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Fanfiction ViShi "wo jo adhori si baat baki hai" last chaptr (Page 14)

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thodi boldness daal de,I shall not mind Wink

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Originally posted by Tanika_11

thodi boldness daal de,I shall not mindWink

arre yaar i was confusd k bold karu na karuu
thodi sharam hya bhi honi chahiye...

aur uppr se kal mondy tha bhole nath k bhakth monday ko saint bn kr rhte hai Embarrassed iss liye sb saaf suthra
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awieee suggy u wrote it so beautifully i enjoyed reading imaging loving itDay Dreaming
both r sooo adorable Heart
update next Hug

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aj minhe update chahiye
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Originally posted by Sonu.Ka.Vishal

aj minhe update chahiye

kal update pakka... waise bhi ab jaldi complt krna hai
aaj socha tha but tym hi nahi mila Cry

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Originally posted by crazy_inu

Originally posted by Sonu.Ka.Vishal

aj minhe update chahiye

kal update pakka... waise bhi ab jaldi complt krna hai
aaj socha tha but tym hi nahi mila Cry
suggu suggu update kidhar h Angry
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Disclaimer:  I only own shivika and her family rest characters are owned by swastika production.

"Any resemblance to living or dead person is just coincidence"

When I thought to write this fanfiction not even for second I thought people will love this story... thankyou everyone for your kind love.

Well there is a sad news... I have to complete my story by 24th of May because m having my training.. nd I won't be able to update at that time so m going to finish this in 2 chapters...

Well every good things come to end to ye stry bhi... whaterver chapters left do read and enjoy...

On huge public demand (sab ko  pta hai main kisi ki demand adhoori nahi chodti.. sab khush rakho) m going to write this time slight mature... jisko sharm aaye digest na kar paye wo aankhe band kar k padh le... Tongue

Enjoy reading...

Chapter 9 "mischiefs"

With the passing time the love between shivika and shakti grow stronger.

The day of Ananya IPS exam was near but all brothers still not sure what excuse they will make so that bindiya will allow Ananya to go to chapra (city in bihar), Anaya's exam centre was in chappra.

Shivika saw all brothers sitting discussing something everyone's face was tense later on shivika asked shakti what was wrong and shakti told her about ananya's IPS exam.

Next day, on breakfast table bindiya seems lost in some equations.

"kya hua maa aap pareshan lag rahi hai" adarsh asked.

"kuch nahi bus choti si problem thi soch nahi pa rhe hai kya kare" bindiya replied.

"humko batayiye shayad hum log koi madadt kar sake" garv said.

"arre wo kal 3 bade function hai teeno bahut jada important hai aur har jagah jana jaroori bhi hai pta nahi hum kaise teeno dawat mein ja payenge" bindiya said in worried tone.

"iss mein kya hai thodi thodi daer k liye sab jagh chali jana aap" amara replied shaking his shoulder as this is no big deal it's just a simple problem.

"arre hum chale jaate per teeno alag shehr mein hai" bindiya replied looking at amar like thankyou for useless idea.

In between shivika said "to maa aap 1 jagh chali jayiye 2 jagh per ksis aur ko bhej dijiye"

Bindiya look at him like who asked you to talk in between. Shivika understand that she has done a blunder by talking in between and she ran back to kitchen "hum aur parathe le kar aate hai"

"sahi to keh rahi hai wo.. in pancho mein se koi ko bhej do apni jagh" badi amma supported shivika's idea.

Shivika came back with more paratha, Bindiya look at shivika after 5 min pause she said "theek hai to Bhaglapur (city in bihar) hum aur amar chale jayenge, chapra garv shakti aur patna adarsh chala jayega.."

everyone nodded their head in acceptance shivika hit on shakti's leg shakti look at her raising his eyebrows asking what is the problem shivika from her eyes point towards adarsh and then Anaya.

Shakti understand what shivika was trying to say.

"maa wo Chappra mein jo minister hai jinke yaha party hai unko adarsh bhaiya ache se jante hai to humko kya lagta hai adarsh bhaiya ko waha jana chahiye" shakti said.

Garv look at shakti, shakti from his eyes point towards Ananya, they both talking in sign language garv understood what shakti trying to do.

"haan maa hum aur shakti patna chale jaynge" garv added eating his food avoiding eye contact with bindiya.

