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Fanfiction ViShi "wo jo adhori si baat baki hai" last chaptr (Page 7)

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Posted: 07 May 2016 at 12:27pm | IP Logged
love it Heart

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lakhamcrazy Goldie

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Posted: 07 May 2016 at 3:06pm | IP Logged
wowww it,s so beautifully writtenHeart
especially lakham storyDay Dreaming
looking forward to shakti shivika meeting EmbarrassedDay Dreaming
plz update soon

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sitakshii IF-Stunnerz

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hey wow sughu such an awesome description of feelings if i am watching them live...such a serene description of shivikas looks...and when they both met in her room...woop...wopp...heart throbbing ...such a nice heart felt romance...truly loved it... Heart

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Updateee updateee chahiye chahiye jaldi jaldi

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Disclaimer:  I only own shivika and her family rest characters are owned by swastika production.

"Any resemblance to living or dead person is just coincidence"

Thank you everyone for your comments and thank you all silent readers too.

Well for writing romance one thing needed the most is mood. And I dunno it's just coincidence or what I met my 1st real life crush after 9 years (I was in 8th standard at that tym) and weather is all good no scorching heat so all condition perfectly suites romance.

This chapter dedicated to my first crush he was in 9th standard we use to go from same school bus there was no much friendship between us just eyes communication.

 Let's come back to fanfiction m trying level hard to make it perfect romantic chapter I hope you people will love this fingers crossed.

Chapter 5 "love is in the air"

For Shakti it was so hard to sleep he was eagerly waiting for tomorrow when he was going to tell shivika what all he feels about her. Sleep was so far lying on his bed 100 times in his mind Shakti revise all the lines he was going to say.

Next morning Shakti was hell excited about his meeting with shivika. He was having a subtle smile on his face there was joy on his face, playfulness in his heart and a trot in his steps. Everyone in family was surprised with that extra dose of mirth.

At breakfast table,

 bindiya stare at Shakti agape and utter, "kya baat hai aaj bahut khush ho? Lottery lag gayi hai kya?"

Shakti try hard to look normal replied "nahi bus mausam aaj kuch accha hai" and he avoid eye contact so that bindiya should not suspect he don't want anyone to spoil his plan.

Shakti dressed up in his best clothes wearing brown jacket with pair of denim he look himself from every angle just to satisfy if he was looking good or not. Samar was looking at this new mad in love type Shakti and he was surprised he never thought Shakti will behave like this.

"bhaiya aadhe ghante se khood ko dekh rahe ho ache lag rahe ho ab bus bhi karo" samar said.

"hum bus fitting dekh rahe hai nayi jacket ki" embarrassed Shakti replied.

"haan pta hai waise wo ab aap ko itni baar dekh chuki hai jaroort nahi hai itna taiyar hone ki" samar said in teasing tone.

"tum bahut kabil mat bano... tum ghar per rehna sab per nazar rakhna koi ko kuch bhi pta nahi chalna chahiye" Shakti ordered samar.

On the other hand shivika tried all her dresses in cupboard still not satisfied in crying tone he said "koi bhi achha kapda nahin hai"

Priya who was helping shivika in selecting a dress with suspicious look said "dii aap sach sach batao aap sirf milne ja rahi hoy a kuch aur baat hai"

"pagal ho hum sirf thankyou bolne ja rahe hai gift k liye" shivika replied.


It was 1 hour Shakti was waiting at back side of temple throwing pebbles in the lake. In his mind he thought "kahin humko pagal to nahi bana diya pta chale aaye hi na humare pass to number bhi nahi jo call akr k pooch le"

With every minute doubt in Shakti mind was growing it was irritating to wait for someone not sure she will come or not.

After half hour when Shakti decided to go back he heard a loud break sound may be she was there.

Shakti heartbeat raises a cold shiver passed down by his spine suddenly he was so nervous he can't believe on his own behaviour he forgot what all he thought he will tell shivika he was nervous the man who never get afraid in front of anyone was standing there nervous a fear of rejection come to his mind till now he not even once thought what will happen if she will reject his proposal. Now he was in panic state he tried to calm down, in his mind he tried to backup "Shakti Thakur ek ladki se darr rahe ho kya hoga jada se jada mana kar degi per hum usko mana lenge darr kyo rahe ho".

