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Fanfiction ViShi "wo jo adhori si baat baki hai" last chaptr (Page 11)

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Originally posted by crazy_inu

Originally posted by bishmakhan

Update kab degi suggu Angry

kal sharp 12 o clock per pakka aaj sir dard ho rha tha tmrw pakka wala
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Disclaimer:  I only own shivika and her family rest characters are owned by swastika production.

"Any resemblance to living or dead person is just coincidence"

Well I know you people are eagerly waiting for the romance... I promise next chapter mein bhar bhar k romance milega so just have patience... story poori karni hai to flow k sath hi jana padega.

Thankyou everyone for giving comments I am writing this just coz of you people...

Well as the name suggest just read it and find out to whom Shakti lie down and to whom he said the truth to bindiya or to shivika.

Enjoy reading...

Chapter 7 "truth or lie"

When Shakti come to know about shivika marriage he became insane he was completely broken his heart wrench with the news of her marriage. He wanted to tell her how much he loves her but shivika told him not to call if he really loves him. His condition was pathetic once a man who was tall straight full of aggression was now lean, dull and helpless. His shoulders which used to be firm and robust now hung low.

On the other hand shivika condition was no less different from Shakti today she was going to get married but her face was pale eyes puffed she look like some patient no glow no happiness just a fake smile.

Shivika's bhabhi told her to get ready as they will be going to temple in half an hour for gauri pooja.

In badi haveli,

Samar came back home tense in the market he came to know that it was shivika's marriage he was not sure how Shakti will react on this news. He never saw Shakti this much pathetic condition before. Samar was having shakti's mobile in his hand which he got repaired. He was going to give that phone back to Shakti but before that bindiya ask him to put a big box full of some gifts in car she was going to give these gifts to some minister.

"hum abhi rakhte hai" samar replied. He was going to lift that box but because of shakti's mobile he can't lift it properly so he ask badi amma who was sitting in courtyard to hold shakti's phone.

Badi amma held shakti's phone but she was busy in her thoughts she was thinking about yesterday night conversation between Shakti and Ananya she was sure there was something terribly wrong with Shakti. Busy in her thoughts by mistake badi amma pressed some side button which unlocked the screen.

Badi amma lift the phone she was shock to see the screen saver of shakti's mobile first she thought it was lakhan and poonam's picture but in flash of second she realised it was Shakti with some girl who was look alike of poonam she can't believe on her eyes she looked at screen properly and then she checked the phone gallery there were so many pictures of Shakti with shivika. Phone fell from her hand she can't believe as if destiny was playing some game.

Samar came back and saw shocked expression on badi amma's face he asked her what was wrong badi amma points towards the picture and asked kya yahi wo ladki hai jis ki wajah se Shakti pareshan hai?"

Samar was not sure what to reply he was silent.

"samar hum kuch pooch rahe hai jaldi batao" badi amma shout in angry tone.

"haan" samar replied he was having no other option he don't want anyone else to know. "per badi amma aap koi ko bolna mat"

"hua kya hai humko sab sach sach batao" badi amma asked in furious tone.

Samar told her how Shakti met shivika how they both fall in love and why they both parted away.

"badi amma aaj uski shadi hai" samar concluded in low voice.

Badi amma was shocked she can't believe it was like past she was getting married to some other man. History was repeating.

"ye shadi nahi ho sakti humko abhi uss ladki se milna hai" badi amma said in worried tone.

"per badi amma kaise ho sakta hai ye" samar said.

Usko phone karo aur bolo jaldi karo" badi amma shout

Samar call her but she didn't pick the call he again call her this time somebody pick the call but the sound on other side was not of shivika

"hello kya main shivika se baat kar sakta hoon?" samra asked to the lady on other side of phone.

"wo abhi mandir gayi hai gauri pooja k liye" that lady replied.

"kaun se mandir" samar asked.

"devi mandir" and Samar cut the call.

"badi amma wo to mandir mein hai baat nahi ho payi" samar said.

"humko mandir le chalo" badi amma replied.

"per abhi.." samar was confused on badi amma's eagerness.

 "chalo.." badi amma tone was enough to tell samar that she won't listen to anyone.


In temple, pooja was going on but shivika was lost she remember that time when they both met at temple for first time, how he save her from bullets, how he proposed her, the way he put grass ring on her finger, all that images flashed in front of her eyes.

"beta ye nariyal le kar mandir ki parikrama kar lo" panditji said.

