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The classical dichotomy or harmony!! (Page 3)

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Originally posted by hanishank

amazing post...
loved loved reading it...
Hey @hanishank!
Hug, my Dear
Thanks for your kind words
And glad that you like my labour of love!Embarrassed
Well almost!LOL

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Originally posted by rcoza

too good the analysis you make edkv worth watching thanks
Hey thanks, @rcoza
You sure made my day!Big smile
On the aside, thought it was quite the reverseTongue
As long as we're each other's muse!Smile
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Originally posted by 3serialfan40

Originally posted by DocD


1. The Shravan-Khosla confrontation scenes

Avtar Gill is a SEASONED actor...he just takes the sly genius of Khosla to another level altogether!
For Namik Paul to even stand up to him is no mean feat

Wonderful post enjoyed it as much as I do the show itself. Just a couple more bits that were so well done!
1. I justt love Khosla I am happy to see the villain for the first time, he is so cunning and so funny at the same time :-)
His comment to gogol "tum is glat phami pe kaisa aaye? - with that wicked smile of his, when Gogol is talking about his love story!
Oh yes! I noticed that too!LOL Avtar Gill has been simply BRILLIANT...he has truly made Khosla wonderfully MEMORABLE!

3b) The Car Chase!!
The last comment from shravan as  he leaves the car - tum apne "Lu"ko dekho and main tumahara woh "gog "LU"" ko dekh tha hoon!
Thus was indeed HILARIOUS!! Glad you pointed it out...is one of my favourites in the EPIC car chase scene!
Ah! So many GLORIOUS moments
Kaunse chunu
Aur kaunse chodu
Exam paper jaise lagta hai
Full marks milna mushkil hi nahin namumkin lagta hai!

Also the way goglu catches his breathe as he goes up the stairs and our hero just sprints upstairs ClapClap again as you said subtle and missed at the blink of an eye!
Yes, that was great too!
Par is main, Shravan ka kam aur Namik ka zyada contribution tha!

Hey @3serialfan40
Thanks for adding in...loved revisiting those moments
Thank you!Smile
Have provided my 2 cents upar hi...hope you enjoy reading them, Dear

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Originally posted by DocD

Originally posted by orion23

A very well written post this oneEmbarrassed
Hey Orion, my Friend!!!Big smile
Thanks much for the appreciation
Makes the effort so completely worth it!!
Hughugs right back at you amino! 

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orion23 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by DocD

Originally posted by orion23

A very well written post this oneEmbarrassed
Hey Orion, my Friend!!!Big smile
Thanks much for the appreciation
Makes the effort so completely worth it!!
Hughugs right back at you amigo!!

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Originally posted by DocD

And me ain't no Economics student!TongueLOL
 Neither am I WinkLOL
Just the best fit to summarize the past weekSmile
So here goes friends, my take
On the week that was...
Quite an eventful week, really
Both literally and figuratively!
First things first...to clarify once again...entirely my thoughts...
EDKV is going great guns...no two ways about it
But am I the only one who has noticed a slight dip
Albeit sporadically
Sometimes in the Writing
Also in the Direction
And therefore in the overall impact as well???
 There shall be jarring notes, we would have to bear and grin. Hopefully, those jarring moments might be few
A simple case in point...
Not so long ago we had experienced 2 back to back FLAWLESS weeks
Not a single false note
In fact, was so good
Was hard to believe that this is indeed an Indian TV series!!
This week, though, had some jarring moments
Sometimes inexplicable too!!
I mean this is not Shravan's first case...how on earth did he...THE astute Shravan Malhotra not anticipate Khosla spilling the beans on Sumo?? Did he really believe Khosla possesses even an ounce of integrity, although Shravan thought it was worth 1.5 crores?? 
Difficult to digest that, CVs...
 As per my reading Shravan was not thinking about Khosla's integrity but rather, playing upon his greed. However, he was clearly in the wrong. But, think otherwise.. you make forged documents and instead of slogging hard you earn 6 crores... wont everyone agree to this proposal?
The whole right v/s wrong ideology and its depiction...
I for one, will always cherish the "Physical assault ka bhi thok" and its aftermath moments...in fact, will confess here, that the entire scene from the time Shravan separates Sumo and Nanu's hands...to grip them back together...to everything that followed...and finally, its follow-through thereafter...into Shravan's chamber...tops my list as one of the most nuanced ShraMan moments thus far...