"theek hai to adarsh chala jayega" bindiya said casually.

Shivika again interrupt in between "per function to godbharai ka hai to kissi aurat ka bhi ghar se jana jaroori hai to kyo na Anaya ko bhej do aap sath mein adarsh bhaiya k" adarsh look at shivika with shock he can't believe she said that so easily. Everyone staring shivika's face in horror

Bindiya gave her anger look but before she can say anything "haan shivika bilkul theek keh rahi hai koi ladki bhi jani chahiye iss ghar se". badi amma said.

Anaya was about to say no but shivika hold her hand telling her not to say anything and she whispered in her ear "IPS exam" Anaya understood what shivika trying to say and she remain silent.

"theek hai Anaya jayegi adash k sath... tumko to koi problem nahi hai na adrash" bindiya said in cold voice.

Adarsh only nodded his head in no in his heart he was happy.

"hum kya sochh rahe the soni k liye bhi saree mangwani hai humko patna mein bade showroom hai to in log se mangwa le" maya said.

"badi maa hum kaha saree lenge" shakti cried.

"haan maa hum log ko kya pta saree k bare mein aap ek kaam karo shivika ko humare sath bhej do" garv said.

Shakti when heard shivika name he felt food choked in his throat.

Bindiya get up from table everyone thought garv words made bindiya to get up

"hum to maa bus aise hi..." Before garv can say anything further bindiya show her hand like telling him to shut up.

Bindiya walking away from table said "le jao shivika ko sath".

Shakti face which was pale got his colour back garv smile shivika jumped in happiness and hug maya.


In room shivika was busy in packing she was so happy trying every dress in front of mirror she want this to be perfect as it was first time when she was going out with shakti.

When shakti came in he saw shivika who was literally jumping due to happiness.

"tum koi bhi kapde pehno sab mein sundar lagti ho" shakti said kissing on shivika's cheek sweetly.

Shivika look at shakti and said "hum bahut khush hai maa ne humko jane ki permission di hai" her voice was like a sweet happy melody, Her face having 100 watt smile. Eyes bright like stars.

After 1 hour of packing, shakti said "hum kaam se bahr ja rahe hai" he was about to go out but shivika said "ruko 1 min idhar aana"

shivika get up on the bed, standing there on top of bed with open arms, shakti look at her puzzled what shivika trying to do.

"kya hua" shaktia asked standing in front of her, shivika was on top of bed while shakti standing on floor but still shivika just slightly above his face.

When shakti came near shivika put her both arms around his neck pulling him close shakti still confused what she trying to do.

And before shakti can figure out what shivika is up to.

Shivika whispered "I Love you and she put her lips on his lips kissing them gently shakti was shocked and surprise on her move because all this time it was shakti who kissed her but this was first time shivika initiate the kiss. Shakti tight his arms around her waist and he kiss her more passionately yet gently.

After 3 min shakti with smile tease shivika "kash aise patna jane ko humko roz milta" shivika push him back "tumko daer nahi ho rahi, tumko to kaamse jana tha".


Next day, all three of them sit in safari storm they were going patna by road.

Garv on driving seat shakti and shivika at back seat but before garv can start car samar came running and he sit down next to garv in front seat, garv stare him

"kyaa??? Hum maa se permission le kar aaye hai unhone bola tum ja sakte ho patna aap log k sath" samar said with childish look.

"haan to ro kyo rahe ho humne kab mana kiya aao chalo" garv said in mocking tone.

When they reached patna, in hotel reception shakti arguing with receptionist.

"aise kaise nahi hai" garv said in furious tone.

"sir humare yaha shakti Thakur k naam se koi booking nahi hai" receptionist replied in polite tone.

"hai kaise nahi hai, kal karwai hai  garv Thakur k naam ki booking hai to humare naam ki kaise nahi" shakti said.

"arre kya ho gya" garv came from back

"tumne booking ki thi na kal to kya hai ye sab ye log bol rahe hai humare naam ki booking nahi hai" shakti said he was irritated now.

Garv look at receptionist and he starts flirting.

"yaha humko kamara nahi mil raha tumko apne se fursat nahi hai" shakti said in irritated tone to garv he can't believe in this situation too garv was not serious.

