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Fanfiction ViShi "wo jo adhori si baat baki hai" last chaptr (Page 13)

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do check my new OS Big smile

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Originally posted by ..DRoadSoFar..

do check my new OS Big smile

abhi padhte hai waise ye naya us laal ishq ko poora kr diya kya? oh no humne abhi tk pdha nahi

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Disclaimer:  I only own shivika and her family rest characters are owned by swastika production.

"Any resemblance to living or dead person is just coincidence"

Seriously I am overwhelmed on comments by you all. Thank you I love you all when this story pops in my mind I never thought I will get this much fantastic comments. Once again thank you for this much love.

As I promise here is a chapter with lots of romance... btw shadi ho gayi dono ki to romance bhi ab itna innocent cute nahi rahega Wink

Chapter 8 "Hide and seek"

Shivika gets up it was here first day after marriage and after yesterday, things were not going to be easy for her. Yesterday night Shakti told her they both will act in front of family and won't reveal about their love till bindiya won't accept her as he don't want to risk shivika's life.

Shivika look at the man sleeping next to her in the bed his face like an innocent baby free of all fears yesterday this man proves her how much he loves her, he lie to his mother shivika bend down and kiss on shakti's forehead she promise in her heart that she love Shakti till her last breath.

Shakti wakes up and from his half eyes open he look at the world's most adorable woman standing in front of mirror struggling with saree.

From last 15 minutes Shivika was standing in front of mirror trying to wrap saree.

"arre ye saree hai ki musibat itni daer se try kar rahe hai har bar khul jati hai" shivika complaining to herself. After 5 min she threw that saree in anger "humse nahi hoga"

Shakti who was now awake was enjoying shivika struggling there, his lips himself curve in smile on her innocent cute angry face.

He gets up and hug her from behind "good morning patni"

Shivika push him "kya good morning yaha ye saree ki plates nahi bann rahi aur tum bta rahe ho good morning humko neeche jana hai jaldi hum late ho jaynge hum kya kare" shivika complaining.

"arre itni si baat lao hum madadat kar de..." Shakti said hugging her again.

Shivika push him again and replied in sarcastic tone "tum madadt karoge jaise tum to daily saree pehnte ho".

Shakti who was again trying to do chance per dance came in front of her held the saree look into shivika's eyes, the looks in shakti's eyes made shivika to forget about opposing her she was lost in his eyes and suddenly she felt warm fingers of Shakti around her waist shivika felt chocked numb by his touch she was confused how to react. Her heart was thudding inside with anticipation.

"ho gya" Shakti said.

"kya" shivika said with surprise. She look at her saree it was perfect she can't believe still out of her mind due to shakti's touch she said "itni jaldi".

"kyo aur daer lagani chahiye this kya humein" Shakti said teasingly. Suddenly shivika understand what Shakti means and she her face turn pink due to embarrassment.

Shakti came close and whispered in her ear "humara inaam". He move forward hopping for a kiss but before he can get what he want shivika push him away with all force

Running towards door she replied "humko daer ho rahi hai" and she ran away. Leaving poor Shakti behind with just dream of kissing her.


On breakfast table everyone was sitting having food.

"ye kheer to bahut tasty hain" samar said licking his spoon.

"haan badi maa aaj to maja aa gya kheer kha kar" garv said.

"sach mein maya bhabhi aaj kheer mein kuch alag sawad hai" bindiya said with smile busy eating.

Shivika got broad smile when everyone praises her kheer.

"ye kheer shivika ne banayi hai" maya said with smile she was happy that everyone like that kheer.

When bindiya heard shivika's name she put that kheer bowl down Shakti look at shivika's face who was having wide smile and then bindiya's face.

Bindiya was having a suspicious look, she doubt on shivika's smile.

And suddenly a high noice came everyone turn around and saw Shakti with shock look.

Shakti threw that kheer bowl on floor and walks away in anger. Bindiya whose eyes once suspecting shivika was now again happy and relaxed on shakti's reaction.

Shivika who was smiling a minute before was shocked on shakti's reaction and was now having tears in her eyes.  Maya put her hand on shivika's shoulder giving her sympathy and telling her not to cry.

"ye aisa hi hai tum iss k gusse per dhayn na do aao humare pass hum tumko itni achhi kheer ko banae k liye inam dete hain" and badi amma gave a gold coin to shivika.

In the room shivika's eyelashes still wet with tears Shakti came in not sure how to make her happy Shakti holds his ears "sorry".