Shivika gets up priya accompany her while doing parikrama when she went behind the temple she saw samar standing there, as samar move forward to talk she told him she don't want to listen anything and she walks away.

"is ski baat mat suno per meri to sunn lo" badi amma said.

Shivika heard these words and she turn around she knew that old lady was badi amma. Shakti told about her many times.

"humko kisi ki baat nahi sunni" shivika replied.

"zidd mat karo humari baat sunn lo phir chali jana hum tumhara jada samay nahi lenge" badi amma said.

Shivika this time didn't reply nor walked away.

Badi amma continues "Shakti ne tumse jhoot nahi bola bus sach nahi bataya ye sachh hai k Anaya uski patni hai per ye adha sachh hai poora sachh ye hai k Ananya sirf Shakti ki nahi balki pacho bhahiyo ki patni hai ek zidd ek badle ne aaj sab barbad kar dala" badi amma said.

Shivika was confused what she mean by wife of all 5 brothers she looked at badi amma in her eyes badi amma can easily read the questions and doubt.

Badi amma told her how for revenge bindiya made Ananya to marry all 5 brothers.

"shivika Shakti tumse bahut pyar karta hai wo tumahre liye kuch bhi kar sakta hai tum janti ho k tum bhi uss se bahut payr karti ho aisi galti mat karo ye shadi mat karo isse koi khush nahi rahega" badi amma requested.

Shivika after listening to the whole truth walks away she can't believe how a woman just for revenge can do that she was shocked. Priya run behind her.

"didi abb to aap ko sachh pata chal gya abb to maan jao ab kyo aap ye jabardasti ki shadi kar rahi ho" priya said.

Shivika who was confused what to do she replied "theek maan liya k Shakti ki maa ne badle k liye Ananya se uski shadi kar wayi aur un dono k beech pyar ya shadi jaisa kuch nahi per ek sachh ye bhi hai ko wo log bahut bure hai janwar hai kaise buri tarah uss admi ko maara market mein"

"didi agar aap Shakti ko iss liye chodna chahti hai k ussne ek aadmi ko maar diya to phir aap ko apna parivar aur ghar bhi chodh dena chahiye" priya said in frustrated tone.

Shivika looked at her confused as if priya was talking in some other language.

"jii haan aap ko kya lagta hai aap k dono bhai bahut saint hai bahut ache log hai wo dono bhi to yahi karte hai.. jo ye Thakur log karte hai apni dushmani k liye kisi ko bhi maar dena". Priya said with a grief look on her face.

"matlab" shivika asked she was still confused.

"uss din jis admi ko Shakti Thakur aur un k bhai ne maara wo log bhaiya ne bheje the maa thakurain ko maarne k liye humne bhaiya ki saari baat sunn li thi" priya replied.

After knowing the truth about her own family shivika walked away she can't believe.


In shivika's home everyone was busy in preparations of marriage after 2 hour groom and his family was going to come.

Shivika mother looked at shivika who was sitting on her room window lost somewhere.

"shivika taiyar nahi hona kya? Barat aane wali hai 2 ghante mein" her mother said in worried tone.

Shivika didn't response.

Her mother put her hand in shivika's hair "beta taiyar ho jao" touch of her mother hand bring back shivika out of her thoughts. In reply she nodded her head.

She her face in mirror she saw gold chain in her neck gifted by Shakti she touched her chain and she felt some current a high stream of emotion which bring back her to life. she thought in her mind " ye hum kya karene ja rahe hai hum Shakti k bina je nahi sakte".

In panic state she ran to grab her phone she dialled shakti's number... but nobody pick the call.

Shakti was lying on his bed in half sleep he doesn't know when he got sleep from last 2 nights he hasn't slept even for a second.

Shakti with half open eyes searched his phone and picked up.

"hello" a female voice said.

"shivika????" Shakti said first he thought he was in some dream but he checked the phone no it was shivika only.

No words only sobbing sound came.

"hello shivika baat karo humse hellooo " Shakti was now fully waked up he desperately wanted to talk to her. But she didn't reply she only cried. Shakti felt a wrench in his heart he felt like to hug her and tell her not to cry he don't want to see her crying it was so painful.

"Shakti..." but before shivika can complete her sentence somebody from behind snatch her phone she turn around and she was shocked to see it was her mother.

Her mother switched off her phone and in anger shout "humko pehle hi pta tha k tum kuch kand kar rahi ho jo din bhar hasti muskurati rehti thi... shivika shadi ho rahi hai tumhari koi tamasha nahi hai jo jab mann aaya shadi k liye haan bol di jab mann aaya mana kar diya."

