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Fanfiction ViShi "wo jo adhori si baat baki hai" last chaptr (Page 16)

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Originally posted by shivanika

just love it

thanku dear Embarrassed

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sughu finally read ur chapter 9 ...
muahhh...omg its so passionate...full of kissess...the most romantic fan fic i hv ever read...haila...isko padh kar to faint ho gaye hum...

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Originally posted by sita11

sughu finally read ur chapter 9 ...
muahhh...omg its so passionate...full of kissess...the most romantic fan fic i hv ever read...haila...isko padh kar to faint ho gaye hum...

hehe evn m blushing Embarrassed thankyou sita...
av sab twttr pr bol rahe the passion passion to humne daal diya passion waise bhi not much tym left to jo sabko chahiye wo likh doon

tmmwr last update

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Disclaimer:  I only own shivika and her family rest characters are owned by swastika production.

"Any resemblance to living or dead person is just coincidence"

Thank you everyone for the love and support as you all know due to my training I won't be able to continue so here I am writing the last part of my story. I always felt the love story of LaakhAm was incomplete I always love and adore the chemistry of vishi that's why thought to write something where whatever was left incomplete with lakhan and poonam can be complete now.

There was big story in my mind but now this sudden training made me to complete this in limited time so I am not sure how this last chapter will be as I am compel to complete the story so m sorry for this instant type of last part with not much detail. It was not at all easy to combine 3-4 chapters in just one.

I would like to thanks bishma, lakhamcarzy, lakhanchammach, haidea, pratiksha, meenakshi, sita, mushkan, stilllakhamfan, moon, vishu, sonu, niha, tanika, shivanika, zofi, dr sahab, and all silent readers.

(if any one name is missing do tell me I will add).

Last part, enjoy reading...

Chapter 10 "forever together"

It was 3 days now from that boozing incident, on that day when shivika gain her conscious shakti told her what all she did in car, shivika was embarrassed on her action.

One day garv saw shivika on terrace.

"abb to shakti pareshan nahi karta na?" garv asked teasingly.

Shivika face turns red due to embarrassment. She didn't answer.

Garv saw shivika face expressions he don't want her to feel uncomfortable. "arre hum to bus pooch rahe the... waise karta ho to bol dena hum bade bhai hai thek karenge usko".

Shivika only gave him slight smile.

"waise humko nahi pata tha tum itni badi wali sharabi ho 2 bottle pee gayi" garv said in mocking tone.

This time shivika gave him look it's not funny type and start walking away.

Garv came in front blocking her way "achha suno hum tumko pareshan nahi karenge na chidhayenge bus meri ek help kar do".

Shivika roll her eyes in confusion. Garv saw her expression and he literally beg "please please plz plzzz"

"kya kaam hai" shivika asked in dry tone.

"ehsaan dikha kar mat bolo thoda ache se bolo abb hum dost hai" garv said with smile.

Shivika look at him with a big fake smile "achha theek bataiye kya kaam hai". And garv tell her his problem which brought smile on shivika's face.

"theek abb dosti ki hai to nibhaynge hum help karenge" shivika replied shaking hand with garv.

With every passing day friendship between garv and shivika grew stronger both of them in free time sitting together planning something nobody know what was going on even shakti was not sure about their secret.

One day when shakti came back from work he look for shivika everywhere but she was nowhere.

Searching for shivika shakti bumped in Anaya.

"tumne shivika ko dekha" shakti asked in hurry.

Ananya look at shakti who was restless just because he didn't find shivika anywhere she felt wrench in heart.

"haan..." Anaya replied in cold voice. "kaha hai wo" shakti asked still mad where shivika is.

Anaya held shakti's hand and take him to back side of house in garden and point towards shivika who was standing there smiling and garv on his knees in front of shivika showing her some golden colour heart shape box. Shivika smile on what garv was saying to her not audible to shakti from that distance he was watching all this. It somewhat look like garv was proposing shivika.

Shakti felt something heavy in his chest like someone has hit him badly but he stand there still with no expressions, His face blank and lost.

Anaya look at shakti who was standing there all silent from his face it was clear he was hurt.

" ye log to daily aise hi kuch karte hai aaj tum jaldi aa gaye to dekh liya, daily garv to shivikan k sath hi milta hai pta nahi dono..." Before Ananya can continue shakti look at her and reply "garv mera bhai hai paida hone se sath hai aur shivika wo hai jisse hum iss duniya mein sabse jada pyar karte hai... aur wo humse pyar karti ho dono bahut acche dost hai aur kuch nahi" and he walks away.

