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Tales of Love-MG FF

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Hey guys here is the prologue for my ff. I just want to say sorry from before if my Hindi is not good n proper also since I have my exams I will update the first chapter next week. Thanks.

Somewhere,Someone is made for you,
    Let Destiny Decide it. ( credit DTPH)

What is Love?

 Kya hai yeh pyar ek 4 letter word jo  dikhne mai hai bahut chota aur sadaaran, but reality mein us me itne taakat hai ki har  mushqil se guzarjaye. Pyar ke bahut rang aur maine hai, kabhi ma- papa ka pyar, Bhai behen ka pyar, dadi- dada aur Nani- nana ka pyar, Doston ka pyar ya phir us ek insan se pyar Jiske aate hi zindagi aur Khoobsurat hogaye, aur Jiske bina Jeena mushkil laage.

Pyar duniya mein har taraf hai but sab log ko dikhta nai. Ma ka dulare  hai pyar, papa ki dant mein hai pyar, dada-dadi aur nana-Nani ka blessing hai pyar, bade Bhai ya behen ki pitai mein hai pyaar aur choton ki masti aur shararat mein hai pyaar.

This is a story where all the facets of love will be shown, and isliye toh is kahani ka naam hai Tales of Love! 


Chapter 1 - Page 1
Character Sketch - Page 1
Note - Page 1
Chapter 2- Page 1

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Hey guys here is the character sketch , as the story progresses there will be many more entries I am confused if I should add arshi i. This story or not so its up to u guys n pls tell me upfront about wht u guys would prefer becaus I'm writing this ff to share with u all. I will update the first chapter soon just waiting to finish my last 2 exams.

Character Sketch

The Khurana Family

Harshvardan Singh Khurana
(Matriach of Khurana Khandaan): Maan's grandfather, he was the one who started Khurana Constructions. He is retired now and handed over his business to his son. He is man who values harwork and perserverance. After being so successful, he is still very humble. His biggest support is his wife Savitri. He is deeply rooted to his indian culture, but still very modern. He loves his oldest grandson Maan, who is the apple of his eye. He is very easy-going and all his grandchildren love him. His personality is one that screams power and success. 

Savitri Devi Khurana
: Maan's grandmother. She has helped her husband set up and take KC to all its success. She is a very elegant and sophisticated lady. She is a doting grandmother, but after her husband what she says is final. She and her husband have a very strong relationship. Her grandson Maan is her pride.

Rajveer SIngh Khurana
: Maan's father and the eldest in his family. He is a fun loving and hardworking man. He loves his wife Naina a lot. He has three kids Maan, Dev and Vicky. He is a very cool father and a friend to his children. He is heading KC right now, with his younger brother Akshay, and Maan.

Naina Singh Khurana
: She is a very loving and sweet woman who is the wife of Rajveer. She is the eldest bahu of the Khurana clan. She is the mother of Maan, Dev and Vicky. She loves to bother her sons about their marriage and with her devrani she is in charge of the Khurana Mansion.

Akshay Singh Khurana
: Maan's Chachu and Rajveer's younger brother. He loves Maan a lot as he is the oldest from all the kids. He heads KC with his brother Rajveer and Maan. He has a daughter Anvesha and a son Yash. Loves all the kids equally. He is fun to be with and when he and his brother team up they don't leave chance to bug their wives.

Juhi SIngh Khurana
: Maan's chachi and the younger Khurana bahu. She shares a sisterly relation with Naina. She is the mother of Yash and Anvesha. She is very sweet and loves to tease maan and the others about their marriage.

Maan Singh Khurana
: He is 28 yrs old. He is the oldest son of the Khurana Khandaan. He is the MD of  KC, and is a workoholic. He is a genius and he knows it.  He is a very cool person and loves all his siblings. He appears to strict, arrogant and rude in front of the world. but with his family he is a totally different person. He He is the pranskter of the house. He loves to irritate his siblings and he considers his cousins as his siblings too. He is humble and respecful to everyone and loved by all due to his kind and childish nature. He is a guy kids love, elders like and girls drool over. He takes all the decisions of his life and loves thrill and adventure. Girls and marriage are not his cup of tea, because he doesn't have the time at all. He believes he is successful in life due to the freedom and support of his family. He loves his family and can do anything for them.