Shivika turn her faces avoinding him. Shakti again came in front of her face "sorry"

Shivika was busy doing something in closet ignore him like he was not in the room.

"arre sorry bola na maaf kar do" Shakti said pulling her close.

Shivika in cried tone replied "tum har baar yahi karte ho" and push him away.

"maa ko tum per shakk ho raha tha jab tum aise muskura rahi thi tabhi humne ye kisya sorry ab nahi rulaenge and he hug her.

"maaf kiya" shivika replied.

"achha maaf kiya to phir smile karo" Shakti said wiping tears from her cheeks.

Shivika smile for 2 seconds with tears in her eyes, then sadness took over her face again "Shakti kaise hum maa ko khush kar payenge".

"aaj to pehla din hai tum aaj hi darr gayi abhi to bahut museebat par karni hai sath mein ek din maa bhi maan jayengi" Shakti replied and kissed on her forehead.


It was 4th day of shivika in badi haveli, daily she asked others to let her help in home but bindiya every time rejects her proposal telling everyone not to take any help from shivika.

Today again shivika asked maya if she can help her in some work but maya said no not because she don't want shivika to help but just because maya was not sure how bindiya will react.

"hum ko kuch bhi kaam bata dijiye hum kar denge" shivika request maya.

"beta yaha koi aisa kaam nahi tum aaram karo " maya said.

Bindiya was watching shivika who was insisting maya to let her help.

"tum ko madadt karni hai to ek kaam hai" bindiya said.

Shivika nodded her head in her mind she was happy finally bindiya letting her to do something.

"ye baalti (bucket) hai iss mein ghar bhar ki chadar(bed sheets)  hai inko upper chatth(terrace)  per daal do ja kar sukhne ko" bindiya points towards a big bucket.

As shivika moves to take that bucket bindiya said from behind " aur haan kyoki aaj hi chatth (terrace) dhuli hai to chappal (sleepers) pehn kar mat jana chatth per".

Shakti who was sitting on dining table having his food chocked as he heard bindiya asked shivika to go without sleeper on terrace which must be burning due to sun heat. His heart ached on thinking about shivika's pain but he kept his face normal like he don't care. Bindiya look at shakti and felt satisfied on his face expressions.

shivika tried to lift the bucket which was same as of her own weight. Struggling to lift that she started pushing that bucket on floor and talking to herself she said "hum kuch madadt kar de lo karo madat utha kar dikhao itni bhari baalti... bahut shock hai help karne ka".

After 5 min of pushing she stands up murmuring "hum ye baalti utha nahi paa rahe is ko chath per kaise le jaynge".

Suddenly she saw a masculine hand on bucket, first she thought its Shakti she look at the face happily but it was samar.

"laiye bhabhi hum aapki madadt kar dete hai" samar said lifting the bucket.

"nahi samar rehne do maa ne dekh liya to" shivika said she was afraid if maa thakurain will come to know she will punish samar for helping her.

"arre kisi ko pta nahi chalega" samar said.

"per.." before shivika can complete her sentence samar interrupted

"arre bhabhi per wer nahi waise bhi aap kaun sa iss balti ko utha pa rahi hai".

Samar lift the bucket and climb the stairs but as he reach on top, he got a call.

"babhi humko jana padega bahut important call hai". And he walks back.

Shivika walks just two steps ahead on terrace, she felt her foot burning she thought in mind "ahh kitna garm hai mere paer to abhi jal rahe hai hum chadar kaise sukhayenge.

Suddenly somebody from the back grab her and lift her in his arm shivika took no second to understand it was Shakti she knew his smell, his touch.

"Shakti kya kar rahe ho tum yahan per koi dekh lega" shivika said with shocked expression she was afraid if any one find out both of them together.

"koi nahi dekhega aur hum kya itni dhoop mein tumhare paer jalne de" Shakti said.

"humko neeche utaro" shivika tried to get down from his strong arms.

"arre itn akyo ghabra rahi ho biwi ho humari kisis ne dekh bhi liya to kya" Shakti said in teasing tone.

Shivika tried hard but she was not able to free herself from strong arms of Shakti.

Shakti lift the bucket, balancing both bucket and shivika in his arms.

Shivika giggle when she saw how Shakti balancing both she put her hands around his neck with teasing tone she said "ohhh mera superman". Shakti and shivika laughing playing teasing each other complete the task given by bindiya.


Days were passing and with every passing day shivika try her level best to make bindiya happy.  One week to her marriage was complete within 7 days she was accepted by badi amma and maya bhabhi but bindiya was still one mission impossible for her.

