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ArShi Collab || ANKAHEE || *On Hold* (Page 38)

madhu1210 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 June 2016 at 2:23pm | IP Logged
Nice update...

Khushi is totally crazy..

Wow Arnav finallymet khushi n spoke n clarify ..

Eagerly looking forward

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Kiddo_Star IF-Dazzler

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Whole day she was busy thinking about him and calling herself ten kind of fool. She reached her room and the sight brought a small smile on her lips. There was a gift which she had bought for her sister but it's not a gift that brought that beautiful a smile on her face but the person who sent it, for a moment she imagined, it was a gift to her from her handsome stranger. She tried to search his address or anything that she could find about him but there was none. Only her name n address was written there, she made her face disappointedly. 

It was night time, Khushi was on the bed, tossing and turning all the time. Sleep was far away from her eyes only one face was rounding in her head, n it was none other than her stranger. She was continuously thinking about him, wondering why was she behaving like that.  N after long hours sleep took over god knows what time, only the difference was this time she was dreaming but he was not alone.


Now days Khushi always find herself thinking about him n scolding herself for her insensitivity. If that day she had had behaved nicely, then who knows they would have been friends now.

Here Arnav kept himself busy in his work or better say was trying to concentrate on his work but was failing miserably. All the time either he kept thinking about her or busy in scolding himself for distracting from his work n losing control just because of a mere girl. But Every time he consoles himself saying one or other things, his heart kept on denying. He had to do something.

How many times he had repeated that parrot lie She doesn't affect him 'it doesn't matter, it does not make any difference. Not today but tomorrow he will definitely forget her. 

But say its fate or destiny, they must meet. They were made for each other, so how can be they separate. Finally Arnav gave in; he wanted to see her every time of his existence. It was getting difficult to survive without having her thoughts in his mind. He wanted to see what these feelings are? This restlessness which was making him difficult to even breathe.  He started to visit her secretly, her office, her canteen; her house n kept staring at her till hours. But did not felt satisfied. He wanted to know her, be with her all the time. True she thought him to be a stalker n he became one now. He remembers the day he nearly escapes from getting caught by her. 

Khushi was living in a dream land, always dreaming him everywhere. She thought she saw him many times near her office or her house but thinking that it might be another dream or she was hallucinating things because of her mental state she started ignoring it.

One day she was running towards her office, she was late but suddenly a voice came, n she halts it was Shreya. She was calling her, and suddenly she notices someone standing nearby parking lot, O My God. It was him but suddenly he disappeared she started doubting herself. Whether she actually saw him or some dream

She was thinking in her crazy brain talking to herself, "was he really there?"

Shreya was looking at her expressions n was getting suspicious whether she had hit her head somewhere or what? 

Khushi was busy debating, she always dreams about him in her favourite costume Black shirt, black jeans and Ohh that gorgeous black denim jacket but wait he wasn't wearing that this time. She saw him in blue shirt with no jacket, "what does that means?" She reaches her office but was still busy ignoring Shreya's irritated expressions.

That means only one thing' He was for real' n she screamed OHH MY GOD' he was real' He was real" She was jumping in joy like small kid.

But hearing her screams all her office colleagues started staring at her like questioning "had she hit her head? 'What happened to her suddenly'? 

Shreya looked at her glaring, asking her what happened raising her eyebrows. 'She knows she was already crazy n nowadays behaving more crazily always kept herself busy in her god knows which land. But today is the height She literally forces her to spill the beans.

"Khushi please tell me...what the hell is happening with you?'

Khushi was looking at her friend helplessly' what was she going to tell her that, she was thinking about her stranger? And was dreaming about him in day time also. She was sure.

Shreya will book the whole ward for her in mental Asylum with referring her urgent case. 

Shreya was ready to murder her with her sharp eyes n was ready to bury her in their office itself, if she so much answered her that Everything is fine'

Shreya was confused; god knows what happened to this crazy girl, She was not blabbering like she always does, .always thinking something n smiling to herself n when she ask her about what is the matter.? Every time her answer was fixed "Everything is fine"

Khushi: Shreyu please don't ask me anything. I will tell you everything but not now please. She asks her making her face more innocent.

Shreya looked at her for the last time then rolling her eyes she left the topic for next session as she was getting late for her work. She thought to grill her answers along with NK. She knows she can fool her but she can't deny NK. He knows how to handle his crazy sister.

It was night Khushi was thinking about him, "If he was for real that means he was following me", She smiled knowing the truth, "Ohh god but why am I so happy about it?", I should be angry like previous time then Why I wanted to see him. She spends her night thinking about Arnav not a stranger anymore.


Next day passed as usual, scolding n teasing Shreya about NK but even with her friends she never forgets to think about her Arnav, he was not a stranger any more. 

NK had completed his training and soon was going to join his dad's business, so he was giving one small treat to his lovely girls, three decided to meet at one cafe in the evening as Khushi won't be able to come for late night dinner. Shreya and Khushi decided to rob his pocket next Sunday as they had planned full day outing and shopping but for now both were fine with this caf treat. 

Evening three reach at the caf; Khushi was constantly checking her surroundings hoping to see her stranger if by any chance, Shreya was getting irritated with her behaviour. 

Three took their respective place.

Nk: So My beautiful, gorgeous girlfriends, what would you like to have?' he asked dipping his head in the menu card. 

But he did not receive the answer, instead Shreya nudges NK's Shoulder, and NK looked at her questioningly "What?"  

Shreya: Nothing, Ask you sister? She said irritatingly and shrugged 

NK looked at Khushi then not getting anything again looked at Shreya asking her what was she talking about?

Shreya got more irritated, with her tube light boyfriend, aren't you looking at her, she is pretty quiet from the moment we enter. I am sure something is wrong with her. Shreya spit out angrily and this time NK looked at Khushi more curiously.

