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OS: Tanu Ki Barbadi

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Posted: 24 April 2016 at 12:20pm | IP Logged
The plot of the fic wasnt plan. A game played by myself and Nive in the AbhiGya forum ended like this. Loved writing this. Hope the real one is more dramatic and satisfying than this. After 1 year of torture we all deserve it. Untill that enjoy this.

Thank to Nive.. Loved playing, sorry, writing with youSmile

The fic is a continuation from yesterday episode.


Abhi sees Nikhil dropping Tanu and Aaliyah at MM. He wonders why is Nikhil coming to MM frequently. TaaLiya go to Aaliyah's room and talk about the truth and Abhi hear it all.
Abhi knows about the  baby truth. It was earth shattering news to him..

He lifelessly walked in the lawn remembering everything Tanu spoke.
He was known for his anger and impulsiveness but today he was too shocked to react. His brain was frozen and his heart was weak.

He thought of everything she made him go through. His guilt, his pain, the insults and above all he lost his real love. Fuggy left him because of this lie of Tanu. The next moment rage filed him. He ran to his room to tell Pragya the truth, to tell her they will be together forever. Pragya was still not there in his room. 

"Enough is enough Pragya is also hiding somthing like Tanu", He decided to talk to maa instead of Dadi. He once again wanted to know why she left Pragya's hand on his..
To his shock he saw maa awake and they were a group of people around maa.

"Everything is over, maa" he heard Pragya cry.
"It's all because of me maa, forgive me. I lost, I wasn't able to fulfill Bulbul last wish", Purab said with tears

Abhi was confused, he wanted to ask them what's happening..
He was about to open the door but stopped when he heard dadi say "I shouldn't have done this drama, may be Pragya wouldn't have lost Abhi if she was his Fuggy"

Pragya tells, "It's enough daadi. I am going to tell him the truth. This is going nowhere. We only got pain through this."
She comes outside only to see Abhi standing there. There was silence for few seconds. Pragya went near him. But abhi neglected her and went to Daadi and asked, "What is happening here? What drama?"
Purab told, "Abhi please listen ". 
"So everyone know something which I don't know."
"what do you all know?, tell me", Abhi screamed..

There was silence. the group was looking at each other expecting others to talk and like always pragya took the lead..

"Do you know Tanu is carrying Nikhil's baby?", Abhi asked stopping her from continuing..
Everyone where shocked to hear him say something they did not dare to tell him..
Pragya nodded and  Abhi was shattered even more..
So, you all know and you dint tell me..even bulbul knew.. All of you cheated me.." he said in tears..

Purab couldn't see his friend so vulnerable and he told him all that happened form the day of Pragya accident.

"My fuggy dint change into a mogambo, you turned her into mogambo", he said looking at dadi. No body trusted me enough to tell me the truth, nothing changed your mind not even my pain and tears"
"Its not like that Abhi", Purab placed his hand on Abhi's shoulder..
"DONT TOUCH ME", Abhi scareamed for the second time tonight and this time it scared them

"Daadi you know I was searching her like a mad man. You saw me in pain. You didn't dare to tell me. She suffered a terrible accident and you changed her to being modern. I don't get any of this. I feel like I don't belong to this world."
"Beta" said Daadi as she came near him.
"Why wouldn't I believe you? Daadi, was I that much untrustworthy"
"No one really believed me"
"Fuggy, you too..." his voice breaked before he could continue.

Pragya went weak on her knees. She had the wall to support her. She did these all for his goodness and here he is in his most vulnerable state. 

All this is because of Tanu.. He swiftly walked to Alia's room.
He saw tanu and Alia drinking alcohol cheerfully. They looked at him like deers caught by lion when he opened the door.

"Abhi, You dint sleep still?", Tanu asked in a shaking voice.
"Dont you know you shouldn't drink alcohol when you are pregnant? Its not good for the baby"
"I was not drinking Alcohol Abhi, its only juice.."
"I love our baby too much to do something like that.. its ur nishnai"..
"THUD", Abhi slapped tanu outraged.
"Bhai, she is telling you she dint drink, why did you slap her , she is pregnant"
"Thud", he slapped Alia now

Abhi dragged Tanu out of the room. 
"Abhi why are you doing this? Did you become mad?" shouted Tanu as he dragged her down the stairs.
"I was mad all these days. I won't be anymore." said Abhi fiercely.

Tanu saw Pragya, Purab, Akash, Daadi, Rachana with Sarla Maa in wheel chair coming behind Abhi. She thought they must have told him the truth since Pragya is continuously losing.