"arre yaaar... itna pareshan kyo ho?"garv said in irritated tone.

he turn again towards receptionist "aap apna honeymoon suite ki booking check ki jiye shakti aur shivika k naam se"

after 2 min "yes sir humare special honeymoon rooms mein shakti and shivika Thakur k naam se booking hai" receptionist replied with sweet smile.

"haan to ye shakti Thakur hai" garv said pointing towards shakti aur wo shivika inki patni garv points towards shivika who was standing near elevator with samar waiting for shakti to come back.

Garv gave keys to shakti "ab jao humko disturb mat karo".

Shakti look at garv he can't believe garv booked honeymoon suite for them and without saying any word shakti hugged garv tightly "thankyou bhai ye tumne humare liye kiya".

Garv gave smile to receptionist who watching that bahart milap and smiling then garv replied to shakti "agar abhi humko choda nahi to cancel karwa denge ye booking".

Shakti left him immediately.


When shakti and shivika enter in their honeymoon suite their eyes wide open it was a big luxury room painted in wine and dark pink colour with huge king side bed in centre. Big windows with heavy curtains the interior of room make it look romantic.

Excited shivika check the whole room couch closet windows balcony bathroom.

Shivika jumped and hug shakti "ye kitna achha hai".

Shakti takes no time, he don't want to miss this opportunity he leaned on her a bit and she leaned on the bed, their feet still touching the ground. She crossed her hand around shakti's neck and shakti's hand supporting her body. Together they were sliding down, every single second. The kisses and passionate hugs continued until they both fell on the bed. Shakti kiss on side of her neck underneath of her ear, shakti's touch making her dizzy she was losing her sense, shivika tried to gain some senses but it was like shakti was doing some magic on her, she respond to his kiss by raising her neck giving him more space, beneath her chin and shakti went ahead encouraged by her move , he kissed every inch on her neck and collar bone. She closed her eyes. Shakti tightly grab her in his arm shivika's hand tightly gripping the corner of his shirt. Cuddling in each other's arm shakti lost in kissing each and every cell of her suddenly his phone rang. Irritated shakti took his phone out of his pocket still his face on shivika's neck "hmmm..." shakti said picking that call.

"hello bhahiya..." samar said from other side.

"samar phone mein ghuss kar marenge phone rakho" and shakti cut the call without listening what samar want to say.

Garv look at samar "kya hua bola nahi tumne kuch" garv asked.

samar still confused why shakti scold him. Samar replied "pta nahi kya kar rahe the data humko aur phone kaat diya".

Garv laugh "abbe gadhe ho tum lao phone humko do" garv snatch phone from samar's hands.

This time garv call shakti. Irritated on call Shakti was about to shout on phone but garv interrupted "hello isse pehle tum chilao sunn lo 1 ghante baad neeche party mein jana hai to taiyar ho jana time se bus ye yaad dilane k liye call kiya tha" and garv hang up before shakti can reply.

Shakti cut the call his head on her heart shivika put her hand on his cheek "kiska call tha"

Shakti get up look into shivika eyes "garv ka phone tha bola 1 ghnate baad party mein jana hai" he move forward again to kiss her but before that shivika scream " 1 ghanta bus hum 1 ghante mein kaise taiyar honge" and she push shakti and ran towards washroom.

Shakti sitting on bed frustrate staring closed washroom door "arre per 1 ghanta bahut hota hai 5 min mein taiyar ho jaogi yaar "

Shivika from inside washroom shout "5 min tumko lagenge humko nahi humko taiyar hone do".

After 45 min shakti was standing in his room balcony looking at lawn downstairs, there was a big stage beautifully decorated guest were coming.

Shakti heard a door open sound he came back in room, his eyes wide when he saw shivika who was dressed up in red and black saree neatly tie up low waist flaunting her creamy waist she was having minimum make up which suited her face perfectly her hairs tie up in loose curl bun exposing her silky back, a thin diamond necklesh along her alabasters neck was perfect. shakti heart beating faster she was looking like a goddess. Shakti felt like to stand there and stare her throughout his life.

Shivika look at shakti who was standing on the door of balcony staring her without blinking his eyes, she look at him from top to bottom shakti dressed in black suite with white shirt and sleek black silk tie his hair properly comb at back no stud in ear. His coat perfectly fitted on his big muscular body. This was first time when shivika saw him in suite and he was looking not less than any hero.

