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Hiii frnds ...d epi was good sply both d akdha scenes 1st oen where jallu manaofies jo after he yells at her Wink Confused and then d last part where we get to see both praying ofr each other and wishing each other with a cute hug... Tongue

jalal glares angrily at shehnaaz who was laughing and then we have jo taking her to d room... Confused SB hukka jo and jalal r in d room where ruks ask who d girl was and SB tells that nothing to worry as she was shehnaaz and had come with jo Big smile jalal tells that she was a mad girl and ruku adds ghee to d fire where she supports jalal Wacko SB tires to calm jalal saying Rahim was ok and nothing to worry as shehnaaz was a kid from within and dint do anything on purpose but jalal yells at jo and tells her to make prep for shehnaaz as she was not going to stay here and would go for d treatment to mathura... Confused d pagal khana is within d agra palace itself so now which pagal khana was jallu talking about... Shocked Silly anyways we have HB coming and talking to Rahim and then jo leaves as she feels hurt with jalal's angry words... Ouch and he just looks on... Confused

shehnaaz is a perfect sis for ruks another nautanki no 2Wacko she cries saying that she wanted d dolls and had no intentions of harming Rahim...Wacko jo tries to console her and tells moti to take her... Confused

SB tries to convince jalal that shehnaaz was just a kid from inside even thou she had grown into a lady but ruku pokes her longgg nose saying that this palace wasn't an asylum and even after jo knowing about shehnaaz y did she bring her here...Wacko SB tries to place her pov to jalal saying that jo had become emotionally attached to shehnaaz as when she was thrown out of this palace only shehnaaz was her emotional support so how could she leave her there... Big smile also none of them could fathom what pain must jo have undergone when she had to leave agra and jalal just looks on with guilt... Tongue wow I loved SB she is truly a gem... Clap Heart she tells him that jo was recovering for md pain and now with his anger she mite drift back into her pain so he should go and manofy as it was their wedding anniv nest day and so they should happily celebrate and not remain angry on such a day... Wink Clap jallu realizes his mistake and leaves saying he would talk to jo asap... Wink and ruku remained red faced... Wink Silly for ruku I remember 1 phrase gayi bhais paani me coz she thought of creating again a rift btw akdha thru this incident as jalal had already raised his voice on her but she doesn't know how long can both sply jalal remain angry with his love... Wink so plan flopped for ruku better luck next time...Silly

shehnaaz and moti...moti praises d dolls and shehnaaz tells those dolls were hers as one symbolized shenshah and d other begum... Confused moti leaves saying that she had to prep jo's clothes... Confused

jo self talks saying that jalal always gets angry on her without listening to her yells at her Wink and we have jallu entering d room... Big smile she greets him without looking at him... Wink and asks y was he here? LOL he tells her that he regretted for whatever happened and so wanted to talk to her... Big smile she tells him all d while she has turned her face against him... Wink that was there any need to talk coz for him if she was at fault he would yell at her and d job was done... LOL jallu asks sorry from her and tells her btw he actually makes her turn her face towards him by placing his fingers on her chin... Winkanyways he tells her that Rahim was BK's son and SB's only support and now he was his ataliq so when he had seen him hanging for md wall he was hell sacred and worried and at d nick of time he saved him as he was v much dear to him... Tongue jo too tries to convince him saying that even shehnaaz had d same childish mentality... Confused also she loved rahim more than jalal himself... Big smile

on d other hand we have shehnaaz twisting one of d doll's neck which symbolized jalal... Confused and self talks saying moti was right she wasnt mad but she was here to snatch throne from him... Confused

jalal tells jo that it was enuf of fighting arguing and giving pain to each other and since it was their wedding anniv he dint wanted to spoil it... Tongue jo tells him that he shouldn't ask for sorry as she was his begum and jallu asks did he always asked sorry from her LOL she taunts him saying that y was he asking her he should asks for himself Wink and goes and stands near d window... Big smile he tells her that means she was still upset with him and dint wanted to forget and move on... Confused she asks him whether she had no rights of getting upset with him... Wink he agrees but adds that he doesn't like her to b upset with him as he can't bear her being upset with him and tells her to forget about it and leaves Wink

shehnaaz talks to jo's doll saying that she would make her d ladder for getting d throne and fulfill her wish of both joja staying together forever... Confused

hukka screeches and throws everything...Wacko she self talks of how SB h poured water on her efforts of creating a rift btw akdha coz of this Rahim's incident...and hosh comes and consoles her asking he would bring flowers and ruks tells him to bring roses as she would gift jallu roses... Confused

