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Fanfiction ViShi "wo jo adhori si baat baki hai" last chaptr (Page 3)

Filmy_girl Senior Member

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Posted: 29 April 2016 at 2:01am | IP Logged

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments.

Well as you see life
is never so easy I have a job have to
work free ke paise dene se company ne mana kar diya that's y not so fast in
updating.. phir bhi I will try my level best to update it on regular basis.

Disclaimer: I only own shivika and her family rest characters
are owned by swastika production .

"Any resemblance to living or dead person is just

I know many of you want to see Shakti and shivika romance ofcourse
you people will get what you want have some patience let me make it beautiful
romantic story and story which resemble the current begusarai track too so that
you people can easily connect that's why adding stuff about Thakur brothers and
Ananya too.

Enjoy reading.

<font color="#0033CC">Story so far...</font>

<font color="#0033CC">

<font color="#0033CC">Anaya was now use to
of her new married life, now she had good bonding with all the family members.
There was peace in badi haveli. But bindiya got two new enemies uday pratap
singh and rajan pratap singh. Bindiya send Shakti to threaten uday and rajan
while coming back Shakti met a girl named shivika beautiful innocent full of
life girl and he save her from goons.

<p align="center"><font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" color="#FF0000" size="5">Chapter2 "can't take the eyes off"</font></p>

It was 3 days since he met shivika and from that day onwards
Shakti was confused what was wrong with him he no more get angry always smiling
without any reason.

Every day Shakti roam in streets of begusarai in hope he
will find out shivika somewhere but it was of no use shivika was so far he not
even heard her name from anyone's mouth.

One day Sad and frustrated Shakti came back to his home his
mood was off he had dinner without uttering a single word ignoring his
brother's talk he walk directly to his room after dinner. When Shakti open his
cupboard he looked for shivika's scarf but it was missing he roar in anger.

He came down in courtyard he shout "kis ki himmat thi jisne
humari almari (cupboard) ko hath lagaya"

Everyone came out from their room, all servants standing in
front of him nobody dares to open their mouth.

Shakti shout again his blood boiling in anger "kisne humari
almari kholi bolo nahi to aaj sab k hath todd denge" and he was about to slap
hariya Anaya shout from back "ruko Shakti humne tumhari cupboard kholi thi uss
mein kapde rakhne k liye".

Shakti due to anger was out of his mind he grab ananya's
hand tightly and shout "kisne kaha tha tumko hath lagene ko humare saman
mein..." But before he can complete his sentence adarsh shout from back "Shakti
hath chodo uskka ye kya tareeka hai baat karne ka" Shakti left her hand

"humne sirf kapde rakhe the aur kuch nahi kiya" Ananya
replied with tears in her eyes.

Shakti walks away in anger.

In his room Shakti was searching the scarf madly and
throwing all the stuff out from his cupboard.

Suddenly samar came and asked "bhaiya agar jo aap dhoondh
rahe ho wo mil jaye to aap kya karoge?"

Shakti in anger replied "tum yaha se chale jao humara dimag
kharab hai nahi to hum tumko maar hi daalnge"

Samar got afraid from shakti's word pointing towards the
scarf he asked " arre bhaiya kahi aap ye to nahi dhoondh rahe?"

As soon Shakti saw the scarf in samar's hand he snatch it
quickly and asked "ye tumko kaise mila?"
but before samar can reply Adarsh came in he looked at the messy room

Shakti hide the scarf
behind and try to look cool he asked "bhaiya aap yaha kaise?"

"tumhare kamre mein aane k liye humko visa lena padega kya
jo pooch rahe ho?" Adarsh replied in sarcastic tone.

Just to handle the situation samra interrupted in between
"nahi bhaiyo wo yaha itni gandgi ho rakhi hai tabhi poocha"

Adarsh gave them a suspicious look and replied "backwas band
karo aur humko baat karni hai tum log se bhar chath (terrace) per aao".


On terrace, all 4 brothers looking at Adarsh

"bhaiyo aapne itni raat hum log ko aise bulaya koi baat hai
kya?" amar asked.

Adarsh looked at Shakti & garv and asked "tum log uss din itni raat kya baat
kar rahe the Ananya se police officer wali?"

"bhaiya wo.. wo.. wo.. bhaiya" Shakti tried to tell but not
sure of adarsh respone he stammer.

"wo wo kya sahi sahi batao" adarsh asked in strict tone.

