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TEAM KANGANA : Kangy vs. HR "Silly Ex" Legal Saga Thread (Page 2)

ImagineMe IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 April 2016 at 10:47pm | IP Logged


Shobhaa De

India is no country for women - old or young. Fact. Bollywood is no place for women, either. 

Spunky women. Women who speak up. Talk back. Take on the mighty men who control the billion dollar industry. Expose harsh realities. Talk turkey. There is simply no space for them in this business. 

Just look at the reactions to the Kangana Ranaut- Hrithik Roshan imbroglio. Bollywood has promptly closed ranks and all but officially declared Kangana an outcast. A persona non grata. Her crime? She went public with a private matter. How public? Well... it was a cheeky tweet that didn't name anybody. Is that all? Perhaps not. But what a ferocious backlash she has had to face for her audacity! 

The big boys have ganged up against her - as men generally do. Some are running for cover, wondering what sort of revelations she may unleash in future which involve them! Others are taking the moral high ground by expressing disgust that a woman could go to 'this extent'. Excuse me! What was she supposed to do? According to the Bollywood manual, Kangana should have kept her mouth shut, wallowed in self-pity, taken to booze/drugs, found another lover (or several), retreated into a quiet space, and shut the hell up. That's what generations of heroines have done in the past. It suits everybody. In particular, it suits the men in the movie business who are accustomed to 'own' any female they fancy. They see it as a perk... a privilege... that goes with their exalted position. 

Then, along comes Kangana. And the entire edifice built on hypocrisy, deceit and double standards goes for a toss. Here's the thing: Kangana could be the biggest liar in the world. She could have made the whole thing up. Why can't the same be said about Hrithik Roshan? It can't. And it won't. Because that would pry open a huge can of worms. And nobody wants that. It's so much simpler to call Kangana names. To label her. To go to the extent of saying she suffers from a mental/emotional condition that makes her 'imagine' things! Really? Prove it, Mr Roshan. 

Kangana is being punished for breaking the golden rule that keeps Bollywood afloat. Women in the film industry are meant to keep their lips sealed, and play ball. If an affair doesn't work out, a female star is supposed to slink away, stay mum, act martyred, and swallow everything (pun intentional). Kangana is being stigmatised, ostracised, black listed and worse. Lists of heroes who henceforth won't work with her are being gleefully publicised. There are all sorts of rumours doing the rounds - that she is unstable, unreliable, unsavoury. Nobody is calling Hrithik Roshan a megalomaniac. How come? 

This is how Bollywood functions. Blame the woman. And dump her once done. Especially a woman like Kangana who doesn't really have a godfather in showbiz. It has happened to several other female stars in the past, and broken so many of them. Without an influential starfather, or a powerful hero to offer 'protection', women who are seen as 'outsiders' don't stand a chance in hell of surviving in Bollywood. But Kangana is made of other stuff. She poses a challenge and a threat to the status quo. It's so much simpler to gang up against her, declare her a 'mental case', ruin her career... and chase her out. 

Well, the past is the past. Today's Bollywood girls have more 'dum'. Some of them, at any rate. Kangana has always been a non-conformist. What did Hrithik think once he'd sent her a lawyer's notice? That she'd get cowed down, sit tight and wait for the skies to fall? No chance. Not this girl. Perhaps she's playing it all wrong and causing serious damage to her career, reputation, and image. Perhaps, she will be the one bearing the brunt of this mess once the dust settles. But the important thing is, she chose to speak up. At enormous risk to her professional position. Nobody here cares how many national awards an actress has won. Nor how talented she is. All that matters is her 'co-operation'. 

Kangana is the Lone Ranger. She will discover how isolated she is when all the so-called friends she once courted and who gushed over her, vanish overnight. She will be left high and dry, while the Big Boys party on... 

Should Kangana have been shrewd and sensible and kept quiet after all she went though (if her version is to be believed)? Should she have placed her career/money ahead of all else... her heart and feelings included? Most other actresses do just that... and the heroes love them for it! Kangana may just have committed professional hara-kiri. Bollywood biggies will kiss her goodbye, and make sure she stays out of the charmed circle. She'll be dubbed a 'trouble-maker'. There will be a well-orchestrated campaign to make sure big banners banish her. 

But you know what? At least Kangana Ranaut, has had the guts to take on a far more powerful adversary. Respect.

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ponymo IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 April 2016 at 10:47pm | IP Logged
Not taking either sides because it is ridiculous to draw conclusions based on partial evidence like most members here are doing on the forum. And off late, ever since HR has been using his mouthpiece DNA on a regular basis with doses of articles against her, the tide has swifted in his favour, so it is nice to have another perspective of this tamasha through this thread. 

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OJ6.0 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 April 2016 at 10:56pm | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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ImagineMe IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 April 2016 at 11:04pm | IP Logged

I believe that Kangy and Duggu did have an affair albeit a brief or casual one, where Kangy was clearly more invested than Duggu was.  I would also like to believe that Duggu (too image conscious) wanted this fling to be very discreet but was never sure of the long term perspective.  