Ananya stand there in disgust how come it was possible the man like shakti who was always hot head was so calm and he didn't react. Disgust on how her plan fails Ananya thought in her mind "ek din jiss ladki ko tum bahut pyar karte ho apne hatho se bhar nikaloge".

In his room shakti was busy in his thought struggling between what his eyes saw and what his heart believes suddenly shivika came from back and hug her "aaj mere pati itni jaldi ghar aa gaye" shakti turn hug shivika he look into her eyes which were sparkling like star her face innocent same like when he saw her first time on highway.

Shivika watched the emotions flickering across shakti's face, there was something different "kya hua kuch problem hai pareshan lag rahe ho".

Shakti look at her face in surprise how she know he was tense. "kuch nahi hua hum pareshan nahi hai" shakti replied still wondering how she know that.

"jhoot mat bolo humko jaroort nahi hai tumhare jawab ki tumhari aankho se sab pta chal jata hai biwi hoon tumhari abb batao kya hua hai". A wave of warmth swept through him as he looked into her deep black eyes, In his mind shakti thought this girl just from my eyes can read whats going in my heart how she can cheat me.

Shakti hug her tightly kiss on her hair he was no more in doubt he was sure shivika can never cheat on him.


Next day,

Bindiya went to meet badi amma in her room, standing on door, Bindiya look at shivika who was busy massaging badi amma's head and was entertaining badi amma with her talks, bindiya realized that somewhere in the depths of her heart someone had finally broken the ice and unidentifiable part of her had begun to melt. She felt as if it was some kind of magical metamorphosis that was happening to her. Till some time back she used to be lost in her own thoughts, most of those thoughts take her back to the pasts and made her hate woman.  She had almost believed that the rest of her life was going to continue pretty much same. Deep in her heart she has accepted that a woman will never bring happiness for her family.

But Continuous efforts from shivika have somewhat broke the hard rock wall in bindiya's heart. Many a times shivika and shakti together remind her of lakhan and poonam. In her mind bindiya was clear that shivika is just a look like of poonam but her innocence her sweetness her politeness always made her to feel as if shivika was poonam herself.

After an hour bindiya was sitting on dining table having her lunch still busy in her thoughts.

"kya hua maa" garv asked.

"kuch nahi" bindiya replied with slight smile. Then she looks at shakti who was busy in his food.

"shakti wo kal humare jo PA hai yadav jii unki beti ki shadi hai to hum soch rahe the k tum aur shivika aaj market chale jao aur dulhan ko dene k liye kuch tofe khareed lao" bindiya said while eating her food she didn't look at shakti or any other simply concentrating on her food.

Everyone on table stop eating their food as they heard bndiya telling shakti to take shivika with him.

Shakti as heard shivika name his mouth open he can't believe on his ears bindiya herself was telling to take shivika for shopping. Mad, surprised, lost, confused, happy even shakti was not sure what he was feeling at that time.

Garv who was sitting next to shakti put his finger on shakti's chin and whisper "arre shakti babu muhh to band kar lo".

"theek hai maa" Shakti replied only  in one word he tried to act normal in front of bindiya. Bindiya smile as if she knew what was going inside shakti.

half an hour later, after finishing his food shakti ran directly to kitchen he can't wait to tell shivika that bindiya herself has given the permission he wanted to tell her how happy he was.

As shakti enter in kitchen he saw shivika near refrigerator and bindiya near gas. Bindiya raise her eyebrows as if she was asking him what he is doing in kitchen.

Shakti who was so excited hiding his smile replied with serious look "pani" And walks towards refrigerator which was at the back side of gas where bindiya was standing.

Shivika gave him look she was afraid what if bindiya caught them. Shakti gave her face expression as he was not afraid. shivika again talking in sign language asked why he was here. They both were behind bindiya.

But shakti instead of telling the reason first he look at bindiya who was standing there busy doing something he suddenly kissed on shivika's cheek.

Shivika panicked as she realised that shakti has just kissed her with his mother just a foot away from them. She glared at him and tried to shove him away. But he did opposite. He went closer and kissed her again. Her face shocked while shakti continue to smile mischievously, and all that while bindiya standing there unaware of this.

