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Fanfiction ViShi "wo jo adhori si baat baki hai" last chaptr (Page 4)

sitakshii IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 April 2016 at 3:31am | IP Logged
wow ...its so fabulous and gripping sughu...
hey just a correction...the scene which u wrote na when shakti goes to the book shop for purchasing the books and saw shivika playing with balloons with mistake u wrote ananya...i was first shocked tht how can u define anaya like a beautiful ,innocent woman...i read it twice then i made out tht u meant shivika there plz do this correction...

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sitakshii IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 01 September 2005
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Posted: 30 April 2016 at 3:32am | IP Logged
i loved the restlessness of shakti when he didnot find shivikas scarf...the jewellery shop scene...amazing...awesome...i can very well imagine the scenes...its such a nice feeling ...thanks for such realistic fan fic ...

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Filmy_girl Senior Member

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Posted: 30 April 2016 at 11:36am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sita11

i loved the restlessness of shakti when he didnot find shivikas scarf...the jewellery shop scene...amazing...awesome...i can very well imagine the scenes...its such a nice feeling ...thanks for such realistic fan fic ...

first of all m vry sorry for the blendr mistak actuly ananya is my littl cousine name too mny tym i hav her name in my mind btw i corrct tht

thnku dear fr d cmmnt

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lakhamcrazy Goldie

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Posted: 30 April 2016 at 12:50pm | IP Logged
wowie u wrote soo amazing so cuteThumbs Up
samar teasing shaktiLOLshakti shivika scene eye lockDay Dreaming
tumhare ff ko poori trp me du giLOL
waiting for next dearHug

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__Pari__ Senior Member

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Posted: 30 April 2016 at 1:08pm | IP Logged

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Filmy_girl Senior Member

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Posted: 02 May 2016 at 1:26am | IP Logged

Disclaimer:  I only own shivika and her family rest characters are owned by swastika production.

"Any resemblance to living or dead person is just coincidence"

Hii everyone thank you for our precious time m thankful to all who read my fanfiction aur jo nahi padhte unko bhi thank you.

Well jaisa k maine pehle bhi kaha I want this fanfiction to be a full-fledged story I don't want ki ye serial ki story k tarah adhi adhoori rahe that's why I am just taking time deehre dheere se pyar badhega but I promise next chapter it will be full on pyar romance happy happy type. So have patience.

Chapter 3 "Enemy"

Everyone assemble in hall to go to temple for maha pooja. Shakti came down dressed in yellow kurta perfectly fitted adding just more charm in his personalty.

"wohoo aaj to koi bahut gajab dha raha hai" garv tease Shakti.

"baat kya hai bhai aaj kal kuch alag hi rang dhang hai tumhare humko kuch theek nahi lag raha" garv asked in teasing tone.

Shakti just give him smile in response and sit down from behind amar spray perfume on Shakti "abbe ye kya hai" Shakti shout.

"arre ye garv baba ka prashad hai isse se har ladki tumhare pass khichi chali aaygi" garv replied jokingly.

"humko nahi chahiye koi Prasad aapne pass hi rakho hutao iss bottle ko" Shakti ask amar to stay away.

"bhaiya lagwa lo ho sakta hai apki wali ladki bhi mil jaye mandir mein aaj poora begusarai waha hoga" samar whispered in shakti's ear .

"ye kya ho raha hai?" bindiya asked

Everyone who was having fun a minute before get serious "kuch nahi maa sab taiyar hog aye chalte hai pooja k liye daer ho jayegi" adarsh replied.


 The temple was in the exterior of begusarai on a hill, at back side of temple there was a big lake. There were shops at the top of hills too along with temple.

Outside the temple, adarsh get down from car and open gate for bindiya .

"saari taiyari ache se ho gayi thi na?" bindiya asked.

"haan maa sab humne khud apne aap se sari taiyari karwayi hai" adarsh replied.

Bindiya said to her sons "seekho kuch apne bade bhai se tum log zeemedari kaise lete hai".


Everyone move towards temple while climbing stairs adarsh hold bindiya's hand .

Maya look at how adarsh care about bindiya and feel sad how he ignore her completely.

In the temple,

 Bindiya enter in the temple head high with a proud and powerful look crowd start shouting  "maa thakurain ki jai".

Bindiya and her whole family stand in front row and at left side Uday pratap singh was there with his full family. Both people share a cold look.

