arnav gathered Khushi in his arms kissing on her head, his own eyes wet, Abhay side hugged a crying Piya to give her strength. Day passed like that but Arnav and Khushi got someone to stand ny their side, they're not alone anymore where Abhay and Piya promised to be their side , not leaving them alone.


It was evening and four of them was roaming around the mall for shopping, where both girls were being choosy, boys carried their bags lovingly. If Khushi had thought that Arnav will be irked with shopping and all than she was surprised, finding him helping her and choosing the dresses etc.
Abhay and Piya was also busy in their own world like Arnav and Khushi.

After few hours they had their dinner and decided to bought engagement rings for Abhay and Piya next day and after that a candle light dinner for both the couples.


Arnav: So enjoyed the shopping? He asked now as they both lay snuggling into each other arms. Abhay and Piya has left for their homes, planning to meet tomorrow.

Khushi: Very much! Piya was looking so happy. Aren't she?

Arnav: Yea! They seems to love each other alott.

Khushi: Indeed! Abhay was in his last year of college when Me and Piya joined our college. Though he was senior to us, we met at Freasher's party and Abhay started to like piya. Their relationship started and he used to come college even after completing his studies just yo check on us. She laughed at the end saying "Like we are some kids to check on them regularly."

Arnav: Not sure about Piya but you are indeed a child.

Khushi: Haww , she opened her mouth in "O" and Arnav fused his mouth without waiting for a second.


Next day

Arnav has gone to office leaving Khushi with Piya and maid. They have planned to buy engagement rings in evening. So Khushi was also busy with her designs and Piya was taking care of Khushi and helping her.

It was around 4 when Arnav returned home and after getting fresh, he changed into casuals and trio left to select rings, Abhay is going to join them there directly.


Arnav looked at Khushi, how her face was glowing with happiness after days when she was helping Piya to choose ring. She was inside the from the time that incident has happened, he have seen her jumping in child like glee when yesterday they have went to Mall and today she is looking much better and confident.

Arnav looked around as Khushi was busy with Abhay and Piya when something caught his eyes. He sneeked towards it and when shopkeeper showed him what he wanted, a smile appeared on his face while touching it and imagining Khushi wearing it.
He asked shopkeeper to pack it and hurriedly joined Khushi who was already searching for him.

Piya: So what's the plan for dinner?
Abhay: Everything was done but Arnav wanted some changes, hope it's done.

Arnav: Yeah! It'll be done by the time we reach there.
Khushi: Good! I can't wait, feeling so hungry already!
Arnav nodded smiling at her and four drove to home of Arnav and Khushi.

Piya: Why have you planned dinner at home? It would be amazing to have perfect candle light dinner outside, she said pouting and Abhay laughed at her.

Khushi: What can we do Piya we have got a very boring partners, she teased eyeing Arnav who smirked thinking about the surprise.

Arnav: We'll show you how boring we are once we reach there.

Abhay: Arnav I hope you have done like you said otherwise we'll taunted for a longtime.

Arnav: Don't worry! Everything is done.

As they both discussed about their plans without disclosing the actual plan Khushi and Piya looked at each other confusingly.


Khushi gasped looking at the scene in front of her , followed by Piya.

Arnav smirked looking at Khushi's expressions and whispered near her ears. "Boring am I?"

To be continued...


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arshiforever92 IF-Dazzler

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Chapter- 81 (B)

Khushi looked around amazed , Arnav has arranged candle light dinner for them near beach , backside of their home. There are candles, lights around them and two tables decorated with red roses with scented candles in between "A perfect romantic date"

She was still looking around in daze when Arnav started speaking.

Arnav: You didn't answered me?
Khushi: What?

Arnav: You still think I am boring.
Khushi(blushing): No! You're turning very romantic these days actually.
Arnav: Yea just for you! Khushi blushed and turned to look at otherside where Piya and Abhay was sitting on another table.

Khushi: But when did you planned everything?

Arnav: Actually Abhay has planned to book whole restaurant for us but due to not having advance booking it was almost impossible. So we thought to dine in home but when than I got this idea of having dinner here enjoying this cool breeze and I knew you'll love it. Abhay also liked the idea, so we called the decorators and did food arrangements.

Khushi: It's amazing Arnav ji! Thanks.


Arnav: Dance? He asked for dance when they were done with dinner.

Ye aa ya-ya ya-ya...

Khushi keeps her hand in his and both started to move slowly in rhythm.

Arnav holds her from waist and Khushi keeps her head on his shoulder as they moved with music.

Dil ki maange thodi thi kam
Har duaa bhi thodi maddham
Tune kaandhe pe sar jhukaaya jab
Jaise dargah pe baandhe dhaage tab
Bina maange hi mill gaya hai sab

Meherbaan hua hua
Meherbaan hua hua
Meherbaan.. hua
Meherbaan hua Rab

Meherbaan.. hua
Meherbaan hua Rab

Khushi looks into his eyes still amazed with her luck that she have git him, his love.

Duaa rang rangiya yun malang laal laal rang
Rooh ki patang baandhi tere sang
Tab hi toh laga

Meherban hua Rab
O din ye sehre sa saja
Meherbaan huaa Rab
Ye aa ya-ya ya-ya...

Haathon ko tere apne
Haathon mein le leti hoon
Ke taqdeerein apni saari padh loon

Arnav looks into her eyes with so much Love and promises to take care of her every wish and making her dreams a reality.

Aankhon mein tere chhupte
Armaan main dhoondhta hoon
Bas tu soche, aur poore main kar doon

Khushi hugged him still moving with his steps and Arnav holds her securely in his arms like always feeling so complete in each other arms.