Bindiya turn around stare at both of them and started to walk out of kitchen shivika felt as her breath was back but on door she turn around look at shivika and said "shivika baata dena shakti ko k hum uski maa hai aur  jo maa hoti hain unki char ankhe hoti hai do aage aur do peeche unko peeche ka bhi dikhta hai". And she winked smile mischievously and walks out.

Shakti was shocked while shivika face first turn pink due to embarrassment and then red due to anger, it was shakti who did all this drama and because of him she was caught.


In evening shivika rushing from one shop to other as she want to get the best gifts for the bride she was so happy as it was first time when bindiya ask her to do something. Shakti holding all the bags running behind shivika.

"arre yaar aur kitni shopping karogi" shakti asked he felt tired of running behind her.

"arre abhi humne kuch jada kaha khareeda" shivika replied teasing him, shakti look at her in disbelief he never thought shopping was such a tough task.

After shopping while coming back shakti look at shivika face who was sitting just next to his seat in car. Anyone from her face can tell how happy she was.

Suddenly rain starts, shivika open the car window inhaling the fresh revitalizing scent of wet soil. She takes out her hand to feel the rain drops. And suddenly she scream "gaadi rooko" shakti applied the brake afraid not sure why she scream.

"kya hua" shakti asked.

But before shakti can understand anything she get down from car. Shakti confused looking at her.

Shivika stand in front of car expanding her both arms she shout " I love you shakti Thakur aaj hum bahut khush hai" and she started jumping and dancing in rain.

That madness and chirpiness of shivika brought a big smile on shakti's face and he nodded his head "bilkul pagal hai ye ladki".

Shivika still dancing jumping in rain look at shakti and  from her hand gesture she ask him to come out but shakti nodded his head in no.

Shivika shout "pagal ho tum" and start dancing again all wet in rain shakti who was inside the car  sitting there and smiling on her madness.

"shakti aaj hum bahut khush hai bahut bahut bahut kush" shivika shout.

Shakti who was smiling on every move of shivika who was playing in rain suddenly his facial expression change in horror and he get down from car and run behind a man.

After 5 min he caught that man and start beating him "bol tujhko kisne bheja bol".

Shakti was beating him badly that man begs for forgiveness "humko maaf kar do".

"bolo tumko kisne bheja" shakti punch on his face.

"maa thakurain" that man replied as shakti heard maa thakurain name his grip on that man collar loosen he felt freeze and before he can say anthing more he heard people shouting "arre is ka to bahut khoon nikal raha hai koi isko hospital le jao".

Shakti left that man and run wildly towards his car.

A bunch of people rushed towards the opposite side of road where shakti's car was park.

Shakti walks from the crowd circled there, he saw shivika lay calmly in dirt of road. A pool of her dark blood began to ooze from her body and spread outwards, the dirt floating along with it. The furious expansion and contraction of her chest was a signal that she was breathing. Shakti body shivering as he saw shivika in this condition he pick her up in his arms and rush towards hospital.

After 15 min, adarsh, bindiya and badi amma came to hospital they look at shakti who was sitting outside on bench his cloths and face full of shivika's blood. Badi amma put her hand on his head giving him sympathy. Bindiya asked how all this happen but shakti didn't reply after 10 min nurse came and ask them to bring some medicine.

"hum le kar aate hai" adarsh said and walk away.

Bindiya kept her hand on shakti's head and said "tum pareshan mat ho sab theek ho jayega".

Shakti look at bindiya her face full of concern and worries, he can't believe how somebody can have such a double face in anger he pushed her hand. Bindiya was stunned on shakti's reaction.

"shakti kaise hua ye sab" bindiya asked again.

This time shakti unable to control any more held bindiya from her shoulder and shout in anger "bandd karo ye natak acche banne ka band karo ye tamasha".

Badi amma and bindiya both look at shakti they were puzzled on shakti's behaviour. Shakti in anger continues

"aap janti thi hum shivika ko bahut pyar karte hai phir bhi... Phir bhi apni dhushmani k liye aap ne aisa kiya aisi nafrat kyo uski galti kya thi sirf itni ki wo rajan pratap singh ki behan hai sirf iss liye aapne ye sab natak kiya... humko bol deti maa hum aap k liye usko chodh dete per cum se cum usko aisi haalat mein to na daalti aaj aapki wajah se wo zindgi aur maut k beech hai sirf aap ki wajah se" shakti bust in tears.

Bindiya was shocked she can't believe shakti blaming her.