we had akdha's souls but no talks Tongue jo comes out in d morng with open hair looking v pretty...Day Dreaming she sees d sun rising and prays where jallu who had seen her to comes to her but she is not aware of his presence and she prays to d sun god for jalal's well being and for his long life... Tongue he just looks on smiling at her... Big smile she turns and is amazed to see jalal... Wink she asks him what was he doing here and he too repeat d same koshten... LOL she tells him that she was praying for d start of new journey and new life... Tongue she wishes him on their 1st anniv... Tongue whereas jallu tells her that whole world would wish them but he would like to wish his begum his wife happy anniv and hugs her... Tongue they break d hug and he wishes her that his wife his fav begum may god bless her with all d happiness and she rests her head on his shoulder... Tongue wow what an amazingly cute scene..Day Dreaming adorable akdha...Day Dreaming Wink

waiting... Big smile

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Thanks Harshu,

Today i adding, which scene first of my post, which we seen middle of Episode.

Which was fully precious, this episode, No soul talk, but we seen 

, Tomb, where  Both shadow, united, or i goose my bumps, Totally

 priceless movements, means their Marriage Anniversary, or their

 shadow or we can say soul  which already dissolved, but we seen,

 because both sharing, their movements, but again today became

 One, little symbolic.

janam janam ka sath hai nibhane ko

sau sau bar maine janam liye

 IPyar amar hai duniya main

pyar kabhi nahin marta hai

maut jism ko ahti hai

rooh ka jalwa raheta hai

janam janam ka sath hai nibhane ko

sau sau bar main janam liye

  i very confuse, how will analysis first scene,or little laughing, because first scene like that,  these type of circumstances comes everyperson,life many times. When one incidence happens or everybody have its own personal view,

Yesterday, Jalal saved Rahim, but ques Rise here, if jalal not reach? So safty point of view jalal worriness+because shahnaz, laughing, angeryness little acceptable, or his Nature, he Soon reacts, we all know it,s not good, but he changing slowly,  or speaks after sorry.

(when person thinks, this incidence what effects can come, acc to own mind he or she try to solve, but after hearing Others suggestion, we more think about what can more we do?

1, Ruk put more fire, this situation, means she roped seeds jalal ears, suppose she is more well wisher to Rahim,...but she was cleaning her Way, or doing side -line jodha.

what in Ruk mind, but  she totally foolish, she not seen, after too much gap if akdha united, ;;;;so this is only a little misunderstanding of thoughts.

2, salima behaved, Mature person, or she balancing movements, SB knows, now she will more aware about Rahim, because acc to SB, shahnaz, age wise big, but, mind wise child  as a mom, or she will maybe orginse more dassies for Rahim,  as a mom, she will manage, so she cooling down situations, she knows akdha recently patch-up, so need matter should not increase.or SB knows, Shahnaz+Rahim will soon patch-up, kids same time fight, same time play that person.

3, Jalal right His place,  He is father figure, or if sure any child falling, or  who pushed , he or she laughing reaction will come, its natural,...then person  after little time thinks, what her or his mind status. Rahim point, i happy to see jalal concerned, about Rahim. it means He knows, as a Father figure

what is his responsibiltes. He reacts, First he is short -tempered, Second, if he not react feels unnatural, agree couple gap begore but it not means, he will behave like silence, he will watch, yes he reacted more, because some cases reaction  should me must. its matter child safty.  He should take tight class of Security Also.

Reacting or  Disrespecting have a difference. yesterday He reacted, not  Disrespected, yes he says jodha, privately then more Good, but it happens, if we note our Daily life also.

5 But When jodha sees, her talk, no one is listening, or jalal saying her, she arrange, sent shahnaz, Out of Agra,...or jodha leaves,...This expression was enough, for jalal to realize, now he should stop reacting,...Matter increasing, or he will stop,...This change necessary this movement,otherwise fight or gap again comes.

6 Because When Shahnaz , came, then Both Akdha were sitting together,  Maybee Jalal not more knows about shahnaz, but both mind sure,Rahim look after many in Agra, or outside, or if see honestly,...Mistake happened by All.