Shivika kiss on shakti's cheek gently "aaj to koi bahut handsome lag raha hai" shakti smile on her words but he still staring her.

Shivika push his face "abb bus bhi karo hum itne bhi ache nahi lag rahe" shakti nuzzled his lips against her ear before asking her teasingly "neeche jana jaroori hai hum log yahi rehte hai kamre mein".

Shivika first blushed on his question then pulling his hand "nahi hum log ko neeche jana jaroori hai".


Shakti walks in party with shivika, every guest in party gazing both of them. shakti face was up straight his chin high as he was proud to tell everyone the woman walking next to me is my girl.

Soon garv and samar join both of them.

"bhabhi aap bahut sandar lag rahi ho" samar said.

"thank you samar" shivika replied sweetly.

Soon everyone get busy in party shakti introduced shivika to some other guest.

Garv asked shakti to come as he want him to meet someone "hum bus abhi aaye" shakti said and ask shivika to not to go anywhere without him.

Shivika was standing in party alone looking at guest enjoying the music going on suddenly someone from back pat on her shoulder shivika turn around surprised there was a man standing in front of her he was her classmate.

"gaurav tum yaha" shivika asked in surprise.

And they both started talking shakti who was busy with other guest but his eyes only searching for his wife. Suddenly he saw shivika talking with some man. They both were smiling shakti felt a kind of jealousy. He excuses him from other guest and walked towards shivika.

Gaurav and shivika busy talking.

Shivika look at shakti "arre shakti inn se milo ye mera classmate hai gaurav bachpan mein mere friends isko bahut pareshan karte the"

Shakti gave a fake smile to gaurav.

"aur ye kaun hai"gaurav asked not comfortable on how shakti was staring him.

"ye mere husband hai shakti Thakur" shivika said with smile.

As gaurav heard the word husaband smile from his face fade away " ohh husband" he said in dry tone.

Shakti look at gaurav face he put his hand around shivika waist pulling her close to his body as he was trying to show his possession on shivika "haan inka husband" shakti said. The look in shakti's eyes were enough to tell gaurav he was not welcomed and better stay away from shivika.

"excuse me"  gaurav said and walks away.

Shivika pushed shakti hand back "tum kitne possessive ho us ne jara si baat ki aur tum jealous" shivika said teasingly she enjoy this attention from shakti.

"hume koi jalan nahi ho rahi thi wo jaise ghoor raha tha tumhe humko pta hai kya tha uss k dimag mein" shakti said.

After 3 hour shivika asked shakti she was tiered and want to go back to her room.

"tum chalo hum bus 2 min mein garv ko bol kar aate hai k hum ja rahe hai" Shakti said

Shivika walking in corridor suddenly gaurav came from behind " wo shivika tum akele kya hua"

"haan bus shakti abhi aa hi rahenge honge" shivika replied casually.

"achha... bahut acha laga tumse itne din baad mil kar" and gaurav put his hand forward for hand shake.

Shivika shake hand with him but he didn't leave her hand, holding her hand he was telling her some school memories shivika tried to free her hand but he was still holding her hand.

In just 2 min shakti came from back he turn gaurav and gave a heavy punch on his face blood came from gaurav's face.

Shivika horrified on shakti's action she hold shakti's hand and stop him not to punch gaurav further. Gaurav get up and ran away without saying any words.

Shivika look at shakti with anger and without saying any word she walks directly to her room.


In room,

 "shivika humari baat to suno" shakti tried many time to talk to her but shivika ignore.

Ek baar baat to sun lo" shakti said politely.

"kya baat sunu tumne bina matlab mein usko itni tez se maara us k khoon nikal aaya tum jante ho humko ye gundagardi pasand nahi tum kab apne gusse per kaboo karna seekhoge kyo tumko usse se jalan ho rahi thi" shivika said in anger.

Shakti held shivika's hand on his heart "tum humare dil ki suno aur batao k kya sach mein tumko lagta hai humne usko sirf is liye mara kyoki hum ko usse jalan ho rahi thi kya tumko mera pyar nahi dikha uss gusse mein wo jabardsati tumahara hath pakde tha".

And they both stare into one another's eyes they could feel the strong love they share.

Shivika didn't reply she just walks away she sit down in front of mirror of dressing table start taking out her bangles. Her face was no more angry.

