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Fanfiction ViShi "wo jo adhori si baat baki hai" last chaptr (Page 9)

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yaar aj update kar de plzzz

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Update chahiye jaldi kal tak aa jani chahiye

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mai melt ho gayiii Day Dreaming

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Disclaimer:  I only own shivika and her family rest characters are owned by swastika production.

"Any resemblance to living or dead person is just coincidence"

Ohhh my god m so happy for the humble comments I got for my last chapter. Now m really nervous will i be able to let u ppl stick to my ff's next chapters or not.

Well every coin has two sides zindgi mein kabhi khushi kabhi gum lga rehta hai... so have patience iss chapter k baad ache din wapas aaynge.

And once again thank you everyone I can't express in words how much ur comments made me happy.

Chapter 6 "shattered hearts"

After that surprise date Shakti and shivika's relation was more strengthened up. Talking daily, sharing each and everything, talking all the time on phones till late night. Many of times Shakti lands in shivika's room in night, at the end her room was the safest place where no one can doubt.

At one morning

Shakti got a message on his phone from shivika "aaj humse mandir mein milo".

Shakti got ready he wore the same jacket which shivika gifted him 3 days back.

They both sit behind the temple under the same tree. shivika was busy in admiring the natural beauty.

"Tumne itni subha ye paed aur phool dekhne k liye bulaya hai" Shakti asked.

"kyo kya burai hai in phool paudho mein" shivika asked irritated on shakti's reaction who was not interested in listening what she was talking.

Shakti looked at shivika's irritated face and he smile and to irritate her more he said "isse accha to hum so rahe hote ghar mein"

Shivika pushed him and said in annoyed tone "haan jao to ab so jao kisne mana kiya hai"

Shakti this time with more broad smile " abb kaha ghar jaynge hum yahi so jate hain" and he put his head in shivika's lap.

Shivika push her head and said in complaining tone "tum meri baat nahi sunte"

Shakti kiss on her hand and said "achha ab sunge ab bolo".

They talk for hour. Shivika told him about her dreams of getting married and what all she want after marriage.

"shadi karna itna aasan nahi sabse main kaam hai pati ki seva pati jab aaye to uska dhayn rakho us k saare kaam karo uske paer dabao" Shakti said in teasing tone.

"achha seva... Ohh  paer dabau ... aise kya" and she put her hand around his neck and start pressing her fingers .

"aaa Shakti shout pagal ho marogi kya humko"

Shivika laughs "hum to pati ki seva kar rahe hain" she replied teasingly.

Shakti gave her annoyed look.

"accha hum ache se seva karte hai" and to make him happy she started running her fingers in his hairs like massage. Shakti closed his eyes enjoying her soft fingers in his hairs. He was feeling comfortable and delighted.

"tum humse shadi k baad bhi pyar karoge na?" shivika asked sweetly.

"haan hum tumse shadi k baad aur pyar karenge daily pyar karenge.. har raat pyar karenge" Shakti replied teasingly.

Shivika face turn red on shakti's word she blushes and replied "mera matlab wo nahi tha..."

"per mera matlab wahi tha" Shakti replied with a mischief smile.

Shivika gave a soft slap on his face "tum bahut bure ho".

Shakti look into her eyes he can easily read how much love she was having for him he wanted to be with this girl forever.

"ahhh meri ankh mein kuch gir gya" Shakti cried.

"kaha gira dikhao shivika leaned forward to look if there was anything in his eyes

As she bow her head near to shakti's face whose head was in her lap he kept his hand on her head and drew it close, their lips were just millimetre apart.

Shakti was about to kiss her she suddenly push her head aside. "ye abhi nahi shadi k baad" she said blushing.

Shakti was disappointed "shadi... chalo abhi kar lete hain shadi mandir mein" he replied.

"aise nahi hoti shadi se pehle engagement phir mehndi sangeet aur phir shadi"

Shivika's words made him anxious "ruko" he asked shivika to wait . shakti get up shivika looked at Shakti who was searching something in grass.

"engagement karni hai and he put a ring made up of grass on her ring finger shivika laugh on his mad gesture and he gave one ring to her and ask her to make him wear that ring.

Shivika was laughing on shakti's cute idea she tried to put the ring in his ring finger but it was small so Shakti made her wear it in his small finger they both laugh loudly. Suddenly Shakti cup her face they both lost in each other's eyes Shakti move forward to kiss her shivika turn around.

