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Can Mohit and Preeti still reconcile? (Page 2)

JumpingViolets Senior Member

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Posted: 25 April 2016 at 2:37pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by leavesandwaves

Mohit behaved like a brute during that last scene.

Better if Preeti thinks about a career and move on if Nandu is considerate enough towards her plight.

I dont want this beautiful woman's life becoming meaningless.

If Nandu truly loves her instead of lusting, he should set her free.

I have a suspicion that it will become like Rab Ne Bana di Jodi.

Yes, loads of shows follows the concept of Rab ne bana di jodi or concept of Hum dil de chuke sanam.

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pyaaribehna Goldie

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Posted: 26 April 2016 at 9:01am | IP Logged
Originally posted by muktha_cute

when ur so meek and u know abt ur family why to start all that nonsense of love,calling a RJ and doing karwachauth
when u no u dont have any dare to talk abt ur love even with ur parents nor u have courage to take that love to marriage
okay u met him u could have even declined but u did fine,confessed abt ur love too.wanted him to bring his parents to talk abt marriage.dnt u hold any responsibility didnt u love him y should only he take all that responsibility when u can love him why cant u talk with ur family abt it.bring him as a stranger to home y u did not confide in ur brother and told him truth.y he became a psycho in first place.when all that parents meeting hpnd he came to her house many times right,y instead of letting him on road and do drama ask him to come inside and talk and tell him how there parents came talked rudely with her parrents,insulted her and them.atleast u could have told that in phone.but no u just can cry but cant talk or can say dont talk to me
when any mu happens in any relation esp in bf gf relation they talk and sought out they dont like fools like how priti did.when she can meet him so many times and talk all nonsense but she didnt have time to tell what hpnd like really

Sarla never let them talk to Mohit in peace. She kept beating up Mohit. The family do not realize that Shanti and Sarla are behind their troubles. They are dumb. As for taking Mohit aside and talking Raghav and Shivam should have done it. Told him the insults his mother dished out. calling Priti not educated enough. Mohit should have known what his mom did rather what his parents did. Then he would not have been so psycho. But Sarla ruined it all. And they let her ruin it. For the sake of her Sarla Sadan. 

she is such a gone case,when u dont have courage then dont spoil others lyf in the name of love.she cant speak up for herself to her parents neither she can talk and discuss with her bf only she can do is cry or say plz javo

If she had the courage to talk she would not have gotten into such trouble in the first place. She got a BF but not enough courage to go further. She was meek and agreed to marry whoever Shantiya told . And then started telling that Mohit was troubling her. She could have explained to him how his mother talked how everything was ruined. Instead of pining he could have talked to his parents and sorted things out. In any case ruining Priti's life ruined his character too. What is the use of psycho lovers? When things are already bad in Shanti Sadan Mohit was just the last straw to ruin Priti's life. I had high hopes for her but she landed with Nandu the creep. So sad. 

they were never intrested to make her study more bcz dadi want that money to keep for sarla children and want preetis salary
now as there name is badly reputed she wont let her work forget abt studies
raghav is a shame on the name of father he himself destroyed lifes of all his children without getting them properly educated

Bad reputation . Couldn't Riya have done something about it? About Priti I mean. Why did she not talk about Priti's future? Riya was too busy living up to Shanti and Kushiya's expectations that she did not think of Priti's life.  In any case when they think of job as a meens of earing money then they will not understand the importance of a career when money is not a necessity. Badnaam about that who is going to know if it is Priti who talked on the radio? it could have been somebody else too. They could have done something. instead of torturing Priti

that is rly how cheap our society is always blames the girls for everything
even when they are not at fault.cvs and esp SP love to show and promote regressive thinking and shows

If they get better presents will Badnaam go away or what? disgusting. Priti became fifty percent off in one stroke. So sad. 

bcz no one could question shanti right,sarla was pregnant bfr marriage but she is shantis fav and shanti hid that fact frm raghav and sarla ran away and got  married.even pari ran away and got married but sarla full support will be for sarla and her children.shanti never loved kushiya nor her daughters or son always treated them like step grand children.raghav can insult his children but will never stand for them going against her mother and most funny thing is he can go against his mother for his daughter in law but not for his daughters and son