"This must be Pragya's plan Abhi. She is trying to separate us. I already told you na. Pragya is so cheap that she might tell that this baby is not yours. Dadi doesn't like me and loves Pragya. Sarla Maa supports her lie because she is her daughter. Purab is emotionally attached to them because of Bulbul."
"I didn't tell anything about the baby. Why are you talking about it?" asked Abhi with a curious face.
"Me.. baby... that..actually", Tanu stammered.
"How dare you cheat me?", Abhi slapped her again.
"Abhi please listen to me.."Tanu said crying.

"This is for cheating me, this is for separating me and pragya, this is for kidnapping and hurting sarla aunty, This is for using a innocent baby for you selfish needs", abhi kept slapping Tanu until Pragya stopped him..

"Please... control yourself... She is pregnant", Pragya caught his hand.
"So what? Just because she Is pregnant, should she not get punished"
"Did pregnancy sop her from killing, kidnapping, hurting people? NO, right?"WHY now?"

Abhi held Tanu's neck strangling her. Purab and Akash tried to seperate him from Tanu while the others looked shocked at this brutal side of Abhi..

"Tanu..", Nikhil who got to know about everything through Alia was shocked to see Abhi strangling Tanu
Nikhil rushed towards Tanu and asked her if she was she alright. 
"She won't be. Now you won't be fine too" said Abhi angrily and slapped him.
He grabbed Nikhil's collars and held him against a pillar.
"You liar. You are no less to Tanu. You hurt Maa. Now I get why Maa improved whenever you were around her." He beat him.
"Abhi, you must have mistaken me. I didn't do anything. What are you talking? I am just a friend"said Nikhil. He didn't want to lose the chance to his jackpot - Abhi's property.
Purab came to him and said, "how much more will you lie?"
He pushed him down. Nikhil started fighting back. 

"How Dare you hit my friend, Abhi punched Nikhil on  his face making him bleed"
"You are mistaken Abhi,  What proof you have against us that you are ill treating us?", Nikhil asked wiping the blood oozing from his nose.

"Proof?.. ", Abhi said angrily pulling his hair with frustration.
"PROOFS.. PROOFS..", he screamed..

Abhi walked upstairs leaving the confused members in the living room.
He came back with a gun.

"I was provided this licensed gun for my safety, I never used it, not even when Pragya was kidnapped and I went to save her all alone", He said pointing the gun towards Tanu..
"Abhi.. Please.. dont kill me... I am pregnant..."Tanu cried..
"Woman like you have no right to live", he said with burning rage.
"Abhi.."Dadi tried to stop him but the next moment Abhi shot himself.. the bullet hit his arm and he started bleeding..
"He threw the gun to Tanu and Tanu caught it shocked at what Abhi did.

Police walked in at the right time to see Tanu holding a gun and Abhi injured.

As police came in, Nikhil tried to escape as everyone was focusing on Tanu.
Police were busy arresting Tanu until they heard a slap. Everybody was shocked that Nikhil was slapped by none other than Sarla Maa. 
She was standing on her feet. The next thing she did astonished everyone.
"I will not let you escape. You and Tanu ruined my daughter's life" shouting this she slapped him again.

Abhi was shocked. He wanted them punished and he had no proofs.
He dint have patience to collect proofs and he decided to create proofs.

He knew things will get worse for Tanu if she tried to kill him. He knew this was wrong morally but he felt he had no other option.
How could he leave the person who tried to kill Sarla aunty just because they were no proofs. To his surprise maa shocked everyone slapping Nikhil.
she told everything To the cops and they arrested Nikhil and Tanu for attempt to murder on Abhi and Sarla maa.


"Why did you do this?", Pragya said crying while the doctor was treating Abhi.
"Abhi did not reply to her, he did not look at her.."

"I am so glad you are fine auntyji", he said avoiding pragya.

"'Di... ", ronnie entered the room.
He switched on the TV and the saw the news of Tanu trying to kill Abhi because he found out the baby truth flashed every minute on the screen of all the channels.

"Abhi..", Dadi called him..
"I need to rest..", Abhi said looking at the nurse..

Abhi didn't talk to Daadi, Purab and Pragya even after a month. Whenever Pragya tried to talk to him, he vacated the place. Pragya decided to leave MM. When she was leaving with her bag, Abhi asked "Where are you going?"
She was happy that he talked to her but his anger didn't seem to have vanished.

"I am going home" said Pragya looking down.
"You have not changed." 
Pragya was puzzled. 