Dev Singh Khurana
: He is 25 yrs old. He is Maan's younger brother. He loves his older brother a lot. but at times gets irritated when his parents expect the same workoholic nature in him like his brother. He with his cousin Yash have joined KC because of Maan.He has a very calm nature and he follows his older brother's footsteps. He with his younger siblings loves to irritate maan, but at the same time believes Maan to be his role model.

Yash Singh Khurana
: He is 25 yrs old. He is the son of Akshay and JUhi n Maan's younger cousin. He treats Maan as his older brother, and any decison Maan takes for him, he accepts. He along with Dev and Vicky love to trouble Maan. He is out-going and fun. He had to join KC with Dev and he along with Dev work there. He loves to bother his father Akshay, and he loves his badi-ma a lot.

Vikrant Singh Khurana
: He is the youngest son of Raj and Naina n he is th youngest brother of Maan and Dev. He is 22 yrs old. He is the laadla of Khurana Khandaan. Everyone calls him Vicky. He is a very big flirt, and he takes his Maan bro as his idol. He along with his brothers Dev and Yash love to play pranks on Maan, but they have to be careful, because Maan is no less and he will strike back. He loves to be pampered by his mom, dadi and chachi. He is doing his MBA and he is expected to graduate and help his brothers with KC. He loves photography a lot. He is waiting for the day when his Maan bro will get married, and he will get an awesome partner in crime.

Anvesha Singh Khurana
: She is the only daughter of the Khurana khandaan. She is 20 yrs old.  She is pampered a lot by her brothers, especially her Maan bhai. She is currently studying interior designing and wants to become a famous interior designer. She is very bubbly and talkative. She is the popular girl in her college, but being rich has not turned her into a diva. She has a friendly nature and is very mischievious.


The Handa Family

Mohinder Handa
: He is the owner and CEO of the Handa industries. He is a very rich businessman and his company HI is at the same ranking as KC. He is a very gentle and humble man. His wife Rano is his support and he loves his children Arjun and Geet a lot. He is hardworking and he believes that true dedication is the key to success along with hardwork. He is a doting father and will do anything for his family.

Rano Handa
: She is the lovable wife of Mohinder Handa. She has helped her husband take HI to its success, but after the birth of her children she wanted to give them her time. She is a kind, and loving woman who has instilled her children with the right values. She and her husband give their children the space and freedom they want because they know for a fact that their children won't misuse.

Arjun Handa
:  He is 26 yrs old. He is the oldest son of Rano and Mohinder. He works with his father at HI and is very quickly grasping the techniques of the business world. He is very possesive about his younger sister geet, she means the world to him. He loves her a lot and will do anything to see her smile. Her one tear, will cause him lots of pain and he will turn the world around to see her happy again.

Geet Handa
: She is 24 yrs old and she is the youngest child and the only daughter of the Handa Parivaar and she is the apple of their eyes. She is a very sweet and beautiful girl, Her eyes speak volumes and she has a touch of innocence. She is a bold girl at times and very shy also. She is multi-faceted with lots of talent. She is a highly independant girl, but still very traditional. She has a bindass attitude for life, but is also very serious regarding her studies. She loves to play pranks on her family and friends. Currently she is in her final yr of completing MBA and later on will join her family business after gettng experience from somewhere else. She is from a very rich family, but that doesn't affect her friendly nature.  She is the princess of her family, but not a brat. She loves her family a lot and can do anything for them. Her anger is something people would not like to face. She has a cute habit of talking to her Babaji and complaining to him. She is a girl who likes to live life fully, and not worry about the future.

So these are the characters of this story "Tales of Love" . This story will portray all the facets of love, with lots of masti. Hope you guys like the character sketch, and I will post the first chapter very soon.