This made Shakti really furious and in anger he walks away shivika look at the angry face of Shakti she went behind him and hold his hand to stop.

To make him happy shivika move forward to kiss him she closes her eyes from her face Shakti can easily understand she was scared and nervous. Shakti look at her innocent face he felt so loved that she was ready to do anything for her. He took a step back smiling on the worlds beautiful girl who love him so much.

 shivika open her eyes and find Shakti smiling at her she felt embarrassed on her move she tried to hide her face she turn back.

Shakti hug her from behind and whispered in her ears "shadi k baad" shivika face turn pink.

They were submerged in each other's arms suddenly shivika look at the time. A fear look comes to her eyes.

"ohh no itni daer ho gyi bhaiya ko pta chal gya to wo humko kabhi ghar se niklne nahi denge shivika said in worried tone.

Aree kuch nahi hoga" Shakti tried to calm her down.

"humko jana hai " and she started walking but Shakti held her hand he was not sure why but he don't want her to go he want to stay there like that he wanted to be with her he look at her face like he was looking at her for last time he was not sure it was just his fear of losing her or some intuitions which made him not to let her go there was fear like he was going to lose her.

"Shakti humko jana hai hum phir milenge" shivika tries to convince Shakti and she walks away.

Shakti felt like somebody cut a piece of his heart he doesn't want to stay away from her even for a second.


Next morning, Shakti sends shivika a message that he don't want to stay away from her and he will talk about her to his mother.

After reading this happy message shivika was on cloud nine she dressed up smiling, dancing, her dream was coming true. On her face anyone can read the madness of being in love.

Laughing kidding, enjoying every second.  Thinking about her life with Shakti made her excited she felt a wave of happiness flowing inside her she can't wait any longer she want to be with Shakti forever.

Shivika's mother looks at happy dancing smiling shivika "isko kya hua hai itni khush kyo hain"

"muskurati hai to kitni achhi lagti hai bhagwan kare ye humesha aise hi khush rahe kisi ki nazar na lage" shivika's bhabhi replied.

In badi haveli,

It was monthly meeting day when people from all over begusarai come to meet bindiya and tell her about their problems.

Bindiya sit on her begumsarai chair, adarsh and garv standing at her left Shakti at right amar was looking at the gifts people brought for bindiya and samar was keeping eye on crowd.

A woman came crying and telling her problem that his husband is missing from last 3 days but police is not listening. Bindiya tell her your problem will be solved and asked adarsh to personally take care of the matter. Like that people came one by one telling their problems some people came to say thanks.

A man who was in mid-30 bow his head touching bindiya's feet "maa thakurain aap ki wajah se humari zindgi sudhar gyi" he praised bindiya.

Bindiya smile and put her hand on his back asking him to get up but before bindiya can understand anything that man takes out revolver.

But Before he can shoot bindiya, amar hit the gift he was having in his hand on the revolver.

Horrified and shocked people start running that man to save himself run along with crowd all 5 thakur brothers run to catch that attacker.

Running behind him in streets of begusarai, adarsh asked his brothers to catch the attacker from other directions they all move in different directions.

All 5 were mad in anger running to catch that man garv catch him in  street  and hit his head hard on the wall but that attacker push him away and ran to save himself.

Running behind attacker they all reached the main market. Attacker was trapped he look everywhere for some place to escape but all 5 brothers standing in front of him.

Adarsh was about to hit him "humari maa per hamla karega" attacker tried to run but samar caught him. All 5 beat that attacker brutally smashing him from legs garv shout "bol kisne bheja tumko bol" Shakti hit his leg on attacker's abdomen "aise nahi bolega" .

Adarsh hold that attackers' hairs and made him to stand and take out his gun pointing on his head "bol kisne bheja nahi to yahi maar denge tumko".

There were people all around looking the drama going on. 5 brothers beating him bashing, punching that attacker badly his face was covered with blood.

Shivika was in shop she looked at the scene some 5 man beating a man brutally and that victim face was covered in blood.

"ye sab kya ho raha hai koi to rook bacho uss admi ko" she asked people in crowed to save that man.

But before shivika can move forward to save that man her bhabhi stops her "ruk jao shivika ye Thakur log hai ye kisi ki nahi sunte tum beech mein mat pado".