"You knew the truth for almost 10 months and didn't tell me because you can't make me believe that. Now when we have a problem, instead of trying to solve it you are increasing it"
"I tried to talk to you but"
"But what... yes you tried to talk to me but I didn't listen. Can you believe this? We have been in the same room for almost a month. But you couldn't make me listen to you. This is your problem Pragya. You can't expect others to help you solve your problems. You should solve your problems" he said as he took her bag from her and held her hands. He started walking towards their room while Pragya was unaware of what he is actually talking.

Dadi was standing near their room with her hands folded. 
"Dadi what are you doing? I was never angry on you. I just wanted you to know how it will be when your loved one hates you. I just want you to feel that so this kind of drama doesn't happen ever again."
Dadi hugged him happily. After entering his room, he realized that he wants to tell something more. He came back to Daadi and told her to invite Purab for dinner.

"What do you mean?"pragy asked him.
"I need explanations.. from you, dadi and Purab.."

"I love you Pragya, I love you to death"
"May be you love me more than how much I love you but there is a difference in our love"
"you can live without me Pragya, I cannot.."
"For you my happiness is enough but for me happiness with you is important"
"Purab, Dadi and you are my everything.. I lost Alia.. I cannot afford to lose any of you.."
"I understood why you did all this.. You did it for me.. You all did it for me.."
"But this is not the way..."

"Talk to me Pragya... Tell me when I am wrong.. Tell me what is right.. You need not prove me Pragya, tell me that is enough.. I may not listen to you sometimes but be stubborn, slap me, make me understand that I am wrong.."
"I was a idiot who couldn't find out what's happening around me.. There was so much happening around me and I was unaware.. I was crying and sulking... I couldn't find out"

"Please don't blame yourself ", Pragya placed her hand on his mouth...
"Call Purab and your maa..." I need to talk..

Abhi left leaving Pragya and dadi confused.
He was telling her he loves her and he wants her but still there was distance between them..


After the dinner, Purab, Sarla Maa, Pragya, Daadi and Abhi were in Abhigya's room.
Abhi started speaking to Sarla Maa, "First, I should say thank you ma. You did everything you could even when you were in such a state. But I have tell you this. I love your daughter but we can't stay together if we continue to be like this"

Sarla Maa stumbled, "Beta, she did everything for you. She"

"Listen to me fully Aunty. I know she did everything for me. She had a terrible accident, she suffered murder attacks, she even lost her sister in this. But is this worth it? Is my property more valuable than her pain, my pain, your pain, everyone's pain? I don't want this kind of incident happening in my family again"
"Pragya, promise me that you won't hide anything from me again"
Abhi extended his hand to her. Pragya promised him
"Purab, will you be back as my best friend? You are not only her brother. You are my friend too, Remember?" 
Purab hugged him as tears flowed through his eyes.

"Daadi and Sarla Maa, you are wondering why I asked you to come here. I know. I wanted you both to witness this. You are elders and I hope you agree with what I am doing now, Don't you?"
Sarla Maa and Daadi nodded yes.

When they were about to vacate the room, Abhi stopped them by saying
"And I missed one thing. I have another promise. This is mine. I promise you guys that I won't cheat/lie you"
"Is it fair now?" he said and laughed.

Thus started a new beginning..

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Posted: 24 April 2016 at 12:26pm | IP Logged
You guys did great!! I especially loved all the slaps that were delivered to Tanu *KKB dreams* Thank you for this! 

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Posted: 24 April 2016 at 1:00pm | IP Logged
Great game girls Smile !!  Nicely done Thumbs Up

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Posted: 24 April 2016 at 1:58pm | IP Logged
Good job! Nive and rishu. I loved the way abhi treated tanu after all she deserved it.. 

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Maggie11 Senior Member

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Posted: 24 April 2016 at 2:47pm | IP Logged
Really really really this actually happens
Just love it

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Posted: 24 April 2016 at 3:24pm | IP Logged
*forget to say*

I have already read this in AT. But this time I read it again with double excitement knowing that it is better story than cvs. Thumbs Up

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Great work rishu and nive..Thumbs Up
Abhi should do the same thing after knowing the whole truth. I don't want him to feel guilty for anything. And Tanu ko thappadh bhi aise hi padhne chahiye..LOL

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Awesome Rishu . you guys gave better ending .This will be perfect way to end this drama rather than stretching it till Mandap. Perfect ending n specially loved Abhi angry on Team as they too needs punishment from this lies n cheating. 

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