Shakti wipe his tear and looked at bindiya and said "ek baat yaad rakhna maa agar shivika ko kuch hua to aap bhool jana shakti naam ka aap ka koi beta tha hum aap ko kabhi maaf nahi karenge".

And he walks away in anger tears still rolling from his eyes.

Bindiya look at him with astonished looks she was shocked and hurt how shakti can blame him.

"humne kuch nahi kiya badi amma hum sachh bol rahe hai humne kuch nahi kiya" bindiya cried.

Badi amma hug her "humko pata hai bindiya shakti ko koi galatfami hui hai humko pta hai tumne kuch nahi kiya".

Badi amma aaj humara beta ek ladki ki wajah se humse nafrat kar raha hai akhir kar ek ladki ne humare bte ko humse door kar diya" bindiya cried.

"tum pagal ho kya bindiya shakti gusse mein hai iss liye bol raha tha ye sab aur uss ladki ne bte ko maa se door nahi kiya balki poore parivar ko joda hai.. aaj agar adarsh aur shakti sath hai to sirf shivika ki wajah se samar poore din shakti k sath rehta hai aur garv jo jimmedari se bhagta tha aaj wo bhi jimmedari le raha hai sirf shivika ki wajah se usse ne tumhare ghar ko joda hai" badi amma tried to convince bindiya.

Shakti came back his eyes still red in anger he look at bindiya "ye sab natak mat kijiye" shakti said in anger.

"shakti chup ho jao kya gusse mein annap shanp bol rahe ho jante bhi ho tum apni maa k bare mein kuch bhi..." badi amma shouts.

"tumko kya lagta tha bindiya ko nahi pta tha k tumne shivika se nafart wali baat jhoot boli thi, uss ne janboojh kar tum log ka pyar badhane k liye shivika k intehan liye, usne janboojh kar tum dono ko patna bheja tumhari khushi k liye kya kya nahi kiya aur tum uss per aarop laga rahe ho" badi amma said in anger.

"agar aisa hi tha to shivika ko marne k liye aadmi kyo bheja jis aadmi ne shivika ko sadak per dhakka diya uss admi ne humko khud bataya..." shakti replied.

But before bindiya can defend herself doctor came "khoon bahut beh gya tha aur unko bahut androoni chott aayi hai per ab wo khatre se bahar hai ab aap log unse mil sakte hai" doctor said.

All ran inside the room to see her shakti saw shivika who was laying on bed still unconscious bandage at her head and hands images of shivika dancing and jumping in rain came in front of him tears start flowing from his eyes he gently kiss on her hand.

After 2 days shivika came back to home, everyone in home were taking extra care of shivika, she was not allowed to do anything shakti didn't let her walk on floor every time he use to carry her in his arms, garv and samar all time there to entertain her whereas, bindiya many times made her to eat from her own hands. But there was rift between shakti and bindiya, shakti still feels bindiya was the main culprit.

Time was passing when shivika was not well garv use to come to their room talking for hours with shivika and whenever shakti came they just stop and act like they were not discussing any secret.

After 1 week doctor declare shivika was all fit and fine. Bindiya declare on this happy day she will cook some sweets for everyone but shakti denied from eating that sweet.

Now shivika was fine she was downstairs doing some work. Shakti came in room and find that same golden heart shape box on table shakti open that box and saw a gold chain with heart pendent. Shakti was confused why this box was there on his room suddenly he heard a message tone he turn around and saw shivika phone on the bed he read the message it was from rajan bhaiya.

"shivika ab tum kaisi ho"

Shakti open her mobile inbox and read other messages from rajan "kaam kab hoga"

Shakti read a message sent by shivika to her brother "bhaiya kaam almost ho gya hai maa thakurain aur shakti k beech ladai ho chuki aur abb to garv bhi humari muthi mein hai".

Shakti felt as somebody backstab him he felt like a knife poke in his heart  he read that message 5 times he can't believe on his eyes unable to breath shakti open his rooms window he want to grab maximum oxygen it was suffocating he open his mouth to breath numb he sit down on bed life less. After 5 min he gets down stairs shouting "shivika shivika..."

Shivika came out in court yard where shakti was standing with a bag in his hand adarsh maya and badi amma too came out bindiya garv and samar were not at home.

"kya hua" shivika asked confused why shakti was standing there with a bag.

Shakti throws that bag on shivika "nikal jao mere ghar se".