"1 ghante mein taiyar ho jao" shivika's mother order her in dry tone.

Shakti on the other hand got tense he call her number many a times but every time it was showing switched off he was sure something was wrong his heart full of fear he wanted to know. He wanted to talk.

Priya came in shivika's room and saw her crying "kya hua di" she asked.

Shivika told her what mother has done and she doesn't want to get married.

After half an hour priya came with shivika's phone and she told her not to call just message him as there were so many women in her room.

Shakti was in panic mode he was tense not sure what was shivika actually wants to tell he was racing  in room he hit his leg in bed "pta nahi kya baat thi kya hua hum kya karein"

Suddenly he got a message on his phone it was from shivika

"humko ye shadi nahi karni humko le jao agar tum nahi aaye to hum apne aap ko goli maar lenge per shadi nahi karenge"

Shakti was shocked he can't believe she was ready to die he can't let her die just like that and he message her back.

"humara intezaar karna hum tumko lene aayenge".

Shakti loaded his gun and walks out of his room in hurry.  And he bumped in samar kya hua bhaiya kaha ja rahe ho aap itni jaldi mein?" samar asked

"baad mein baat karenge" Shakti replied he don't want to be late.

"bhaiya rukiye pehle bataiye" samar said holding his hand.

Shakti saw the determined look on samar face he was sure samar won't let him go without answer. Shakti told him about shivika and her message.

"per bhaiya ho sakta hai ye us k koi bhai ki chal ho" samar said in worried tone.

"agar chal hai to bhi sahi hum uss k liye marne k liye taiyar hai" and Shakti walks away.

Samar ran behind him and sit in the jeep Shakti gave him angry look.

"akele maroge kya aap hum har paap mein aap ka sath dete ha hum bhi aap k sath chalnge" samar replied with slight smile cheering and supporting his brother.


Guests had stated to arrive, the whole house was decorated beautifully with lights there was tight security samar looked at this and said "bhaiya security bahut tight hai hum log aage se nahi ghuss sakte".

And they moved at back side of house. To distract the security guards at back side of home samar throws a gas bomb. Guards ran to see from where gas was coming. Samar smile he has hit the target right and they both jumped inside the boundary.

At the back door there was a guard Shakti catches him from behind and just in flash of second guard was lying on floor they hide his body behind the door and went inside the house.

Inside the house there were just 2-3 women, hiding from everyone they enter directly in shivika's room. But nobody was there confused where everyone is Shakti checked the bathroom.

"bhahiya.." samar calls Shakti with a frighten look on his face.

"kya hua" Shakti asked in irritated tone.

Samar points at garden,  Shakti looked down from window. There was a huge stage at one side of lawn decorated beautifully with flowers and he was shock to see shivika standing there with garland in her hands Shakti heart skip a beat he was late.

"humne daer kar di baut daer" Shakti sit down on floor as his legs can't bear his own weight.

 Samar put his hand on shakti's shoulder giving him sympathy "bhahiya koi daer nahi hui hum log kuch aur sochte hai"

Samar words gave Shakti some courage to fight back. And they both ran downstairs.

Hiding behind the entrance gate they were thinking what to do.

"bhaiya koi to hoga jo humari madat kar sake" samar asked.

Shakti thought about some name and suddenly he shout "priya.. priya kar sakti hai humari madadat" Shakti replied.

They both look for her and by god grace in just 5 minute they find out priya. Shakti points towards a girl "wo rahi"

And before they can plan how to talk to her they saw priya coming towards entrance only at the end god was on their side. As she entered the door samar grab her hand and pull her towards them she was about to shout but Samar put his hand her mouth.

"chillana mat hum hai" Shakti said priya was now relaxed. She asked samar to take his hand from her mouth.

"aap yaha dii to waha hai stage per sab k sath" priya said in worried tone.

"kuch karo humari madadt karo" Shakti said.

And all 3 of them think about different plan every time samar and priya telling some useless plans which made Shakti to lose his patience.

"abb ek hi tareeka bacha hai Shakti said with serious look.


In the party some people were dancing on DJ, some guests were busy in eating some talking everyone busy in some or other thing.

Suddenly a bullet fire, everyone shocked DJ stops the music everyone silent.

Everyone turn around and saw samar pointing gun on priya's head.

 All were shocked as rajan saw samar his blood boils he ran towards him but then Shakti fire one more bullet.