"lekin bhabhi" shivika tried to protest

Sahi keh rahi hai madam beta inn Thakur log se door raho in se koi nahi bach sakta" shopkeeper replied.

Suddenly a firing sound came Thakur brothers who were busy beating that man turn around and was shock to see.

"agar iss ladki ko zinda deekhna chahte ho to chodh do iss admi ko" a high build up man said he was pointing gun on ananya's head.

The attacker who was almost in dead state smile he tried to get up and walk towards other man.

Garv in anger tried to move forward but adarsh stop him"gusse mein koi galti mat karna" adarsh warn his brothers.

"apni revolver neeche rakho" other man shout they all placed their gun on the ground raise their hands as hands up but Shakti was still having his gun in his hand.

Shivika came out of shop join the crowd she was also watching the drama but till now she didn't look at the face of 5 men.

"jada hero mat bano tum bhi apni gun neeche rakho" that man shout on Shakti.

Garv made gesture like insisting Shakti to drop his gun.

Adarsh gave signal to Shakti from eyes Shakti bend down but he shoot on the leg of the man who was pointing gun on Ananya before anyone can understand anything rest of brothers attack Ananya runs and hugged Shakti she was scared and shivering . garv caught the attacker.

Shakti tries to console Ananya he put his hand on her head suddenly his eyes caught a face in crowd looking in horror at his face she was shivika.

Shakti's heart skip a beat how come shivika was there. Samar shouts "bhaiya in log ko nahi pta inko kisne bola tha attack karne k liye".

Adarsh in anger roar "Shakti maar do goli inko". But Shakti was still looking at shivika face her eyes filled with 100 of questions.

Scared Ananya was still hugging Shakti and Shakti was standing there lost in shivika's eyes with questions. Adarsh felt a pain in his heart when he looked at Ananya hugging Shakti.

Garv shoots both the attackers, a horror look came to shivika's face she can't believe the man whom she love was not a hero but a murderer who killed a man brutally.

Numb shivika asked a man standing in crowd "ye ladki kaun hai" man replied "ye bechari ladki biwi hai inki pta nahi kaise rehti hogi in logo k sath" and everyone in crowd start moving away back to their work.

Something heavy stuck her heart, a terrible blow. Her eyes widened. Her brain was numb. She lost control over herself and the echo of that man's answer beat against her eardrums.


Shivika don't remember anything after that she don't remember how she came back home nothing only thing in her brain was the lines from that man "ye biwi hai inki"

She was shocked Shakti has a wife she don't want to believe on what that man said she felt like it was a bad dream and when she will wake up everything will be happy again.

She call Shakti phone was kept on ringing but nobody picks the call after trying for 10 times she send a message "humko tumse abhi milna hai mandir per"

Shakti after an hour went to his room and read the message. It was 7 in the evening is she was sure he call her but no reply from her. Somewhere in his mind Shakti was sure shivika has 100 questions and it was not going to be easy. So many fears crowded his mind.

Shivika was waiting for Shakti behind the temple, when she looked at Shakti coming her heart start racing, despite of sweat on her forehead, her body was extremely cold.

Shakti looked at shivika her eyes were puffed she must have cried for long face pale, she was looking like somebody else not his full of life shivika.

Looking at her pathetic condition Shakti kept his hand on her cheek asked her "kya hua hai tumhari annkhe kyo sujji hai tum theek to ho?"

Shivika pushed his hand with blank face she asked "Ananya kaun hai Shakti?"

Her question hit Shakti hard he in his mind knows the answer will ruin everything between them. Shakti stood there all silent.

"humne poocha Ananya kaun hai" this time there her voice was loud and more painful.

"wo... wo humari baat suno" Shakti tried to explain her about his relationship with Ananya but shivika this time scream loud in hard sound "humko sirf haan na mein jawab do Ananya tumhari biwi hai na batao?"

"humari baat to suno" Shakti all helpless want to explain her everything but shivika interrupted "haan ya na?"

"haan" shakti respond in low voice. "lekin meri poori baat to sunn lo".

Shivika bust in tears the storm inside her was now busted out she slap Shakti and cried "tumne humse itni badi baat chupai itna bada jhoot bola tum jhoote ho"

Shakti tried to explain but she refuse to listen "tumne soch bhi kaise liya main kisi ladki ka ghr todd kar apna ghar basaungi" shivika continuous.

