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TS: Of Parental Love & Heartache| Part B - Pg 6 - May 7| (Page 4)

gargpoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 April 2016 at 12:59pm | IP Logged
Its awam
Adi is the best character after leap..
U portrayed his emotions very well
Loved it
Cont soon

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Hayaa.m IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 April 2016 at 1:23pm | IP Logged
Super awesome Thumbs Up

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zohakhan7 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 April 2016 at 2:30pm | IP Logged
loved reading it

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-Silencia- IF-Sizzlerz

BollyCurry Buzzer
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Posted: 02 May 2016 at 7:54am | IP Logged
I'm so damn angry at you Neets! Angry Angry For not writing anything before, and even after you did write, for undermining your brilliance again and again Angry

This is so fabulous, I have no words Clap Clap Clap (Or I have a lot of them Tongue)

Time and again we have all felt for Adi. He has been wronged time and again, by all parents included. He has never been anyone's priority per-se. And that hurts me. And that hurts you even more, I know. We have had so many discussions where you've felt dejected by the show's treatment of this wonderful boy who has done nothing wrong, yet is punished. Who bears the brunt of his parents' mistakes. Who, when was misguided, was focused upon. But when back home, has gotten lost amidst his parents' tussles of their own insecurities and the focus on his sisters.

It is apparent that he loves his sisters, both of them. But he's a kid too, with no parents. He has an equal right to parental love, if not more.

You have weaved his feelings in so beautifully Neets, that coupled with this grown-up Adi who's turning out to be a fab actor, I could almost feel like I was watching this scene playing out in front of my eyes.

The loneliness he suffers from when his father doesn't pay him the attention he deserves, and the hurt when he discovers his mother after 7 long years. It makes me want to reach out to him, hug him and wipe his tears.

I'm so amazed Neets, and so waiting to read more Embarrassed Embarrassed 

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Neetz Goldie

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Posted: 03 May 2016 at 1:45am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Anku-



Stop with the thanks, rather Its me who should be saying sorry and thank you for foiling your attempts at surprising me. But it wasn't helping when a pretty detached Neets was asking constant questions and opinions from me in regards to Adi LOL And even if you hadn't ultimately told me I would have still known you were up to it. 

Hawww. You can't say that. You're the one i keep bombarding with questions, discussing everything with you. And the two things i asked you that led u to guess my secret were the ones i badly needed a confirmation on. So, yeah..LOL

Coming to this being your first attempt, CONGRATULATIONS on that, you've finally done what I've been asking you to. With someone with so many ideas up her sleeves and such clarity of thoughts you should have been writing all along Embarrassed But thank god to Aditya Bhalla for inspiring you finally,all the more reasons to love him now. 

Thank you. That was a sweet thing to say.. Haha.. Adi is a darling.. There have only been reasons to love him.Smile

I don't have to tell you how much I love Adi, and how much I've always felt for the kid. He was misguided for 13 years of his life, taken away by his mother from his real family to just be pushed aside in a house that only provided him with riches and no love. Then comes in Raman and Ishita who manage to rescue him post a lot of drama where he's made to feel like a pendulum swinging two and fro. And when he finally did manage to gain a family, the incessant drama by his parents lead to him losing both families, both parents and now left with nothing. 

Yes!! The reason my heart hurt a lot more for Adi was because he never got the love he deserved and needed. He was used by his biological mother and her partner to just hurt his father and then Ishita too when she came in the picture. He was filled with hatred for his father who loved him immensely. Shagun never loved him as a mother would or should and we have seen that in instances when she runs to save herself from the fire when it was her son whom she claimed to love was surrounded by fire, when she doesn't bat an eyelid on learning he had taken wrong medicines and when she tells him she doesn't need him to stay with her now that she has Ruhi who will help her to keep Ishita Raman under her thumb. She didn't care that her son was going down the wrong path doing things to kick Ishita out as long as she got what she wanted. Ruhi atleast had a loving environment whereas Adi was always surrounded by riches, scheming and hatred.

Ishita wanted to die for Adi, Raman doesn't mind dying if Pihu wasn't around either and Shagun is also Pihu's mom more than Adi's. So where does that keep Adi? That hurts when thought about and my heart goes out to the boy.

Ishita wanted to die for Ruhi and Raman is living for Pihu. Adi was never given importance. He was nowhere.Cry

You've penned down his inner turmoil, his loneliness, his queries and dilemma so so well that it hits right where it has to. Not only have you gone over every detail of his entire life and its wavy ride but also made him honest to accept his own flaws there. 

Thanks. That's because i believe Adi is someone who learned from his mistakes and made an honest effort to not go astray again.

What stands out the most in all of this is the scene with Ishita, where his shock on seeing her and the deluge of varied emotions he went through made me literally tear up. I cried when he hugged her, when he was elated on finding her alive and then cried with him feeling the frustration and anger and disappointment when he realizes she chose to stay away too, even though she could have at least chosen him. Again it was either Ruhi more important or Pihu.

I can't begin to imagine how that must feel. To be pitied against his sisters for his parents' attention and affection.Cry

Thanks so so much for writing this NEE, this story will be cherished for as far as I can remember because surely the writers wouldn't dare penning something so beautiful and concentrate on the feelings of this boy whose as much as part of the show and IshRa's life as Ruhi is. 

I am so glad that you liked this. This means a lot.Embarrassed

Thanks once again for the lovely surprise sista, and for always being there to bear me and my tantrums and for understanding me so well. I am so so proud of you for finally writing, and I want to hug you tight for not just attempting but for also choosing something that is so close to our hearts Hug

I could say the same for you. Hug

P.S - Don't say you aren't nuanced or skilled enough. If this isn't genius then nothing is. And I wouldn't just say it like that.
Ermm okay

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Neetz Goldie

Joined: 22 September 2014
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Posted: 03 May 2016 at 2:10am | IP Logged
Originally posted by SA1234

Nee!! This was such a bolt from the blue and so so so beautifully written.Clap
I knew you felt for Adi ..that you actually hurt for him and you have managed to turn that into something so beautiful..