(But sure both Akdha, immature, both knows enemies always sitting on their head, Ben point, AM attack, Maham, plan,...why both mind, or even SB, Ruk, HB, not clicking, maybe this time again, we going to   make someone saazish,shikar,...)  it means Awareness also comes acc to time, or age factor also counts. Or things take time)

Other side Jodha consoled Shahnaz,

But SB appreciable, Who  understood matter delicacy, or Ruk mind where  taking jalal mind? But her Maturity, Showed jalal, he should see Jodha point of view.

(sure if we see second point of view,  Patch up soon happens, )

Scene was Cute.

1 Jodha sitting, on Ruthi style, or wishpering,, why jalal, rebuked me, Everytalk,...Ha ha, Jodha he loves you .

2 Jodha not Ruthi, on Ruk, she also not spoke favour shahnaz, but Ruthi With jalal, she knows, first he is hubby, second,...which Main, now she feels jalal is her Own,...Otherwise,  we not take pain, or we avoid, as she avoiding Ruk.

3 Too much liked, Couple understanding, their relationship, imp, or jalal not follow Ruk words, because,...Gaps on place, Thoughts own place, maybe sometime match or sometime will not match,...But Both not put in danger their own relationship, which start to, Re-builting.

4 Jodha pernam was also, Rutha style, ha ha,...Aaj hum Ruthe huwe hee, Jodha giving these expressions,...or wants little manofying,...Ladies Birth Right. Ha ha.

, Sure jalal will thinking, Love very strange thing, women ready to fall him, or now he have to manofy this Wild Cat. Ha ha...but Right its Love,...Fight bhee love bhee But Suggestion  blance need here also. Ha ha.

6 jut like simple Hubby wife, Nok Zhonk, but was cute, jodha pointed out, your shouting, giving me, irritation, or he

 listening,...Listening is a very cool way, sometime cool down situations, or relations growth.  Happens

7 how Jalal turned Jodha's chin   To make her see him. Ha ha, Good going, Which talk now both doing comfortable  separate jone, or both listening eachother point of view, or doing patch-up, its way sirting out problems. But sure if family is big, sometime extra interference comes, or its Agra place so we should ready These interference. Because  Here  Ruk, Maha,, Shahnzaz,..also lives,  so they will sure create some.

But which was main or i too much liked, jalal words, now too much

 fight happened,we hurted too much eachother,...or i not want

 to spoil my marriage day...Or cute jalal not knows she already

  through down her angriness,   ha ha.

Jodha these words also have, imp, she not like, you will come

 again or speak sorry,but she little, female, mood,  we can say

 female Ada, Nakhara,...actually she is in love, she more saw

 you jalal this time, we say naa,...payar hoo jeyega, ha ha, 

But you right your place, you can't tak more adantaze, start

 to knowing her now naa.

Jalaal gave after she left the room sullenly? It was like, "Of

 course she'll not send Shehnaaz to Mathura, but, Which was fully precious, this episode, No soul talk, but we seen , Tomb, where  Both shadow, united, or i goose my bumps, Totally priceless movements, means their Marriage Anniversary, or their shadow or we can say soul  which already dissolved, but we seen, because both sharing, their movements, but again today became One, little symbolic.

Janm kaa sath hee Neebhene koo soo bar mene janm iye

Jodha fresh freash, looking gorgeous, or coming  or she waiting

 Sun, First Rays, which always gives positive vibes, or blessings

, because day start from here;

Or KHushnuma King, seeing him (jalal name own Amer track him,

 When he was telling stories )

Or how can he stop own when front of him, his DIL KEE Mallika.

Atleast Sun -Golden rays appears, or  jodha Happy, Shappy. Ha


OMG, what a scene, One is asking DUWWA, other is praying,

So jodha accepting front of Sun, One year gone, or Hate also gone,

 which  our inner, for eachother, or love ready to coming.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;or

 jalal ears which wants to hear, now little started to came, jodha,

 mouth,...or his expression was like that,...speechless. he was

 feeling emotional vibes.

Or jodha pray for shahenshah,  got in life respect, popularity,

 happiness all, or she single thing not ask for own,...or its love

 always belives love one happiness.

Ha ha, Both questioning eachother, you here, (anyways jalal you

 more smart, you listening, jodha prayer CHUP CHUP kee ) ha ha

 chalta hee kabhi kabhi kabhi.

lalal's sweet words to  Jodha,...Other will congrate you, he

 included " Sharke Hayat  and "azeeza begum words,...oh its great

, great, jalal you this earth today yes or not. Ha ha, so you accepted

 from heart, jodha is your love one, or jodha  shyness also giving

 ans, you also my Heartone loveone.