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  Hey guys I am done the first chapter, I don't think it's that good but I'll leave that up to u guys. Thanks 

  Chapter 1

    "Daddd, yeh bhai ko kya hua hai, kaam diye jaa rahe hai" Dev whined as he sat down on the .             couch.
   "Aur nahi toh kya, khud gaye hai London, doosre project ke liye, aur yaha hame phasa diya" Yash        exclaimed as he sat down beside.

"Tum log sirf bahana banao, time pe kaam maat karo. Aisa kaunsa zyada kaam diya hai Maan nai, jo tum log se nahi hora", Raj commented. "Saab drama hai in log ka, inta thora kaam aur inta zyaada nataak, kuch nahi hoga inka" Akshay said, as he rolled his eyes.

All had come back, from office tired, and just sat down before dinner. As Maan was away for a business trip, Dev and Yash were left with another project to do in his absence.

"Yeh Vicky aur Annie kaha hai, dekhai nahi dere" Yash exclaimed. "Tum ne pookara, aur hum chale aaye" sang Vicky as he entered the mansion with Annie tagging along behind him. "Nautanki ki kaami thi, ki tum shuru hogaye" Akshay said shaking his head.

"Annie tum kyu itni chup ho?" asked Dev.

"Bhai i was thinking, kab Maan bhai aayenge, because I need to tell him to do my shopping there." "Isse dekho, yaha hum log soch raha hai ki, kuch serious hai, aur ye apni shoppng list ki soch rahi hai" vicky exclaimed rolling his eyes.

"Arrey tum log ka karre ho, jao fresh hojao aur dinner ke liye aao said Dadi to all of them.

They all went to their rooms, and freshened up and came down for dinner. Dinner is a very big affair. It's the time when the whole family sits together and chats about the day and all its happening.

"Mamaaa kaha hai aap, jaldi laaye khana, bahut bhook lagi ha, screamed Vicky. "Yeh kya taarika hai Vicky, kyu chilara hai ho said  Dadaji.

Naina and Juhi came and set the table with all the food.

"Dadu, aab inti mehnat se padhai kara ha hoon, toh aab tiredness aur bhook toh hogi na."
"Vicks tum aur mehnat, what a joke!! Annie said laughingly
"Oye Annie banani, Kya bolri hai tu ha, Mai bahut mehnat karta hoon, yeh alag baat hai ki sab ko dikhta Nahi dete ok!!
"Badi Ma Delhi na yeh Vicky mujhe tang karra hai!!" " Vicky chup baito kyu tang karra ho usse, khana khao khamoshi se" Naina glared at him and Annie smirked. 

         Everyone started to eat with  Vicky and Annie glaring at each other.

Over the seas, in London, Maan was getting ready for office. "Yeh project toh bahut time leraha hai, aur pata nahi kitna time lagega. Ghar ki bahut yaad arrahi hai" thought Maan as he was getting ready. He got ready, drank his coffee and left for office.

Here in India, the Khurana family ate their dinner and were sitting in the living room chattiing when Dadi bought up the topic of Maan's marriage. " Raj! tumhe Maan ki shaadi karwani hai ya nahi?" she frowned at him, "Jaha jao log yahi pooch rahe hai, tum log ka kya kehna hai?" "Ha ma, hume karni hai na Maan ki shaadi, pehle usse wapas ajane diye na, phir sooch te hai" replied Naina.

"Haaahahahah", Dev, Yash and Vicky laughed together, while everyone stared at them.

" Hum ne joke maara kya, ki tum log hass re ho" irritated Juhi asked. "Ya tum log ko pagalon ka daura para hai, Akshay commented. Dev, Yash, and Vicky controlled their laughs and said " aap log ne aisa baat kehdi ki hasi aagaye, bhai aur shaadi impossible. Aap log na unne aane dijiye, kya pata unne koi pasand ho.