Garv told all what they discuss on that night about Anaya's
dream of being ips officer and all.

"jis tarah se ananya sab ka ghar mein khayal rakhti hai
humko lagta hai uss ko ek mauka to milna chahiye uss k sapne poore karne ka"
adarsh said.

"per bhaiya maa ka kya maa nahi manegi" garv said

Everyone was sure bindiya will never accept this and nobody
dare to ask bindiya for permission too.

"humare pass ek idea hai " samar said


"IPS officer banana itna aasan to hai nahi pehle form bharo
exam do interview do" samar replied

"to???" garv asked

"to pehle hum log usko exam dene dete hai agar wo pass ho
gayi tab maa se baat karnge tab tak hum log koi tareeka dhoondh lenge maa ko
manane ka" samar replied

Adarsh like the idea and said "idea sahi hai pehle wo exam to pass
kare, garv tum ek kaam kal book le aao Anaya ki tayari k liye"

"bhaiya humko marne bhej do border per lekin book shop mat
bhejo hum nahi kar sakte" garv replied in horrified tone.

"saala nautanki ho tum" adarsh replied he looked at Shakti
and asked him to bring books.


Next day,

Shakti and samar went to book shop to buy books. Book
shopkeeper gave them weird look in these many years it was first time when he
saw Thakur boys in book shop.

Shakti asked salesman to bring the books waiting for the
books Shakti start looking here and there suddenly he saw shivika outside shop on
the road side with street kids.

She was having a big bunch of balloons in her hand. Playing jumping
laughing with kids.

Shakti looked at her beautiful innocent face big black eyes with
slight kajal adding deepness to her eyes, her rosy pink lips curve in huge
smile which tried to override Shakti senses.
Her silky streaked hairs dancing with the wind. Her hand moving across
her face, to move her hair behind her ear. The glittering silver earrings rolling in her ears when she was talking with
kids. In green kurta her body appeared so perfect so poised. She was
charismatic Shakti wasn't able to take his eyes off her. Suddenly a sound pop
in Shakti's mind "khade kya ho Shakti Thakur baat karo ja kar usse".

And Shakti ran to meet shivika. In hurry he hit his head in glass door , Lost in her
beauty not able to take his gaze off her, he pushed the door tried very hard to
open it but not able to open it.

samar was surprised
on shakti's condition he said "bhaiya darwaje (door) ko apni taraf pull karo"

Ignoring samar reaction Shakti pull the door and ran out to
catch shivika but before that she got seated in her car with some other girl.
Shakti almost ran into middle of the road to catch the last glimpse of her and
soon car disappeared.

Shakti was standing in middle of the road disappointed
looking at the car somebody tap him from behind when he turn around he saw
samar with huge smile showing his all teeth's he raised his eyebrows like asking the question.

" kya hai " Shakti asked in frustrated tone.

"ho gya tujhko to pyar sajna lakh kar le to inkar sajna hai
ye pyar sajna... tadededede..." samar sang that DDLJ songs line in mocking tone
and laugh.

"sab k samne pitoge to bahut bura legega tumko chup baitho
pyar vyar gdhe ho kya ek lapad marenge abhi saara gaana bhar aa jayega" Shakti
replied in anger tone.

Samar got silent but still he was having big smile on his


At badi haveli

Shakti with huge smile enter the haveli

"kis baat per itna khush ho?" adarsh asked.

"kuch nahi bhaiya
aise he" Shakti replied hiding his smile.

"books le aaye" adarsh asked.

"haan bhaiya" Shakti replied still struggling to hide his

"accha suno hum kaam se bhar ja rahe hai Ananya ko bol dena
uss ka form bhar diya hai" adarsh said and walked out.

In his way Shakti met amar and ask him to give books to
Ananya "aur haan suno bol dena uss ka form jama (submit) ho gya hai".

Amar went upstairs and
gave books to Anaya while going
back amar said " aur ek baat Shakti bhaiya ne bola form jama ho gya hai

Ananya in her mind
thought how much caring Shakti was first he brought books and now he filled the
form too, a huge smile came to her lips.


Shakti in his room stand in front of the mirror scolded
himself "kyo bina baat k muskura rahe ho?"

But the very next moment. His reflection smiled again.
Shakti was acting like he was the happiest person on the earth.

Lying in his bed there
was no sleep in his eyes only he could think about was her face, her eyes, her
fragrance which he smell when she was on top of him in their first meeting.