Jodha did not hesitate to reciprocate the hug this time and

 hesitate with her hands and this was in public


Which was, precious +heart-touching for me, husband

 wife wishing eachother for anniversary, or hug was full of

 passion, which  giving feeling to other, Lots of love for

 jodha from jalal Heart. When he wished  her to all,

 happiness, or jodha lay down her head, fully

 surrendering in jalal, shoulder,  is life can give them or

 us, any more timeless movements,..Which Akdha or we

 audeience living, side by side seeing or watching them.

Words coming Beautiful, blossoming, love which flowing

 between them, They faced many exams of love past or

 future will face, but both shoulder us ready to take

 shelter one whom need. Sure priceless movements.

Its beginning of, becoming soul mate, or i own waiting,

 becoming them,  soul Mate, which  journey little started.

Today new song;

Hmm.. hmm...

Dehleez pe mere dil ki
Jo rakhe hain tune kadam
Tere naam pe meri zindagi
Likh di mere humdum

Haan seekha maine jeena jeena kaise jeena
Haan seekha maine jeena mere humdum
Na seekha kabhi jeena jeena kaise jeena
Na seekha jeena tere bina humdum

Dehleez pe merey dil ki
Jo rakhe hain tune kadam
Tere naam pe meri zindagi
Likh di mere humdum

Haan sikha maine jeena

Haan sikha maine jeena jeena kaise jeena
Haan sikha maine jeena, mere humdum
Na sikha kabhi jeena jeena kaise jeena
Na sikha jeena tere bina humdum

Hmmm.. hmmm..

Sacchi si hain yeh taareefein
Dil se jo maine kari hain...

Sacchi si hain yeh taareefein
Dil se jo maine kari hain...

Jo tu mila to saji hain
Duniya meri humdum
O aasma mila zameen ko meri
Aadhe aadhe poore hain hum
Tere naam pe meri zindagi
Likh di mere humdum

Haan seekha maine jeena jeena

kaise jeena
Haan seekha maine jeena, mere humdum

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Harshu di... Thanks for the lovely review! Star

We had a lovely episode today, bar the first few minutes. Embarrassed Anyway, I missed the first 5 minutes, so that's okay. LOL

Salima Begum is, as usual, a sweety-pie...Star She always has strong points as her arguments and is extremely convincing in almost all issues. Clap An awesome, and a much-needed character in the show, where Ruqs is all time present. Star

So our Huqqa darling is back to tod phodh of her Hojra...Party Good to see her back to her original job...ROFL

AkDha scene was such a cute one! EmbarrassedEmbarrassed Aww...Jalal manaofyed Jo so cutely...LOL No wonder Jo is so eager to get angry all the time, itna cutely manane wala jo hai! Wink Loved the way he turned her face towards him by the chin...she looked cute...Embarrassed

I simply the BGM of AkDha's souls...that's mesmerizing...Heart

And loved the last scene totally. Uff...this couple defines cuteness and is so so so adorable...Embarrassed Loved how Jalal wished her... Heart Love both of them too much...Heart

Shaadi ki pehli saal-girah mubaarak ho AkDha...Embarrassed

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And A very very happy anniversary to AkDha...PartyEmbarrassed

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going to post a poem.

Doo sitre Jammi parr uattareBig smile

Bandh Gaye Naseeb see  Heart

Nafrat see juda Rishta Embarrassed

Dee Raha hee Dilo Koo Dastak  Heart

dastak, Dee rahi hee Sada (Awwaj ) Hug

 kuch too Badal Raha hee Aaj    Wink                                              

Dharti, sooraj bhee dee rehe hee Aagaj   Big smile                                                    

Naa din mee Chain, Nee Rat, (Night )mee  AaramLOL

Payar kee Hoo rahi hee ShruVat, (Start)  Day Dreaming

Dastak Badal  Rahi,payar meeSilly

Nazaro kaa Payar, Badd, Gaya,          LOL

Ruh Takk Panonuch Gaya               

Ruh Ekk hoo GayiHeart

Ruh Ekk hoo GayiBig smile

Raha naa, Doosre kaa Bhav, Hug

Prem hee, Prem thaa,Heart

Naa thaa jiskaa Koi Ant, Clap

Chuntiya thee, Bahut,Smile

par Voo hate NahiClap

Ant Badal Gaya, Anant mee,Heart

 Anant kee hee yee Dastan, Heart

Akdha naam mee chipi heeHeart

 inki Pahchhan Inki pachaan.Heart

(This poem deicated to Akdha, because in serial today their Marriage Anniversary.)