 " Kya Maan kissi ko pasand karta hai?" asked Dadu "Arrey nahi, hum ne kaab kaha, hum log kehre hai ki bhai se toh poochliye ki woh kya soochte hai.

" Agar Maan kisse ko pasand karega toh hum maana thodi na karenge" replied Dadi. "Accha aab chalo sab sone jao, Dev aur Yash tum dono aapna presentation ready rakhna, kaal present karna hai tumme samjhe Akshay said while going away. All left to their rooms, except Vicky, Dev and Yash.

"Bro maaza aaega na, agar Maan bro ki shaadi fix hogaye, unki toh halaat kharaab!" Vicky exclaimed and they all burst out laughing.

"Chal Vicky tu soja, aur Yash chal hame yeh manhoos presentation khatam karni hai, ek bhar bhai agaye, unse toh badle leke he rahoga Dev said annoyed.

"Mummaa!!! khana nikaliye, mujhebahut bhook lagrahi hai exclaimed Geet as she came in to the living room. "Geet tujhe aab bhi bhook lagi hai?. Abhi toh raste mai tu ne gol gappe khaye, aur phir bhi tujhe bhool lagrahi hai?," commented Arjun as he followed her inside. "Itna maat kha, moti hojayigi". "Bhai, mai zyada nahi khati hoon, ok. "Nahi tu khati hai, aur aab moti bhi hojagi, motiii" laughing Arjun replied.

" Mummaa!! dekho na bhai mujhe tang karre hai! screamed Geet. "Arjun kyu tang karra hai geet ko rebuked Rano as she came and set the table with food. "Kaha se moti dikhre hai meri beti tujhe?" "Mumma aap ko na, kya hua hai, itna khayige toh moti toh hojaye gi  na! " Arjun replied.
 Geet sat down, with a pout on her face. Nobody knew that Arjun loved to tease geet, because he found her to look like an adorable baby when she pouted and he would then start to manao her.

 "Arrey meri princess kyu bura mangayi, he said n pulled her cheeks adoringly. "mai toh mazaak kara tha na, agar mein tujh se mazaak na karo toh phir kisse karro. Tu toh meri gudiya hai na. Chal mai tujhe aapne haath se khilauga tujhe" Rano stood there watching her children lovingly as Arjun fed geet, and geet fed him also. She had tears in her eyes, and a hand came forward and wiped them. She looked to her side, and saw her husband mohinder who was wiping her tears.

Geet looked to the side and saw her parents gazing at each other lovingly. She nudged Arjun and told him to look to side through her eyes. Arjun glanced and he saw his parents. He looked back at geet and they both had a mischievious glint in their eyes. They both got up, and quietly went close to their parents, and both whisled. "Wheeet" Their parents shocked, look up to see their badmaash duo, smirking at them.

"Oye hoyeee... dekha bhai yaha toh scene hi romantic hai. Dekho na... mummaa aur papaa toh aapni hi duniya mein khogaye." Arjun smiled widely "Ha geet, sach kehra hi toh, inne dekhe ke koi bhi kahega ki nayi jodi aur kon mannega ki inne 2 bade bacche bhi hai."

"Hahahahaha... " they both laughed,

"Badmashooo... koi aise kehta hai aapne maa-baap ko, haa said Mohinder. "Aur kya, hamare romance karne mai koi ban lagawa hai kyaa, hum toh abhi bhi jawaan hai samjhe tum log! " "Aap bhi na kya kehra hai bacchon ke samne Rano said blushingly.

"Oye hoye... mumma blush to aise karre ho jaise papa ne I LOVE YOU kaha aapse" said Geet and Arjun while laughing loudly.

Rano blushed even more, and she was just to embarrassed, but replied to them. "Chalo aab tum dono jao sone warna bahut pachtaoge" Arjun and Dev went away laughing to their rooms, while in the living room mohinder nudged Rano and said "Oh mai kya gi I love you" and hugged her.

That it for Chapter 1. Please like and comment it would be a great support! 