Everyone in family was shocked, "kya nikal jau matalab pagal ho  gaye ho kya shakti" shivika asked in serious tone.

Shakti holds shivika's hand tightly "hum tumse bahut pyar karte hai iss liye tumko chott nahi pohcha sakte tumhari jagh aur koi hota to goli maar dete abb akhri baar bol rahe hai nikal jao mere ghar se".

Shivika shocked on shakti's madness look into his eyes there was only hate and anger in his eyes tears start flowing from her eyes, shivika pick up her bag and without uttering a single word walks out of gate.

Badi amma shout "ye kya kar rahe ho shakti rooko usko but shakti stops badi amma nahi koi nahi rokega usko".

After 5 min garv came in surprised.

"kya hua shivika ko wo aise rote hue auto mein ja rahi thi humne awaz di per sunna nahi uss ne kya hua". Garv asked.

"shakti ne nikal diya usko ghar se maya replied with tears in her eyes.

Garv shout "pagal ho kya tum shakti uss ko nikal kyo diya kaha jayegi wo bechari".

Shakti gets up in anger and grab garv collar "bechari kaha jayegi tumko bahut uss per taras aa raha hai".

Garv was shocked he look at shakti as if he was out of his mind "collar chodo pagal hog aye ho kya". Garv shout.

Shakti punch garv "pagal hum nahi tum ho jo ye tak bhool gaye k jis ladki k peeche pade ho wo tumahre bhai ki biwi hai".

Garv blood boils on shakti's word he punch him back.

Both get in big fight adarsh tried to stop them but both fighting like mad bulls trashing throwing all the stuff in hall hitting each other punching each other.

Suddenly badi amma shouts ruk jao dono.

Both stand straight blood was coming from garv's mouth whereas shakti got cut near his eyebrows.

"pagal hog aye ho bhai ho kar ek doosre ko maar rahe ho ek baar ye bhi nahi jana k sach kya hai" badi amma said in anger she was holding ananya's hand.

Everyone was looking at badi amma. Badi amma pull Anaya "batao sabko sachhai kya hai".

"ye sab humne kiya shivika ka accident wo pendent wo message sab humne kiya" Anaya shout in disgust and jealousy.

Shakti get down on his knees he can't believe on what was happening hurt he look at Ananya and asked "per kyo".

"kyo kyo pooch rahe ho tum... humare sath jo hua wo kisis ko yaad hi nahi humari zindgi kharab kar di gayi per jab wo ladki aayi to maa thakurain ne us ko turant apni bahu bna liya sab us ko pyar karne lage per humara kya.. tum shakti tum to humse bhi pyar karte the humare liye form bharna humara IPS bannen ka sapna poora karna aur garv wo humara dost tha per wo bhi apne secrets shivika se share karne lga uss k aate hi sab humko bhool gaye jab tak wo nahi aayi thi tum humko pyar karte the shakti". Ananya replied in anger, taking out whatever she was having in her heart.

Garv look at her "hum to tumse iss liye koi baat nahi kare kyoki hum tumko exam k liye disturb nahi karna chahte the."

Shakti wo was still sitting on floor totally shattered looked at Ananya "hum tumse nahi shivika se pyar karte the tumhara form tumhara sapna tumhara exam ye sab to adarsh bhaiya poora kar rahe the. Ye tumne kya kar diya Ananya wo ladki to tumhara sapna poora karne mein madadt kar rahi thi"

Shakti still can't believe what he has done holding his head in his hands still in shock what he has done in his anger.

Suddenly samar came home blood flowing from his head "bhaiya bhaiya wo..."samar fall down.

Shakti help him to stand "kya hua samar aur ye khoon kya hua"

Samar replied "bhaiya wo factory per rajan k admiyo ne hamla kar diya aur humko maar kar behosh kar diya aur maa ko kidnap kar k le gaye"

Shakti adarsh garv ran to save bindiya.


Bindiya gain her conscious and find herself tied in that same old building where lakahn and poonam were killed.

Rajan was sitting in front of her pointing gun on her head "maa thakurain kaisi hai aap" he asked in mocking tone.

Bindiya tried to free herself but it was useless rajan made fun of bindiya in front of his goons. Suddenly shivika came in she look at bindiya and scream "maa aap theek to hai".

But before she can move further rajan turn towards shivika and shout "tum yaha kya kar rahi ho chali jao yaha se nahi to tumahri iss maa ko hum goli maar denge".