Bindiya gave ornaments and other stuff to poojari (priest)

Poojari "maa thakurain sab aap ki kripa hai jo har saal ye pooja itne ache se sampann hoti hai"

Bindiya replied " poojari ji kripa humari nahi maa durga ki hai jo hum ye sab acche se kar pate hai"

Rajan pratap singh in sarcastic tone loud enough that bindiya and her family can hear said "haan maa durga ki to kripa hai hi tabhi to ek naachne wali begusarai ki raja bann gayi".

Words of rajan boils the blood of Thakur brothers Shakti put his hand inside his pocket to take the gun out. Bindiya stops him. Other side garv moves towards rajan but bindiya hold his hand and nodded her head in no, she stop him from doing anything.

Bindiya look at rajan with slight smile and replied " haan maa durga ki kripa hai jo kal tak humari ji hujuri karte the humara namak khate humse aankh nahi mila pate the aaj humare barabar mein khade hai"

Both bindiya family and rajan share a hatred look.

Poojari to handle the situation tell everyone pooja is going to start and blow the shell.

Everyone close their eyes for pooja but Shakti was looking everywhere searching for one face he hope he can find but no use she was no where disappointed Shakti close his eyes.

Other side uday asked his wife where shivika was? His wife tells him she was on a very important call and she will join them in 5 minute.

In between pooja Shakti phone ring adarsh gave him an angry look

"hum abhi aate hai" Shakti went outside the temple to pick the call.


Busy in talking Shakti walks towards the backside of the temple and his eyes pop out he can't believe on his eyes when he find out shivika at backside of temple talking to somebody on the phone. She was so busy she didn't look at Shakti who was standing there staring her.

Shakti looked at her sweet face and notice while talking she made 100 face in 1 minute for Shakti this was a new feeling he never felt for any girl before or you can say he never met such a cute energetic bubbly girl before. Busy gazing her face Shakti moves towards her, shivika who was busy in phone bumped into Shakti chest.

"arre dekh kar nahi chal sakte kya andhe ho" shivika shout rubbing her forehead.

Shakti soon realise he has hurt shivika and he also start rubbing her forehead too.

"huto kya kar rahe ho" shivika shout pushing his hand away and when she look at his face she screamed "arre superman tum ho wahi main kahoon itni hard chest kiski hogi mera sir todd diya tumne"

Shakti lost in her face stand there all silent not sure what to say.

"hello hum tumse baat kar rahe hai" shivika wave her hand in front of his face.

"haan to humne kab kaha hum baat nahi kar rahe" Shakti replied he try to act normal.

"waise humara naam Shakti Thakur hai tum humko Shakti bula sakti ho kya superman superman lga rakha hai" Shakti replied in dry tone.

"ooo achha Shakti hmmm tabhi hum kahe ye itni Shakti aati kaha se hai jo itne gundo ko yoonhi maar lete ho" shivika replied in mocking tone.

Shakti in his mind thought "arre yaar kya baat kare kuch samajh nahi aa raha ye saala garv kaise baat kar leta hai ladkiyo se kuch usse hi seekh lete"

Shivika on the other hand was busy admiring the scenery she looks at the lake down side and a tree at the edge of the hill full of red colour flowers.

"wahhh ye kitna sundar hai humko ye phool chahiye" shivika jumping like a kid who wants his favourite candy.

"pagal ho ye itna upper hai gir wir jaogi to pta bhi nahi chalega kaha gayi" Shakti replied.

"humko to chahiye and she start jumping in order to pluck a flower

Shakti nodded his head thinking "iss ladki ko koi rok nahi sakta" he jumped and grab a branch

Shivika pluck a flower but suddenly she slip but before that Shakti grab her hand

"abhi kuch ho jata to" Shakti shout in anger.

"tumne to bola tha uss din k tum humko kuch nahi hone doge to humko confidence tha" shivika replied innocently.

And they get an eye lock.

Suddenly a bullet sound break their eye lock suddenly more bullet firing sound starts and they hear people shouting and running.

Shakti and shivika run towards front. Shakti from side look outside and find out counter firing going on between his goons and uday pratap singh goons.

Shivika was about to walk out but Shakti stop shivika and they both hide behind big steel drums placed at the side of wall in temple courtyard.

