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Fanfiction ViShi "wo jo adhori si baat baki hai" last chaptr

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<font size="2">Well it
seems like fanfiction season is going on in the forum... let me tell all the
writers I really love the stories you people writing. All of you doing a great
job. And u ppl inspire me to write down the story m having in my mind. I am one
of the hard core LaakhAm fan who really miss them a lot. And miss that vishi
chemistry too.</font>

<font size="2">let's come
to the point m going to write a fanfiction for vishi. This fanfiction is for
all those who want to shivangi back in begusarai.</font>

<font size="2">This story
is about Shakti Thakur and his new lady love "Shivika" (nd no points for
guessing shivika character will be played by Shivangi joshi only).</font>

<font size="2">This is a
fanfiction m planning to write with some 4-5 chapters well depending on ur ppl
response may be I will write more.</font>

<p align="center"><font size="2"><font color="#0000CC"><font size="5">"wo jo adhoori si baat baki hai"</font></font></font></p>

<font size="4">Index</font>

<font color="#000000"><font color="#CC0000">chapter 1</font> "Love at first sight" (just below)</font>

<font color="#000000"><font color="#CC0000">chapter 2</font> "can't take the eyes off"</font>

<font color="#000000"></font>

<font color="#CC3300">chapter 3</font> "enemy"

<font color="#CC0000">chapter 4 <font color="#000000">"</font></font>Birthday surprise"

<font color="#CC0000">chapter 5</font> "love is in the air"

<font color="#CC0000">chapter 6</font> "shattered hearts"

<font color="#CC0000">chapter 7</font> "truth or lie"
chapter 8 </font>"hide & seek"

chapter 9
chapter 10 "forever togther"

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Filmy_girl Senior Member

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warning its bit long...

Disclaimer: I own only these charcters - Shivika, Priya, uday pratap singh & Rajan Pratap singh & shivika family members , except that all characters are of swastika production only.

shivangi joshi is shivika in my story...

"wo jo adhoori si baat baki hai"

Episode 1: Love at first sight

It was 6 month now when ananya was forced to marry all 5 sons of Bindiya. First 4 months was like hell for ananya there was no single night when she didn't cry but now things were changed she understood why bindiya hates woman. For Ananya the only woman who understands her pain was maya thakurain who wipes her tears every time when bindiya made her cry.

Ananya was now use to of her new married life she understood all 5 brothers were not bad from heart it was just their upbringing which made them ruthless. Out of 5 Garv was ananya's best friend with whom she shares all what she have in her heart. They tease each other make fun and talk for hours best friend type.

Shakti was the one for whom Ananya has secret feelings. They share unsaid understanding and Shakti was the one who always fulfil whatever Ananya wants.

Amar and samar were buddy cum partners for Ananya always with her whenever she need anything. The only one in front of whom Ananya get all silent was Adarsh Thakur they only talk about the work no jokes no fun with Adarsh unlike 4 thakur brothers.

Badi amma has accepted Ananya as her grand daughter-in-law but was sad for the poor girl. Bindiya on the other hand still didn't accept Ananya as her family member.

After 6 month of that decision of bindiya when everyone's life in badi haveli was changed, again there was peace in badi haveli.


After dinner garv and Shakti were sitting on the terrace and talking about the new female SP join in begusarai.

"arre ye jo nayi SP aayi hai tum ko kya lagta hai kuch kaam wam bhi kar payegi?" Shakti said.

"Arre wo ghar sambhalegi ya police station chalo achha hai jada pareshani nahi ho gyi hum log ko" garv replied in mocking tone.

When both were busy discussing about that new SP Ananya came there with a tray "hum doodh laye the aap log k liye" ananya gave glass of milk to both of them.

Garv said " waise iss nayi SP k bus ki baat nahi pehle office mein duty kare phir ghar per isse na ho payega bahut badi jeemedari le li iss ne".

Before Shakti can reply Ananya interrupted " jab wo uniform pehno uss cap ko apne sir per lagao tab himmat hosla aur junoon khud aa jata hai apni duty ko karne ka" Ananya said in a proud tone.

Shakti looks at her face and said "tumko bahut pata hai".

"jiss ka bachpan se ye sapna raha ho uss ko nahi pta hoga to kisko pta hoga" Ananya replied.

"achha to tumko bhi apne baap ki tarah thanedar banna tha" garv said in mocking tone.