Shivika was sitting in her room she was sad as bindiya scolded her badly in front of everyone without any mistake.

Shakti came in and saw sad face of shivika.

"tum maa ki baat per dukhi ho" Shakti asked.

Shivika nodded her head in no without saying any word gazing the floor.

"humari taraf dekho" Shakti put his hand on her chin and raise it, to help her look at his face.

Shivika push his hand. "humko baat nahi karni". And she turn around.

"aur ye bhi nahi chahiye" Shakti asked showing a big chocolate to her.

Shivika was about to take that chocolate but Shakti pull his hand back. "aise nahi pehle humko ek achhi si smile do" Shakti said.

Shivika smile slightly. "aise nahi achhi si smile chahiye" Shakti said he was not convinced with that fake smile.

Shivika this time gave a 100 watt smile showing her all teeth. "abb khush ab humari chocolate lao" shivika said.

Shakti stand up from bed "kisne kaha ye chocolate tumahre liye hain" Shakti said in teasing tone. And they both started playing Shakti ran in whole room teasing shivika by showing chocolate and shivika running behind him to get that chocolate.

Shakti stand straight he raise his hand in air "lo abb le kar dikhao" shivika look at him she was knowing that it was impossible for her to get the chocolate from this much height she climb on table to get the chocolate but suddenly she slips Shakti in just flash of second catches her. They both lost in each other eyes Shakti moves close to her lips was about to kiss her but Suddenly shivika laughs and ran Shakti look at her in confused state and suddenly he realised shivika has taken that chocolate from his hand he smile when he saw shivika laughing like a kid who just got her favourite toy.

Shakti sit on couch busy admiring the naive beauty of his wife who was eating chocolate like a small kid her fingers full of chocolate.

Shakti saw chocolate on side of lips of shivika a sudden surge of emotions raised shaking him to the core, he suddenly gets up he was not sure what was so beautiful about that side of her lip, to which that chocolate was drawing his attention. He stared at her lips and he started at it some more. Her beauty trapping his senses. And his senses were freezing every second. Shivika was still busy in licking her fingers dip in chocolate, he came very close to her lips and without uttering a single thing he kissed her there, licking that chocolate at the side of her lips.

This happen in no time and she was not in the condition to react either. shakti grabbed her in his arms, he felt shivika's arms stiffening and gripping tightly the corner of his shirt, they both hug each other passionately. Shakti broke that hug he cup her face, their warm breath falling on each other's lips shivika close her eyes again shakti moved forward and kissed her and then he kissed her again. Her lips taste like a strawberry coated in chocolate.

After some time they both open their eyes, shakti was lying partly on bed and partly on her. shakti rubbed his nose on her nose and he whispered I love you. Shivika smile shyly.

Suddenly shivika looked at the clock and screamed "ohh shit humko to kitchen mein kaam tha". She get up and rushed to washroom splashed some water on her face washed it and run away. She was worried if maa thakurain find out shivika didn't finish the work she told her to do she was again going to get scolding.

Shakti lay down on bed, his hand in his hair thinking about the moment he just now shared with his wife. And he smile.


With the passing time shakti and shivika were getting close to each other.

At one evening when shakti came back from work he went in kitchen to see shivika who was busy making some ladoo. Shakti hug her from back the sudden action of shakti made shivika almost jump off due to shock she scream "tum pagal ho agar kisi ne dekh liya to"

"arre kaun sa padosi ki biwi se pyar kar rahe hai jo hum darre" shakti said hugging her more tightly.

"ohh achha.." shivika replied and then she scream in horror "maa..." as shakti heard maa from shivika he suddenly run away in opposite direction acting like he was searching something in kitchen.

Shivika looked at frighten face of shakti and she bust in laughing "bahut aaye nahi darne wale.." and she laugh again teasing shakti.

Shakti embarrassed how shivika fool him "haan to kya hua hum ko lga shayad sahi mein maa hai" shakti tried to explain.

Shivika was still laughing.

"abb jada haso maat" Shakti came close to her  tried to scared her so that she should stop laughing.

Again shivika shout "maa.." shakti this time again scared of getting caught run back. Shivika laugh again.

Shakti held her arm tight pull her close and said "bahut maja aa raha hai tumko"

Shivika push shakti away "achha ab tum jao humko ye ladoo abnane hai nahi to maa hum per gussa karengi".