Shakti was standing there like some statute he saw shivika struggling with her chiffon duptta who was flying in the air her long silky hair hanging at back adding her beauty she was an angel. She was like a painting everything about her was so graceful and perfect. Shakti heartbeat raises again. He wants that beauty by his side for rest of his life because of some stupid nervousness he can't let her go he thought in his mind. And suddenly his confidence boost up, he was relaxed now.

They both were standing under the same tree behind temple. The tree was in his full bloom, beautiful red flowers all over.  Her crescent shaped eyebrows inclined slightly when she saw he staring her.

"itni bhi sundar nahi lag rahi hoon" shivika said in mocking tone breaking the silence between them.

Shakti smile shyly on his stupid behaviour. Shakti notice shivika was wearing the same chain he gifted her his confidence boosted.

"kya chaiye tumko return gift mein" shivika asked.

Shakti tried to reply but he was lost in her beauty but he was helpless.

"kuch bologe ya hum jaye" shivika asked losing her patience.

In his mind he thought "jada socho mat bol do Shakti Thakur kya kar rahe ho bolo" he took a deep breath and bend on his knees he took her hand on his hand.

Shivika was surprised she never thought anything like that her heart beat were uneven know she doubt if he was going to propose.

Shivika was looking directly into his eyes which made him nervous . he wonder what to say how to start he close his eyes took a deep breath and said "humko ye sab nahi pata k pyar kya hota hai humne isse se pehle kisis ladki k liye ye mehsus nahi kiya per jab pehli bar tumko dekha tha tabse sirf tum hi mere dimag mein ho hum kuch bhi karein sirf tum hi dikhti ho hum sirf apne sapno mein nahi hakeekat mein humesha k liye tumko apni zindgi mein chahte hai".

Shivika was numb she can't believe it was all like movie a handsome man on his knees asking for ur hand she always dream about that, she waited for her prince charming from the day she learn what love is. And now everything was happening for real her dream was now realty.

Shivika look at the man in front of her on his knees so nervous sweat on his forehead due to nervous he was a strong man her superman but right now while proposing his innocent face made her melt more faster than an ice cream. Shivika was about to say something but Shakti nervousness made her playful she got an idea and she pull her hand from his hand and took 2-3 steps at back. Shakti open his eyes confused what was wrong. There was a killing silence shakti looking into shivika eyes he want to know what was wrong.

"dekho Shakti ye sab aise... "shivika took a pause searching for some descent words. Shakti get up from his knee now he was standing straight.

"Shakti wo... wo baat ye hai humne aisa kabhi socha nahi aur mere bhaiya wo kabhi nahi mange wo bahut bade aadmi hai".

Shakti was feeling miserable So it was all over she don't love me such type of thoughts were running in his mind. He look at shivika from his eyes anyone can read he was broken.

"bhaiya k manne se kya tum pyar karti ho k nahi " Shakti asked.

"wo mere  bhaiya ne mere shadi taiy kar di hai ek London k ladke se" shivika replied

"bhaiya nahi tum apna btao tum pyar karti hoy a nahi" Shakti asked he was getting mad he wanted to know what was in shivika's mind.

"hum bhaiya k khilaaf nahi ja sakte" shivika replied in sudden and subtle way.

That was it she don't love me just because of her brother Shakti look at her with blank eyes.

Shivika turn around just to hide her smile and continue "tumne daer kar di Shakti bhaiya nahi mange aur hum unki baat mana nahi kar sakte".

"sahi kaha humne daer kar di per hum tumhare liye maar bhi sakte hai aur mar bhi sakte hai". There was something messed up in his tone. He was standing at the edge of hill and he jump. In half second he was out of sight. A loud sound, shivika turn to look at him but he was nowhere horrified shivika looked at lake she can't believe shocked dumb shivika sit at floor her body started shaking. Tears started rolling from her eyes his last words were rigging in her ears" hum maar bhi sakte hai mar bhi sakte hai". Shivika shout his name but no reply made her shiver. Tears flowing from her eyes she confess "hum to sirf majak ar rahe the hum bhi tumse pyar karte hain".