"ruk jao sab log jo jaha hai wahi khada rahe nahi to iss ladki ko goli maar denge" Shakti said.

And everyone stand still. Shivika saw Shakti in no new second she throw the garland from her neck and ran towards Shakti she hug her tightly."humko laga tum nahi aao" she said tears flowing from her eyes.

"humne vada kiya tha ate kaise nahi" Shakti replied his voice full of love.

Everyone was shock to see the public display of love.

Rajan shouts his eyes red in anger "shivika pagal ho gayi ho kya hum tumko aaj hi maar denge".

"aage maat badhna rajan nahi to hum tumahri chotti behan ko goli maar denge". Samar said giving warning to rajan.

"shivika ye kya tamasha lga rakha hai ye kya kar rahi ho janti bhi ho ye kaun hai" uday said in helpless tone he can't believe his sister was making fun of them in front of everyone.

Shivika tried to explain "bhaiya hum shakti se bahut pyar karte hai hum usk bina nahi reh sakte"

"pyar pyar abhi iss ko goli maar k saara pyar khatam kar denge" rajan roar pointing his gun towards Shakti.

Shakti said to shivika "in log ko samjhana ka koi fayda nahi koi nahi samjhega chalo humare sath".

Shivika with tears in her eyes looked at her brothers like she was requesting them to understand her love and give them permission. But her brothers turn away their faces.

Shivika saw the looks in her brother's eyes and she understood they won't accept her love for Shakti she held Shakti hand tightly and they both start walking away.

Suddenly rajan fires, guards came heavy firing starts guests started running away. In the crowd shivika hand was slipped from shkati's hand before they can run away  rajan shouts "ruk jao Shakti Thakur nahi to hum isko goli maar denge" Shakti turn around a horror look came to his face his body freezes rajan was pointing gun on shivika.

Shivika looked at her brother in disbelief how her own brother can point gun on her the man who was her saviour, today he was willing to kill her for his fake pride.

Shakti and samar threw their guns and stand straight with hands up. guards points gun on them.

Rajan laughs "tumko kya laga humare ghar mein ghuss kar humari behan ko le kar saare aam humari bejjjati kar k yuhi chale jaoge aur hum kuch nahi karenge."

Rajan slaps shivika "tumhare iss pyar k chakkar mein humari ijjat kharab ho gyi" Shakti blood boils he swear to break his hand if he touches shivika.

Rajan shouts "pehle hum tumahre bhai ko marenge phir is ladki aur phir tumko aur tumahri laash bhejenge maa thakurain ko tofe mein bahut naaz hai apne 5 beto per"

Rajan points his gun on samar, a loud bullet sound Shakti in fear looked at samar, samar himself closed his eyes and when he open his eyes he saw he was fine he turn around and saw adarsh standing there.

Adarsh shout "ye kaise bhool gye maa thakurain k paanch bte hai"

Heavy firing starts Shakti was hiding behind a table doing counter firing he looked at his brothers garv adarsh samar all came just to save him. Garv looked at Shakti and said in mocking tone "wahh re Shakti babu ek ladki k liye marne aa gaye tum humko nahi pta tha tum itne bade wale aashiq ho".

After half an hour of firing adarsh said "abb yaha se niklo yaha jada daer nahi ruk sakte" they ran outside suddenly Shakti stops garv asked with confused look "abb kya hua?"

"arre jis k liye aaye the wo to yahi reh gayi" Shakti replied

"saale tumhari wajah se hum bhi marenge" garv replied in furious tone .

Shakti saw shivika held her hand and ask her to run.

Rajan was about to shoot Shakti but uday stopped him rajan shout "per bhaiya kyo?" but in reply uday only nodded his head in no.

Outside shivika's home Shakti was about to hug adarsh "bhaiya aaj aapne bacha liya".

But before Shakti can hug adarsh he slap him "saale baiel buddhi ho kya yaha aakele chale aaye mar mara jate to".

Shakti made innocent face "akele kaha the samar tha sath"

"haan ye chavanni " adarsh slap samar too.

And then adarsh hug both of his brothers.

Shivika smile on this affection.


Outside badi haveli, loud sound of dhol was coming. Bindiya was sitting in hall with badi amma and maya.

"ye itni raat mein kiski baarat hai aaj kisiki shadi hai badi amma?" bindiya asked she was surprised as nobody in begusarai can celebrate any function without inviting her.

Suddenly, with dhol now loud firing sounds starts.