My fav sceneDay Dreaming
So, why do I bring this up? Is there any relevance??
Have to admit that I was really looking forward to Shravan Malhotra, the kick ass lawyer, and the impact of its dynamic with Shravan's changing equation with Sumo
The beautiful irony being that the human side of Shravan has been depicted ever so beautifully...he is also closer to Sumo than ever before...but couldn't help but ask myself a simple question...
Was all of this not possible AND also Shravan Malhotra, the ASTUTE lawyer??Smile
Some food for thought, maybe, CVs??
 After watching today's episode, you might be happy that few dichotomies are being resolvedWink.
But, glad you mentioned this. Are the CVs deliberately dramatizing two roles, personas and perspectives in one figure. Case in point, Sumo versus Suman, Ramanth the lawyer versus Ramnath the father, past Shravan versus present Shravan... Sumo's mother as seen by the perspective of Mami versus that of Suman, Suman's father seen by her as against that of Nanu. And now Shravan the lawyer and Shravan, the friend, the son, brother and lover. And remember, Shravan's dialogue to Pushkar, that they are two sides to a woman.. one what they show and what they see (something along those lines). And the core theme of this show.. dil vs dimaag thing. What if its the dil of a Mami or a chachi? Is dimaag always in the wrong or dil always right. Today's episode showed the makers have insisted on the dil angle. So, what Sumo did those ten years ago was it a matter of dil or dimaag? questions remain...
 Didn't think much of how loosely the sahi aur galat paradigm was once again used...whether it was by Tiwariji or Shravan's justification during the face-off in the Malhotra household!!
Those sermon like moments were completely unnecessary...made the milieu relatively run of the mill
And, run of the mill is something we do NOT associate with EDKV
CVs, please take note...
As much I didnt like Nanu's lecture on right or wrong ( I loved Shravan's one, btw).. there was something which I thought was important. He said that he will agree to their proposal on account of the fact that for once his family is together on this issue. Family.. a recurring theme in this show. Ramnath's family versus Sumo's truth, Ramnath's family versus Shravan's mother... Ramnath's family versus SUmo's family. Again, no simple answers. Shravan's i found interesting because his truth is not merely the legal truth but the truth associated with, connected to a greater truth... LOVE.
Guess, this is a classic case of indifferent writing letting some very powerful moments down!Ouch
Now that the "dichotomous" moments are over and done with, would like to focus on the "harmony"...most of which, was the past week!Big smile
The week started on a really good note...
Full marks to the connotation between the ball and mind games to follow! Nice touch that...of seasoned lawyer Ramnath egging his relatively inexperienced son on! BRILLIANT line thereafter, of the distinction between a good lawyer and a smart one! Clap And finally, as Ramnath throws the ball only to be caught by Shravan...Ramnath's bait was definitely successful!
Now, for the million dollar question...is taking the easy way out THE depiction of smartness
Was suspecting forgery right at the outset, a smarter way of depicting the smartness of a smart lawyer??LOL