Next day while having breakfast bindiya told her sons about
the maha pooja in devi temple she asked adarsh to take care of preparations as
whole begusarai will be there.

She looked at Shakti who was busy in his own world and said
"garv tum aur Shakti dono log aaj jewellery shop jaoge aur devi mandir mein
daan k liye ghene (ornaments) le kar aaoge"

Garv in cried tone replied "maa hum kaise humko kya pata ye
haar mala hum nahi la paynge" Shakti also made puppy face.

"arre tumko pasand nahi karne hai hum bol chuke hai seth ko
bus tum ko le kar aane hai haar baat per tamasha koi kaam karne ko mat kaho
inko" bindiya replied with angry face.

In the shop garv asked the jewellery shop owner to give them
the parcel which was ordered by maa thakurain.

"aap log yaha baithiye bus abhi 10 min mein le kar aate hai"
shop owner replied.

For time pass garv started flirting with the sales girl samar
and Shakti were sitting and waiting.

Shakti started checking the shop and suddenly his eyes
catches something he never expected, at the other side of shop shivika was
sitting with some ladies buying some necklace.

The time Shakti saw shivika he get up and start walking
towards her, his mind tried to stop him but his body was not in his control.

Shivika took the mirror to see how the necklace she was
wearing looking and suddenly saw Shakti standing behind her. They got an eye
lock lost in each other a lady with shivika interrupted them "ye wala necklace dekho"
that woman said. Shivika wore that necklace.

Shivika raise her eyebrows like she was asking how necklace
was looking Shakti nodded his head in no and make a bad face.

Shivika wear another necklace and asked again this time Shakti
made face telling her it was just ok ok type not so great.

Shivika took another necklace and asked the same question
again this time Shakti gave her a good smile and give her a thumbs up.

Shivika with a great smile asked shopkeeper to pack that
necklace Shakti was happy shivika buy the necklace he selected.

Suddenly from back somebody put his hand on shakti's
shoulder he turn around and saw samar with big smile on his face and he started
singing "ankho hi ankho mein ishara ho gya..."

"chup baitho hum to sirf idhar udhar ghoom rahe the " shakti
tried to hide what he was doing.

"haan humne dekha aap kya kar rahe the" samar replied in
mocking tone

"saale ek lapad padega..." before Shakti can complete his
sentence garv came and asked them to lets go .

"tum chalo hum aate hai" Shakti replied . He turn back to
see shivika but he found no one ,seats were vacant

Shakti can't believe he has missed another chance to meet shivika

Disappointed he went back with his brothers.

<font size="5">*************chapter 2 ends ***************</font>

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bishmakhan Goldie

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Posted: 29 April 2016 at 3:04am | IP Logged
Superrr update Thumbs Up
Wow , shakti is hiding his feeling Embarrassed u r writing a damn good story pls next update soon Smile

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Lakhanchamach Goldie

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M waitng next update ...itna chota sa q likha

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neon145 Goldie

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Posted: 29 April 2016 at 4:42am | IP Logged
its awesome suggy...
really soo cute romantic one for me...
mujhe wild nahi aise chote chote cute cute eye lock smile vali scenes bahut pasand hai...
aise vale story se tho trp peak touch karegi...
i am waiting for next part...
i like ur ff.

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Filmy_girl Senior Member

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Posted: 29 April 2016 at 7:52am | IP Logged
Originally posted by neon145

its awesome suggy...
really soo cute romantic one for me...
mujhe wild nahi aise chote chote cute cute eye lock smile vali scenes bahut pasand hai...
aise vale story se tho trp peak touch karegi...
i am waiting for next part...
i like ur ff.

thank u dear serl ki trp ka pta nahi per ff ki trp to lgta hai mil hi jayegi

nd nxt tym thoda bda likhungi yaar patience khatam ho jata hai to edit kr deti hoon

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neon145 Goldie

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Posted: 29 April 2016 at 8:26am | IP Logged
dont worry take ur own time...
ff accha hai and the way u take one into the scenes is no hurry just keep the good work...

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..Nihaa.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 April 2016 at 10:23am | IP Logged
samar ROFL always teases him...lalalala
nice update  Hug keep  writing 

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Sonu.Ka.Vishal Goldie

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Posted: 29 April 2016 at 3:08pm | IP Logged
u write so awesome...its brilliant...n very fresh story...m loving it...

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