And she was crying  there after 2 min she felt some hand on her shoulder she turn around and saw Shakti standing in front of her with big smile like he conquer some battle.

As she saw Shakti she run and hugged him tightly tears flowing from her eyes she utter "hum bhi tumse pyar karte hain".

Shakti put his hand on her head tried to calm her down "hum bhi to majak kar rahe the"

Suddenly shivika face turn red not because of crying but because of anger "majak kar rhe the" and she started beating him from soft hands.

"ahhh " Shakti shout as he was hurt.

Shivika stops kya hua chott lg gayi" ask in concern.

"haan" Shakti replied rubbing his shoulder.

Shivika beat him again "agar chott lagi to achha hai aise majak phir mat karna".

Shakti hold her hand to stop her the get eye lock.

"hum phir kabhi majak nahi karnge kyoki majak karne per tumhari naak laal ho jati hai" and Shakti bust in laughing shivika gave him angry look "humko tumse baat hi nahi karni" and she started walking away.

Shakti held her hand stop her hug her tightly "humko chodh kar ab mat jana".


After their love confession they both always busy in their mobile talking with each other from morning till night they message each othr and in night talking telling what all happen in full day. For Shakti it was a new feeling never before anyone was so much caring and loving taking care of his every big small thing telling her to have food on time and all. Shakti never thought love can feel so good. Somebody was there for him 24*7. With every passing day he felt more in love with her.

It was not easy for them to meet in begusarai as anyone can tell their respective family that they were seeing each other they don't want their love story to end because of their families.

It was 1 week now they hardly met each other if they want to meet temple was the only place.

On one morning shivika call to tell Shakti her result was out and she top her college.

Shakti was busy discussing about the new factory with his brothers suddenly his phone rang he look at the screen it was shivika adarsh he cut the call.

"phone kaat diya" shivika replied in anger.

She again call adarsh gave angry look to Shakti he cut the call again angry shivika call him again and afraid of adarsh this time Shakti switched off his phone.

"phone kaat diya ab switch off bus yahi hota hai ladki ne haan bol di to ab avoid karo saare ladke ek se hote hai" shivika was murmuring.

"hum bhi ab baat nahi karnge"

After 3 hour when discussion was over Shakti ran his room to talk with shivika he was sure she must be so angry. He call she didn't receive his call. 1,2,3...10 times he call and finaly she picked. Before Shakti can open his mouth to say anything from other side loud shouting started "humko tumse koi baat nahi karni tum saare ladke ek se hote ho meri koi value nahi koi fark nahi padta tumko agar busy the bhi to message kar sakte the per nahi seedhe switch off humko kitna bura laga hum sabse pehle tumko apna result batana chahte the per tumne kya kiya switch off. Abb hum baat nahi karnge phone mat karna" she end the call without listening any word from Shakti and switched off her phone.

Shakti call her again but no use her phone was switched off pissed off he throw his phone on bed.

"kya hua bhaiya itna gussa kyo hai" samar who just now came in asked.

"yaar ye ladkiya pagal hoti hai kya apne aage kisi ki sunti hi nahi ek baar meri baat nahi suni kaat diya call aura b jab mila rahe hai to switchoff" Shakti replied in irritate tone.

"aap ne kuch kand kiya hoga" samar blam Shakti only.

"humne kand kiya nahi kand hone se bachaya agar adarsh bhaiya ko pta chal jata to humko aur humari prem khani ko wahi khatam kar dete kaise un k samne baat karte batao" irritated Shakti said.

"ab bawal to ho gya ab ye socho manaoge kaise aise to manegi nahi phone per" samar replied like he was so experienced.

Mad at her beahiour Shakti asked "kya kare phone bhi nahi utha rahi ab hum kare to kare kya?"

Knocking his head like he was solving a nuclear physics problem  samar start thinking.

