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Hello everyone i am here again with my 4th story on swasan and i am telling you guys firstly this story is a fun loving story and as well it is asanskari also Evil Smile.
So basically it is a asanskari story from my gutter mind ROFL.

So my blabbering end here

Scroll down for Character sketch

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Sanskar Maheshwari- A sweet boy who always follow his parents order. And he love his small brother lakshya.

Swara Gadodia- A bold bindass girl and independent also. She doesn't have a good relationship with her father. And she love her maa and her sister ragini alot.

Lakshya Maheshwari- Loves His brother sanskar alot and loves ragini alot. He is in a happy relationship with ragini.

Ragini Gadodia- She is possessive about her sister and no boy can look or touch her sister swara. Then she will break the bone of that boy. And she loves lakshya also.

Dp and Ap are parents of sanlak .
Shekhar and shomi are parents of swaragini

Scroll down for part-1

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Swasan ss
A man of age middle twenties who was sitting with his small brother and with his brother's girlfriend.
Man-(monologue)- Today i will loose my life my love my soulmate my everything. And i can't do anything. I am seriously a looser a big looser. And why the hell i am sounding like a pure devdas types no i am not devdas i am sanskar maheshwari a business tycoon but this popularity will not help me to get my love. I am seriously a looser and when you are sitting with the two most negative persons lakshya my small brother and ragini his girlfriend you ever met. I will seriously feel a big looser.
Sanskar(to his brother)- Lucky yaar can't i stop her marriage with any reasons.
Ragini- Listen sanskar we can't do anything. Whole decisions depend on her. Actually she have not yet realized that she loves you.
Sanskar- Yaar i am telling you she realized that she loves me but she is not saying because of that bloody promised which she has given to that idiot sahil sengupta that she will marry with him.
Ragini- How do you known that she loves you?
Sanskar- I have confirmed last night we met together and spends last night together.
Ragini(panicking)- Don't tell me you have done again with my sister like last time again.
Sanskar(stammering)- Vo...ma...vo...vo mai(interrupted)
Ragini(angrily)- You known you are impossible you always do something with my sister.
Sanskar- Aere i have done this only 2nd time with her not always yaar.
Ragini- I will kill you.
Lakshya- Stop it guys(to sanskar) Dhek bhai we known you love her alot but we are not sure she loves you or not. So bhai move on yaar if she is in your destiny you will get her if not then forget her and thinks that she was not yours.
Sanskar grab lakshya collar and says angrily
Do one think understand carefully she is only mine. She belongs to sanskar maheshwari only no one can snatch her from me ok.
Lakshya(freeing his collar)- Ok bhai relax but we can't do anything she will be married to sahil in few hour's.
sanskar(became irritated)- Yaar leave me alone guys for some hours i need to relax then i will make plan to stop her marriage ok.
Lakshya- Ok bhai we are going you relax ok.
Sanskar nodded and raglak left.
As raglak left sanskar was in deep thought thinking how to stop this marriage but he was not getting any idea and then he turns his head and see some mens were drinking alcohol and sanskar smiles seeing there drinking.
Sanskar(monologue)- Usually i hate alcohol but it doesn't mean that i have never drink alcohol i have drink many alcohol but it affects health na so that's why i don't like it. But whenever i think about my love and i want to say thanks to this drinks because of this i was able to meet her,love her and understanding her. So thank alcohol for coming in my life and help me to find my soulmate.

2 years ago
In a famous pub of London a bachelor party was going on of sanskar maheshwari who is going to married with kavita tomorrow.
Lakshya- Toh bhai get ready to be killed tomorrow.
Sanskar- Aere i am going to marry tomorrow not going to suicide yaar.
Adharsh(sanskar's big brother)- Bhai shaadi is like a suicide i am telling you from my experience wife kills her husband daily per minute. I am telling you this is truth. This is the true story of every husband present in this whole world.
Lakshya(to adharsh in talli voice)- Bhai you are correct.
Sanskar- Ok guys stop it i think we should go now. We are already half drunk. We should go now ok.
Lakshya- Nooo we will not go now because it is last freedom day of my lovely brother ok we will drink more ok.
Sanskar- No lucky i am your big brother so you have listens me ok we will go home now that's it. Ok.
Adharsh- Then i am also your big brother and you have to listens my order ok. We will drink more ok. And this is final decision ok. Lucky chalo we should bring more drinks ok.
Lakshya- Okay chalo.
Sanskar- But guys... oh god save me please
lakshya and adharsh left.
Sanskar(monologue)- To be honest i don't agree with my brothers at all. I think marriage is the most beautiful thing that can happen in any one's life. Marriage give us a life partner who will support each other or whom we can love more and who can care for you. But marrying with kavita is the most disastrous think can happen to anyone life. Seriously she is a chudail for me. So stubborn,so dominating seriously god save me. But i can't say no to this marriage because of my dear khaduss father Mr. Durga prasad Maheshwari because if i say no then he will not give me one percent of share of his company. I can't do anything except marrying with that chudail. Please somebody save me.
Lakshya- Oh bhai where are you lost.
Sanskar- Nothing yaar.
Then he turn and see bundle of bottle of whisky is kept on table.
Sanskar- Guys we are only 3 na so why you have brought in this much quantity. (Confused)
Lakshya- Vo actually this bottles are not for us. This bottles belongs to you and you have to drink this bottles completely ok.
Sanskar(shocked)- Are you mad kya kavita will kill me if she get to known that i have drink this much.
Adharsh- To hell with kavita. You have to follow our orders ok. So be a good boy and follow our commands.
Sanskar(trying to protest)- No bhai you can't do this to me please.
As sanskar was trying to stop them but he failed as lakshya caught his both hand and adharsh make him forcefully drink him many bottles as he can.