Abhi abhi toh hum adhoore thhe
Poore ho gaye tere roobaroo
Oo.. ye bhi deekhe na
Kahaan main khatam, kahaan tu shuru
Aankhein teri (aankhein teri)
Girti hain jab (girti hain jab)
Ab to neendein aati hain tab
Humko lagta hai kuch dino se ab
Tu ibaadat hai, tu hi hai mazhab
Bewajah kaise, kyu, kahaan aur kab

Meherban hua hua
Meherban hua hua
Meherban.. hua
Meherban hua Rab
Meherban.. hua
Meherban hua Rab

Rab ne banaaya sabko
Par kaun bataaye Rab ko
Mar ke tum pe, hum saans lete hain

Khushi prayed to her Devi Maiyya to keep them together and take care of Arnav.

Rab se karun jo duaayein
Ab ye tujhi tak jaayein
Tu jo sun le toh sunta ye Rab hai..
Jaane naa jahaan
Jaane hai kahaan

Arnav remembered their meeting and how after that they met again and again and smiled tightening his hold on her.

Mili thi meri teri haan me haan
Sach hai yahi tujh sa kahin
Nahin hai nahin
Meri raahein aayein tujh tak
Iss janam se har janam tak
Waqt ko rokein aa zara sa ab
Usko samjha dein ishq ka matlab
Chhod ke zidd ye maan lega ab

Meherbaan hua hua
Meherbaan hua hua
Meherbaan.. hua
Meherbaan hua Rab
Meherbaan.. hua
Meherbaan hua Rab
Meherbaan.. hua
Meherbaan hua Rab

Music stopped but both were still lost into each other but their trance broken by the claps of Abhay and Piya.
Khushi blushed deep red as Piya looked at her mischievously.

Piya: Amazing guys! You danced so beautifully and romantically.

Abhay: Yea I am really getting surprised with this new ASR! He said looking at Arnav who looked around embarrassed.

Piya: Ok enough don't make them embarrass! With that four started talking and after sometime Abhay and Piya left leaving Arshi alone.


Almost week has been passed after their romantic dinner and all meets almost regularly due to shopping, decorations and other things related to marriage.

Khushi have started going to office with Arnav and is physically fine now except little weakness. Arnav is taking care of her completely nit letting her stress herself. Yesterday he have got call from Anjali and Shyam has also talked with him indirectly talking about Khushi because he feared if Khushi told him anything but he have talked with him without letting anything slip controlling his anger.

Now Shyam believes that he is unaware of everything and Arnav has also played his first card. Shyam's office is closed due to his fraud cases and he knew Shyam wouldn't let this reach at home because of his good image, so he'll be soon run out of money and He knew Anjali use very less of money transferred into her account because she doesn't feels it right when she is married now.

So it will be hard for Shyam to get money if he wouldn't transfer money in Anjali's account for sometime. He have already told Anjali that her bank account is having huge amount of money so he will transfer more money when she'll use them so even if Shyam uses that money for sometime he have to ask for money from Anjali and tell her where he used so much money already.


Arnav looked at Khushi who was all set in her purple colored Lehanga for Sangeet ceremony of Abhay and Piya and keeping aside the thoughts of that snake he walked upto her. Standing behind Khushi he keeps all her hairs oh her left shoulder and looked at her through mirror.

Khushi: Arnav ji!

Arnav: Hmm

Khushi: What are you doing?

Arnav: Helping you! And lowering his head he kissed on the bare skin of her right shoulder sucking it making Khushi to close her eyes in pleasure and tied her dori's at the back.

Khushi: Thank you... She said blushing and turning towards him.

Arnav: Pleasure is all mine, he said with a wink before taking her lips,within his for a searing kiss.


Arnav and Khushi entered the hall where Sangeet ceremony is held, Abhay and Piya with their parents welcomed them happily and soon Khushi got busy in chatting with some of her old classmates and friends from college with Piya and Arnav joined Abhay.

After sometime Abhay and Piya alongwith Arnav and Khushi made to sit in front of stage and their family and friends started performing. Abhay and Arnav keep looking at their girls as they were almost dancing in their seat in glee.

Abhay signed something to Arnav and they both excused themselves and went to other side of hall to talk.

Abhay: Are you sure about your plan?

Arnav: without any doubt!

Abhay: I have discussed it with Piya, she was saying it'll be good if tell Khushi.

Arnav: No! She shouldn't get any idea before I want.

Abhay: Ok than! Good Luck and got to know Shyam Manohar Jha's office has been seized.

Arnav(surprised that he knew): how?

Abhay: I am also keeping tabs on him now, he said smiling and Arnav smirked.

Abhay: I also guess that it's your work.

Arnav smirk widened and he turned smiling towards him confirming his doubt.

Arnav: We should join them before Khushi starts searching me.
Abhay nodded and both joined ladies again.

To be continued...


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Buddy me for PM's

Arshi Heart

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Loved the update Clap
Shyam punishment begins Clap
Caring romantic Arnav Day Dreaming
Eager for the next part Big smile

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lovely update
arnav know start his card to seize shyam
that awesome
arshi and abhay and pia romantic dinner date Aww so cute love it
update soon

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Amazing updates
Loved it
Khushi was able to get it out everything infront of Piya. Arnav is glad that Khushi is comfortable with Piya and got the support which she badly needed from a woman. On the other hand Arnav was happy to have Abhay on his side and seek comfort from him. Loved their romantic dinner and their dance. Shyam days are numbered. Arnav slowly started to see Shyam will be punished which he deserved. Waiting for the next one.
Advance Thanks for the PM
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Brilliant update
Finally she was able to express how she is coping and feeling about what happened with  Piya.

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Just loved your updates

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