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Lovely starting 
Thanks for PM
Update soon 

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very nice start 

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Note: So in this chapter 2 new characters are present:
Meera Rathore: She is the daughter of industrialist Kunal Rathore. She is the best friend of Geet.She is a mischievous girl, who loves to play prank with her friends. She is easy going and very spontaneous. She has a twin brother Karan, who attends the same college as her and she is 1 minute older than him n she never lets him forget it .

Karan Rathore: He is the son of industrialist Kunal Rathore. He is 24 yrs old and is the twin brother of Meera. He is 1 minute younger than his sister and she never lets him forget. He goes to the same college as his sister and is doing a masters in BA. He loves geet as his sister and is very protective of her and Meera. He is a fun and cool guy, a harmless flirt and very good looking. 
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Hey guys I'm done chapter 2. Hope u like it. The way it's written I have been inspired by sameera_12's way of writing. Hope u guys like it and pls like n comment. Thanks 

Chapter 2

The next few days past by in a blur. Over in London, Maan was working as hard as ever to finish all his work, so he could go back home. He was feeling homesick really badly... He had a very immense workload, and sometimes didn't even return home to sleep. He fell back on his bed, and was fast a sleep...

The Khurana Khandaan was getting ready for a new day. "Dev, Yash jaldi karo tum log, kaha ho, office ke liye late horaha hai" Raj screamed for them as he finished off his breakfast. "Yeh dono kaha hai, itna important presentation ha, aur yeh dono aaj late. Kabhi nahi sudar sakte yeh log" Akshay commented as well.

"Vicky, jaldi aao college ke liye late hojao ge" Soha was screaming for Vicky, and he came running down the stairs. "Sambal ke Vicky, dheere chao. Agar itni jaldi ho toh time pe uta karo na beta," Dadi gently reprimanded him.

Yash and Dev, came downstairs and drank their juice in a gulp and ran out. Vicky grabbed a slice of toast and was looking around for Annie. not seeing her he exclaimed  "Aapki laadli kahi nahi dikhai dere hai, yaha hum log late hore aur yeh abhi bhi make-up karne mai busy hai. Annieee jaldi karo!!"

"Vicky, Annie tumse pehle ready hogayi aur woh car mein wait karri hai tumara, jao aab" said Dadu. VIcky ran outside and saw Annie sitting in the car and getting impatient. "Vicks!!! she was angry, "Hurry up hum late hore hai, mujhe aapna project submit karna chalo!"

They both went off to college and reached there in the nick of time. As they entered their college they saw their group of friends, and went their separate ways... This college is one of the prestigious colleges of Delhi, and only the best get in and also the rich. Geet is also part of this college and she and Annie know each other very well.  They attended their classes and at break time, Annie was walking with her freinds to the canteen, and along the way she saw Geet. 
She ran upto her and hugged her from behind... "Hey di! kaise ho aap? she exclaimed excitedly. "Arrey Annie, mai acchi hoon aur tum?" Geet returned the hug lovingly. "Aur batao aaj almost late kaise hogaye tum"...

"Kya batao di, yeh Vicky bro na late utte, aur hum late hogaye. Aap ko pata hai mai car mein wait karri thi, aur Vicky bro na poochre the ki mein makeup karne mein busy hoon aur hum late horre. I tell u di yeh Vicky bro na ek don unne mai accha pitwaogi!"

Geet laughingly said " Arrey yeh toh bhaiyon ka kaam hai aapni behen ko irritate aur tang karna but pyaar bhi bahut karte hai. Tumhe pata nahi mere veerji hai na woh bhi mujhe tang karte hai aur aaj mujhe utane ke liye unno nai Fast and Furious ka title track, mere kaano ke paas play kiya aur mein ekdum utt gaye. Woh kya hai na pehle toh irritate hogaye aapni neend kharab dekhar, par bhai na everyday subah mera chehra dekhte hai first thing, so woh karne aaye the.