Ananya looked at him with sad eyes .

"Achha agar tumko abb mauka mile to tum police join karogi?" Shakti asked.

Ananya was surprised when she heard this question but a big smile crave her mouth and she nodded her head in yes.

"haa ye to thanedar bann gyi jaise maa is ko banne dengi kuch bhi bolte ho Shakti babu " garv said.

Garv words brought Ananya into realty and again her eyes turn sad but before Shakti can argue over this matter they heard bindiya calling their name.

Adarsh, garv, Shakti, amar samar kaha ho sab?

Garv and Shakti run down stairs leaving sad ananya behind.


Down stairs in hall, bindiya was sitting on her begumsarai chair and all 5 sons standing in front of her.

"kya hua maa aapne itni raat ko aise hum log ko bulaya sab theek to hai?" adarsh asked

"kya hua maa aap itne gusse mein kyo hai?" garv asked.

Bindiya looked at her sons face and replied in angry tone "wo sala uday pratap singh aur uska bhai rajan aastin ka saap kahin k hum se sab seekh kar abb humse mukalaba karne chale hai".

"maa aap bole to abhi saaale k ghar mein ghuss kar uska kaam tamam kar dein" Shakti said taking his gun out.

"maa aap bataiye abhi un dono ko aap k samne le aaye" samar said.

"nahi jitna tum log sochh rahe ho usse jada in log ne apni takat badha li hai itni asani se ye hath nahi aayenge" bindiya replied in furious tone.

"to abb kya kare?" adarsh asked.

"in dono bhaiyo ki pehle lagam kasni hogi in ko btana padega k ye begusarai humara hai yaha k raja hum hai".

"tum garv kal subha patna jao tofe(gift) le kar jao minister k yaha.

" adarsh tum kal naye wale highway k toll tax ka tender padega us k liye jaoge aur ye yaad rakhna humko har kimat per ye contract chahiye."

" samar kal tum humare sath nayi wali factory chaloge, tum amar kal badi amma ko doctor k pass le jaoge."

"Aur Shakti tum kal poorani factory k pass jo uday singh ka office hai waha jaoge un dono bhai ko ache se samjha k aana k humare raste mein na aaye nahi to nateeja accha nahi hoga aur haan sirf samjha kar aana mar war mat dena kisi ko"

Bindiya explain all her sons about their respective works.

Ananya was watching how all 5 brothers accepted their mother command without uttering a single word against her. She was wondering how bindiya has given most dangerous work to Shakti and he accepted it so easily without any objection.


Next day everyone get ready to finish the task bindiya assigned them. Shakti was going out from back Ananya call him from behind Shakti turn around and asked "kya hua?"

"wo apna khayal rakhna" Ananya replied. Shakti nod his head with expression ye kya hai type and walks out.

Bindiya looked at Ananya with furious look and said "jab koi ja raha ho peeche se nahi tokte".

Shakti went to uday pratap singh soffice

"aaiye Shakti Thakur aaj humare gareeb khane mein kaise?" uday pratap singh asked.

Shakti sat on the chair in front of uday and replied "tumko samjhane aaye hai".

They both talk for hour Shakti in his sturdy style told uday to be in his limits. When Shakti said "agli bar hum yoon baat nahi karenge seedhe tumhara kaam tammam karenge".

Rajan pratap singh ( younger brother of uday) took his gun out and point towards Shakti and said " kahin aise na ho tumhara kaam tama mho jaye..." but before he can finish his sentence Shakti grab the gun from rajan's hand. He smile at rajan and replied " pehle gun pakdna to seekh lo" and walks out.


Shakti was driving his bike on the highway enjoying the ride it was all empty road no vehicles no human all wide vacant road.

Suddenly Shakti saw somebody on the road side in red and white her face was covered by a multi-colour scarf waving her hand soon Shakti realize that somebody was a girl and he thought to ignore her and ride away but as he reached near to that girl before Shakti can ignore her and ride away she jump in mid of road and wave her hand Shakti got no other option so he applied brake and shout "pagal ho kya marna hai to koi bus k aage ja kar maro humari bike k samne kyo mar rahi ho".