Shakti held her arm pulling her close smiling wickedly against her soft face he said "tum kamre mein aao phir tumse badla lete hai" shivika laugh again teasing him. Shakti smile on her cute face and he walks out.


In room, when shivika came back it was late shakti was sitting on couch reading some file.

Shivika smile at shakti but he totally ignore her as she don't exists.

Shivika came close putting her both arms around his neck gussa ho humse?" she asked in pampering tone.

 But shakti push her hand away without saying any word he was angry because he was waiting for her from last 2 hours.

Shivika kissing his cheek "arre mera superman itna gussa hai" shakti ignore her again.

"arre tum to jante ho kitna important tha agar hum ladoo na banate to maa gussa hoti" shivika tried to explain but shakti sitting there with puffed face.

Shivika tried to convence him soon shakti was enjoying pampering by her, he unable to handle any more of this angry acting shakti with staright face said "kyo pareshan kar rahi ho humko humara kaam karne do". He start reading his file again actually he was hiding his face behind his file so that he can laugh which he was unable to control any more.

Shivika with puppy face said "achha batao na hum kya kare jo tumhara gussa door ho jayega" .

This was the question he really wants to hear from her mouth suddenly shakti eyes brighten there was an evil mischief look on his face.

Shakti thought to play more he said in cold tone "humko kuch nahi chahiye tum jao yaha se" shivika get on her knees "please tum humse gussa mat ho batao na hum kya kare jo tumhara mood theek ho jaye" not so sure what to say shakti replied casually "achha jao humare liye barish karo tab hum maan jaynge".

Shivika look at his face with annoyed look in her eyes, in her mind she thought "kitna bhao kha raha hai .. ab hum itni garmi mein barish kaha se le kar aaye".

Then she got an idea "theek hai tumko barish chahiye to chalo hum barish karte hai tumhare liye" shivika said in proud tone she was so proud of her brain how smart idea she got.

Shakti look at her face he was confused how she will get rain, in his mind he thought if he will get rain his plan of teasing her will fail but he was trapped now he can't back off from his demand so walks with shivika to see from where she will get rain.

Shivika holding shakti's hand walk inside bathroom and open the shower shakti shout "ye kya hai?" shivika laugh "ye bearish hai".

Shakti look at her with annoyed look shivika tried to explain "arre dekho barish mein pani hota hai yaha bhi pani hai".

Her innocent face made shakti to melt down.

"accha to ye barish hai" and shakti pull her in shower grabbing her from behind , lock her in his arms.. Shivika was now sure what she done was a big mistake shakti holding her tightly under the shower. In mind shakti was happy shivika herself gave him an opportunity.

Both wet in shower shakti from his hand bring her long hair in front of her shoulder then he bring his face close to her neck kissing the water droplets and other hand playing on her bare waist shivika close her eyes. Shakti understood her state of mind, the troughs and crests in her heart. But she didn't move as she also wanted to enjoy that moment.

Shivika was breathing fast and shivering shakti turn her towards him. Shakti look at her face, water droplets falling on her forehead running down her nose and hanging on her lips for a while before running further down to her body. Strands of her wet hair glued to her cheeks.

Shivika was looking down somewhere on his shirt too shy to look into his eyes. He raise her chin to help her look directly into his eyes. She saw fire blazing in his eyes.

As shakti was about to taste that water drops on her lips she turn her face too shy to stand there she tried to walk out but shakti lift her in his arms and bring her to their room. The look in shivika's eyes was enough to tell that she has left herself in shakti's hand.

Shivika looking in his eyes whispered in husky tone I love you those magical words bring a slight smile to his lips.

Embraced in each other arms, shakti switched off the lights of his room.

They were now one in all means.

****************************** Chapter 8 ends*********************

Want it to be decent I tried hard to choose the perfect words abb is k baad jiska jo manna aye you are free to imagine.

Thank you for your patience Smile







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shivanika Senior Member

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thank you for beautiful update

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Filmy_girl Senior Member

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Originally posted by shivanika

thank you for beautiful update

yaar thnku to mujhe bolna chahiye...
Sonu.Ka.Vishal Goldie

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arey its too good yaar..thoda or romance dalo...m loving it

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bishmakhan Goldie

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Posted: 16 May 2016 at 10:01pm | IP Logged
Lovely beautiful update suggu Smile loved it yaar ,
It was a beautiful romantic chapter totally loved it Embarrassed

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Lakhanchamach Goldie

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Have no words Inu reallyyy amazing story ...eagerness bna kr rkhta h ...tu bht bdi writer hai ...har situation me out ststanding Clap

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