"ek idea hai" samar tell Shakti one big full proof plan to make shivika happy they both for an hour discuss their plan and there was smile again on Shakti's face his eyes sparkle with excitement.


Next day,

"humne bola na humko nahi jana kahin bhi ghoomne humko koi movie nahi dekhni" shivika shout on priya her mood was off there was no single message or call was there from Shakti.

"didi plz chalo na humne bahut mushkil se permission li hai bhaiya se ye meri party hai aap k result k liye didi plz" priya cried.

Seeing priya's sad face she said yes.

Happy priya said "hum decide karenge aap kya pehnogi" and she took a white plazo and pink top for her from her cosset.

In the car priya in full excitement was telling it was first time when bhaiya gave them permission to go out without bodyguard.

At border of begusarai priya ask driver to stop car.

Confused shivika asked "car kyo rukavai?"

"aap utro car se aur chalo humare sath" priya insist her to get down.

"kahan le ja rahi ho hume" shivika was asking priya who was walking in opposite direction of highway.

And suddenly shivika stop at road side Shakti was sitting on his bike.

"ye sab tum dono ka plan tha" shivika shout on priya.

"humara nahi inka" priya points towards Shakti.

"humko kahin nahi jana" shivika replied in anger and start walking away but Shakti held her hand.

"please ruk jao humne badi mushkil se sab plan kiya hai tumhare liye plz humare sath chalo phir mauka nahi milega" Shakti made puppy face.

"theek hai hum tumhare sath chal to rahe hai per humne tumko maaf nahi kiya" shivika replied she herself was knowing the truth that they won't get this chance again to spend a full day together.

"bye didi bye jijajii per aap log 7 baje tak wapas aa jana nahi to pta nahi kya hoga" priya said in teasing tone.

Shakti gave priya a big smile.

On bike shivika was sitting all silent Shakti thought she still angry "tumko hum tym nahi de pate chalo aaj hum 24 ghante tumhare sath rahenge" Shakti said.

Shivika made a face she dn't care.

Shakti smile on seeing how she was acting like a 6 year old girl.

He applied brake to break the silence.

Shivika shout "bike chalani nahi aati kya".

Shakti looks in rare mirror and gave her a kiss.

Looking Shakti efforts to make her happy shivika melted.

After sometime shivika cried "humko pyas lagi hai hume pani peena hai"

"yaha kaha pani hai door door tak kuch nahi hai yaha" Shakti replied.

Like a stubborn kid she relied "humko abhi pani chahiye nahi to hum bike se kood jayenge"

Helpless Shakti stopped his bike there was no shop on highway only farms and field.

Suddenly Shakti saw a water pump water was flowing from that in the farm. He asked shivika to come.

"lo isse pani pee lo" he points towards pipe. It was mud all over there.

"pagal ho mere kapde kharab ho jaynge" shivika replied.

Shakti look at her in his mind he was knowing he can't win from her "daer ho rahi hai sara din yahi khade rahnge pani peene k liye" Shakti saidin frustrated tone.

Shivika made a puppy face nodding her head in no.

Shakti took deep breath on her tantrum "achha ruko hm pilate hai" he bend towards pipe cupped his hand filled the water bring it near to shivika lips and ask her to sip.

Shivika sip the water feel of her lips on his hand send a chilled vibes in his heart he looked at the crescent beauty her lips were pink like rose he felt an urge to taste them.

 "bus ho gya" shivika said water droplets still on her lips Shakti wipes that droplets from his thumb. They get eye lock.

"abb hum log yahi rahenge ya challenge bhi" shivika asked.

Her words bring him back to reality.

"haan to tum daer kar rahi ho" Shakti said taking his eyes off from her lips.


Shakti stop his bike at one dhabha,

"Ohhh so romantic date in dhaba wahhh" shivika said in mocking tone.

"chalogi bus yahi sab khayali pulo pakka lo" Shakti replied irritated on her reaction.

They walk behind dhabha. Shakti made a gesture pointing towards stairs asking her to get upstairs.