So true. It is amazing how Amit gets off with everything. And Pari with her disgusting affair with Vyom. And Sarla of course. But Priti all she did was broadcast her love over the radio and her life got ruined. Coming to think of that what right has Mohit to ruin her life ? She came to see him for the sake of humanity and he ruined her life. They show regressive ideas all the time. where women's lives can be ruined at will and only the crafty cunning Sarlas and Paris survive even when they do all the things society frowns upon because they have the guts to turn the tables on every body. 

why should even riya make them better actually,she must tame them trouble them and show them there u think ppl like shanti and sarla will change
even kushiya like ppl wont change then whom is riya want to change.kushiya loves to be demeaned and treated like a shit by her mil,shivam is so spineless he can see his sisters go through all nonsense so his granny can be happy.hate shivam if shivam had guts half of the problem would have been solved in first place
no one is ever gonna change for any good

That is true. Riya should tame Shanti. But Riya does not understand how Shant's mind works. Kushiya is too much taken up by her Ammaji rescuing her out of all the trouble that she does not see Shanti's selfishness. Shivam does not ever take a stand nor does Raghav except a few times when he spoke in favor of Priya. They can blame Riya for making Nimmi the bride but for Priti going to see Mohit how can they blame her?   I don't understand how Shivam can solve the problem. Since he cannot find a better guy for Priti and he cannot stop her from marry ing that creep Nandu. 

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Kanak-123 Goldie

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Posted: 27 April 2016 at 7:29am | IP Logged
Nandu is really a chaprasi...i dont know in real sense also one cannot accept him as husband the cvs are going to use him in any love scene ..might be hilarious...
If nandu will potray himself a stronger character ...then there is a chance of hum dil chuke sanam...lets see...

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pyaaribehna Goldie

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Posted: 29 April 2016 at 10:52am | IP Logged
Originally posted by MrMadonnaCicone

He was hot for her.  I want them back together.
Please, is it still possible?  Embarrassed

Are you looking for a boy for Priti? I thought some mahaan "mahila" said only arthi should leave the house? 

Which mahaan mahila said only Arti should leave the house? 

I thought it was an old saying in olden times  . to women not to leave their husband's house and come back. 

Like parent's advice to daughters at the time of marriage. 

Not just in our culture some other european cultures too the saying is there. for women. 

It is outdated for sure. what with pregnant women getting rescued by eligible boys and then "falling in love" with them and "getting married  like Jyoti of is pyaar ko kya naaam doon or Shraddha of Meri bhabhi getting married after fighting for divorce from ex husband. 

We are becomeing westernized nowadays. 

I want to know the mahaan mahila's name who said this "arthi should only leave the sasural" 

Would the cvs disclose the "mahaan" manila's name in the serial itself and oblige us? 

Riya is fighting for her rights. but she is irritating as hell. I guess she irritates Shivam as well. poor thing. 

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muktha_cute Goldie

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Posted: 29 April 2016 at 11:42am | IP Logged
plz dont even call shivam as a man
except having a bulk body and slapping women and his sister and some men what did he even do to call himself as man
did he ever took up any responsibility except to do chaprasi work for his dadi,he says he love his mom right how by crying for her
why did he never stood for his mom even nimmi being a girl did stood up for her mom but this so called man and elder son of the family never did it,his only way to solve problems is keeping quiet and nodding whatever his granny says
and u asked me right how by being shivam responsible all problem would get solved y cant he take his mom and sisters and leave the house when he knew they are treated nothing except like servants
he had a job right,y cant he man up and stop his dad and grannys emotional atyachar
when his dad was dieing to leave with his granny or was ready to leave his wife and children even then he was standing there like a statue
aise logo ko mard nahi kehte impotent kehte hain
chii for me he is the most irresponsibile son,brother,husband
what is he gud in,in what relation he did justice
he never was even a gud son forget abt gud husband

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pyaaribehna Goldie

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Posted: 29 April 2016 at 12:01pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by MrMadonnaCicone

He was hot for her.  I want them back together.
Please, is it still possible?  Embarrassed

I am sorry I went off in a tangent. (see my previous post)  I understand you look for a guy for Priti. I don't know how cvs are going to use him in this role. 