"bhaiya please kyo kar rahe hai aap ye sab kyo jhooti dushmani mein aap kisi ki jaan lene per tule ho mat karo" shivika cried.

"tum jao yaha se" rajan shout.

"hum akele nahi jaynge hum maa ko sath le kar jayenge" shivika replied with determine look.

"shivika aage badhi to hum tumko goli maar denge" rajan replied pointing gun on shivika.

Bindiya shouts "nahi rajan pratap singh tumhari dushmani hum se hai shivika ko jane do... shivika jao tum yaha se".

Shivika replied "hum kahi nahi jaynge".

"theek to hum pehle tumko maarte hai" rajan point his gun on shivika, shivika look at rajan she can't believe on her eyes how a man who always promise her to save her protect her was pointing gun on her.

Suddenly bullet fire shivika closed her eyes bindiya shout shivika name in horror. Shivika open her eyes and saw Anaya standing there with a revolver she shoots rajan on hand.

Shivika run towards bindiya help her in freeing her hand.

Garv shakti and adarsh too came there heavy firing starts. A goon shoots Ananya but adarsh save her. Shakti ran towards bindiya "maa aap theek to ho" and he hug bindiya. Then he look at shivika "humko maaf kar do" shakti asked shivika to forgive him.

Counter firing from both side was going on suddenly garv bullets were over and a goon was about to hit garv but shakti save him garv look at shakti and they both hug each other shakti whisper sorry in his ear.

Suddenly, rajan shouts "ruk jao sab log". He was holding bindiya's hand pointing gun on her forehead.

Shivika from back side attack rajan tried to help bindiya but rajan push shivika and her head hits the wall.

"aaj main tumahre poore parivar ko khatam kar dunga" rajan said.

Memories of past came in front of bindiya how komal has killed lakahn poonam and mithelesh.

Bindiya cried "nahi in sabko jane do dushmani humse hai mere bachho ko jane do". Rajan laughs on bindiya's condition.

suddenly a bullet fire and rajan get down shivika from back shoot her own brother tears rolling from her eyes.

Shakti hug shivika who was shivering there. Bindiya afraid of that place ask everyone to go home.

Everyone walking out suddenly from back a bullet fires everyone turn around to see uday pratap singh shivika's elder brother was standing there with gun and then they saw rajan who just fall down. Raajn was about to shoot bindiya from back but uday at last moment save her.

Shocked and confused everyone look at uday.

" maine bahut samjhaya tha rajan ko ye dushmani khatam karne k liye per wo nahi samjha" uday said with tears.

Shivika ran and hug her brother.

"jab maa thakurain ne shakti aur shivika ko apna liya tha to hum kaun hote the, in dono k pyar ne maa thakurain ka dil pighla diya to hum kaise apni behan se naraj reh sakte the" uday said kissing shivika's hair.

"maa thakurain hum apni ye dushmani khatam kar k aap se apna rishta jodna chahte hai" uday said joing his hand in front of bindiya.

Bindiya smile and said "humko ye rishta manjoor hai".


Next day, uday pratap singh with his family came to meet bindiya in badi haveli.

They all decided there will be a grand marriage of Shakti and shivika.

Everyone was happy shivika said "maa jab humari shadi ho rahi hai to do aur shadi bhi honi chahiye" everyone look at her confused what she trying to say.

Shivika understood confused look on everyone face "hum adarsh bhaiya aur Ananya ki baat kar rahe hai".

Bindiya smile "haan kyo nahi per doosri shadi kiski".

Garv jump and ran towards shivika "nahi shivika kuch nahi koi kisi aur ki shadi nahi". But before he can ask shivika not to tell anything, shivika shout "arre maa garv aur manvi ki shadi" everyone look at garv.

Shakti tease him "ohhh amnvi humko nahi batay akabhi tum to bahut chupa rustam ho".

Bindiya smile when she saw garv smiling shyly. "theek to hum kal hi manvi k ghar walo se baat karte hai.


Marriage preparations started all three marriage were going to happen in shivika home only.

Manvi and Ananya family were staying in shivika's home.

Bindiya came to Uday pratap mansion with her family it was engagement of her 3 sons.

All 3 brides dress up beautifully none of the grooms was able to take their eyes off from them.

 After engagement shakti whispered in shivika's ear humse upper aa kar apne room mein milo and he walks upstairs.

Shivika look at everyone in party not sure how to go upstairs without any one to notice her. Hiding from everyone she enter in her room. Suddenly from back shakti pull her and hug her tightly.