Shivika with big smile wondering what surprise he will give locked her arm in shakti's arm like a bride put in grooms arm and walked upstairs. The smile on her face can easily define how happy and excited she was.

Shakti took her burning hand in his and led her upstairs. The time shivika look at the beautiful decorated table on terrace she was surprised to the settings. She pressed her hand, looked into shakti's eyes and said it was so beautiful. Shakti felt relieved that she approved the place. The shine in her eyes was enough to tell she loved the surprise so much.

It was beautiful setup. It was a wide terrace and idylitc no roof on top, just the clear blue sky. In the middle there was a small white & pink tent with a table in centre with just to chairs decorated with beautiful orchid flowers and mirror hangings.

 There was bamboo fence on border entwined with ivy were small vivid flowers that added a splash of colors to the whole fence. The rest of terrace was outlined with beautiful hedges with purple colour flowers. There was a fountain too at other side of table.

Shakti like a gentleman pulled a chair for her, gesturing her to sit. Shivika giggled on his sweet act.

"tumko theek lagi na ye jagah" Shakti asked just to confirm.

"theek pagal ho ye jagah bahut achhi hai ekdum sapne ki jaisi" shivika replied with so much love in her tone.

They talk and ate all the favourite food of shivika. She was surprised and touched on the efforts a rough rigid boy like Shakti took for her happiness.

After having lunch and talking for hour.

Shakti moved his chair next to shivika, he took her delicate hand in his and looked into her eyes and they both enjoyed the silence as she gently placed her hand on his shoulder.she looked lovely Shakti wanted to kiss her lips but he don't want to scared her.

 Shakti looked at the watch it was 5 pm and they must go back.

"time ka pta hi nahi chala ab chalo hum log ko wapas chalna hai" Shakti said.

When shivika realised it was late her face turn sad just by thinking they both have just 2 hour more to spend together.


While going back both were sad as they were aware that don't know when they will again get this chance to spend a day together.

On bike shivika looked at shakti's sad face in rare mirror to cheer him she hugged him from behind and whispered in his ear "I love you."

Those 3 magical words were enough to bring back smile on his face and he kissed gently on her hand.

Suddenly shivika asked Shakti to stop the bike. He applied brake shivika get down.

"kya hua" confused Shakti asked.

"kuch nahi" shivika replied casually. And then she asked Shakti to shift at back seat.

"per kyo" Shakti protest.

"hum bike challenge plzzz humko bike chalani seekhni hai" shivika start jumping like a kid who was asking for ice cream.

Shakti was knowing all her drama and he was sure she won't listen so he said yes.

"aao baitho ye brake hai ye clutch ye gear" Shakti taught her some basic function.

Shivika hold both the handles from behind Shakti hold the handle because he was sure she won't be able to balance. She started driving

"speed dheemi hi rakho" Shakti said he don't want to rush in accident.

While driving Shakti face was so near to her neck sitting so close her soft creamy skin was distracting him. (pehli bar mobbhat ki hai song played from movie kamine).

Trying hard to concentrate Shakti tried to look at some other place and suddenly they bump into some damage on road which made bike to jump slightly and Shakti lips touches her cheeks.

Shivika left the handles as she felt Shakti lips on her cheeks bringing goose bumps to her and they both fall down on road in a flash of second.

"Shakti shout humne bola tha mat chalao per tum manti nahi ho"

Shivika looked at Shakti's angry face and she started crying "ahhh mera paer lagta hai toot gya"

Shakti run to help shivika he put bike on stand and said in concern tone "dhikao kya hu kaha chott lagi".

But then shivika looked at Shakti's hand which got scratch and was bleeding "tumhare bhi to chot lagi hai humko apna hath dikhao pehle". Shivika said.

"humko kuch nahi hua tum apna paer dikhao"

"Nahi pehle hath dikhao"

"pehle paer".

Pehle hath

and she pull her hand she wipe the blood and blow air on his wound abb theek ho jayega she repied innocently Shakti got smile on her cute gesture.

Shakti help shivika to stand up "tum tyahi ruko hum bike start karte hain" but when Shakti went to kick start his bike he find out kick was broken.