 I believe that our sexy lawyer did guess it was a case of forgery but because of the emotional drama he had to face earlier in the day.. all the smartness flew out of the window. Dil is not so sounding right in these instances. He wanted to alleviate Sumo's pain but apparently, went about increasing her pain millionfolds. So, much for being smart.LOL
Now, here's the catch...why then did we have to go through the rigmarole of smartness coming through as an afterthought??!!
And, for this, I SALUTE you, CVs
What a FAB depiction of Shravan's character sketch...of the REAL Shravan Malhotra!!
When it comes to Sumo and her vulnerability, everything else takes a complete backseat (context beautifully set through last Friday's depiction of Sumo's helplessness)
The easy way out then for Shravan is completely JUSTIFIED as the smart way out, too!!
How true
How real
How completely
AND, thereafter...
As the enormity of the hastiness of the "smart way out" sank in
And the IMPACT of the same...
As the bigger picture became all so evident
There definitely was a new found
Shravan Malhotra in store!
Great job, CVs, in turning this around
Especially in the context of the "acid test"...
 This was a classic realization. I myself, had questioned his logic and his resolution of paying off money to a swindler. However, Redwine's post (on another thread) made me understand these scenes far better. Sumo was neither right nor wrong in not expressing gratitude but, what she did eventually made Shravan's education complete. Money cannot make the world go around, it cannot even bring a smile on a young woman's face... but, what it does is to reduce the value of Truth. Shravan realized that the easy way out is not being smart but being a lesser version of oneself. Sumo is a magus like figure, she will lead Shravan to his own true potential and then probably as you say the dichotomy between the lawyer and the humane version shall merge.
This week will also be remembered for some really beautiful sublime moments...some classic nuanced acting!
Some examples that come quickly to mind...
- The first one was earlier on in the week, when Mami puts a 'price tag' of 25 lakhs each for Sumo's worth...that look of sheer helplessness as Sumo turned first towards Mamaji and then towards Nanu...is what propelled my question..."What really is the worth of an orphan child's dreams?" Nikita was simply OUTSTANDING here!ClapClapClap
Do dreams have a price tag? Again, a discordant note and yet a necessary one was executed.. dreams versus responsibility. Whose dreams and whose responsibilities? In corroding the dreams of Nanu and Sumo and yet fulfilling her responsibilities of a mother, will Mami be ever happy?.. what kind of notes emerge... harmonious or discordant ones?
- That touching moment...when Sumo sees a "tainted" Priya Tiffin Service...the impact that moment has on Sumo...all her pain...her anguish...her soul bared for all to see! Beautiful connotation, that!Thumbs Up
Agree.. and I think so we are going to see more of Sumo's pain and at the same time, Shravan's confusion, rage and hatred for his mother. There are two mothers.. one whose image brings comfort, solace and smile in the eyes of her daughter and another image of a mother whose image draws forth only negative feelings in the eyes of her son for almost the whole of the female folk.
- When Mami, true to her selfish being, hurls Suman away...what a nuanced way for Shravan to just "be there"...no tempers flying, no speeches made...just a fixed steely gaze as he looks on completely disgusted...first at Mami, and then at Mamaji, and finally concludes with an authoritative  "Yeh 6 lakh dene ka faisla bhi mera tha, aur wapas lene ka bhi!Star
 This scene is my personal favourite. waiting for the day when he gives these gaze to his Chachi for the same reason... SumoLOL
- And finally, when Shravan sees Mami all salivating in response to his 'reassurance' of the blank cheque, that split second look of revulsion, on Shravan's face, as he composes himself to carry on...Namik, that was plain GENIUS!ClapClapClap
That was absolutely spot on. The look of disgust was plain even if for a second. He has fallen in love with this girl.Day Dreaming How are you going to escape Sumo?LOL
BRILLIANT Histrionics
On display!


This week also brought to the fore another unique commonality between Shravan and Sumo...
Their "families"!!
Shravan may have an immediate family and Sumo, an adopted one...
It's not very different though
They are both so terribly alone!
Makes Shravan's "Yeh ghar mera bhi hai" so much more meaningful...
Ghar, they have both lived in big houses but it is them together who will build a home. A place of refuge, away from all the tension.. a place where all dichotomies can be resolved.Wink
FULL MARKS to the CVs, also, for the matter of fact depiction of the agenda driven Tiwari and Malhotra families...what a realistic portrayal of the same...without being judgmental...simply a subtle message...hawks like Khosla thrive on such greed...whether it's Mami in one family or Chachi in another!
Since this post is turning out be rather long, will now summarise the moments that most stood out for me, this week...
In no particular order, here goes...
1. The Shravan-Khosla confrontation scenes
They have historically been DELIGHTFUL to watch! This week's scenes just took them to level next!!Star
Avtar Gill is a SEASONED actor...he just takes the sly genius of Khosla to another level altogether!
For Namik Paul to even stand up to him is no mean feat
And here is this young actor, with his amazing GIFT of expressions and ability to speak through his eyes...
Shravan's volleys with Khosla are pure EPIC!Big smile
Interestingly, Namik's dialogue delivery and voice modulation in the Khosla face-offs, always has the right punch
Shravan measures up to Khosla, and how!!