The girl in front of his bike opens her face which was covered by scarf as she open her face Shakti was stunned to see the beauty in front of his bike her long hairs were flying in the air ear rings in her ears were dancing white creamy face big black deep eyes ruby pink lips she was like a first dew drop so pure so innocent so soft so beautiful Shakti was mesmerized with the beauty all lost in her face suddenly bindiya's word woman are big danger strikes in his mind and he shake his head to get away the dizziness that girl beauty caused. Shakti tried hard to concentrate he again shout in anger "pagal wagal ho huto samne se humari  bike k".

"plz plz plz humko lift de dijiye humko humare ghar pohchna hai bahut jaldi se plz humari help kar diye" that girl begs to Shakti.

"huto humari bike k samne se" Shakti asked that girl in frustrated tone.

"please help kar do na plz plz and that girl get down on her knees and start begging in front of Shakti "plz plz plz plz plz".

Shakti eyes wide open on that girl's  act.

"plz humari buddhi maa bahut bimar hai plz humko humare ghar pocha dijiye yaha highway per dor dor tak koi nahi hai jo humari help kar sake plz" that girl begged again.

Shakti thought what a dramabaj type girl she is and ask her to get up "natak mat karo aur khadi ho jaldi..."

That girl gets up and before Shakti can complete his sentence she ran and sits behind his bike.

Shocked and surprised Shakti asked "ye kya kar rahi ho baithne ko kisne bola"

Girl turn her face back and asked the driver "gaadi theek ho jaye to saman le kar ghar aa jana hum ja rahe hai bike se" then she held Shakti's jacket and start shaking him "chalo jaldi chalo daer ho rahi hai kitni tej dhoop hai jaldi chalo".

Shakti nodded his head with expression iss ladki se kuch kehna bekar hai and he start his bike.

 On the bike after 5 min of silence the girls start the conversation "humara naam shivika hai hum delhi se aa rahe the per car kharab ho gyi aur humare phone ki battery bhi dead aur iss highway per door door tak koi nahi phir tum aa gaye aur hum bachh gaye nahi to kya pta raat tak yahi baithe rehte aur bhook k maare mar jate".

Shakti didn't utter a single word he act like he was not listening what she was talking

Shivika lost in her own world didn't care whether Shakti listening or not kept on talking "itni dhoop thi mujhe tanning ho gayi sun burn ho gya ajeeb si shakal ho gyi meri" again Shakti didn't reply shivika got silent.

After 5 min Shivika again started "waise humne to aap ko bta diya aap humara naam ap ka naam kya hai?" she asked. Shakti didn't reply.

"kya koi seceret mission per ho jo naam nahi bta sakte ?" shivika asked again but no word from Shakti

"kahin tumara naam shensha to nahi? Sunsan galiyion mein shenshah niklta hai  bachhan style" and shivika laugh on her own joke but again no reply from Shakti.

Shivika thought in her mind kahin goonga behra to nahi hai but she remember abhi to baat ki thi behra nahi ho sakta

Shivika again talk " waise humne jhoot boola tha humari maa bimar nahi hai wo to humko jaldi ghar jana tha tabhi bol diya" again all silence from Shakti side.

"achha tum mat btao apna naam hum hi tumhara naam rakh dete hai bike wala batman kaisa rahega?" Shakti thought kya musibat hai ye ladki.

"nahi pasand aaya accha phir bike wala hero ya bahubali kafi biceps bna rakhi hai" Shakti in his mind kuch bhi bol rahi hai

"ye bhi nahi to phir bike wala superman, superman apni identity nahi btata na that's y?" shivika asked

Suddenly Shakti applied brake "kya hua bike kyo rok di?" shivika asked.

"bike se utro" Shakti replied

all surprised shivika asked "aa gya kya begusarai?"

 Shakti asked her again "humne kaha bike se utro"

"kyo bike kharab ho gyi hai kya" shivika asked

All frustrated with her questions Shakti replied "haan ab utro neeche"

Shivika get down Shakti start his bike and drive away.

Shivika shouts from behind "arre ruko humko yaha akele chodh kar mat jao ruko plzzz" but no use.

Shivika start walking and murmuring kitne khados log hai ek bechari akeli ladki ko aise akele chodh kar kaise ja sakta hai...

Suddenly she heard a sound turn around and saw a jeep was coming. Jeep stops in front of shivika and driver asked  "aap ko kahin jana hai madam hum chodh de aap ko?"