"Aap ka chehra first thing par kyu? curious Annie asked. "Woh kya hai na kuch saal pehle mein bhai ke saath bahar gaye thi and I got lost. Bhai ne mujhe bahut doonda,aur us place me gun shots hogaye waha, aur bhai bahut worried thee kyunki mein unke saath nahi thi.
 Jab main mile mai, dehydration ki waajhe se behosh thi, toh iss event ke baad bhai na bahut protective hogaye aur haar subah mera chehra dekhte." said Geet.

"Ohh, arrey di chalo na canteen mein jaake kuch khate hai, bahut bhook lagi hai" Annie took Geet by her hand and took her to the canteen. In the canteen Geet and Annie saw their friends. They walked up to their tables and sat down. "Hey Geet kaha thi toh, hum kabse wait karre tera!" exclaimed Meera, Geet's best friend.
 "Arrey Meera, dekh na Annie hai saath mein,  matlab in dono ke baatein shuru hogaye, aur jab yeh dono shuru hote toh time ka kaha pata lagta hai inne!" commented Karan their other friend. Geet and Annie looked at everyone in shock, and their expressions triggered their groups laughter. They all laughed to which Geet pouted cutely, and Annie frowned.

Geet looked at them at said "Arrey yehkya bolre ho tum log, hum log ko time ka pata nahi, hum ne soocha ki hum canteen mein aapne friends ke paas jaate hai aur tohri masti karte hai, aur yaha toh hamara maazaak udarahe ho. Bhalayi ka toh zamaana hi nahi raha!"

They all had a good laugh and since there were no more classes they all headed home. Geet reached home and there she saw her mom sitting in the living room and chatting with some people. 
As she entered she saw her bua and her cousin there. "Buaaa, Ananya aap log yaha. Wowww! she exclaimed excitedly and  ran up to hug them. 
Her bua Ragini laughed at her excitement and hugged her tightly. "Kaisi hai mere bachii? " Mai toh acchi hoon bua, aur aap" Geet said.

"Uhh Uhh Uhh" coughed Ananya dramatically. "DI agar aapka yeh prem milaab hogaya maa ke saath, toh idhar bhi dekhiye na, yaha aapki choti behen bhi hai, uspe bhi zaara aapna pyaar jataiye."

"Oye nautanki, mai tujhe kaise bholo sakhti, toh toh meri jaan hai." Geet gave her a tight hug. They all sat around and chatted for a while.

Naina and Juhi were watching their favourite tv shows, when the kids came home. Dev, and Yash looked tired out and went upstairs to freshen up after greeting them , while on the other side Vicky and Annie were smiling. They saw the mothers there and rushed towards them. 
"Badi Maa aapko pata hai aaj kitna maaza aaya college mai and Annie told them about the happenings of college. "Chachii yeh kitna bolti hai, rookne ka naam nahi lere." exclaimed Vicky
 while he was seated on the floor, with his head in Juhi's lap, likewise Annie was seated with her head in Naina's lap. 
Both the ladies were caressing their hairs lovingly.. Dev and Yash came down the stairs and saw this seen. They looked towards each other with mischievious eyes, winked and went over towards the others, with frowns on their faces.

"Yeh kya Maa, hum dono thakke ke arraha hai aur aaplog ye dono ko laad karre ho" said Dev. 
"Not fair, humme bhi toh aaplog laad kar sakte na." commented Yash as he gestured Annie to move and she did.
 Whereas on the other hand Vicky still had his head in Juhi's lap with his eyes closed. Dev went over to him and pushed him away and put his head in Juhi's lap, whereas Yash snuggled up to Naina,

Vicky was looking at Dev, with a frown "Bhaii that's not fair, mein yaha tha pehle, tum mujhe push kyu kiya."
 "Vicky, maa ki goadd na takhe we aur mehnat waale bacchon ke liye hai, samjha! Aur hame toh rarely yeh chance milta hai na, kyunki jab bhai yah hote toh hamare toh koi importance nahi hai na." replied Dev. 
At the same time, Dadi walked in, and Vicky rushed to her and complained... "Dekiye na Dadi, yeh Dev aur Yash bhai na bahut fayda utta rahe nai, aur mujhpe dadagiri karre."