 Their interactions were too good and by the end of it., I felt, Shravan has improved considerably as an actor. 
2. The Shravan - Ramnathji "life's lesson" moment
So who will end up teaching the other a lesson or two?
How gratifying will it be for the father to realize that his son has indeed emerged "taller"?
A tough job that, when a son has to fit into the father's shoes
Heart-breakingly difficult it will be, if it is ever the reverse!
What a TOUCHING scene that...
Ramnath not able to look Shravan in the eye
Shravan identifying EXACTLY that, as he seeks to understand the blurring lines
And finally Sumo, just helping that cause a little better
With only a hand in between...
As only Sumo can!
 Felt for Shravan so badly. His father's monologue on the bariqian was brilliant, probably a timely reminder for Ramnath to rewind his own life and see whether he had missed this bariqian. Sumo shone as a star amongst these three characters.. giving up everything that mattered to her.. only for him. If that is not love what is?Day Dreaming
Guess, this one's my favourite...
So many myriad connotations to the lessons of life...
And not to forget,
Very deep, indeed!
3. The ShraMan scenes
Now where do I even begin...the tough part I guess, of having to summarise it all...is so much better when the gushing and drooling can be prolonged and long-drawn!!Embarrassed
Ok, so back to business!LOL
Here goes...
3a) The ShraMan park scene
LOVED the way the scene started...Shravan and Sumo meeting at a place, so completely their own...the silence between them, also entirely theirs...lovely touch that, of their backs to the camera...
LOVED the sense of calm in Shravan...he actually believed that all was settled...and NOTHING would be the cause of Sumo's helplessness ever again
LOVED even more how his expressions changed...until the impact of his doing finally hit him hard, as Namik just nailed it!Thumbs Up
And finally, what a POWERFUL line that..."Aksar in mamlon main Iraade nahin, Natije mayne rakhte hain"
We will see this line and its connotation take on different hues as time moves on. A lonely park with two lonely individuals coming together to decipher life's lessons. At one point, I didnt like this scene but later after rewatching it.. I realized that how their home might be. Full of love and integrity... being aware of the bariqian of right and wrong.
And the BEST was yet to follow...
As Shravan let go of Sumo's hand...he knew he had erred...probably the biggest of all this time...
"Would it nullify everything between them was the question he asked himself as Sumo walked away
How could he not see the bigger picture, he lamented to himself
Would the journey traversed be no journey at all?

What would it take for Sumo and the proverbial second chance...would there even be any, if at all??"
The EDKV title song just took the moment to an all new level

There would be few more lessons learnt in this journey of life and love.. yet in all, the lawyer will ever come closer to his humane side to become what he was destined to be.
Both Namik and Nikita were BRILLIANT in this concluding piece...
My heart went out to Shravan a teeny weeny notch more...Namik's angst was not just beautifully nuanced in that moment (you blink and miss it change of expression towards the end of the scene); one could also feel Shravan's pain in Namik's eyes in Shravan's introspective follow through...
 Namik was better in this scene than Niki. 
What an amazing interplay of the reel and real!!
3b) The Car Chase!!ROFL
This was absolutely HILARIOUS!! I mean agar comedy ho toh, woh ho EDKV style, varna na ho!!LOL
Some SUPERLATIVE writing on display...
Sumo goes "Main Sharukh toh nahin hoon ke traffic police ki tarah bahein fehla ke khadi ho jaoon"LOL
Shravan's retort " Apna naam yaad karo...tum Sumo ho Sumo!"LOL
Gogol jumps in between "Achha mujhe lagta tha woh joh zaroorat se zyaada lamba hai"..."Shuru hota hai to khatam hone ka naam hi nahin leta"LOL
Sumo in top gear continues "Arrey woh! Uski shakal dekhi hai"
In response, BOTH Shravan AND Gogol check themselves out!!ROFL
What a superb match...Gogol's red stained teeth to Shravan's salon styled hair!LOL
And then Sumo utters the 3 magical words
Once again, BOTH Shravan AND Gogol provide their "jerking" reactions!! 
This was hilarious. Director has a keen sense of humourROFL

Will someone please help me??
Who are the lovebirds here??
Or even better
An if this wasn't enough, LOVED, absolutely LOVED the reference to ShraMan's days of yore
SUPERB touch that to the "angootha ko chhoti ungli se milao"
And Sumo actually bought that!LOL
And the final touch as Shravan gets off the car
And Sumo reaches for Shravan's finger in response to his "Tum angootha ko dabao"
Shravan actually goes "Mera nahin, Tumhara"!!ROFL