"haan humko begusarai jana tha" shivika replied

"wo humare raste mein hi padega aap baitho hum aap ko chodh denge"

Shivika sit at the back seat after 10 min driver stops the jeep "kya hua?" shivika asked to driver but before driver can reply 4 men came from jungle side sat down in the jeep with shivika

By looking at men faces shivika understood she has slip into some great danger all horrified she asked driver to stop the jeep. But driver ignore what she said and kept on driving

"gadi rooko humne kaha" shivika shout but driver laugh.

"shivika get up and start shouting gadi rook hum bol rahe hai" the men sitting along with shivika start laughing and one man replied "are madam abhi itni bhi jaldi kya hai abhi to hum chadhe hai aap kaha utrane ki baat kar rahi hai". Shivika shouts for help.

One goon gets up and hold her hand "aaye shor mat kar aur chup chap baith ja koi nahi aayega yaha teri madadat karne"

Suddenly shivika saw Shakti riding his bike she looked at him and shout "help karo humari plzzz help karo" Shakti didn't reply he completely ignores her.

Seeing Shakti cold reaction one of the goon laugh "kisi se kya madat mangti ho lao hum hi madadat kar de tumahri" and hold her left hand. Shivika tried to free herself looked at Shakti and beg for help "plz meri help karo plz" but Shakti ignore her and over take the jeep suddenly shivika multi-colour scarf flew away and get struck in bike's rear mirror

When Shivika saw Shakti ride away without even looking at her tears roll down from her eyes. "arre madam ro kyo rahi ho lao hum tumare aanso poch de" one goon cum close to wipe the tear before that driver applied a sudden brake.

One goon shout "abbe ka hua gadi kyo rok di" driver replied "pta nahi samne road k beech mein ek bike khadii hai"

Ruko hum dekhte hai one goon from back jump from jeep and shout "pagal hai kya road k beech mein bike khadi kar rakhi hai" Shakti who was busy looking something in his bike replied "abbe andhe dekh nahi rahe kharab ho gyi hai bike"

"abbhi teri bike theek karta hoon saale" and goon run towards Shakti to beat him , Shakti gets up and and give him a punch.

"ruk tujhe btata hoon bahut hero bann raha hai" other goon from jeep jump and run towards Shakti, Shakti punch him too in mean while shivika get herself free from man holding her hand jump from jeep run towards Shakti and hide behind him.

All 3 man from jeep get down too and a big fight happen Shakti beat every goon badly all 5 man run towards jeep to save themselves driver starts the jeep Shakti run behind to catch them but one of the goon take the gun out and points towards shivika Shakti ran towards shivika and pull her hand to save her from bullet shivika lost her balance and bumped in Shakti they both fall down on the road.

Shivika lying on top of Shakti holding him tightly her eyes closed. Shakti looked her face she was so near so innocent so fresh his heart start beating fast. He was totally lost in her cute face after 2 min he break the silence "wo gunde bhag gaye abb to humare upper se hato ya abhi bhi humara fayda uthaogi" shivika open her eyes when she heard Shakti's word and find herself on top of Shakti all embarrassed she get up and tears start flowing from her eyes

"are gunde gaye abb kyo ro rahi ho?" shakti asked in surprised tone. Shivika didn't reply she kept on crying.

"abb kyo ro rahi ho dekho humare hote hue koi tumahe hath bhi nahi lga sakta " Shakti tried to convince her so that she stop crying. Shivika replied "hum iss liye ro rahe hai kyoki humare paer mein chott lag gayi hai".

Shakti looked at her foot blood was coming he get down hold her foot take out his hanky and tied on her foot they get an eye lock.

Suddenly bindiya's word pop again in Shakti's head and he got up "chalo tumko ghar chodh dete hai baitho bike per".

While driving Shakti continuously looks at shivika's innocent face in rare mirror she was silent.

As they enter in the city "tumhara ghar kis taraf hai?" Shakti asked

"wo idhar se..." before shivika can complete her sentence Shakti phone rings he looked at phone it was maa thakurain he asked shivika to shut up and not to say a single word he received call " haan maa hum bus aa gaye hai 5 min mein ghar pohchte hai" and Shakti cut the call.

"Maa ka call tha jana padega jaldi" Shakti said to shivika "ek kaam karte hai tumko hum auto karwa dete hai uss se ghar chali jana" shivika nodded her head in yes.

Shakti felt bad when he saw  shivika's silent face.