Shakti look at her he can easily read she was calm now not angry he came forward sit on his knees next to shivika and help her in taking out her bangles he kiss on her palm gently then on her wrist and moving forward he kiss on her hand up to elbow shivika pull her hand back.

Shakti then take out her ear ring and kiss on her earlobe and then help her in taking out her necklace.

Shakti lips touching her neck then her shoulder and he moved back kissing on her back passionately. Shivika started to melt into him while he continued to trail the sweet kisses.

Shivika close her eyes this was not first time when shakti touch her but everytime when shakti came close touch her she feel a kind of sensation in her body. Shakti lift her and walk towards bed

He take out his tie and then lean forward half on shivika half on bed. he moved the strains of her hair behind her ear and touch of his fingers behind her ear seemed to arouse her. She looked at her with expectation. He held the nape of her neck and kissed her all way down to her curves before his lips made their way back to her chin and then he pulled her lips under her lips. Shivika hands running in his hairs. Both busy cuddling on bed indulged in each other suddenly somebody knock the door. Shakti raise his head but again thought to ignore the knock busy in shivika's arm.

again somebody knock this time the knocking sound grow louder.

Shaivika push him "jao dekho kaun hai".

Shakti gets up in frustration.

Outside the shakti's room garv pushing samar to knock the door, afraid samar tried to free himself and run away but garv holding him tightly pushing him towards the door.

 Shakti opens the door his eyes red in anger breathing hard like an angry bull.

Samar look at shakti face he ran and hide behind garv.

Garv looked at shakti from top to bottom. Shakti's hair totally messed up shirt half tuck in half out almost all the buttons of shirt open and his eyes red in anger.

Even garv was afraid of shakti today "bhai wo sorry per kaam bahut jaroori tha.." garv trying to tell shakti, from behind samar poked garv "seedhe kaam ki baat karo"

"arre wo samar apna phone ghar per bhool gya aur mere phone ki battery khatam ho gyi charger nahi laye maa ko phone karna tha number yaad nahi tum apna phone de do." Garv said everything in one breath.

Shakti without uttering a single word went back to his room in just flash of second he came back throw that phone on garv.

"thank..." Before garv can say anything shakti slammed the door on their faces.

Before garv and samar can move back shakti again open his door "aur sunno agar ab kisi ne disturb kiya to hum bhool jaynge tum log humare bhai ho" and he again closed the door.

Garv and samar both bust in laugh.


Next day all four of them in car they were going back to home. Garv was driving samar sitting next to him in front seat shakti and shivika at back.

There was an awkward silence in the car, after yesterday night shakti was silent he didn't talk any words from garv or samar.

Shivika busy in her phone shakti sitting just behind garv looking outside from window In his mind he was sure that garv will made fun. Samar was afraid of shakti's reaction he was sure if garv will made fun shakti will slap him only as garv was elder shakti can't slap him.

Garv on other hand he was silent not making fun of shakti just because of shivika he don't want shivika to be embarrassed.

Just to break this uncomfortable situation samar said "bahut shanti hai chalo gaane sunte hai" and he switch on the music system.

"ang laga de song" played as samar heared that song he felt smoke coming from his ear he looked at shakti in rear mirror who was staring samar only, samar in hurry changed the channel.

Ad was going samar got relaxed after 30 sec song starts "raat ka nasha abhi.." horrified samar changed the channel again garv on other hand bitting his lower lip in order to control his laugh.

Shakti can't belive even the radio people making his fun by playing such songs.

When samar changed channel next song played "yaar ko maine mujhe yaar ne sone na diya" embarrassed on songs shakti slap samar from back "jaroori hai gaana sunna band karo is ko" shakti shout afraid of shakti samar switched off the music.

After half an hour of silence garv stops the car.

"kya hua" shakti asked. This was first time after yesterday night when shakti said anything to garv.

"1 ghante se gadi chala rahe hai thakk gye pyas lagi hai kuch pee kar aate hai hum" garv replied.

Shakti look at the dhaba and he also get down "hum bhi abhi aate hai tum dono car mein raho".

There was no one at the reception of dhaba garv was standing there waiting for some man to come shakti came and stand next to him.

They both look at each other via corner of their eyes and then both bust in laughing and hug each other. It was the brother bonding they both share they both understand each other very well they don't need words to tell what's going in their mind.