"shakti tum pagal ho yaha kyo bulaya sab neeche humara intezaar kar rahe honge" shivika tried to free herself from his iron arms.

Shakti kept his finger on her lips "shhh bahut bolti ho" and pin her in wall like the first time when he came to wish her birthday.

Before shivika can protest she felt shakti's finger playing on her bare waist, his touch was magical she felt like losing her control her mind was getting dizzy shakti slowly put a gold chain around her waist, the touch of shakti arouse her body temparture and that gold chain was feeling like icy cold on her waist. Shakti suddenly get down and kiss on her waist near navel. Shivika felt like lava was running through her veins his touch make her lost.

Shakti saw shivika face her expression she was totally lost and he kept on playing on her waist both lost suddenly somebody came inside the room.

Afraid both hide behind curtain.

The person was shivika's mother searching something in her room. Both were hiding behind curtain looking towards her mother.

Shakti and shivika both were so close, shakti hug shivika tightly and start kissing her neck.

Shivika mad at shakti's action whispered "pagal ho kya maa dekh lengi pakde jaynge hum dono."

Shakti replied "arre dekh lengi to kya humse hi to shadi ho rahi hai".

Shivika tried to free herself but it was useless shakti was lost in her smell kissing on her cheeks.

"chodo humko" shivika tried to free herself.

But shakti did opposite he tighten his grip pulling her more close "yaar pechle 6 din se tumse door hai aur bata rahi ho chodho".

As shivika's mother went out of room shivika push shakti with all force and ran away.

Shakti hit his hand on the wall thinking "ye shadi mein abhi do din kyo baki hai".


Next day,

Amar and samar saw all three would be grooms sitting with sad face in garv room.

"bhaiya aap log ki kal shadi hai aur aap log aise muhh bana kar kyo baithe hai kuch aish waish kijiye" amar said showing all his teeths.

Adarsh gave him deadly looks and he sit down quietly.

"seriously bhaiya aaj to kuch party honi chahiye bachelor party" samar said with excitement.

Shakti whose face was down because shivika was busy somewhere and didn't reply back to his call look at them and said in sad tone "haan hum log bhi kuch party kar lete hai jaise aaj raat lakiya apne ghar per karengi  sangeet party".

"to hum log bhi chalte hai sangeet mein" amar said.

"abbe gadhe jaise ladko ki bachelor party mein ladkiya nahi hoti waise hi  ladkiyo ki party mein ladke nahi ja sakte, waise bhaiya aap ko kaise pta iss party k bare mein" samar said.

"shivika ne to baat ki nahi per priya ne bataya humko" shakti said still sad.

Suddenly garv got some idea and he jump from his bed "humare pass bhi ek idea hai" and he told what just now he got in his brain.

All brother except adarsh gave devil smile.

"pagal ho hum nahi jayenge maa bhi hongi wahan unko pta chal gya to maar dengi hum log ko" adarsh said.

All brothers hang in adarsh neck bhaiya plz plz plz.

After 5 min of drama adarsh shout "theek hai chal rahe hai abb hato humse door".

Garv shakti and priya made the plan.

Priya has organized the girls party in the side hall where only girls were invited, there was a store room attached with the hall. According to the plan all 5 brothers will hide in that store room and they were going to watch the party from a window hiding behind curtain so that nobody can find them.

Priya made the stage in opposite side of window so that shakti and his brothers can watch all the program from window.

Party start priya introduced all three brides to other ladies in the room, bindiya maya soni and some friends and cousins of shivika and manvi were there in the sangeet.

Priya start the function first she dance two girls dance with her dressed up like samar and amar. Girls were dancing at this end and all 5 brothers dancing in store.

"abb aa rahi hai humari teen dulhan Ananya manvi and shivika..." priya announced.

All three girls dance on song making fun of their husband with 3 girls dressed up like adarsh, garv and shakti, Ananya said her husband is so serious manvi said her husband his dil feik and shivika said her husband don't leave her alone.

Three grooms smile shyly while watching the dance. At end of performance the girl acting like garv kissed manvi forcefully, while Ananya kiss the girl acting like adarsh and shivika and other girl pose like ashiqi 2 hiding under the jacket and kissing.

Adarsh put his hand on his cheek as if Ananya has kiss him in real, while Garv in store room kiss the window glass shakti and adarsh hold him and tell him to control.