Shakti call for an auto and ask auto driver to drop shivika to her house . shivika sat down in auto Shakti look at her sad face and just to cheer her up he said "apna khayal rakhna"

Shivika looked at his face and when auto moves she took her face out from auto and shout "hum tumko superman hi bulayenge and wave bye"

Shakti got a big smile on his face "pagal hai ye ladki".


At badi haveli, Shakti reached his home was going to get down from his bike he saw shivika stole still tied on his bike handle he takes out that scarf and hide inside his jacket afraid if any of his brother saw that scarf they will make fun.

When Shakti enter in home Ananya run towards him and in worried tone asked if he was alright but before Shakti can reply bindiya interrupted "thakur hai humara beta aise kaise kuch ho jayega iss ko" and asked ananaya "jao iss k liye haldi wala doodh le kar aao".

"kaun the wo gunde" bindiya asked

"humko to lagta hai uday pratap singh k admi honge wo log" garv said

Shakti was surprised how they  know about the fight and he got afraid when he thought what if they all are knowing about shivika so he asked "aap log ko ye sab kaise pta?"

"wo phone aaya tha poorani factory k chaukidar (watchman) ka ussne bataya per jab tak wo tumhari madadt k liye log le kar aaya tum ja chuke the waha se" adarsh replied.

"aur kya bataya ussne " Shakti asked to clear his doubt about shivika.

"aur kuch nahi bus yahi bola tumhari ladai ho gyi hai kuch admi se" bindiya replied.

Shakti got his breath back in mind he thank god nobody knows about shivika.

"kya uday k log the" bindiya asked in anger.

"nahi maa uday k admi nahi the wo to aise sadak per jhagda ho gya" Shakti replied.

"achha maa hum apne kamre mein aaram karne ja rahe hai" Shakti went directly to his room in order to skip question answer session.


Shivika reached her home everyone was worried her bhabhi told her when driver told us you went with some man on bike we got afraid and asked her if she was alright. Shivika told   whole incident to the family.

shivika mother asked "kaun tha wo ladka? Usko ghar le aati hum usko shukriya to keh dete".

Shivika younger sister asked "kya wo handsome tha?" and they both giggle but before she can reply they heard loud sound of car brakes and before a loud shouting voice "shivika tum theek to ho kis ki himmat hui jo rajan pratap singh ki behan ko hath lagaye saale k hath kaat doonga" shivika's brother shout in anger

"shant ho jao rajan" uday command his brother and asked shivika if she was alright.

"hum theek hai bhaiya" shivika replied

uday asked her to go and get rest.


In night shivika was lying in her bed holding shakti's hanky he tied on her foot thinking about the incident and how Shakti save her. On the other hand Shakti was also lying in his bed holding shivika's scarf in his hand thinking about her, her cute innocent face ruby pink lips her big black eyes.

*******************Episode one end**************

M bad at editing that's y it's too long I hope u ppl enjoy reading ur comments are my usp so plz comment whether u like it or not thankyou for ur patience.


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niya55 Goldie

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Posted: 25 April 2016 at 2:42am | IP Logged
Wow...really nice...i really liked it '''''

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bishmakhan Goldie

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Posted: 25 April 2016 at 3:20am | IP Logged
Awesome story.   
Do continue Clap

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Lakhanchamach Goldie

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Posted: 25 April 2016 at 4:30am | IP Logged
Hats off to u ...bahut badhiya plz update soon ... Clap

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Willy_Wonka. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 April 2016 at 5:13am | IP Logged

 1000 likes for this! 
 God you write sooo damn amazing yaar! 
 Meri Shivika with Shakti Blushing 
 Fantabulous this is! Clap 

 Can't wait for next update now *_* 

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lakhamcrazy Goldie

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Posted: 25 April 2016 at 6:18am | IP Logged
wowww jabar likha Thumbs Up
just waiting for next updateTongue

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neon145 Goldie

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Posted: 25 April 2016 at 1:02pm | IP Logged
awesome suggy...
i liked everything...
shivangi more of bubbly awesome.
and that bike scene made me remember first meeting of paro and rudra in rangrasiya...vo scene bollywood style tha...
same paro shouts but rudra ignores and goes on bike.
paro feels sad and cries then u ll see same way bike rokta hai and fighting and bullet scene and they fall down together...
vishi ko imagine karke accha laga...

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