He "loves" priti but he does not care for her consent. He is willing to marry her making use of her majboori knowing she loathes him

He has nothing to give except "chutki bhar sindoor"   I understand his "love' for Priti. but does he even understand her "love" for somebody else? 

He has no moral ethical values. he is all willing to pray for the marriage to break (break it did) and bring sadness and unhappiness to Srivastav  parivaar. 

Then he can "marry "priti even though she hates him. and he will give her "lots of pyaar" (he has nothing else to give. 

He will :"Keep" her "happy"? how ? is he educated enough ? is he earning well?  if you ask these things or call him a chaprasi then it is your ghatiya soch or Priti's ghatiya soch .for calling him chaprasi or asking about material things. 

In other words Priti has to marry Nandu because Nandu loves Priti and because he loves Priti he will "keep" her happy (how?) and then  material things are not important  and looks are not important for  Nandu but not Priti. Because Nandu "loves" Priti only because she is so pretty. 

Nandu bhaiyya does not have money, nor good looks, nor does he have a house, does not have enough sanskaar to inform his parents or ask their consent. 

He wishes unhappiness to Raghav  by letting Priti's marriage break , he did his best to break Mohit /Priti relationship knowing they loved each other (at that time)  what Mohit turned out to be is not of consequence now. nandu did nothing for that. except create more misunderstandings, along with Sarla

He is not honest. He does not know how he will keep Priti happy. All he knows is he "loves" Priti "loves " her enough to cause her unhappiness by trying to ruin things for her and then marrying her knowing it will bring unhappiness to her. 

Nandu is only concerned about himself. 

There is no need to look so hurt when Priti  gives him an earful. All Priti says is true. including him being a chaprasi. but above all that  he is a ghatiya insaan who takes advantage of an opportunity when a person is down and out and get what he wants. rather get the girl he wants. 

He is not worried about further. because he thinks once married she is like an animal. who as to be bound by some rope and kept tied. and fed grass and water. and milked when required. 

Nandu's "marriage" proposal is based on the fact that women are of no consequence their wishes are of no consequence. and once married they have to do his bidding cook, clean keep house and "do other stuff" for him. that is the reason for his "pyaar" which binds a girl and not bothering about her wishes. 

Lifelong Priti is going to remember the bitterness of such marriage and have hatred all her life. 

Some girls even commit suicide under the circumstances. 

I hope this "pyaar" nonsense gets cleared once and for all. 

I Hope Riya marries a lawyer from London and gets packed off to London. 

Of guys may be Sujeev can marry Priti once Pari's affair comes into the open. 
RishuDarling Senior Member

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Posted: 29 April 2016 at 5:25pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by MrMadonnaCicone

He was hot for her. I want them back together.
Please, is it still possible? Embarrassed

Anything is possible in serials Smile
I haven't seen all episodes but at some point the truth has to come out right?
Truth about Sarla's interference, Pari's fake shaadi, Vyom and his crazy greedy family etc.
Many angles to be highlighted still.

Once everything is out in the open and behaviors are explained for, even the biggest villain can become the hero.
So keep on hoping Smile
_Meena_ IF-Addictz

Captain Daalchini
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Posted: 29 April 2016 at 10:15pm | IP Logged
her character had potential...her stammering problem couldve been explored well enough and how she gains confidence after speaking with mohit ...she had a job & was living fine...cvs just spoiled thw whole story...mohit turns into a OCD man who wanted preeti by hook or crook who later lures and ditches her by tarnishing her image...i wished he supported her when their affair came out but sarla madam ruined their potential story due to which both characters got butchered and nandu got his preeti ji which was yuck...

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