"abbe tum bahut bade wale pagal admi ho" garv said still laughing.

"tum log bhi to har galat samay kabhi phone kar do kabhi khud chale aao". Shakti replied.

After waiting for 5 more minute garv said "yaha koi nahi aayega ruko" and he jump inside reception counter and open the refrigerator and he scream "abbe shakti ye dekh" pointing towards beer in fridge.

"pagal ho kya din mein pee kar gadi chalaynge" shakti replied.

But before garv can take that beer bottle out he saw some man coming from inside he again jump out of reception.

Garv whispered "arre kaun sa bahut piyenge ek bottle mein teeno bhai waise bhi jab se daru band ho gyi bihar mein tab se pee kaha hain?"

"lekin gadi mein shivika bhi hai maar degi humko" shakti said in worried tone.

"abbe kitna darte ho biwi se" garv said in mocking tone.

"aise achha nhi lagta uss k samne" shakti replied with baby face.

The dhaba owner came "kya chahiye aap log ko"

Garv replied "tum na teen appy feez de do".

Shakti looked at garv with puzzled look

That man gave them three bottles of appy feez  garv ask that man to come near he put his hand around his neck and said in his ear "aur ek bottle beer ki le aao"

That man looked at garv and said in unison wondering his face as if he was caught cheating "arre bhaiya kya baat kar rahe hai bihar mein daru band hai humare pass kaha hai daaru"

Garv gave him slight smile "achha nahi hai daru and he take out gun from his pocket kya keh rahe the nahi hai?"

Dhaba owner afraid "arre bhaiya aap to naraz hog ye per bhaiya kisi kop ta chal gya to humara dhaba band ho jayega"

Garv put his hand on dhaba owner shoulder daro mat bus ek kaam karo in appy feez ki bottle mein adhi adhi ye beer bhar do" shakti look at him in horrified look "abbe pagal ho kya"

Garv replied in casual style "abbe kisis ko pta nahi chalega tumhari biwi ko bhi nahi ab daro mat biwi se dar raha hai abbe Thakur ho tum" garv said challenging the man inside shakti.

In between samar came "aap log itni daer kyo lg arahe hai"

The dhaba owner was about to say something but garv stopped him he turn back looked at samar and said "ye teeno bottle le kar jao cold drink ki hum log abhi aate hai" samar went back to car taking that bottles with him.

After 5 min samar again came back "suno bhaiya ek cold drink ki bottle aur dena" asking dhaba owner for a cold drink.

Garv look at him "tum wapas kyo aa gaye bola tha na car mein jao"

"arre bhaiya wo bhabhi ko pyas lagi thi to un k liye cold drink leni thi" samar replied.

Shakti look at samar "aur bottles kaha hai jo di thi" shakti asked.

"car mein rakh aaye" samra replied as he done some very useful work.

"achha..." shakti replied in relaxed tone

Just in flash of second both shakti and garv look at samar with horror look and both at same time shout "bottle  shivika ko to nahi di na"

Samar confused on their reaction replied "haan unko di thi kyo"

Both shakti and garv ran towards car.

Horrified their biggest fear was going to be true now. shivika was drinking that beer mixed cold drink.

Shakti pull that bottle from shivika's mouth "pagal ho kya iss ko kyo piya" shakti shout in worried tone.

The bottle was empty samar still looking at both of his brothers face still confused what was wrong.

"aur bottle kaha hai" garv asked

Shivika pass them bottle out of 3 two were empty now.

Shakti nodded his head in disbelief "bola tha mat kaand karo".

Garv slap samar "ye sab is ki galti hai"

Samar still confused "per humne kya kiya"

Garv told samar what exactly that bottles contain now samar too was having same horror expressions on his face.

Three of them look at shivika who was sitting silently on other side her head resting at window side.

"shayad asar nahi hua chalo ghar chalte hai kuch nahi hua hai isko" garv said tried to convince shakti everything was all right.

Everyone was silent in car shivika head still resting on window.

After 15 min of ride a heavy truck in high speed take over car from shivika side, because of truck shivika who was sitting silently jumped.

And in just second she half out from window shout at truck driver " abbe saale maarega kya truck chala raha hai ya hawai jhahj... dikhta nahi hai kya aankhe button hai teri..." the alcohol took effect, it had ticked her brain.