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I wouldn't mind if rukaiya slapped hard on shehnaz's face but NO she is rukaiya. She sniggered which irked me more.

Jalal, he scowled at her. That angry look of his.. uff.. made him hotter.Wink



What to say about her. She is just an annoying lady who herself doesn't know what she wants. She tried her best to create a misunderstanding btw jo-ja but salima failed her all attempts. She didn't care at all for that poor child Rahim, who called her "Ammijaan". Is she really a human ?? a woman?? I doubt.

And as usual after getting failed she did what she usually do. Throwing expensive items here and there in her room, shouting on hoshiyar and agin think of another useless evil plan.Thumbs Down



I don't know why but she looks jalal's mother- By her looks and talks both.

Anyways I was quite annoyed that why she was taking shehnaaz's side but I liked her thinking and dialogue too that jo is connected with shehnaaz emotionally.

This is so true as I have experienced it too. No matter how much we know that person and whether that person belongs to our family, friends or not. His/ her age, gender, or anything doesn't matter at all. Though we don't talk to them regularly but still we feel connected with that person with whom we once shared ur pain in our low times. That thing which we can't share with our family or friends but share with that Unknown Person ,this makes us feel connected with that person.

Back to salima, somewhere she understood what ruks was trying to do and she very calmly and sagaciously made him understand that it's their first anniversary and he shouldn't ruin their special day which irked ruks more.

Poor ruks but here salima again proves that she's  very knowledgeable and considerate person.

Her  insightful comments made him understand that why shehnaz was important for jodha and what time it was when they were fighting. Also she loved Rahim so much but still she didn't let any negative feeling for shehnaaz to root inside her. Instead she was trying to convince jalal that she is just a child, like Rahim.



Like I said earlier, that jo was emotionally attatched with her but she didn't deserve that love and affection which she's getting from jo.



Ohk jalal again shouted at jo and again she couldn't complete what she wanted to say. Jalal was right. When she knew already that she was not well mentally then how could she allow her to play with rahim but here I was thinking that didn't jalal know about this when she was running in his room behind rahim and he was smiling that time right?

When he came to manaofy his begum, how cute he was looking.StarStarStar

The way he made her face him, softly turning her chin Day Dreaming

"Bahut hua jhagadna.. Bahut hua taane marna.. Bahut hua ek dusre ko takleef pahunchana ab aur nahi.."

"Ek galti hum kar chuke h gussa karke ab dusri galti aap na kare humse ruth kar"

I loved when jo asked him to stop and not to apologise again and again. When u really love someone then u don't like to see that person guilty or sad, no matter how much u feel sad with his/her words or behaviour.

And here she really loves jalal now and why not, shehenshah h he itna cute and sweet. He knows well how to pacify his lovely begum.StarStarStar

Last scene

What a beautiful morning it was!!Heart

With  a calm and serene expression on her face, jodha was looking divine and beautiful with open tresses while jalal had a soft smile on his face.Smile

Glancing around when his gaze fell on jodha he was not surprised but grinned merrily as if both were waiting whole night for this lovely morning.

He just went to her but when he perceived that why she was standing here he too stood behind her and offered his prayers.Approve

"Pura ek varsh beet gaya surya dev aur iss ek varsh me grhina k andhkaar ko prem k prakash ne smaapt kardia"

"Ab hamare jeevan ka naya prarambh h.. ", he smiled and so was I.Big smile

"apse bas ek he prathna h bhagwan..shehenshah k jeevan me yash, maan aur sukh pradaan karna", her prayers made him happy as well as emotional.Heart

He was just smiling looking at her but when she turned he lowered his head and hide his beautiful smile.LOL

"Aaj mubarakbaad to hume duniya degi jodha begum lekin hum apni begum apni biwi ko mubarbaad dena chahenge"

Aww such a sweet gesture with such a soft and soothing background music.  Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming Their first hug was so passionate and that time both were so emotional but this is just so sweet. This time both are happy and contented.Star

"Hamari shareekehayat.. hamari sabse aziz begum.. hum chahenge ki allah apko har khushi bakshe.."

I just loved these words really and woah!! She hugged him too, leaving her reticence.Day Dreaming

Such a lovely scene and all the while I was just smiling.Big smileBig smile

It was one of the best scenes for me. more than consummation scenes I liked this scene. It shows how pure and guileless their Love is.

