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ArShi Collab || ANKAHEE || *On Hold* (Page 44)

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Chapter ~ 5

Next day she was getting ready for her office, all night she was dreaming about her strange criminal, corrections handsome criminal, the only difference in reality and her dream was she got kidnap in her dreams, she was praying to her Devi Maiya she won't see him again'.

She  was working scaring he might come to her office or stalk her on her way, especially when she handed him to the police, she thought to engrossed herself in work to remove his thoughts and eventually got succeed.

She had finished her lunch but during lunch also she was thinking about their first meeting, how she thought him to be a nice man n helped, No matter how many times she tried to not think of him but every time something happens n it reminded her of him.

Shreya was talking something continuously but Khushi was not in this world, finally getting irritated Shreya asked her,

"What the hell is wrong with you girl?", "You are not into yourself, you are pretty quiet today; tell me what is bugging you?" Shreya demanded knowing well about her best friend.

Khushi looked at her confusingly, "What are you talking about?"

Shreya: "You tell me" She said raising her eyebrows.

What was she going to tell her, here one guy was stalking her and she was constantly thinking about him. She did not wanted to tense Shreya, so she thought, she will handle her own problem and if the matter goes out of her hands then she will ask her help.

Khushi shakes her head telling her it was nothing; it's just that she was missing her family, specially her Didu...that was also true somewhere; she was really missing her family now.

Shreya hugged her "Ohh my khush...I am there with you nahh"

Then idea came to Shreya's mind to cheer her friend, "Okay let's do this, This Sunday we will go out, we will go shopping, watch movies and best we will go to your favourite restaurant and this time no NK, only you and me, "No kabab me haddi" Done' She thumbs up.

"I will spend my all time with my bestie" Shreya said hugging her with her cheerful voice.

Khushi smiled looking at Shreya; Trust her to refresh her mood, that's why she is her bestie.

It was a tea break; Shreya was talking about NK, telling her how sometimes he behaves like kid, He was just a carbon copy of Khushi, And Khushi was a female version of NK, that's why he treats her like his sister, n sometime even fought with her for Khushi.

Khushi was lucky to have both of them as best friend and brother, but she never leaves any chance to tease them.

They were laughing on something about NK, for a moment she had thought she forgot him, but while she was busy laughing in her world, her smile fed up instantly seeing the sight in front of her, the Man she was praying not to meet from the morning itself, at least not today. 

Shreya was confused looking at Khushi's expression, why did she suddenly stop laughing and why was she tense. She waves her hand in front of Khushi to make her realize her presence "Hello" 

Then only Khushi looked at her with her awkward smile, Shreya thought she was going crazy with her crazy friend, Tea break was over, Shreya instantly remember some work so  knowing well about her crazy behaviour She left to her department telling her she will meet her later.

Khushi bid her bye and her attention diverted towards her stranger.

He was walking towards her direction, while she was at the verge of fainting, unknown to her, her heartbeat started rising. He came and stand in front of her, and she thought she will collapse soon, 

But instead of talking to her, he looked at her once and turning his head, he went towards her Boss cabin, she releases her breath, which she was holding from the moment he came, she thought she was saved this time but is she? 

She was muttering "why was he here, in her office?" "If he was here to take revenge then why did he went to her boss cabin?" 

Again her crazy mind gathered all the possibilities, .Khushi' "OMG, he will complain to my boss to make me fire from my job", "N my boss too will fire me happily, as I always trouble him" She said with pout biting her nail.  "I handed him to the police, now he will take his revenge".

She was in her boss cabin standing like a scared goat ready to become dinner at any time,

Her boss: Ms. Gupta, What is this? What am I hearing?

Khushi: WO WO...sir I mean sir...

Her boss: What WO WO? I did not expect this from you...He said disappointedly 

Khushi: Sir, I did not do anything. She stammered

Arnav: She is the one who is culprit, who handed me to the police; my reputation was at the stake, I am here to complain against her. Mr. Taneja you should take strict action against her.

Khushi: were the one ...who is...but she could not finish her sentence as her boss stops her and gave her one letter.

Her Boss: Ms. Gupta I won't tolerate such types of behaviour especially with a gentleman like him. Here is your termination letter, you can leave.

Khuhsi was standing like a statue, holding her termination letter with sad face, Aww gentleman and Him'

She turned towards her stranger n started scolding him "this is all because of you...I should have press charges"...she would have gone on but.

Her boss: Ms Gupta, if you don't leave now, I will call the security guard.

Khuhsi screamed "security guard ..."Nahiii' covering both her ears with her hands

She jerk in her sit, Then only she realised it was just a dream, a horror one, she was still sitting in her desk and everybody was staring at her like she has gone mad. She smiled awkwardly. That stupid, let him come"

She was tense n praying devi maiya to save her, her breath stopped n heart started racing when peon came n informed her that she was needed in her boss cabin, "khushi, you are dead now" She muttered helplessly.

She headed towards the hells door with her little steps. Praying, cursing her fate,

As soon as she entered the cabin without giving any chance to anyone she started, 

"Sir, it's not my fault, I am saying the truth only, Please don't fire me sir, I promise sir, it was his fault not mine she indicated towards Arnav, believe me sir, she made her crying face.