"sab kuch bataya maa hai bhai hai dadi hai lekin Ananya k bare mein nahi bola tumne itna bada jhoot bola humse"

Shakti came close to her he wanted to explain but shivika was not ready to listen.

"door raho humse tum bure ho bahut bure jhoote ho katil ho" she kept on cursing Shakti.

"meri baat to sunn lo ek bar" Shakti tried again.

"humko kuch nahi sunn na tum jhoote ho" shivika shout

"humare beech job hi tha sab khatam" shivika walks away.

Shakti held her hand "aise kaise khatam humari baat to sunn lo hum tumse bahut pyar karte hai"

"agar humse pyar karte ho to ab kabhi humari aankho k samne mat aana agar tumahara pyar sachh hai to jab tak hum na kahe humein apni shakal bhi mat dikhana" shivika pushed his hand and walks away.

Shakti stand still there words of shivika roaming in his head he felt lost. His sins of Past were hitting him back. He felt suffocated. He tried to breath in as much air as possible. That terrible shock was tearing him apart.

Samar called him "bhaiya aap kaha ho sab theek to hai" samar asked in a high pitched worried tone.

"samar samar..." that was the only words came from Shakti side.

"bhaiya aap theek to hai?" samar asked sensing the tension in shakti's voice.

"humko yaha se le chalo" Shakti replied completely broken.

"aap ho kaha batao hum abhi aate hai" samar asked rushing towards his jeep.

"devi mandir... humko yaha nahi rehna please humko le jao" Shakti cried.

In 15 min samar came he saw Shakti sitting on floor as he touched shakti's shoulder Shakti looked at samar and he busted in tears.

"kya hua bhaiya" samar asked he never saw Shakti in such condition.

Shakti told him what all shivika said as he continued with his tale he started crying. Samar tried his best to console him but he failed.


Shivika reached home lost in her world every time in front of her eyes Ananya hugging Shakti flashed.

She was walking towards her room suddenly her mother called "shivika ruko"

Shivika looked at her mother face she was so happy then she looked at everyone else face in the room there were some guest too.

"ye ladke wale hai tumhare rishte k liye aaye hai" her bhabhi introduced shivika with guest. After half an hour of discussion.

"humko ladki pasand hai" boy's mother said.

Shivika who was sitting there like a statute didn't respond.

"tumko ladka kaisa lga?" uday asked from shivika

Shivika stand up and said "hum ye shadi karene k liye taiyar hai bus humari yahi sharat hai ye shadi 2 din mein ho jaye" and she walks away.

Everyone was happy and smiling but priya was in shock. To find out what was wrong with shivika she ran towards her room.

Everyone in room congratulates each other and uday pratap singh declared marriage after 2 days.

Uday asked rajan to start preparing as there was just one day.

Priya tried to ask shivika what was wrong with her, in the morning she was singing dancing and was dreaming about her life with Shakti now she was agreed to get married to some other man.

Shivika told priya not to ask anything and get lost but priya kept on asking suddenly shivika's phone rang it was Shakti. Shivika cut the call.

Shakti call her again this time too she cut the call when third time he call she was about to cut the call priya snatch the phone from her hand and answer it

"hello" priya said.

Shakti understood it was priya at other end he request her to make him talk with shivika but shivika denied she don't want to talk with this man any more.

Priya put phone on speaker.

"shivika ek baar meri baat to sunn lo" Shakti said begging her to listen to his words.

But shivika respond "agar humse sach mein pyar karte ho to phir phone mat karna" and she switched off her phone.

Frustrated Shakti throw his phone breaking the mirror in his room. Shakti lay down on his bed some kind of coldness crawled within him. His muscles could not move. He buried his face in his palm and he cried.

Samar came in shakti's room looked at pieces of mirror everywhere in his room. He picks the phone which was damaged and put in his pocket he thought to repair it. He tried hard to console Shakti but it was of no use Shakti was completely broken no words in world can bring peace for him.

Shakti and shivika both lied in their room and cried all the memories all the time they spend together came as flash back in shakti's eyes but in shivika eyes only one image was there Shakti hugging Ananya and the words were rolling in her ears that Anaya is shakti's wife.

Shakti in his mind thought it was his past sins he broke ananya's heart now destiny was playing the same game with him.