"ye kaun jashan mein bandook chala raha "bindiya said.

She asked Anaya to go out and check.

Anaya and maya both went outside to see the celebration.

Maya scream "bindiya..."

Bindiya was confused she came out.

Adarsh was sitting on jeep bonnet throwing money in air garv amar samar busy dancing the naagin dance. And then bindiya saw Shakti wearning garland get down from jeep helping a girl dressed in red and golden to get down from jeep.

Bindiya was shocked her eyes popped out in disbelief, she can never imagine Shakti betraying her.

Bindiya eyes red in anger she shouts "bandd karo ye tamsaha". And suddenly everyone stops, there was pin drop silence.

Shakti moves up with shivika but before he can say any word bindiya slap Shakti "tumahri itni himaat aaj ek ladki k liye apni maa ko dhoka de diya" bindiya roar.

And before Shakti can explain her anything bindiya take out the gun and point on shivika "ye ladki wajah hai na tumahre dhoke ki aaj hum iska kissa khatam kar denge".

Shivika in fear held Shakti's hand tightly.

"rukk jao bindiya " badi amma shouts.

"aaj humko koi nahi rok sakta badi amma" bindiya said any one can sense hurt in bindiya's voice she was hurt that her son betrayed her for a girl.

"gusse mein pagal mat bano aur ek baar Shakti ki baat sunn lo" badi amma said.

"kya bolna hai 2 min hai jaldi bolo" bindiya said to shakti pointing gun on shivika's head.

"maa humne ye sab aap k liye kiya" Shakti replied in one breath.

Bindiya gave him confused look Shakti continues after a slight pause "maa ye shivika hai uday aur rajan pratap singh ki behan un log ne aap ki bejjati kithi to aaj humne badle k liye iss k bhai ki bejjati ki itne log k samne se bhaga k le kar aaye isko" Shakti said with a devil smile.

When bindiya heard this, she low down her gun and laughs "wahhh Shakti wahhh".

Shivika who was standing there holding shakti's hand suddenly her grip on his hand soften she looked at Shakti, Shakti take off his hand from her hand he bow down and touched bindiya's feet.

Shivika can't believe she sit down on floor shattered hurt cheated. She became numb her body frozen due to shock, her face completely blank. Her heart shatter she felt like such a fool. She felt as something sharp has just been stabbed in her chest. She was feeling as if some kind of poison is going to run in veins and paralyse her. She want to run away to some place but her body didn't move.

 there was no emotion on her face neither sad neither happy nor shocked nothing she was blank.

She can't sense anything her brain froze she can't feel anything   she can't hear anything. She was seeing people around her and their actions but was not able to hear them at all. She was sitting there like a lifeless body.

Anaya looked at her face she felt bad she knew that feeling of cheating, Shakti did this again he again cheated a girl, fooled her she feel pity for shivika. But she can't do anything.

Samar felt bad he can't believe his brother did all this for revenge. A day back he crying like a mad man he was doing a drama he can't believe this.

Everyone walks inside shivika was still sitting there.

"arre koi grah parvesh to karao" bindiya said with big smile she asked maya bhabhi to bring pooja ki plate and arti.

Bindiya asked Shakti to bring his newly wedded wife inside but shivika didn't move she was still sitting there shattered, blank, hurt.

Shakti asked shivika to get up but she didn't response. Bindiya looked at shivika she laughs and said "arre aise nahi aa rahi to utha kar le aao".

Shakti picks shivika in his arm but shivika didn't react she not even for once looked at Shakti she neither opposes. Shakti touch her she was cold like ice.

While walking towards room Shakti heard maya telling badi amma "ye to ek aansu nahi royi kuch bol bhi nahi rahi sadme mein hai badi amma agar is k aansu nahi nikle to kahin kuch ho na jaye is ko, iss ka rona jaroori hai".

Shakti picks her and bring her to his room till now shivika was silent she was not in her mind she was not even knowing that Shakti has brought her in room. He put her on bed and locked the door. She sit there silently like a dead body she was deeply wounded by Shakti.

Shivika humko tumse baat karni hai" Shakti said.

She gazing the floor didn't response.

"shivika humari taraf dekho humari baat suno" Shakti shout shaking her shoulder he wanted shivika to look at him.

Shivika looked at him like she doesn't know who he was the only thing he can see in her eyes was pain but she didn't utter a single word.

Frustrated Shakti on her cold response held her shoulders tightly digging his fingers in her flash shivika again didn't response. His fingers must be hurting her but the mental pain was more severe than that physical pain.