Arnav was enjoying her state, he did not expect her to react like this, but that's what he wanted, he extracted his revenge, but he can't see her like that. Don't know but it was hurting him. Damm his heart.

Here her boss was confused what was she blabbering about. He was well known about her craziness but now she was acting like a mad person before she goes on again, he stopped her seeing her confused state.

"Khushi, what are u talking?" Ok stop this, Meet Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada, He is our client from Mehra industries' and Mr. Raizada she is Ms. Khushi kumari Gupta' he introduces them, 

 Khushi looked at his smiling face, and then to her boss confusingly why was he introducing them? Didn't he come to complain against her?

But it was rude to not wish, so she greeted him helplessly with her fake smile "Hello", 

So his name is Arnav, Ohh... how Rich it sounded. She loved it. Not that she was going to admit it, at least not in front of her enemy. 

"Ms. Gupta, He is here to enquired about Mr. Mehra's project legal documents, can you just give him those copies, and detailed him about the project" Her boss gave her the toughest task ever.

Khushi felt like, she had fallen from the Sky and landed on the cotton floor, she looked at her opponent and made angry face seeing his smiling face, she wanted to smack his head for scaring her like that.

Her boss told Arnav to go with her, And she will provide the necessary details, she started going towards her desk cursing him in her mind, he kept following her with his famous smirk.

She reached her desk and asks him to take his seat though unwillingly; either way she had no choice, 

She felt awkward under his constant gaze the way he was looking at her in trance like love sick puppy, she hurriedly handed him the details regarding project to finish her task as soon as possible, n was waiting to leave him the place but it looks like he will do anything but leave. 

She thought her heart was running on a treadmill with his close proximity.  

What is so special about this man? For that her heart was betraying her', 

"Is she getting attracted to him?", or "was she already attracted from the first meeting but feign ignorance? 

That's why she always kept thinking about him, she was angry and irritated but she never hated him even when she thought him a criminal. She was questioning herself remembering her restless nights after their meeting.

She never felt like this before for anyone, not even when she met Sherya's cousin, the handsome hunk, young business tycoon, "Sushant Singhaniya", girls used to drool over him and were crazy for him, any girl would be lucky to have him, He was that perfect. But he wasn't the one for Khushi so she had politely rejected his proposal when he had proposed her, she just consider him her friend only, she liked him at that time but her heart never even flutter even after their continuous meeting and with this man her heart was like a roller coaster ride.

Suddenly she was aware of the man sitting in front of her, staring at her.

She passed sarcastic smile to let him know, she wasn't interested to talk to him anymore, off course against her heart will but it had no effect on his smiling face. 

And then suddenly from out of the blue he asks her Why did you do that'?

"Ohh, his husky voice, She was drooling, What will she give to hear that again, Wait...what was wrong with her?, didn't she heard it before, Then what was so special today? 

Wait, he asked her something right, she looked at him questioningly, 

Arnav: "Why did you called the police yesterday?"

Khuhsi became nervous, when he started the topic "Well then, you should have thought it before stalking me? She ask him but still nervous. 

She still had a doubt whether he was a stalker or had any intention to kidnap her but she wasn't scared of him like before. Suddenly she was feeling light in his company; she didn't found any reason for her strange behaviour. She should be angry on him but she wasn't. And suddenly jerk from her seat when she heard his angry tone.

Arnav: "What the?" You seriously thought I was following you? I was helping you damm it?"

Khushi looked at him again with questioning gaze, but this time his anger does not scared her.

Arnav: You forgot to collect your gift. Remember at the gift centre. He reminded her. 

Khushi was looking at him like alien, her eyes became wide in her socket, and her expressions were worth watching.

Then composing herself she asks him, 

"So where is my gift? She was demanding like she was his girlfriend and he was going to present her. 

Arnav: I don't roam carrying it wherever I go, but don't worry it will reach you soon, and Thank you very much for everything Ms. Gupta' he said stressing on the last line, with that he stood up and walk out of the office.

Khushi wanted to thank him but before she could utter anything, he was gone, for a moment she wondered... Is he a vampire? How could he disappear like that?

Then scolded herself for her foolishness, she had misunderstood him, almost got him arrested when he was only helping her n here instead of thanking him she was busy in her worry land and again lost that chance.



This update is written by Jaish Didu. I haven't edited it this time. As I promised here u all go with the looong update. Hope it's really looong for you ;-)

Read, Like & Comment guys. We are waiting for your feedbacks.


Kiddo & Jaishri

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loved it 

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wow awesome update loved it can't wait for next part thank you for pm.

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Cherry and jaish didu amazing story yaar!!! Loved every bit of it... Read all three parts together today...

And jaish didu do you have any relationship with vampire because ur really crazy about them yaar

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Awesome update...Tongue
loved it...LOL
cont soon...Embarrassed
thanks 4 pm.Wink

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Amazing update kiddo and jaishri... hahhhahh...only khushi can dream these kind of thingsROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL

now now she is dreaming about him... she is thinking about him... cleared misunderstanding... and last but not least she thought she is getting attracted to him... that is really awesome Day Dreaming...

thanks for pm kiddo...

Love you both...


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