Restless Shakti walks downstairs it was late everyone was fall asleep. Shakti walks towards ananya's room. Shakti knocks at her door. When Ananya open her door she was surprise to see Shakti in front of her this much late in night. Shakti came in his eyes were red. He made ananya to sit on bed and sit down at floor near her legs.

 Holding ananya's hand he said "humne tumhari zindgi kharab kar di humne tumse badla lene k liye jhoot bola tumhara majak bana kar rakh diya"

Ananya was shocked to see Shakti like this. He continues "meri wajah se tumhara samman tumhare sapne sab barbad ho gye mere jhoot ne sab barbad kar diya humko maaf kar do"

Anaya can't believe on her eyes Shakti Thakur was sitting there and begging for forgiveness.

"humko maaf kar do plz " he cried.

"Shakti hum tumse naraz nahi hai hum tumko bahut pehle maaf kar chuke ab humko aadat ho chuki hum jante hai tum dil se bure nahi ho" Ananya replied.

Shakti only cried "plz humko maaf kar do"

Anaya explain him that she was not angry at him and she has forgiven him long ago. After convincing him for half an hour Shakti walks away he feel like some burden from his heart was unloaded.

Badi amma was listening the conversation between Shakti and Ananya and she felt there was something terribly wrong with Shakti.


Next day, wedding preparation in shivika's home started everyone was happy except priya she wanted to know why shivika broke up.

Women were singing and dancing shivika was sitting there with a fake smile one girl was drawing mehndi on her hand.

Shivika was just staring the floor busy in her thoughts.

The girl who was drawing mehndi asked "didi dulhe ka naam" lost shivika not even looking at her told her the name.

After sometime priya came she looked at the mehndi and scream loud enough to bring back shivika to real world "didi ye kya hai"

Shivika looked at her like what was wrong.

"ye naam" priya points towards the name in her mehndi shivika was shock to see "SHAKTI" was written there.

"didi se poocha tha humne unhone bataya ye naam" mehndi girl replied.

"theek hai tum jao" priya asked her to go before any scandal.

Shivika was about to clean that name but suddenly a woman came and asked her to dance.

After 1 hour when shivika got time she rubs that name but it was too late his name was imprinted on her hand and in her life. In anger she rubbed it many time but it was of no use.

Priya saw shivika rubbing her hand in frustration she said "didi lagta hai kismet ko bhi yahi manjoor hai ye naam apki zindgi se judd chukka hai"

Shivika ran and locked herself in bathroom she sit there and cried. She hides herself in bathroom because bathroom was the safest place where she can cry her heart out without explaining anyone why she was crying.

*******************************chapter 6 ends**********************************

 m sorry for breaking ur ppls heart promise soon u ppl will get more cute romance.

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Inu inu inu ...I must say ,u r a true writer...comedy...romance...action. Drama...SB hai is story me .
... Had ek bande k emotions show karna my god superb job ...

M glad that I have u as a writer ...

Bole to full paisa wasul story ...never be bored never be fed up...just having eagerness age kya hoga age kya hoga just like begusarai unpredictable ...muahhh...m loving it plz update soon mera hero udas acha n lg RHA plz make him happy fast fast m waitnggg baaa

Edited by Lakhanchamach - 11 May 2016 at 1:31pm

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Originally posted by Lakhanchamach


Confused i shud tke it as gud or bad
vry honest m nervous nw Dead evryone telling me chptr 5 ws gud but to continue stry i hv to write sad part too

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bishmakhan Goldie

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Yaar kya likha h tumne , u r superb , I know this part of ff is heart wrenching but u potrayex it very well Clap and ur story is awesome buddy , u just nailed it , I m shorting of words to praise u , kudos to u Clap and thanks for quick update next bhi jaldi dena

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Originally posted by bishmakhan

Yaar kya likha h tumne , u r superb , I know this part of ff is heart wrenching but u potrayex it very well Clap and ur story is awesome buddy , u just nailed it , I m shorting of words to praise u , kudos to u Clap and thanks for quick update next bhi jaldi dena

ufff LOL thank god i got my bteath bck dil dhuk dhuk dhuk kr raha tha i thought log gaali denge for breaking their hearts abhi m feelin bit relax i hope i wil update soon i dnt wnt ppl to be sad for long

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