Next morning
Sanskar was sleeping peacefully but sun rays comes disturbing his sleep so he turns and bump into a soft body. Then sanskar open his eye's and saw a beautiful girl was sleeping peacefully besides him.
Sanskar(monologue)- Is this a dream? If this is a dream god please don't break this dream. Oh she is so beautiful and her eyes i known her eyes is closed but phir bhi she is so beautiful.
Then Girl's one hand fell on his bare chest. Then reality strikes him.
Then he look towards her and sees her whole body is wrap with bedsheets and then he look toward himself as he was in his boxer's only. Then he realize that they have make out.
Then he jump from bed with a jerk.
Sanskar(shouted)- WHAT THE HELL! is this.
Girl woke up with a jerk.
Girl- What happen sanskar?
Sanskar- Oh hello how do you known my name and who are you?
Girl(shocked)- Sanskar you forgot whatever happen last night.
Sanskar Nodded.
Girl(dramatically)- Why god this happen to me. I lost my virginity last night to this boy and now he don't known me. Why god?
Sanskar- Excuse me i also my virginity to you also madam vo bhi few hour's before my wedding. Oh god she will kill me if she gets to known that i slept with a girl. (Holding his head in his palm)
Girl- Oh your so called chudail would be wife na.
Sanskar- Who said she is chudail...i mean How dare you say she is chudail.
Girl-Ohh hello you told me last night ok.
Sanskar(shocked)- I... told you really.
Girl- Yes you told me and you also said that your father is khaadoos or taklu or mogambo, many thinks you said last night.
Sanskar(mumbled to himself) Ohh god how can i tell this vo bhi with a stranger oh god seriously i am gone now. (To girl) Look tell me what happened last night with details because i want to known that ok.
Girl- Are you really a idiot or just doing acting in front of me.
Sanskar(confused)- What?
Girl(get irritated)- Don't you understand that we have sex last night. Why you are asking same questions every time?
Sanskar- Oh madam i also known that we have sex last night but i want to known that what happened before our make-out ok.
Girl- Oh yeh bolo na tab. Ok listen as you were partying with your brothers i was also there as my friend birthday party was going on. So i saw you all three were fully drunk then i see you were going out so i don't known why i starts following you then suddenly ( interrupted by call on sanskar's phone)
Sanskar gets angry by sudden disturbance of a phone call so he received the call without seeing name of the caller and starts shouting on the caller
"Don't you have any manners you idiot, fool, loser. Just tell me your name i will sue you. I am sanskar maheshwari you don't what can i do to you. So just tell me your bakwaas name dude".
Then a roaring voice comes inside from phone.
Sanskar(scared and stammering)- Da...da...dad...i...i am...i am sor...(interpreted by dp's voice)
Dp- I will take your class later on ok but right now you just come our home right now. Today it is your wedding and you are absent today. Seriously sanskar become mature in few hour's you will be married but still you are immature.
Sanskar(still scared)- So...sorry da..dad.
Dp- Sanskar come home right now or unless you will pay for it.(in threatening tone)
Sanskar- Ya dad i am coming right now bye dad and sor (call cut).[
BR]Sanskar take a deep breath and the girl starts laughing.
Sanskar(making faces)- Hey don't laugh you don't known how much my father is strict.
Girl- I known you told me last night that he is very khaadoos everyone is scared from him.
Sanskar- Yup correct... Acha listen give me your mobile number please.
Girl(confused)- Why?
Sanskar- Actually i have to go right now so whenever i get free i will call you and will meet at any place and then you will tell me the continuous part of last night ok.
Girl- Ok
Then she gave her number.
Sanskar- And what's your name?
Girl- Swara Gadodia.
Sanskar- Swara Gadodia. (Then realized something and mumbled to himself) Gadodia...swara gadodia...gadodia...ragini gadodia...swara gadodia...it means swara is ragini's sister...it means i slept with ragini's sister swara... It means LUCKY TU TOH GAYA.

End of part-1
Please do like and comment.

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Arey sujay Angry

I'm happy for new story but remember the previous story Dead

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Res.. Bro.. But where is the update of phir se.. And another story which is stopping with prologue

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Im very excited for ur new story..but plzzz yr complete the old ones...willl be waiting...


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Magic of love ki update chahiye

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Leku,kamila sissy and talia i promised i will update phir se first then this story pakka

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