And finally, as Holmes and Watson return home successfully,  their celebration of the 'paan'...didn't ever think a paan could give 'closeness' a whole new meaning!Day Dreaming
That car chase was something special.. never knew adventures can also be trip down memory lane where as Shravan said one can also change and grow.. yet also, holding hands of the other without realizing that hand is not your own.
SUPER Timing, Namik and Nikita
Both Comic and Otherwise
Kaisa bhi scene ho; Kaisa bhi moment
Namik and Nikita are always
On TOP of their game!!
3c) The "Is a second chance possible?" scene
LOVED how the scene started...when Suman walked away from the living room, in response to Mami asking her to listen to Shravan's plan...what a POIGNANT depiction that of Sumo's vulnerability!
As Sumo herself admits later "Mera iss ghar pe haq hi kya hai"??
What then was even MORE touching?
The fact that Shravan understood it all...not a single question asked...with absolutely nothing uttered...Shravan knew Sumo was even more vulnerable than he possibly was...
Some lovely NUANCED moments on display
As Shravan authoritatively perches himself on the bed...to taking the sheet away from Sumo...to his endearing insistence...to his final "Theek hai; kal gyarah bajeh milte hain!!
And the lingering smile and sense of calm that follows...
This was classic Shravan.. so warm, intimate like some dirty secret shared between close friends. Shravan knew she would come as Sumo knew she could trust him in showing her pain
This is what they call SOULMATES, am guessing!Smile
3d) The Walk
And finally, what an AMAZING sense of deja vu to that walk!
Presume all of us immediately did a rewind to not so long ago...
And boy oh boy!!
These two have sure come a LONG WAY!!
What ease
What comfort
What concern
What openness
Pouring out of every pore!
How beautifully DEEP were those moments...
As Shravan says "Toh mat bolo" as Sumo desperately tries to fit in a Thank you!
Shravan's "Is ghar main meri yaadein hain" had never seemed so completely relevant
As Shravan most matter of factly, proclaims
"Mujhe achha lagta hai, jab tum mujhe bahar chodne aati ho"
These two have indeed come a LONG WAY...
And how!!
Day Dreaming
 That walk was metaphorical Day Dreamingevoking the memories of the earlier as well as several walks which they might have had before those ten years. They have traveled a long distance and now will have to undertake the biggest and most adventurous journey of their lives.LOL
Some LONG post this has been for sure...hope it makes for a joyous read...has given me immense joy for sure!Big smile
As I sign off...will like to do so with my 2 cents on the current promo
What a BEAUTIFUL way to tell a story
Almost seemed surreal...
Some SPLENDID amalgamation of the "Then" and "Now"
SUPERLATIVE writing again on display, typically EDKV...
Namik and Nikita look like a DREAM
Thought Namik pitched Shravan just right
And Nikita...why was Sumo a notch higher? Has she even realized her feelings; then why so much angst?
Just had to ask myself...was it justified??
Did a quick rewind to Friday
Sumo's restlessness on sensing Shravan's distress
With the most inane behavior on display!
Guess it's just a matter of time
For the realization to hit Sumo HARD!!
Promos are obviously meant to herald the times to come...
This one seems completely WoW!!!
I shall end here, the promo has been discussed (in another post (@Chick). But, simply these two have nailed it completely with their looks and the dialogues... no words
And Dyotona... what a postClap

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Brilliant post Doc!Clap

You have summed up everything beautifully.Hug

I too had expected Shravan to predict Khosla spilling the beans right away to the Tiwari family. But I guess that was just to show that the Oxford returned Shravan Malhotra too has dumb moments just like the rest of us mortals.LOL  Or maybe it was just a ploy by the CVs to stretch the track for 2 more days.

Either way I didn't mind it coz we got to see some nice moments b/w Shravu & his biggest Fan/AC/Cooler- Khosla.Day DreamingLOL

And yeah that scene when she grabs his hand and he immediately goes 'mera nahi tumhara', I love it to bits. From all the non-romantic and angsty scenes, for me it's the one that best gives off the we-have-been-friends-for-a-long-time vibe.LOL NiMik were pitch perfect in it, they made it look like such a natural moment between long time friends.Embarrassed

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Originally posted by DocD

Originally posted by 3serialfan40


Hey @3serialfan40
Thanks for adding in...loved revisiting those moments
Thank you!Smile
Have provided my 2 cents upar hi...hope you enjoy reading them, Dear

I loved reading them, bTW I was so caught up with the humour I wanted to add my 2 cents - did not mean to sound like you missed a few - no offense - maaf kar dena Embarrassed

The part about gogolstruggling up the stairs and Shravan sprinting up them - part direction - gogol side and I definitely agree with you it was Namik not shravan- on the sprinting side :-) It was a funny contrast I must say 

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