Shivika afraid of bullet sound hide her face in Shakti chest. Shivika's head on shakti's chest raised his heartbeat he look at that innocent scared girl. Her beauty was trapping his senses. With every second his senses were freezing . he wished the time to stop there and they both sit like that forever.

Lost in shivika suddenly Shakti look at otherside where bindiya and her bodyguard was hiding behind a shop counter a bullet hit the bodyguard and he died now maa thakurain was alone there without any weapon.

Shakti ask shivika to sit there and not to move he run towards bindiya

"maa aap theek to hai" Shakti asked at the same time adarsh  join them too.

Heavy firing happens from both the side many man died.

Suddenly somebody fire towads the drums where shivika was hiding Shakti heart escaped a beat when he look at the drums fall down before he can run to save shivika he saw garv there helping shivika in taking the drums from her. Shakti blood boils a heat of jealous made his face all red he felt like to push garv and ask him to stay away from shivika he don't want any man to touch his girl.

Shakti mad in jealously ran towards drums but somebody shoot him and his gun fall down Shakti who was out of his mind when he saw garv with shivika but soon he realised he was in open no place to hide and rajan with huge smile pointing gun towards him but before he can shoot Shakti somebody shoot on rajan's hand and his gun fall down he ran to hide at some safe place. Shakti turn and find out it was garv who saved his life. He felt pity and sad on his thoughts.

"tum theek to ho" garv asked in worried tone.

Shakti nodded his head

"garv Shakti idhar aao" adarsh shout.

Now all the Thakur family was together hiding behind the shop counter. Counter firing was still going on.

"ye saala rajan isko to hum chodenge nahi" adarsh roar

"Ye time nahi hai gussa hone ka dimag se kaam lo abhi humare pass jada hatiyar nahi hai admi bhi mar gaye hai poora parivar sath hai abhi hum log ko yaha se niklna chahiye amar tum jao peeche wale gate ki taraf jeep le kar aao" bindiya ask her sons to use their brain.

After 5 min amar call adarsh and ask him to bring all members at back door of mandir he was standing there with the jeep.

"bhaiya aap aur garv le kar jao sabko hum aur samar yaha sambhalte hai" Shakti said.

"tum log yaha akele..." adarsh asked in concern tone.

"arre bahiya vishwas nahi hai kya abhi badi dadi badi maa sabko le kar jaiye hum aate hai" Shakti request adarsh to take everyone with him.

Gavr and adarsh ask all the family members to move towards back door.

 Shakti and samar gave them cover fire.

On other side uday asked rajan to go back home as there was not much bullets and men left with them too. Rajan in frustration hit his leg in wall "agali bar chodunga nahi inn thakuro ko".

After 10 minute firing stop.

"lagta hai bhaag gaye saale" samar said.

Shakti and samar came out and start looking if any rajan goon was hiding there.

"bhaiya sab log bhaag gaye hai" a goon of maa thakurain inform Shakti.

"chalo accha hai" samar replied.

A sudden thought about Shivika hiding behind drums roll in Shakti's mind and he ran towards drums but he find nobody there he look everywhere but nobody was there and saw shivika anklet near a drum he remember those anklet he saw when he tied his hanky on her foot he kept that anklet in his pocket walking out he find out the same flower which shivika pluck an hour before he kept that flower too in his pocket.

"bhaiya idhar aao" samar asked in tense tone.

"kya hua Shakti asked

And samar points towards a car.

A horror look come to Shakti face he can't believe on his eyes what he was watching he felt like somebody has hit his head with some heavy rod.

In the car shivika was sitting with uday pratap singh.

Shocked Shakti felt something struck in his heart he can't believe the girl he was mad for was actually her enemy.

Shakti felt his feet shaking, losing the grip on ground. Shakti's heart was broke into piece shocked confused Shakti get down on his knees.

samar looked at Shakti he put his hand on his shoulder giving him sympathy.

Shakti felt suffocated and only sound roaming in his head was she is my enemy.

****************************chapter 3 end*********************************

do comment whether like it or not

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bishmakhan Goldie

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Posted: 02 May 2016 at 2:14am | IP Logged
Superb, awesome, dramatic , just so goood
U r a writer yaar terrific ,Thumbs Up
Pls pls pls pls pls update next part soon

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sitakshii IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 02 May 2016 at 4:59am | IP Logged
hey thanks sughandha for updating 
i will def read this with my keen eyes within 1-2 days and comment ...

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