Shakti garv samar all face pale in colour they all shocked .

Shakti hold her from back and shout "shivika anadr aao car k".

But shivika totally in hangover busy abusing truck driver who was not even visible on road "dum hai to ruk saale abhi tumko theek karte hai.."

Shakti tried hard to pull her inside after struggling for 5 min finally he succeeded she was inside the car now.

"pagal ho kya aise bhar nikal gayi kuch ho jata to" shakti scolding her he felt his heart in mouth when he saw shivika hanging almost outside the car window.

But shivika only smile as she don't care. She simply ignores shakti and again turn her face near window she start singing a song "dil ye mera bus mein nahi iss dil ka main kya karoon..." but her mind totally in alcohol she don't sing that song properly after every 3 second she shout "main kya karoon" in loud sound.

Her hand still out of window...

Shakti look at her she was completely drunk and her body language was changed.

"abb idhar hi baithogi tum" shakti scolding her he held her hand tightly "hilna mat"

Shivika who was completely out of her mind she tried to look at shakti "bus tum na gussa karna chillate rehna"

Shakti was shocked he never thought she will reply anything like this.

Garv and samar both sitting sliently not sure what to say.

Shivika continue "shivika ye  nahi wo nahi uss se baat nahi nahi nahi nahi and she poke her figure on shakti's chest with every nahi word she said"

Shakti holding her hand "achha hum pyar se keh rahe hai gussa nahi hai bus aao mere pass baitho" shakti put his hand around her shoulder.

But shivika push him "nahi... tum pyar to dor rakho"

Shakti observe samar and garv in front trying to control their laugh. He asked shivika to behave herself but she gave shakti a look as if he did some crime.

Shivika said in cried tone "tum humko bahut pareshan karte ho... she pat samar from behind "pta hai ye humko daily pareshan karta hai.. roz roz raat mein kal..." But before shivika can complete her sentence shakti cover her mouth not sure what she will tell them about last night.

Shivika shouting behind his hand but nothing audible shivika bite on shakti's hand. Shakti shout "awww" he look at her thinking for an apology but she simply smile.

"bolne do humko batane do tum daily humko pareshan karte ho  ghar per bhi humko pareshan karte ho jab bhi hota hai bus pareshan pareshan..." shakti pull her close kept his finger on her lips "bus chup ab pareshan nahi karenge ab chup ho jao"

Shivika look at him with smile "per humko accha lagta hai jab tum pareshan karte ho"

Both garv and samar laugh on shivika's word.

Shakti said "abhi idhar aaram se baitho" without saying a single word she nodded. It was a big enough nod that her head titled all way back and then came down. Then she pulled up her feet on to seat and relaxed. Shakti smile on her cute gesture. He looked at her in dilemma one thought was telling her to kiss her sweet face and in same moment she was pissing him off.

Shakti embarrassed look at her pull her close he kiss on her forehead and ask her to sleep for some time.

Shivika hugged shakti like a small baby hugs her mother she was enjoying the essence of her drink.

 Hugging him tightly resting her head on his chest she was hardly able to open her eyes, many time she murmur sometime talking to herself some time telling something to shakti Which was not at all clear. And she slept.

After many moments of anxiety and nervousness now shakti was sitting peacefully looking at the innocent face of shivika.

When they were about to reach home garv said "ghar aane wala hai isko andar kaise le kar jayenge"

Garv question brought shakti in panic mode what he will explain in home what happen to her.

When they reached home garv asked samar to go inside and check the situation then shakti will take her inside.

After 5 minute samar confirm them the route was clear.

shakti lift her sleeping beauty in his arms and walk inside and take her directly to his room.

************************chapter 9 ends****************************************

Thankyou everyone for your patience I love you all.

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bishmakhan Goldie

Joined: 19 January 2016
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Posted: 19 May 2016 at 12:15pm | IP Logged
Ooo it was damn good Clap
Sugggu love u reee wat a perfect scene , I enjoyed every scene , that one inside the car the radio , the drunken shivika , Abe yaar itne awesome itne gazab gazab kai ideas kidhar se aatey h ree

Will gonna miss u and ur awesome updates Cry
Be back soon baby with another bang of story Wink
Gonna wait for u and all the best for our training Hug

Edited by bishmakhan - 19 May 2016 at 12:16pm

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