" Kyu tum log mere bacche ko pareshan karre hoon, bechare yeh bhi toh taak ke aaya na college se, aaja vicky tu mere paas" Dadi said as she started caressing Vicky's head...

Annie looking at this scene frowned... "Ek baar Maan bhai ko aane do, phir na aap saab ki band bajaogi mai..."  "Oye Maan bhai ki chamchi retorted Yash..."chup kar"...
At the same time Dev's phone started ringing and Dev jumped up with excitement as he saw Maan's name flashing on his screen...

"Kya baat hai bhai, tum 100 saal jiyoge, tumhari he baat karre hai sab..."Dev chuckled

"Meri baat? zaroor meri aachi khasi buraii karre hoge tum lof hai na? Maan raised his eyesbrows...

"Buraaii aur tumhari, rehne doo, mein aur Yash tumhe bahut miss karre, tum toh boss bannne behte ho, kya bigaada tha maine aur Yash ne jo tumne woh darn project hume diya??? 
saara din ussi k chakarr mein saar ghomma wa rehta hai... hum dono ne soochaa tode din ghoomege, graduation ke baad, lekin tumse toh hum bhaiyon ki khushi dekhi nahi gaye na ... khud chale gaye London aur humme phasa diya.. not fairr..." Dev complained

"Oye chal oyee... jab se bakwaas kiye ja raha hai"... Maan frowned... " Acha bhai ek baat bolo... tumhe laadki kaise chahiye shaadi ke liye? kya woh modern, ya traditonal, hot and happening ya phir koi aur... bolo na... woh kya tumhari shaadi ki umaar hogaye sab kehrahai hai aur aab na tumhe shaadi karni chahiye...Dev came into the mood to pull Maan' s leg...

"Tu ladki ki baat karra hai... ya phir koi menu ki... aide pooche Radha Kaise kisse se Italian, Chinese ya continental khana pooch raha hai...kaisi  bakwaas karra hai idiot!! "Aur toh aur phir shuru hogaye tum saab ussi topic ko le kaarr, chain nahi hai kya tum saab ko, ya phir tum dono ke paas kaam ki kami hai... Maan was irritated

"Hahahahhaaaha ... mazaak hai bhai, as u say take a chill pill... Dev laughed.

"Acha aur batao kya chalra hai ghar pe?  Maan asked taking a sigh of relief...

"Kya hoga kuch nahi... hum log aaye hai ghar... aur Dad aur chachoo abhi office mein hai... Dadu 
rest karre hai aur Dadi. Mom aur chachi  yahi par hai betewi hai...aur Yash aur mein... Dev was about ot complete but Maan cut him off ..." HUmesha ki taara free..haina???...Maan completed Dev's sentence while laughing...

"Haan ha has lo... meri bhi bari aaye gi na tab dekh longa.." Dev pouted. "Achaa aab mein rakhta hoon, bahut kaam hai mujhe, tum log ki taara free behta nahi hoon..." Maan laughed

"Bhaiii""... ha jao aur aish karo " Dev exclaimed

"Chal bye"... and the phone disconnected...

Maan he did all his work by himself. He didn't like to hire help for himself only. He knew that if they found out at home, Dev and Yash would make a laughing stock out of him... and the elders would definitely scold him for not taking care of himself...

"Kyu saab meri shaadi ke peeche pad gaye yaaar...kuch toh zaroor pakra hai Maan...tu zaara 
sambhal ke rehna... aur to aur yeh Dev ur Yash donoo ko nahi chodunga... zaroor sab ko in dono ne hi uksaaya hoga"... pouted Maan...

And this is is the end of chapter 2. Hope u guys like it and pls comment it would mean a lot.
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Hey guys I guess there is no point posting on this thread because ppl don't care to look over this so from now on all updates will be on the thread posted in the geet forum. Thanks
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