"abb hoga kuch tadkta bhadhkta aur pehle aayngi manvi..." priya announced.

Manvi came in rebelling cloths garv jaw drop down he put his hand on his brother's eyes and said "sirf hum dekhnge" and push everyone away.

Garv was busy watching his girl, at back side samar amar and shakti dancing around adarsh.

After manvi performance garv act like he was out of breath.

"aur abb ayengi Ananya..." Priya said.

This time adarsh asked everyone to stay back.

Anaya wearning orange chiffon saree dance on dhak dhak karne laga adarsh eyes almost out of his socket. At back, garv and samar doing that dhak dhak step.

Shakti push  samar "abbe chipko mat". After performance everyone hug adarsh teasing him. Garv kiss on adarsh cheeks.

"aur abb aaj raat ka last performance dengi shivika..." priya announced shakti heart beat raise he run towards window he expand his hand as no one else was allowed to watch.

Shivika dressed up like goa fisher woman shakti look at her his heart beat raise his mouth open.

She dance on humko to aaj kal hai intejaar. Suddenly shakti eyes caught the chain around her waist he gifted her on engagement day. A smile curves on his lips. He felt like to jump and hug her tightly.

Party was over all 5 brothers hiding from everyone came back home all still lost in girls performance dancing singing.

bindiya who was standing on the door stop them "kaha se aa rahe ho itni raat ko".

"wo maa wo.." all 5 searching for answer but then only badi amma came " arre bindiya kal shadi hai inki kar arhe honge kahi party wo kya kehte hai don't be so old fashion".

All 5 ran and hug badi amma.


Next day,

In the barat, samar and amar made everyone dance first they dance with bindiya then with badi amma.

All 3 brides came dressed up beautifully the grooms were just mesmerized with the beauty of their brides.

Shivika dressed up in red and yellow and green lehnga when shakti look at her he felt as if he was watching an angel. She was looking like a perfect bride.

Marriage happen with proper rituals bindiya was so happy finally all her sons were together and happy.

After marriage during greh pravesh bindiya asked maya to do the rituals and she ask her to do arti.

Marriage was over and now all three brides were at home.

In the room when shakti enters he saw shivika sitting on the bed,

He takes shivika's hand in his hand and said "hum tumse vada karte hai hum zindgi bhar tumhare sath rahnge tumhe kabhi apne se door nahi karenge.

Shivika's black big eyes brighten with appreciation of that promise, her heart caught on that sentiment. Happy tears sprinkled her eyes and shakti took her in his arms he kissed her softly, tenderly on her forehead.

Whatever was left incomplete with lakahn and poonam it was now complete with shakti and shivika. They were going to live forever together.

***************************************The end************************************


 Thank you everyone for the love. I alwys feel lakhan and poonam never got proper wedding so I add this. It was not at all easy to combine 3 chapters in one I tried my best and at end I gave up without going in detail.Big smile

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Tanika_11 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 May 2016 at 2:25am | IP Logged
Awesome yaar , I just loved it. Kaash yeh ff kabhi khatam na hotaEmbarrassed

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-DRoadSoFar- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 May 2016 at 4:50am | IP Logged
RES Ermm

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bishmakhan Goldie

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Posted: 24 May 2016 at 6:03am | IP Logged
Loved loved loved !!!!!!!!!! It.
Amazing amazing amazing !!!!!!
U just nailed it suggu fab u r Clap   
Darling hugg le le tu pahle Hug I luv ur ff totally each and every part , ur ff has comedy , action , suspense , romance , just perfect package Clap

Best of luck for ur training Thumbs Up, will gonna miss ur amazing piece of writing , had a habbit of them Cry
I wish wish that in future u will write more Smile

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Filmy_girl Senior Member

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Posted: 24 May 2016 at 12:15pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by bishmakhan

Loved loved loved !!!!!!!!!! It.
Amazing amazing amazing !!!!!!
U just nailed it suggu fab u r Clap   
Darling hugg le le tu pahle Hug I luv ur ff totally each and every part , ur ff has comedy , action , suspense , romance , just perfect package Clap

Best of luck for ur training Thumbs Up, will gonna miss ur amazing piece of writing , had a habbit of them Cry
I wish wish that in future u will write more Smile

hug to u too thankuuu so much dear waise mujhe bhi tareef ki aadat ho gayi thi... nd jaisa maine tmko promise kiya tha i will write one OS on LaakhAm for sure

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