Jo prayed for his happiness and jalal wished for her happiness.StarStarClap

It was really a Lovely scene.Heart

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Originally posted by ayushimehra

going to post a poem.

waiting... Big smile

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Thanks Harshu... one of the wonderful episodes... and I love this episode for that last scene, when for the first time, Jo rests her head on his chest without Jalal pulling her... that act of her is from her own free will and love for him...and he too puts one hand around her shoulder while caressing her heirs with other hand, and all the time he is smiling so happily...very very sweet ...

Ok so abt other scenes...

Ufff... this Jalal's short temper... but till date we have seen his short temper mostly where Jo is concerned... not with Ruku, nor with anybody else... previously, when he was not able to recognize his love or when he was not accepting it, his hating her for her hatred for him or hating her for not surrendering to him or hating her for standing firmly in front of him was acceptable (not to me, but ok i understand)...but now even after nearly losing her twice, he is repeating the same mistake, this is something that just not expected from Jalal atleast now, when their relationship is at such imp level.....he should understand he did mistake again, still losing control when she is concerned , that too in public, is definitely not good for their relationship...

let's call it his trait, but then it should be same with everybody... why only with her... just coz he is still not been able to get her... when we say they r becoming one, body and soul, is it that he will understand and never shout on her for her mistakes in public, only after her complete surrender? then how can we then say their souls have become one?

had Ruku been in her place, will he shout on her like that in front of his other begums? if the reply is negative, then Jalal is yet to understand the meaning of love... coz love is something , that teaches u to protect ur love from the world even from ur bad habits...

remember that murtikand scene... he didn't shout at ruku, in front of all... he confronted her in private... and there Jo was the one who was targeted by Ruku, still even Jo was not there when he shouted on Ruku... so why he can't be same when he has to confront Jo... 

just see in this case, his losing temper like this or shouting on her like this, only gives freedom to others like Ruku to insult her even in front of him... while he expects her to be considerate, he should understand that others will respect her only when he will protect her respect.. till then she will be always insulted by all and one... he should understand that if she is really so much imp to him, the way he claims, then the very first thing he should do is make everybody understand it including his precious Ruku... If Jalal himself is too free with his anger on Jodha then everyone else who hates her will think they can also do the same and the overall respect for Jodha from his own family members will go down. ...So far no one has told him this one point that if he is nasty all the other enemies of Jodha will get nastier!

Agreed, Jo trusts Shehnaz blindly, and that's wrong, coz we know what will happen in future... but then till today shehnaz has not openly betrayed her, rather even in Amer it was Shehnaz who was making her understand her feelings for Jalal...why and how would she suspect Shehnaz?  and again today, he understood, only when Salima made him understood... what if Salima too has put blame on Jo... would he been sorry for shouting at her like that? why he still needs a third person, to understand their relationship? when he himself doesn't care for her respect, never expect others to care for it, nor expect herself to fight for those non existing rights... just by saying she is khaas or his most aziz, doesn't give her any rights...not even to stand for her wifely rights on him...

i know, the experience of love is first for both of them, still by now, he should have understood, that if he wants her to be considerate enough , the first thing he should do is , to stop taking her for granted... when he asks her not to be upset for his anger/his mistake, frankly i didn't like it... she is definitely at mistake for being so soft to the world, but then she is like that with his ppl too ... And yes for her the world is always good, coz she is really pure soul, and she can never see the evil in anybody... and that's her biggest trait...but then her anger is not shown in public (except in her own fake preg track when she openly says that she hates him ), while he is still shouting at her in public... good thing is she has started to understand it ... she understands  the reason behind his anger, and so is just upset and doesn't take it as her beizzati, it's ok... but that makes her more understanding person in their relationship.., but when he will understand?

anyway i m not bashing Jalal or Jo... coz last scene i loved... but i m not happy with CVs... they r giving us one lollipop scene every day, and other scenes r spoiling my mood... it feels incomplete scenes in the so called progress of their relationships...

just see that scene when he tries to pacify her ...when he said he was tired of their fights, and she was faking to be upset, he just asked her not to be angry (near that window), next moment he walked away... why? com on... can't these CVs properly end such scenes? one single touch before leaving or holding her hand and asking her not to be upset, would have been more convincing... rather i felt, he is more upset, that she still gets upset over his behavior...he leaves hurt by her getting upset on him... actually a good scene that it could have been, at the end it looked like a filler and unconvincing...

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