Shreya: Khushi, is there someone coming to meet you?

Khushi was bewildered with the sudden question as she was busy and wasn't paying attention to their talk.

Khushi: Ahh...What? N..No...No..why would you asked that? She said stammering while grabbing the glass of water hurriedly as she got caught red handed.

Shreya: No I just asked simply, you were constantly looking at the entrance so I thought if someone is coming to meet you 

Khushi: No...No .Nothing like that. Khushi said this time controlling herself.

Shreya: Khushi you are ok nahh?, there is nothing to worry right? Shreya again asked worriedly to confirm her doubts.

Khushi: Yes, shreyu, everything is fine, can we order the food please I am very much hungry, looking at Nk, bhaiyu, please ask your cruel girlfriend to not eat my brain with her stupid questions as I am very much hungry, she said changing the topic suddenly.

Shreya was confirmed there was something that Khushi wasn't telling her but she thought to leave the topic for now and give her some time as she trusts her best friend with that she also joined her teasing game.

Shreya: Aww, what did you said cruel, am I cruel? What about you huhh?, It's me who has to bear you and your antics.  Someone would have run away long before Shreya said faking her anger.

Khushi: Aww, Bhaiyu see na, your girlfriend? Khushi said complaining her brother.

Shreya was looking at him raising her eyebrows, threatening Dare you support her'?

NK was caught between the rock and boulder; he was confused whom to side, in both the cases he was going to become sandwich.

NK: Now, you both please don't eat my brain. He said to save himself not siding any of them.

Khushi and Shreya smack his head and Hifi with each other. Knowing well about his escaping game.

Nk smiled looking at their bond. And he screamed Ahhh' faking like he got hurt

Nk: If you both have planned to kill me instead of celebrating my victory, I better save myself, I am leaving now.

Khushi: Bhaiyu, I know you can't be angry with us, Now leave this drama and tell me when are you both planning to get marry, I am done waiting. It's been 2 years bhaiyu. She said pouting

Shreya: Now where did that come from? Shreya ask to avoid the topic.

The problem was NK was from rich family but Shreya was middle class so she has fears that his parents won't accepts her

Nk: Ask your bestie; Every time I ask her, at least we should inform our parents, her answer is fixed Not now' Nk said with complaining pouted face.

Shreya's phone rang; it was from her home, she excuses herself and went to nearby lobby to attend the phone.

Khushi: Bhaiyu, What will you do, if her parents reject you, Khushi said with teasing glances raising her eyebrows.

Nk got scared and he screamed

Nk: Ohh...What? that won't be happen. I am sure Shreya will convince them. He said still confused and tense, what will he do if that happens.

Khushi started laughing' Bhaiyu, I was just kidding. Waise don't worry if something happened, I am there for you, you do one thing, you both do register marriage, I will sign as witness, She said again teasing her brother increasing his tension.

NK: You Khush, so You were teasing me huhh,. Wait till Shreya come. He hit her head fondly.

And Khushi started to laugh more.

But there was someone watching them. Watching them from the start...


For PMs & Buddy information, please refer the next post

So guys, that's it's for today. Sorry for late update. We were really caught up in our lives so couldn't help.

Do share your thoughts regarding this with us. 


Shreya & Jaishri

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Note regarding PMs & BUDDY

Hey friends, Shreya here. This is an important post regarding the notifications you have been receiving from me for the stories I update.

I PM to almost 260 people in the buddy list (including the ones in the waiting list) while the response I get for my stories is not even a proper 100. And let me tell you, it is really very disappointing. I spend more time on sending PMs rather than drafting my story and so I have come to a conclusion.

Each and every person reading this story or any other work of mine is requested to hit LIKE of this post and only those would be receiving the PMs of my story from the very next time.

Readers wishing to receive PMs of my work, please hit LIKE

Thank You,

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..Saraa.. IF-Rockerz

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Arnav is such a stalker. Jeez! He is obsessed with her. He can't seem to do his routine activities without thinking of her.
Khushi is so crazy, she is dreaming about the stalker, such a strange behavior she is showcasing. And her friend, Shreya and her NK bhaiyu should get married soon. There shouldn't be any drama involved. Love should prevail.

I hope to see you update this soon.

Saraa :) 

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Kiddo_Star IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by ..KittyKat..


Haha didu u are always the first... U r too stubborn to leave ur post, aren't u? WinkLOL

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Kiddo_Star IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 June 2016 at 3:32pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ..KittyKat..

Arnav is such a stalker. Jeez! He is obsessed with her. He can't seem to do his routine activities without thinking of her.
Khushi is so crazy, she is dreaming about the stalker, such a strange behavior she is showcasing. And her friend, Shreya and her NK bhaiyu should get married soon. There shouldn't be any drama involved. Love should prevail.

I hope to see you update this soon.

Saraa :) 

Arnav toh bechara clean bowled hai and c'mon you can't expect sanity where Khushi Kumari Gupta is concerned, can u? Wink

They will get married for sure.. App bhi invited ho.. Don't forget to attend it

And thank u for the comment didu...

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Lily30 IF-Rockerz

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Loved chapter 6 Clap
Eager for the next part Big smile
Thank you for the pm Big smile

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chinnulu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 June 2016 at 3:59pm | IP Logged
Nice one 
Loved it 

Khushi started to dream about her stalker and thinking if she would have behaved good with him they would have been friends by now. She thinks she is hallucinating Arnav everywhere but Arnav actually became her stalker. Even Arnav is missing her very much. Shreya is really worried for Khushi seeing her behaving crazy. Loved NK's bonding with his two girls in his life and happy seeing them getting along well together. So Arnav is there listening their conversations. 

Thanks for the PM

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