Kangy wasn't a big star back then and per the timeline they broke off in Jan-Feb 2014 timeframe, right before Queen released. 

I've read all her IVs. There was this one with Jitesh she did last year where she said that her star bf lost interest in her as she became more successful.  There were many blinds and rumors back in 2013 and 2014 timeframe that insinuated a connection between them.

Will add more pieces of IV here...

My take is this:  

Hrithik gave her a personal email id for conversation (the one that he is refusing and blaming to be of a imposter) to keep this relationship discreet and not cause him hassles as his divorce was still pending until Nov 2014. Kangy continued to send emails to that ID for 5-6 months until May 2014. 

This was the time when their relationship grew apart. Duggu could have clearly wanted to wash his hands off her and pretend at the party that he was NO LONGER communicating on that ID and it was an imposter that she was hearing from.  

She could have reached out to him on the REAL ID and he could have continued to ignore her. 

More to be added...

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theprince IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 April 2016 at 11:15pm | IP Logged

God bless you Thumbs Up

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Tahira-2013 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 April 2016 at 11:19pm | IP Logged
I have said this also in other thread, all the leaked emails are from 2014, if the emails are real, why didn't he take action back then ? Suddenly yeh case karna kaha se yaad agaya ?
I'm not saying Kangana is some saint but Hrtikik is more fisshy, why would you file a case against something which happened years before.
and these Bollywood people nothing can be more fake than them even not plastic, if in place of Kangana there was Kareena, Sonam they would have tweeted things in the name of womenhood , Arre main bhi kya bol rahi hoon, khud Hritik ki himmat nahi hoti,

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ImagineMe IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 April 2016 at 11:27pm | IP Logged

Kangana Ranaut's advocate: Why didn't Hrithik Roshan file FIR against imposter in May 2014?


MUMBAI: Actor Kangana Ranaut's advocate Rizwan Siddiquee on Sunday reiterated that none of the emails allegedly sent by her to Hrithik Roshan after May 2014 should be treated as genuine unless verified by her. He questioned why Hrithik never filed a police case against the alleged email imposter despite Kangana's sister Rangoli's insistence in her mail to him on May 25, 2014 on filing a joint complaint.

"Rangoli had accused him back then of hacking Kangana's email account and of having a relationship with her " through the ID (which Hrithik says belongs to an imposter)" neither of which he specifically denied," Siddiquee told journalists on Sunday .

Hrithik's legal advisors refuted Siddiquee's claim. In his legal notice and FIR, Hrithik had said he was taken aback on learning from Kangana on May 24, 2014 at a party that she received a congratulatory email from him over her film Queen, and was also surprised to receive Rangoli's mail. His legal advisors said he had immediately replied to Rangoli, denying he ever wrote to Kangana from any such ID; he asked Rangoli what she was talking about and said it was "not funny", and "if it was a joke"; he was the first to ask her to meet him to "get to the bottom of it". His team calls Rangoli's emails "inconsistent": while in the first she accused him of hacking, in the second, following his reply, she suggested joint action if it wasn't him. He replied: " is NOT my account. Some one is playing a trick..." Rangoli didn't meet him.

Siddiquee said on Sunday, "Hrithik then completely stops communication with my client or her sister and instead, surprisingly starts receiving a lot of one-sided emails from my client (as alleged by him) during this time, which he diligently stores and maintains for future use, as is seen now. He during this time does not do anything to authenticate the genuineness of the emails, despite knowledge of the fact that my client's emails were hacked continuously and which he had full knowledge of." Kangana is scheduled to meet the police on April 30.

Hrithik's team said, "What was relevant to him at the time was to clarify that he had never mailed Kangana."

They said that since he denied mailing her from any such ID, which he denied was ever his, there was no question of any hacking or any relationship. They said he was surprised to start receiving mails from her on his real email ID from July 2014.

Siddiquee said, "He belatedly goes to the police after seven months and files an informal complaint, and does not intimate my client or her sister despite their insistence to file a joint complaint.He then lies to the police as well as the public that he gained knowledge of the imposter from many people, including his fans and people from the industry.

The lawyer said Hrithik didn't name Kangana because he knows "she would forthwith provide all details to the police". "He then abandons his informal complaint filed in December 2014 and this February sends my client a defamation notice for her 'silly ex' comment... Hrithik doesn't reply to my befitting reply and counter notice of March 1, but proceeds to revive his old complaint through an FIR on March 5 after being informed that her (Kangana's) mails were hacked, names Kangana and her sister as witnesses and puts media pressure to record their statements without them being given a copy of the FIR," said Siddiquee. 

"The question is why is Hrithik not even interested in finding out what mails and stuff the 'imposter' sent Kangana?

In law, while an FIR copy must be given free to the complainant, it is not legally obligatory for the police to hand a copy to a witness until a chargesheet is filed, said legal experts. 

Siddiquee told TOI, "I have applied for a copy of the FIR from the court now, since the police are not giving me one despite my request as my entitlement in law."

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GrumpyTheCat IF-Sizzlerz

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Nutcase vs Nuttier Nut case LOL LOL 

Team Entertainment

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