Shakti with tears in his eyes said "shivika hum tumse pyar karte hai bahut payr".

Shivika eyes widen in surprise it was like she was watching some alien first she thought to slap Shakti for joking for making fun of her.

But Shakti continues "hum tumse bahut payr karte hai aur jab maa ne tumhare sir per bandook rakhi to hum darr gaye hum tumko khona nai chahte the aur tumko bachane k liye jo sabse pehli cheez dimag mein aayi humne wo bol diya" Shakti tries to explain her.

This was first time in last 1 hour which brings back shivika to life inside her a tiny flicker hope unfurled. Her big black eyes, wide and wary, searched his handsome face, looking for some sign that would convince her.

Shakti looked at her face her eyes who were asking him to make her belief. Shakti get up and walks towards his closet and he take out a box from inside.

Shakti open that box and start taking out things one by one "ye scarf yaad hai ye tumahra hai jab tum pehli baar mili thi tab humare pass reh gya tha, ye payal uss din mandir mein gir gayi thi aur ye phool uss din tumne mandir mein todaa tha aur ye ring tumne humko ye uss din pehnai thi" Shakti showing everything just to proof her how much he loves her.

Shakti looked into her eyes "shivika agar hum tumse pyar nahi karte to ye sab kyo rakhte apne pass".

Shivika looked in deep eyes of Shakti she can see the love in her eyes she brought her face near to shakti's face join her forehead in his forehead and tears start flowing from her eyes. This was first time in 1 hour when she responds.

The only word came from her lips was "I love you".

Shakti kissed her palm "I love you too" aur hum abb kabhi bhi tumko nahi rulayenge.

A big hectic day full of emotions and drama was ended but at the end two people who love each other were together.

********************** Chapter 7 ends**********************************

next part mein shadi ho gyi to phir romance chaluuuEmbarrassed

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Originally posted by neon145

Suggy i am back.
I am telling u...u r an awesome writer...
I liked the heart break too.
Iss heart break mein bhi pyaar hai...
Sooo good.
Imagine karne mein bhi accha lag raha continue baby.

doctor sahab thank you per humko pta hai aap ko ye heart break iss liye pasand aaya jb dil k mareez honge to aap ki dukan chalegi LOL

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Awesome yaar,loved it Embarrassed

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eeeshhh kya likha haiClap

hmmm kahan se shuru karunCry... i have written so lovely... maine imagine hi karna shuru kar diyaEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed loving samar's  bhai bhai moment with shaktiClapClap

and shaadi se bhagwane wala scene was  jabarEmbarrassed .. 

garv , amar, samr ka naagin dance ROFL ROFL i can simply imagineLOLLOLLOL

loved your chapter... Embarrassed

can't wait for the next

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Arrey ab kya kahe ham sare words hi khatm ho gye tarif kar kar kai khuch bacha hi nhi h bolne ko , suggu u r a professional writer I must say , u wrote down every part so beautifully that everyone can imagine the scene Clap
Teri story bahut mast h yaar , Wink jab tera update padhtey h to lagta h bas khatm hi na chalta rahe chalta rahe   aur lambs likh ROFL

Ab jao mere pas words nhi bache h tere tarif kai liye har chap itna acha likhti h ki ham kya kahe khuch samjh hi nhi aata h LOL LOL
I bow before u excellent u r Clap

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Filmy_girl Senior Member

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Posted: 14 May 2016 at 1:59am | IP Logged
Originally posted by bishmakhan

Arrey ab kya kahe ham sare words hi khatm ho gye tarif kar kar kai khuch bacha hi nhi h bolne ko , suggu u r a professional writer I must say , u wrote down every part so beautifully that everyone can imagine the scene Clap
Teri story bahut mast h yaar , Wink jab tera update padhtey h to lagta h bas khatm hi na chalta rahe chalta rahe   aur lambs likh ROFL

Ab jao mere pas words nhi bache h tere tarif kai liye har chap itna acha likhti h ki ham kya kahe khuch samjh hi nhi aata h LOL LOL
I bow before u excellent u r Clap

m overwhelmed on ur comment Smile thnkyou just so small sersuly ur commnt made me to write it more sersuly.
thankyou thankyou thankyou so much (with tears in my eyes Cry khushi k aansoo)

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shivanika Senior Member

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Posted: 14 May 2016 at 4:08am | IP Logged
thanks for  update .. awesome yaar love it

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