Anju Hug Thank you so much.

The opening scene where Adi was reflecting on his life was agonizing and as you rightly expressed "he has always got the shorter end of the stick". Yet there is this calmness about him now - such a far cry from the hatefilled and bitter 11 yr old boy that he was although the circumstances are just the same. He was grossly neglected then and he is being grossly neglected now .

That's because he was a misguided child before. He was only taught to hate. Then Raman and Ishita came into his life and then he learnt what love is. Kids learn what they are taught, what they see. He received love and he gave it back in return and has held on to it since then.

I also loved the simple, direct and very valid questions that he asked his Ishima . And the way he cut Mani off - sooo like his Papa Day Dreaming 
 " ghar ka Chirag" line was hard hitting... Surprisingly , all through out his outburst I couldn't sense any bitterness in was just PAIN..HEART WRENCHING PAIN..and desparate cry for some answers..

Because there is no bitterness in him now. He is no longer the bratty 11 yo who harbored hatred in his heart for everyone except Shagun. IshRa healed him and sadly, they are the ones who have hurt him too time and again. He was the focus only during the GKC phase. And was made into someone who everybody hated even though it was evident that he was just being used. He was just a kid who didn't know any better and trusted and loved Shagun blindly. She was his world and then the poor kid learnt the truth the hard way. Even Shagun, who claimed that she loved him the most, chose Ruhi over him for her selfish reasons. Who even ran to save her own life when caught in a life threatening situation.

And I just realized - how many times has this kid suffered the loss of a parent?CryCry  Only to realize later that it was all a farce.

Yes. In reality, something like this would cause immense grief to the family and kids but here it's been treated as a joke not once but its thrice now. Loss of a loved one is not something anyone can have the heart to mock except these heartless morons.Cry

His parents need a reality check very badly Nee and I am eagerly waiting for the next part . 

I am sorry I took so long to reply. I have tried my best to do justice to this fav boy but i don't have managed to do what i was trying to or not.

I am glad you liked it.Embarrassed

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Neetz Goldie

Joined: 22 September 2014
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Posted: 03 May 2016 at 2:20am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -K.13-

omg Neee...

What a surprise!

I'm literally in love with what you have written here! This is utterly fantastic and the emotions are so raw and real! 
Krishy!!! Thanks a lot. I am so glad you loved it.Embarrassed

After Ruhi, Adi is the one who suffered the most but do people realize that? He is kind like Ishita, a family man like Raman, and one who keeps his emotions bottled up like both of them.

They have never done well with Adi's emotions - from seeing him come to accept Raman and Ishita to this post leap abandonment by BOTH his parents.

For me, it was Adi who had suffered the most but then they made Ruhi a victim of child abuse. Its like they are competing who to torture more.DeadAngry

In that one underlined line, you have summed up Adi so beautifully.Clap And yes, they never did well with his emotions. They focussed on him only to make him a villain pf sorts who wanted to separate IshRa. After that, nothing. There was so much scope, so much to explore but it was all pushed aside.

I could only hope the show has this type of scene but we know what a joke that is.

I seriously can't wait to see him have a heart to heart with Raman about this bc for 7 years Adi ignored a loving Raman and now for 7 years Raman ignored a loving Adi...there is just so much potential beauty in this father-son relationship that is waiting to be tapped into like you did the relationship of Ishita-Adi!

I have tried to do that. Its for you to decide if i have been successful or not.

Loves of lub & huggies! Heart   Heart   Heart

Hugs backHug

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Neetz Goldie

Joined: 22 September 2014
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Posted: 03 May 2016 at 2:33am | IP Logged
Originally posted by QueSeraSera

First thing first

Was this a competition between you and Anku, Neetz?

Her comment is almost as long as your update LOLLOLLOL

Asking cause that got me curious

Haha.. Not at all. And mine was about 4800 words so, i guess i win in this competitionLOLLOL

Now, coming to the crux of the post - first of all congratulations for this very important milestone Hug I understand how hard it is to put yourself out there in something like this

Thank you so much, Aani. Hug

this was a lovely beginning and I never imagined one day I would say this but Adi - I think I love him more than Ruhi right now.

Honestly the guy is doing a good job and my heart goes out for him - what happened in a spur of the moment back then has affected him too only his hurt and pain isnt even considered, even thought to exist.. He managed to have 4 parents in his lifetime but the one who made him feel the most loved and wanted, the one who allowed him to grow up but be a kid as well, the one who could be crazy in her overprotectiveness but who also made sure her kid knew when he had her trust, the ONE parent ADI couldnt do without actually isnt with him but no one understands that loneliness he has cause it seems he has everything - his biological parents, his stepsister who he adores and a large loving family - but the boy is still lonely and is so still trying to cling onto whatever he can hold of his Ishimaa because she means that much to him - be it by loving Pihu so much or by keeping his relations with the Iyers despite the diktat of the family...

My heart goes out to him too. But i believe not just Ishita, Raman lmade him feel loved too and he too loves and needs both of them. He can't do without either of them. He had thought he had lost his mother but he had lost his father too. He had lost both of them. One was physically distant but always in his heart and other was physically close but emotionally, more distant than these two had ever been.

He has proven that you dont need flesh and blood to be a parent or a child - you need a bond of love to have that connect. 

Isn't that what this show is all about or was all about? Dil ka rishta? 

Loved it that you have explored his side of the story here, I dont have expectations from our makers Sleepy

Love & god bless,

Thanks again. I am happy you liked this.

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