Shivika shout "ab bike kaise start hogi time bhi nahi bacha hai hum jaynge kaise"

Shakti looked at panicked shivika he took his mobile to call samar network bhi nahi hai" he hit his leg in air due to disappointment.

"ab kya karenge" shivika asked in worried tone.

"kar kya sakte hai paidal chalo" Shakti replied.

Per mera paer" shivika cried

Shakti lifts her in his arms and start walking shivika put her both arms around his neck and look at him lovingly.

While walking shivika talks.

"tum shadi k baad humko daily aise hi utha kar le jana room mein" shivika said romantically.

Tum itni bhari ho daily uthaunga to meri kamar toot jayegi Shakti replied teasingly.

"hum mote hain" shivika start beating him with soft hand he shout "arre lag rahi hai" and drshivika drop her down.

Shivika run teasing him. "tumahre paer ko kuch nahi hua itni daer se humko pagal bana rahi ho" Shakti run behind her to catch her.

Playfully half distance was crossed suddenly they saw samar with jeep.


In her room shivika was combing her hair thinking about the full day she spend with Shakti she was blushing.

Lost in his thought she heard somebody knocking on her balcony.

She get up open the door her jaw dropped she can't believe on her eyes Shakti was standing in her balcony.

"pagal hog aye ho kya" shivika shout pulling him inside her room.

"haan pagal hogaye hain tumahre liye" Shakti replied going gaga on shivika.

Shivika kept on shouting that he was mad but Shakti ignore her and sit on his bed he looked at shivika she was dressed in a purple colour night suite that ended just above her knees had thin straps. It was not revealing but extremely graceful. The dress had settled on her curves beautifully highlighting her slender figure, making her look like a goddess. Shivika looked at hakti who was stunned by her beauty busy gazing her.

"tumko koi dekh leta to pata hai kya hota tumne bataya kyo nahi k tum aa rahe ho" shivika asked in worried tone.

"humne bola to tha hum tumhare sath raat mein rehnge tumne haan bhi kaha tha" Shakti replied acting casual.

"kab bola jhoot mat bolo" she asked.

"humne  bola tha hum tumahre sath 24 ghante rahenge aaj 24 ghante matlab din aur raat dono" Shakti replied acting smart.

Before shivika can argue he hugged her tightly.

They both ley down on bed talking with each other suddenly shivika said "aaj ka din ek dum mere sapne jaisa tha bus ek cheez missing thi"

Shakti asked what was missing.

"dance bus ance missing tha" she replied

Shakti got a horror look dance he can never thought of dancing.

"chalo dance karte hai" shivika said

"humko dance nahi aata" Shakti replied

"hum sikha denge bus tum huamre sath paer chalana" shivika replied as dancing was the easiest thing on earth.

She took his hand and placed them on her waist then she placed her hands on his shoulder and they kept looking into each other's eyes. She moved gracefully 3 steps to right then three steps to left and Shakti followed her. It was so effortless when she was moving. They both drowned in one another's eyes. She came closer and closer and Shakti smouldered in the warmth of her body. It was beautiful to watch how she spin so elegantly, as her hair brushed against his face. Shakti was lost in her perfume. Suddenly a tear roll down from her left eye Shakti asked what was wrong she walks away and said "humne kabhi nahi socha tha k mera sapna sach hoga koi humse itna pyar karega".

Shivika leaned her back against his chest Shakti wrapped his arms around her from behind placing his hands on her stomach and resting his chin on her left shoulder.

They both led down half on bed feet on floor looking each other shivika hugged him and whispered "I love you".

*******************************chapter 5 ends ****************************************

Thankyou everyone for your patience it was not at all easy to write down romance it was like koi car per baitha nah o aap usko car drive karne ko bol do. I dunno much about love whatever I wrote is just because of mills & boons. Thank you if u like u can comment.

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wow  superb Wink

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Suggy its just awesome...
This love is like cool breeze...

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Originally posted by neon145

Suggy its just awesome...
This love is like cool breeze...

gaana hai is situation pr thoda sa pyar hua hai thoda hai baki

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